Kindle Edition ↠ Knollig eBook Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Knollig eBook Ú

10 thoughts on “Knollig (Terraneu, #2)

  1. T00zday T00zday says:

    25 stars Disappointing compared to the first book in the seriesThe romance story was pretty flat to me If you go into this book just wanting a mellowed out sci fi story it's not that badMairi is dying of cancer She is a 39 year old RNHer Grandfather runs the BB in Scotland that Amber was staying in during the beginning of book 1 Her grandfather has made a deal with the colony of aliens to take her to Terraneu and put her in their healingmedical boxThere is immediate chemistry between Mairi when she wakes and Knollig only Knollig is a pussy hero Instead of pursuing her since they are both attracted he pushes her away ignores and avoids her Mairi keeps trying to get Knollig's attention and ends up embarrassing herself repeatedlyAfter over a week of this behavior the Terraneu council pulls an intervention with him telling him no other males on the colony will feel slighted if he hooks up with MairiHe goes to her says he's sorry and is immediately rewarded with a BJ and sex huge eye roll with annoyed sighTheir relationship is insta perfect Story skips to 5 months laterThe anti women group from book 1 pull another kidnap attempt which is foiled by the two women's matesof courseAfter the halfway point they pull their first mass woman transport Amber from book 1 ends up pregnant with tripletsThis book was pretty much filler I'll be reading the next one because it seemed like it might be interesting

  2. Coyora Dokusho Coyora Dokusho says:

    It was alright Getting tired of it pretty fast at this point

  3. Twin Sisters Rockin& Twin Sisters Rockin& says:

    Overall Rating 45 Rockin’ ★★★★☆What if you were dying with no hope of getting better? Would you be willing to accept a gift of healing and life? What if it meant leaving your own world behind? This is the second book in Stormy McKnight’s Terraneu series It tells the story of a brave woman and the being that offers her than lifeMairi McPherson has reached her last breath Her heart is heavy with the regrets she has from things that she should have done differently in her life She feels like she has wasted the time she was given and now it is too late to make things right Mairi regrets not staying closer to her grandfather not finding someone to love and not having children Everything that is important in life she had taken for granted including the love of her grandfather Mairi thinks that she is dreaming when she wakes up and finds herself staring into the eyes of the most beautiful man she had ever seen Is he real? Is he an angel? Knollig knew the moment that he held the sick woman in his arms that she had awakened him He knew that she was his but he was a man of honor and swore that he would give her time to adjust to his world She needs time to meet the other males on his world before he asked her to choose him as her mate Mairi is only the second woman on his world and he needs to be patient even though he knows she is the one for him Mates are forever and he wants her to be sure Can he survive watching her interact with the other males on his world? Will he loose her to one of them?When push comes to shove Mairi does not want to wait She wants Knollig and is willing to do whatever she needs to do to convince him Mairi puts herself and Knollig in some really funny situations trying to get him to say yes It really doesn’t hurt that the unit that healed her optimized her body into the best that it can be Sexy hot and ready for her manHero Knollig 45 starsHeroine Mairi McPherson 45 starsPlot 45 starsSteam Level 45 starsCliffhanger NoWould I recommend this book Yes This book is funny sexy and out of this world The hero is a hot alpha male and the female is dominate and feisty They really burn up every surface on the planet with their insatiable need for each other Would I recommend this author Yes You will not regret reading this amazing offering from Stormy McKnight The only problem will be waiting for the next book in this seriesKnollig A Terraneu NovelStormy McKnightReceived an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Claudia Claudia says:

