The Making of Australia Epub ï The Making MOBI

The Making of Australia Epub ï The Making MOBI

The Making of Australia ❰Download❯ ➵ The Making of Australia Author David Hill – This is the story of how a struggling convict settlement grew into six dynamic colonies and then the remarkable nation of Australia Told through the key figures who helped build it into the thriving n This is the story of how a struggling convict settlement grew into six dynamic colonies and then the remarkable nation of Australia Told through the key figures The Making MOBI :Ú who helped build it into the thriving nation it is today David Hill once again offers up Australian history at its most entertaining and accessible In his latest book David Hill traces the story of our nation from its European beginnings to Federation When James Cook landed on the east coast of Australia the rest of the world had some idea of how empty vast and wild this continent was but so little was known of it that in most people thought it was two lands In the subseuent years its coastline was charted its interior opened up and its cities laws and economy developed In this riveting wide ranging history David Hill traces how this happened through the key figures who built this country into the thriving nation it is today from its prescient and fair minded first governor Arthur Phillip to the unpopular William Bligh the victim of the country's first and only military coup; from the visionary builder and law maker Lachlan Macuarie to William Wentworth the son of a convict who secured Australia's first elected parliament; from Henry Parkes the grand old man of politics who started the fraught process of Federation to the first prime minister Edmund Barton It was Barton who formed the first Australian government just in time for the inaugural celebrations on January when the nation of Australia was born David Hill is one of our most popular writers of Australian history His previous books The Forgotten Children The Gold Rush and The Great Race have all been bestsellers.

7 thoughts on “The Making of Australia

  1. Bryan Bryan says:

    A largely by the numbers history of Australia through to 1901 There isn't a lot that's new here with a heavy reliance on secondary sources and other histories In addition I was disappointed by some blatant factual errors several confusing typos on dates needless repetition and some straight cut and paste pieces from dictionary definitionsThe highlight is probably the coverage of the ten years leading up to Federation where the excitement and the narrative remind the reader that the nation of Australia is something uniue and special But elsewhere there's no real voice or fresh interpretation this is largely a story we all already know

  2. Chris Chris says:

    If you thought you knew how Australia came about and who were the heroes and villains Then you would still learn a lot from this easy to read and enjoyable researched tome

  3. Rogerio Rogerio says:

    Factual history of Australia told in a journalistic style ie you can learn the facts and be entertained at the same time I like how the book comes together and how easily the connection between events is established There are also uite a bit of character description of the main protagonists and how it influenced the making of the nation It is definitely a simplified version I am unable to criticize as i this is the first time I read about history of Australia I feel the greatest issue with this book is that it has a very good description of what happened in the colonial time up to around the 1900 I was expecting to find a better connection to the remarkable nation it is today but all it does is to wrap up some pending items by telling us when such and such issue was defined Although you will find all Governors named and who succeeded who in the colonial time after independence it does not follow that pattern In a nutshell good reading for when Australia was formally a British colony and how the union of the provinces came together Close to zero on recent history

  4. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    It was a bit dry for my taste I was also looking for social history; this is largely an institutional and political history of the formation of the Australian nation But for someone like me who knew nothing about Australian history and picked it up while traveling there this was a good introduction

  5. Jerry Jerry says:

    ok for an overview of the history of Australia but way too many names to keep track of and way too much use of external sourcesnotes mainly newspaper within the text in addition to a huge footnotes section it ends up being a uick read even though nearly 400 pages

  6. Ryan Butta Ryan Butta says:

    Easy to read history of the ins and outs of the start of the European colony to just after Federation Was surprised to find Henry Lawson's birth date out by ten years in the 2015 edition

  7. Greg Greg says:

    I enjoyed the first half with colonial settlement but it got slow and repetitive towards the end leading up to Federation

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