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Small Fish Big Fish PDF Þ Small Fish Epub /

Small Fish Big Fish ➿ [Download] ➽ Small Fish Big Fish By P.J. McDermott ➵ – Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00NH9RIUGripping Coming of Age FictionThe year is 1965 Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe is number one on the charts; the first US combat troops have a Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN BNHRIUGripping Coming of Age FictionThe year is Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe is number one on the charts; the first US combat troops have Small Fish Epub / arrived in Vietnam and American and Soviet astronauts are orbiting the EarthSeventeen year old Stephen McBride is struggling to find his place in this exciting world Besieged by surging hormones protective parents and imminent college exams he’s starting to uestion the existence of God and thinks some people are just plain evil People like Archie Stewart for instanceStewart has a long standing score to settle with Stephen His chance to get even arrives when he spots the younger boy spending money like a millionaire at the fairground The resulting confrontation sparks a chain of events that propels Stephen unwillingly down a path of criminality and deception—one he finds increasingly difficult to leaveStephen must set aside his fears choose what’s important to him and decide what sort of person he wants to become But suddenly there’s no time and no choices leftA page turning tale that adults and young adults alike will enjoy Fans of Angela’s Ashes Jasper Jones and Jimmy Barnes' Working Class Boy will love it.

About the Author: P.J. McDermott

Small Fish Big Fish A Coming of Age Novel PJ's first love is Science Fiction and he has written several books in this genre including the epic series.

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  1. Sherrod Wall Sherrod Wall says:

    If you're considering reading Small Fish Big Fish do it It is a high uality independent piece and reminds me why I started reviewing indie work in the first placeCarlisle's prose is passionate and authentically represents his characters the overseas setting and the time period and I felt deeply attached to all three Small Fish Big Fish is thrilling coming of age tale brilliantly told from a near omniscient third person perspective Sometimes such a thing is hard to pull off because too many points of views can be jarring for readers If you feel this way don't stop reading The plot is intricate expertly woven and yielded dynamic characterization and demands attention When the novel ended I immediately wanted to have something else of Carlisle's to read In terms of Small Fish Big Fish I wasn't ready for it to end but was very satisfied with how plot lines collided during the last half of the bookI won't get into plot specifics because you'll have to read to find out why it's all so awesome I highly recommend this novel for readers that enjoy thrilling literary work Action mystery intrigue and romance await Now stop reading this and read Small Fish Big Fish I received a copy of this fantastic novel in exchange for an honest review

  2. Florian Armas Florian Armas says:

    Carlisle built his book on a freuently occurring theme Coming of age of young people trying to escape the harsh life of poor neighborhoods It is probably some personal experience that sets the things in the turbulent sixties of Scotland The writing is descriptive with a level of detail that sometimes makes the reading a bit difficult and it takes a while to get accustomed to itThe best of the book can be extracted from one uestion asked by a grandfather perceiving the struggle of young Stephen at a time when he was still trying to find his way in life “Do you think it’s better to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?” Of course the young character gives the wrong answer and the book is up to the end a well written uest to find the correct oneI received the book from the author

  3. K. Kumar K. Kumar says:

    Small Fish Big Fish is an absorbing well crafted novel that follows Stephen as he navigates through a series of difficult obstacles placed before him There are a number of memorable characters that enter the story D Julie Archie and many others and I found that as the story moved along I became invested in the outcome of the plot and the fate of the charactersThis is not a novel I would normally read but as a testament to the great work of the author I really became engrossed in the story I felt invested in Stephen throughout the story and what drew me in were the different layers the author weaved into the plot ranging from philosophy violence immigration and love Small Fish Big Fish is an ambitious story and the author does a very impressive job in tying the different elements togetherIf there was a minor criticism I had of the novel it was that at times I felt the characterization of Stephen was a little confusing I could see the author was trying to show how disparate and chained events led Stephen on the wrong path but it also seemed to me that at times Stephen was incredibly naive He seemed to be educated and brought up well and so I struggled a bit with understanding some of his actions especially involving ArchieOverall Small Fish Big Fish is an excellent novel both entertaining and thought provoking

  4. Gloria Ng Gloria Ng says:

    A riveting read hooked me on the first page what seems like fortune's kindly smile is a mask that conceals the beginnings of a pernicious spiral” Carlisle has a way with words lyrical and philosophical at times meandering and gripping at others The points of view in the book wove in uite nicely and didn't make it seem disruptive On the contrary I saw even in the story via the characters' eyesFurther the details brought out the setting time and place of the book and the socioeconomic struggles at the time Highlighted especially are the constant decisions young people especially teenage boys make to grow to adulthood This gritty coming of age novel illuminates shifting alliances when youth are in doubt fear anger or angst and is suspenseful in that each page the reader isn't completely sure which motivation wins the character over and what actions result from themAlthough set in 1965 Scotland Carlisle's storytelling style allows the reader to take the leap into the universal with timeless values called into uestion The basic premise Will you let your environment the neighborhood the people determine your destiny or is there really a scrap of it that you can call your own to manifest?

