A School for Brides Kindle å A School PDF/EPUB ²

A School for Brides Kindle å A School PDF/EPUB ²

A School for Brides (Keeping the Castle, #2) ❄ [EPUB] ✼ A School for Brides (Keeping the Castle, #2) By Patrice Kindl ➝ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The eagerly awaited companion to the award winnng Keeping the Castle.The Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy of Lesser Hoo, Yorkshire, has one goal to train its students in the feminine arts with an eye t The eagerly awaited companion to the award winnng Keeping the CastleThe Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy of Lesser Hoo, Yorkshire, has one goal to train its students in the feminine arts with an eye toward getting them married off This year, there are five girls of marriageable age There s only one problem the school is in the middle of nowhere, and there are no menSet in the same English town as Keeping the Castle, and featuring A School PDF/EPUB ² a few of the same characters, here s the kind of witty tribute to the classic Regency novel that could only come from the pen of Patrice Kindl.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • A School for Brides (Keeping the Castle, #2)
  • Patrice Kindl
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780670786084

About the Author: Patrice Kindl

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10 thoughts on “A School for Brides (Keeping the Castle, #2)

  1. Karina Karina says:

    So I didn t really finish Made it to page 50 and I couldn t go on based on the first 50 pages i rated it.5 stars It was sooooo dull and nothing happened and so many characters I couldn t keep up The imagination in my head died Found it at the Dollar Tree Should have been a sign

  2. Amy Amy says:

    Keeping the Castle was delightful I liked the ending so much I re read it a few times just to get it firmly planted in my memory A School for Bridesmuch less so.This is a companion book than a sequel to Keeping the Castle. It follows 8 young ladies who attend a school in the middle of nowhere They want to get married but, alas, options are slim Gentlemen arrive and romance kindles It ought to be a funny comedy of manners Insteadit is just boring The girls were easier than expected to keep track of but none of the couples got nearly enough development Quite a few had potential to be lovely romances but I did not know enough about them to care The framework is there but lacking the emotional tug that makes the reader care.

  3. kari kari says:

    This book was dreadfully dull.I m sorry to have to say that, but that is my honest opinion.Nothing of importance happens until at least halfway in and in a book of only 250 pages, I d expect something to start before that point It is a short book, but took a long time to read as there is just nothing going on and the characters are interchangeable Until the villain s appear, there is no one memorable No one is described beyond this man is handsome, this girl is fair If you aren t even going to give me some idea of their personalities, then kindly give me a clue to their appearance Yes, eventually, you do get to know some of the girls, but there is no focus for the story It is about all of them and none of them I think it is trying to mimic Austen s style and while that is an admirable attempt, Austen s stories were always seen through one character s point of view, whether it be Elizabeth Bennett, Marianne Dashwood, Emma Woodhouse or Anne Elliott There is a focus to the story which this book is totally lacking.I enjoyed the first book about Lesser Hoo, but this one is a Hoo Cares

  4. Elevetha Elevetha says:

    I really quite liked Keeping the Castle it was charming and fun to read And I guess I rather expected this to be similar in vein Silly me Honestly it was so dull Nothing happens, you never get a good sense of the characters, considering they are all as bland as cardboard, and quite frankly, I didn t care one single whit for anybody.

  5. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    The young ladies of The Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy have all been sent by their one remaining parent to be finished before finding a husband The parents seem to have forgotten than their children they neglected to realize that there are no eligible men in all of Lesser Hoo Unless one counts Mr Goldalming, the local magistrate When a young gentleman is found collapsed and injured in the bushes, the young ladies are delighted They are even delighted when his friends come to visit The Honorable Jane Crump is the highest born of the eight young ladies, so she should be the first to marry, but she is so painfully shy, she can not bring herself to remove her bonnet She has nightmares each night and now it seems her nightmares are turning to reality Miss Pffolliott has a secret she isn t sure she s happy about Miss Franklin would rather pursue scientific study than find a husband and Miss Asquith worries that no one will marry her because her father is a gin distiller Meanwhile, Mrs Fredericks plot to make her niece Miss Mainwaring happy This story spoils events from Keeping the Castle At first the author gives her readers a chance to go back and read or reread by withholding the first names of Mrs Boring and Mrs Fredericks Soon though, the reader is clued in and spoilers happen I didn t like this book as much as Keeping the Castle The premise sounded cute but it wasn t quite as satirical as the first The humor is still present and I enjoyed it, but Keeping the Castle was laugh out loud funny and this was not There are some darker elements to the story, namely the villain I also think the book suffers from too many characters I had a really hard time remembering which was girl was which Even after their individual stories started, I still couldn t keep track of which one was the niece of Mrs and Mr Fredericks and which was the gin distiller I don t even remember him having a sister It didn t help that they kept calling each other Miss last name for most of the story and not all the school girls got an individual plot, but had been mentioned in the beginning The villain in the story was so completely cruel and sadistic I didn t really understand why she was so sadistic One can be proud and greedy without being deliberately evil She reminded me of a Disney villain Maybe I identify too strongly with Jane There s another, typical Regency novel villain in the story I saw through them right away though I was a bit surprised by an unexpected twist.The heroines all have their own stories starting around the middle of the book I was most interested in Miss Franklin s story I liked how the author incorporated scientific study of the day and showed that young ladies were doing than learning how to dance, sing, play the pianoforte and sew I was impressed she could see as far as the rings of Saturn with a telescope and really blown away by her theory of how to figure out if there s planets after Uranus I identified with her spurning the idea of marriage She s a bit odd though She s all analytical and not emotional She tends to immerse herself in something and forget about everything else I thought and hoped her story would end differently I also identified with Jane I sympathized with her shyness and desire to be invisible I empathized with her as she relived her worst nightmare over and over I really liked her character development but was disappointed it was mostly all told and not shown I also liked Miss Pffolliott, though not at first I deplored her secrecy but I grew to like her once she adopted Wolfie who is hands down my favorite character The gentlemen are also indistinguishable There s the usual gamut of Regency heroes There s the not so intelligent sporting gentlemen and the fortune hunters, but these gentlemen all fare much better than in a typical Regency romance I was pleasantly surprised by Mr Hadley and Mr Henry Crabble Even Mr Goldalming becomes likeable once the reader gets to know him, despite his poor performance in the opening scene of Keeping the Castle The story also gives us some brief glimpses into what is happening with the characters from Keeping the Castle and adds some new minor characters.

