The Moon is Going to Addys House PDF/EPUB ó The Moon

The Moon is Going to Addys House PDF/EPUB ó The Moon

The Moon is Going to Addys House ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Moon is Going to Addys House Author Ida Pearle – This gentle poetic bedtime story about a little girl and the friendly moon is perfect for fans of Ezra Jack Keats and Kevin HenkesAfter a play date in the city Addy heads home to the country with her This gentle poetic bedtime story about is Going ePUB ✓ a little girl and the friendly moon is perfect for fans of Ezra Jack Keats and Kevin HenkesAfter a play date in the city Addy heads home to the country with her family And through the long drive the moon seems to be following them closely—Addy’s faithful guardian and friendThe comforting sense that the The Moon MOBI :Ú moon is your own personal companion is universal to childhood and Ida Pearle has depicted it beautifully through her lyrical text and soft sleepy cut paper collage illustrations This is a book that children will ask to hear every night at bedtime.

10 thoughts on “The Moon is Going to Addys House

  1. Rebecca Sharp Rebecca Sharp says:

    My five stars for this picture book are solely for the illustrations Wow So much color and beauty and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at each detail of the cut paper scenes The authorillustrator did a magnificent job bringing to life the full moon on a long drive homeI also appreciated the multi racial friendship between the two girls at the beginning of the story as well as the interweaving of than one race in the city scenes I find it beautiful that the author doesn't actually address any of it either It feels natural as it shouldIf I were rating the story alone I would rate this book three stars It's simple text does leave a little to be desired but on the other hand it allows the reader the opportunity to fully enjoy the illustrations

  2. Beth Beth says:

    As Addy's family drives home from a play date in the city she notices the moon is following them home As the car continues to drive away from the city and back to her home in the country Addy observes not just the moon but the wondrous world around herPoetry doesn't always have to come in words Sometimes poetry speaks in pictures movement music or all of these things at once The Moon is Going to Addy's House is a beautiful example of how poetry can be created in the confluence of art forms It is a book that feels both classic and modern both back in time and of the time The whimsical dreamlike illustrations evoke a sense of moment and flow which is an incredible talent given that the medium Ida Pearle uses here is cut paper college which in my observation can sometimes be flat and stagnant And despite the family in this book appearing like a typical middleupper class family there are page spreads and even the cover that give the book an almost indigenous or tribal uality to it making it beautifully provocative while also being sensitive and delicate at the same time Read my entire review on my blog

  3. Dione Basseri Dione Basseri says:

    So I think that while this may spark a kid's imagination to watch the moon themselves while going on car or transit rides it's not going to really excite them and it certainly didn't impress me The artwork feels very flat which is sort of an odd statement to say about a book but really there's no depth to the collage No extra details to discover on second readings The authorartist tried to make things dynamic by using patterned paper for their shapes but it just created a visually loud piece with nothing real to say And the story is bland enough that I doubt there will BE a second reading for most peopleI thought perhaps this was an older picture book maybe mid 90s when this flatness in design would have been common but this book was published in 2015 And from a pretty big publishing house I would have thought that a good editor would have hired an experienced artist to create some better designs to go along with this workSure give it a try from your library but unless your kid gets super into it don't buy outright There's plenty of better books for your money

  4. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    What threw me off at first was how very far away this playdate was for this child I started to get twitchy in a are we there yet kind of way as I read this story much as I did enjoy the cut paper illustrationsI think I would have liked this is the text had worked better for me So sparse probably in an attempt to seem poetic there was no real feel for this being artistic prose so much as it was just words explaining the situation So playing hide and seek with the moon was fun but the words could have created a feel for this book that was otherwise missing I'm saddened by this because I think the art style called for a really beautiful book that could have evoked uite a few emotions and instead gave me a 'nice story' vibe instead of making this a book to treasure and remember long after reading it

  5. Erin Buhr Erin Buhr says:

    The illustrations immediately caught my attention when I walked past this book The cut paper collage method reminds me of the great Ezra Jack Keats The different patterns and bright colors fill the page and mind with warmth and imagination The story follows a little girl named Addy as she heads home after a playdate While her family drives she watches the moon Playfully it follows them home which is all beautifully captured by the artistry of Ida Pearle The Moon is Going to Addy's House is a captivating celebration of simple joys and every day wonderment

  6. June June says:

    Beautifully illustrated story of a child's fascination with the moon

  7. ireadrosies ireadrosies says:

    One of 4 honor books at today's 2016 Mock Caldecott at the Carmel Clay Public Library

  8. Tessa Duncan Tessa Duncan says:

    This book focuses on an almost universal childhood experience noticing that the moon seems to follow you whenever you walk or drive Addy pictures the moon as her faithful guardian and believes as most children do that the moon is personally following her This book is beautiful and accurately explains what so many of us believe

  9. Celebrilomiel Celebrilomiel says:

    35 stars rounded upEnchanting cut paper illustrations This is one of those picture books that you read for the illustrations not the story; the story is merely the thread that runs through the images adding nuance

  10. Villain E Villain E says:

    I kind of like this idea the moon always visible because it's following you home But there isn't much actual story here If it rhymed it would't bother me so much but limited text with no story causes this to just fall flat

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