  5. J.H. Croix J.H. Croix says:

    Small Fish Big Fish by Jacob Carlisle is a moving well written coming of age story set in Scotland in 1965 The plot follows Stephen McBride a 17 year old struggling college student in a Scottish neighborhood and the various players around him – friends and Stephen is facing the triumvirate of common struggles in young adulthood – not much money no job and no girlfriend Alas he finds money on the floor at the store and meets a beautiful girl While Stephen hopes his luck will keep going life isn’t that simple He makes some decisions all carry weight that send him down a dark path Stephen learns that he has to answer what so many must answer as they grow up do you want to face the conseuences of your choices and accept responsibility or try to avoid them? Which price is higher and when do you want to pay?Carlisle’s writing clearly conveys a solid sense of character setting and time I felt like I was really ‘there’ throughout the story The plot is complex and reuires attention but Carlisle’s writing make that easy This book has multiple elements mystery action romance and excellent characterization If you’re looking for a new and different twist on the coming of age story read this now

  6. Leonard Mokos Leonard Mokos says:

    I loved the cover so glad the story exceeded it This is a gritty story set in a rough neighbourhood in Scotland in 1965 with pop culture references violence teen angst and all the conflicts that poverty always seems to seed Great writing and deep colourful characters that made me think of Tarantino at times There’s a love interest but ultimately this is a slippery slope story of compounding choices resulting in unintended conseuences Just terrific

  7. Anna Fantabulous Anna Fantabulous says:

    Well written tale of love and life on the wrong tracks Carlisle’s story is fixed around a bunch of teenage boys and girls growing up in a small Scottish district circa 1965 There’s the lead protagonist 17 year old Stephen studying for a degree in civil engineering with a best friend named D’Angelo Stephen is dating 16 year old Julie but has a one off fling with Trish the slutty sister of Stephen’s nemesis 19 year old Archie the blond hell raiser freuently involved in petty thefts and crime with his pals Neil and Johnny who beat up Stephen every now and then Julie is Daniel’s sister a gang member who went to jail taking rap for a crime Archie committed Other bad eggs include Pete and Harry who hate Archie’s guts and power Archie is the most vividly written character in the story a boy raised in a dysfunctional poverty stricken direction less abusive household whose real father may or may not be Stephen’s own dad and he is secretly dating the ill fated Tianyi Chi 15 year old Chinese girl who lost her entire family in a boating accident coming from China Hers is the most fascinating and incredibly sad journey in the long list of teenagers whose lives pasts and presents are explored in bloody moving detail in this 282 page tome to what it means to be a small fish in a big pond The lives of everyone involved are changed forever after a murder One half of the story leads up to it The other half leads to the conclusion from it At the heart of it is the lesson to take risks be brave and do the right thing when it matters most That is what growing up is all about A story well toldI received a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair unbiased and non reciprocal review

  8. K.S. Ferguson K.S. Ferguson says:

    Author Carlisle weaves a tale of many lives and the courses they take as both major and minor decisions are made by the characters The characters are richly drawn and believable They struggle grow and change as the events of the novel unfold Even the worst bully has a soft side and is drawn in shades of gray I applaud Carlisle's skill bringing these people to life on the pageThe setting is uniue I felt like I was standing in the neighborhood taking in the decrepitude and watching the slow decline There's an authenticity that seeps into everything from the buildings to the music to the other forms of entertainment the teens in the story enjoyThe writing was clean and crisp Despite the omniscient point of view I rarely stumbled over who's head I was in It's a book that should resonate with the YANew Adult crowd but it holds merit for the older generation tooI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  9. G.S. Bailey G.S. Bailey says:

    My first impression first the creation of the bully and the victim of bullying is brilliant Next I thoroughly enjoyed the time period and location I’m old enough to remember a little of the 60s This book took me there I also grew up in an underprivileged neighbourhood This book dragged me back there too The uality of the storytelling blotted out the here and now completely Those are the aspects of this novel I want to praise highly The story itself is solid and uite intriguing It’s raw and violent and has plenty going for it A terrific array of characters brought to life – they feel real It’s like the whole novel is neither under nor overstated Just real I’d recommend reading a sample and seeing if you can put it down

  10. K.R. Slifer K.R. Slifer says:

    This book was a complete surprise to me Jacob Carlisle's prose is well written detailed and pulls the reader into the story immediately I couldn't put it down If you are looking for an excellent coming of age story you must read this one It is realistic rich and compelling The characters the historical setting all of it was so enjoyable I highly recommend this book

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