Paperback Þ Armageddon Girl PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Armageddon Girl PDF/EPUB Ú

Armageddon Girl ❮Download❯ ➽ Armageddon Girl ➸ Author C.J. Carella – College student Christine Dark wasn't happy Her social life sucked she spent too much of her time playing computer games or reading sci fi novels and the occasional paranormal romance and she felt lik College student Christine Dark wasn't happy Her social life sucked she spent too much of her time playing computer games or reading sci fi novels and the occasional paranormal romance and she felt like she was missing out on everything Fate had something special in store for her though Without warning an unknown force drags Christine out of her world and takes her to a whole new universe an alternate Earth where superhuman beings have existed since the end of World War One a world filled with strange and dangerous characters Christine soon learns she too is than human and that her choices may save her new home or bring about its destruction.

  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Armageddon Girl
  • C.J. Carella
  • English
  • 19 October 2015
  • 9781491099964

About the Author: C.J. Carella

CJ discovered his obsession with making up crap and writing it down at the age of when he wrote his first short story back in the days when the Cold War was still on and the only mobile devices were the wrist watch and the walkie talkie He's been making up crap and writing it down for fun and profit ever since.

10 thoughts on “Armageddon Girl

  1. James James says:

    A fun alternate universe superhero story that takes several recognizable superheros from our world and transplants them changing the names into a world where they've been around since they were introduced in comics our world Well worth a read especially if you've got Kindle Unlimited where you can borrow all 4 books in the series We enter the series through a girl who is transplanted from our universe to theirs against her will one night and discovers she has super powers of her own once she arrives Mulitple points of view give a good accounting of the state of society from the street level to the international Justice League esue organization level with interesting examinations of the character's uirks while retaining their humanity for lack of a better word Check it out

  2. James Frederick James Frederick says:

    I tend to not give out a lot of five star ratings because there is almost always room for improvement I enjoyed this book a great deal It was complete fantasy but it was fun I enjoyed the author's tone which was completely irreverent I did not always care for the language used but it was not overwhelming It took me a while to deal with the freuently changing perspectives used by the author but once I figured it out it did not detract from the story While a lot of things are left unexplained and it reuires a TON of suspension of disbelief if you just let yourself get lost in the narrative it is an enjoyable and creative read

  3. Coyora Dokusho Coyora Dokusho says:

    I really liked it a lot Superheroes make everything cooler and THAT epic but this author writes good characters and plot as well LOTS of differing POV chapters

  4. Kagama-the Literaturevixen Kagama-the Literaturevixen says:

    Christine Dark is a cillegestudent who prefers to live in her own head and plays a lot of WarcraftShes dragged to a frat party by her friendAs expected its a disaster and Christine ends the night on all four on the lawn throwing upThe next thing she know is that something strange is happening to herShe wakes up in a hospital bed before being brutalt kidnapped and then saved by a man named Face offOnly hes not uite just a normal man but a neo humanSomehow Christine has travel led to another dimension where certain humans develop super powers I am not a fan of superhero books but I do like the xmen wich I guess is what drew me to this bookOr maybe it was the fact that I had been listening to Taylor Swift Bad blood X number of times that dayThe problem with this one is however that its too similar to a lot of thingsWe have a wisecracking violent vigilante POV character named Face off Deadpool that saves a redhaired girl with a great hidden power Jean Grey The vigilante lives with a blind woman DeadpoolIts a bit hard to say when a homage or inspiration turns into a fanfic of an already existing universe but this one is skating the edge of thatIts not uite a ripoff but its hard to deny all the similaritiesApperantly in this parallell dimension they still have World of Warcraft

  5. Joe Joe says:

    I've never read a superhero book before I believe the only reason I read this book was because it hadn't been categorized yet as a superhero book on goodreads yet I was rather disappointed though that I wasn't disappointed like I expected I definitely enjoyed this book a lot duh 5 stars and might look into reading books in this genre The book isn't about Christine as much as revolves around her different POV every other chapter it seemed It's probably my only criticism and something I hope is fixed in the seuel This book really had a Watchman2009 vibe at parts while mixing in the new younger generation of superhero characters like the MC

  6. Jonathan Mcdaniel Jonathan Mcdaniel says:

    One of best books I have read in several yearsOne of the best books in the superhero genre I have ever read The pacing is fantastic and shifts expertly throughout matching the current point of the plot The humor is pretty spot on the characters are believable inasmuch as they can be in a superhero book and their emotional experiences are relatable This is coming from someone who has literally read 2 libraries worth of books since middle school when found to have reading and comprehension on a college level

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    A great book and one that shows just how great small pressself published books can be The characters were well written believable and relative No mean feat when some of them are basically minor gods I'm really looking forward to the seuel I only which I had precognitive powers so I could read it now

  8. Kjirstin Kjirstin says:

    So much fun Christine is at a super not fun sounding frat party that her roommate guilted her into attending when suddenly she gets sucked into another universe Not only are there superheroes who've created a completely alternate 20th century but as events progress it becomes clear that she's one of themAn action packed ride and the tantalizing glimpses of alternate history as well as the overarching reasons behind it are great fun I'm bummed that the novel ends at what feels like mostly a lull in the action then again it'll be fun to pick up the next oneMy one uibble with the book would be that there are a lot of different character viewpoints it got a little hard to jump from one person's head to another particularly as I was much interested in the main line of the story and less in some of the arch villains etc At the beginning it was a little confusing because there were so many names to keep straightAll in all this was a fun comic book like story that was engrossing reading from beginning to end

  9. Keith Bowden Keith Bowden says:

    This was a very pleasant surprise It appealed to me because out was not only a superhero novel but the lead is a woman Thus I was pulled into a first rate cosmic tale of an alternate reality multiple styles of storytelling and a heroine funnier than Buffy which I consider high praiseThis focuses on an alternate reality work superheroes diverging exponentially from WWII and has several characters reminiscent of but not copies of classic comic and pulp heroes The beginning especially had me laughing the humor slows down as the story develops and becomes seriousThere are seuels which I am downloading and I plan to look at other books by the authorRecommended for superhero fans and fans of able female protagonists

  10. Jim Kratzok Jim Kratzok says:

    Great superhero story with a twist or two Christine the nerdy physics major ends up being pulled into an alternateparallel universe that's a lot like ours but not uite Her new universe has Neos actual superheroes and they've been mostly around since the 1920s with a few who may have arrived earlierPower struggles abound and Christine may be the one who can save the day if things work out just right With her extreme intelligence wise cracking wit and emerging abilities she may be able to pull it off

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