    Terraneu men need women At Amber's suggestion they go to Earth to enroll the BB owner Callum to help them Their offer is straight forward save Callum's grandaughts Mairi who is dying of cancer and offer him to came as well to TeraneuThe story was uite simple Mairi is saved and Knollig is instantly attracted to her But instead of pursuing her since they are both attracted Knollig wants to do the honorable thing and let other males have their try I found it odd because Kniam staked his claim and got a physical reaction in response to Amber immediately as it happened to Knolling So why the hiding when a man is unlocked genetically by a woman and this is it?We have Knolling hiding and avoiding Mairi and Mairi keep trying to get his attention and embarrass herselfAfter over a week of this behavior the council tired of the games played releases Knolling from his promised to stand down from pursuing MairiFrom here on is pretty straight forward Mairi and Knolling dive in the relationshipThe kidnapping was like and afterthought thoughThe anti women group kidnap Amber and Mairi Mairi saves the dayKnollig story was just there for me The romance story was pretty flat as well as the action I am guessing Stormy McKnight as a new author is just finding her way into writingI could have done it without the medical explanation or how men should or not behave aorund women for such a short story For me a longer story would have justified details When the story skips to 5 months later everything happens at once first woman transport Amber gets pregnant with tripletsThe book felt like Terraneu 15 instead of 2 Again I was expecting every council member to get his HEA but then Jen Amber's friend hooks up with Thian So there will be books only about the brothers?Well I am looking forward to reading Knaleg's story

  5. Betty Johnson Betty Johnson says:

    Not a bad story but the grammar and editing is horribleThis book has a pretty good plot and the characters are okay However the writing is very stilted and was hard to read in some places The story could have been shortened considerably with the use of contractions Repeated use of the word Viola instead of Voila was very annoying The main character is a 46 year old woman who was miraculously changed into a supermodel by some kind of medical machine In the scenes where she talks about getting pregnant and having babies there seems to be no thought to the fact that she is 46 and maybe babies aren't possible Some of the dialogue is so unbelievable it had me shaking my head Also What's the problem with having a good proofreader or spellchecker before you publish? That would have helped this story considerably

  6. Solmarie Solmarie says:

    This is the second book in the Terraneu seriesMairi is on her deathbed Her grandfather makes an deal with the men of Terraneu to help them find females in exchange for saving her life She is shocked to wake up and find herself completely cured And importantly surrounded by sexy men who want nothing than to claim her as their mate The only problem is that the one man she wants decides the most honorable thing to do is to keep her at arms length What follows is a amusing tale of a woman to get her man no matter what it takesuick flirty and fun read

  7. Kim Grimes Kim Grimes says:

    I love this seriesIt does sort of reads like Star Trek meets the parts of Nevada These planet is warm with soft rains at night Sounds lovely However I like the code these men live by and the second chance these older ladies have at finding love What late thirties or forties woman wouldn't want to get into a med unit and come with twenty year old body with the same mature mind that can really appreciate these men and their society Talk about a real second chance A great read and I can't wait for third installment By the way I give book 1 five stars too

  8. AshleyRose AshleyRose says:

    Another short romp through portalsOne of the things I really appreciate about this series is the lighthearted aspect of the writing Even when something suspenseful or dramatic is happening it is not drawn out and made into some giant soap opera scene These books have just the right amount of interest and imagination for a uick easy bite size read Editing Well edited read via text to speechHEA of course there is a happily ever afterSexytimes yes explicitRecommended Yes I'm rereading the series right now

  9. Sonya M. Long Sonya M. Long says:

    A good light readI like this series due to the lightness of it It has comedy and romance and just all around goodness to it There isn't a lot of action or drama laced passion Characters are well rounded and likeable The heroes are as well The story line is somewhat uniue which makes this refreshing to read I will continue to read the series

  10. Spuffed Spuffed says:

    I enjoyed the first book and I liked this one but not as much as the first But since I'm still interested in this new concept in the alien adbuction genre I'm going to read the third This book did come across as filler and the sex scenes were too few to give any extra stars for thatRead T00zday's review she pretty much covered it all and I have nothing to add

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Knollig (Terraneu, #2) [Read] ➵ Knollig (Terraneu, #2) By Stormy McKnight – Mairi Her grandfather's bargain with the Council of Terraneu has given her a second chance at life Literally on her death bed Mairi meets the hottest man she has ever seen Her blood boils at his sligh Mairi Her grandfather's bargain with the Council of Terraneu has given her a second chance at life Literally on her death bed Mairi meets the hottest man she has ever seen Her blood boils at his slightest touch All she has to do is convince the man she wants that they are meant to be together How hard could that be Knollig One look in the eyes of Mairi McPherson and Knollig knows trouble has found him Even though he desperately wants her for his own there are things he has to consider before himself He takes a vow to give Mairi time to get to know the males of Terraneueven if it leads to her choosing another to be her mate.