  6. Alicia Alicia says:

    s latest, a sequel companion to Keeping the Castle, had me in RAPTURES OF DELIGHT One of the stepsisters from the previous book is now running a finishing school in their tiny Yorkshire town, and all the girls there are worried they ll never meet any eligible men to marry So it s very convenient that a young man breaks his leg nearby, and then several of his friends come to visit We only get to know a few of the girls, but they re all interesting and likable one, a budding scientist, is even named Rosalind Franklin and I was definitely rooting for all their respective romances to work out There is even a touch of mystery and intrigue It was just so easy to get caught up in this book and completely lose track of time And I was FURTHER delighted to discover that Kindl plans a trilogy set in the town, and cannot wait to see what happens in the third one These books are so charming and fun, while lightly pointing out that sometimes being a woman in olden times was a trial A

  7. Becky B Becky B says:

    In the tiny village of Lesser Hoo is found the Winthrop Hopkins School for Females It is a small school with eight young ladies being trained in the finer arts in preparation of making a good marital catch However, Lesser Hoo is sadly lacking in the single gentlemen category In point of fact, it contains one eligible bachelor, and in the opinion of many a young lady, he is likely to remain in that state for quite a while The girls are about to despair of ever putting the arts they have perfected to the test of husband catching, when lo and behold a young, handsome, eligible young man quite literally stumbles into their grounds Mr Arbuthnot had the great misfortune of breaking his leg while out riding on his way to a hunting party His misfortune may just be the answer to all the young ladies prayers, because he has to stay at the school and many of his other gentlemen friends hear of his plight and come visiting Not all the visitors that descend on Lesser Hoo are welcome though, one is a crook in disguise, and one is a greedy governess returned to terrorize her former charge And all will show their true colors of love or falsehood by the time of Mrs Franklin s ball.This book takes place in the same town as Keeping Castle and while some of the characters are the same, the main characters from that book take lesser roles in this one for the pupils of Winthrop Hopkins to shine In some ways that left me a tiny bit disappointed, though I still like this story and many of its characters though due to the brevity of the book and the expansive cast, you don t get to know any of them super well The start of the book is a little slow, mainly because there are just so very many characters to get to know Eventually it gets moving at a good clip, and everything comes together quite satisfactorily in the end This one has less elements which can be directly linked to any specific Austen or Bront character plot but it still has a good Regency feel It was a most pleasantly diverting read, made all the so because I had no idea it was in the works until I heard it was ready to be snatched up in a bookstore I like nice surprises from Patrice Kindl Oh, and I must say, Wolfie was my favorite character in the entire book Including a giant ferocious looking dog who adores everyone and fails sheepdogging was a stroke of comic genius.Notes on content No language issues No sexual content No violence.

  8. Stephanie A. Stephanie A. says:

    More frothy Austen esque fun Even fun than the previous one, I daresay a comedy draped in historical dress All of the plot twists unfold pretty much how you guess they would, although I was surprised by the outcome of Miss Franklin s suitor, and it s perfect The girls at the school are all adorable and there are as many cute friendships as there are budding romances with the sudden influx of well bred young men arriving to visit their injured companion Still, my favorite part is when one girl acquires a wonderful giant sheepdog named Wolfie, so named for his terrifying appearance but who actually loves nothing better than professionally adoring humans, especially his new mistress I have never wanted to hug a book dog so much.I even forgot my annoyance with Mr Fredericks from the last book and utterly loved the glimpses we got of his Althea s cheerful verbal sparring, where she seems quite happy in her roles as wife new mother ignoring her husband s complaints that she should be resting post birth lady of the newly renovated and relocated Crooked Castle Finally, the names continue to be wonderfully, outlandishly creative and or ridiculous, my favorite this time being Lord Pauncefoot, which I hope you know is a name I plan to bestow upon a very large and undignified tabby cat someday.

  9. Jessie Potts Jessie Potts says:

    A School for Brides by Patrice Kindl 3.5 starsThis companion book to Keeping the Castle has the same Regency vibe that readers will love There are a ton of characters, a lot of fun situations, and it reads very fast I enjoy delving into this world and look forward to future books Head over to the HEA Blog for some QA with Patrice likeTell us about the mystery Patrice There are several, actually Who stole the ruby necklace What is Mr Hadley up to, wooing Miss Crump in such a peculiar manner And who is the stranger at the inn, and why won t he make his intentions known There are secret identities, duplicitous suitors, deceitful governesses and all manner of riddles that need to be solved.And

  10. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    A nice parody of regency romances.

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