Alpha [KINDLE] ❅ Alpha By Isabelle Arsenault – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk From Publisher's WeeklyIt's an introduction to the NATO phonetic alphabet from the illustrator of Jane the Fox and Me and many other books for children From Publisher's WeeklyIt's an introduction to the NATO phonetic Alphabet from the illustrator of Jane the Fox and Me and many other books for children.

  • Alpha
  • Isabelle Arsenault
  • 17 March 2014

About the Author: Isabelle Arsenault

Isabelle Arsenault is a French Canadian artist and illustrator Born in Sept Iles uebec in she studied Graphic Design at the Université du uébec à Montréal After her studies she uickly contributed to several magazines in Canada and the United States In Isabelle illustrated her first childrens book for which she received the prestigious Governor Generals Award for child.

10 thoughts on “Alpha

  1. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Here’s a review that has images of this book so you can see some of it’t that beautiful I read this because I am reading everything the talented Isabelle Arsenault is doing And was not particularly looking forward to this because I saw it was an abecedarian book and we know what THOSE are like A is for apple and then you see a crisp red apple and then ball and so on But no This is a book that introduces us to the NATO phonetic alphabet I didn’t know until now I was even interested in let along aware of I am borrowing this from Rand whose review of this book I just read before posting so you can see it Bravo Charlie since 1956 firefighters air traffic controllers others use the NATO phonetic alphabet Arsenault takes that alphabet and introduces us to words and illustrations that are original and beautiful and whimsical and interesting “Charlie” shows Charlie Chaplin’s bowler; “Mike” shows a pair of boxing gloves Some are less subtle but still good A couple dancing the “Foxtrot” a glass of “Whiskey” Not just for kids no I like the Monopoly game piece for “Hotel” and the wallet featuring the baby picture for “Papa”This is one smart and witty book Love it

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    Isabelle Arsenault's illustrations are wonderful she is probably my favourite living illustrator and there are some wonderful examples here Given that she was illustrating the NATO phonetic alphabet she did a great job as some of the words just aren't ones you can make an interesting illustration from I don't know how fun this would be for a small child to look through and there was nothing particularly interesting in the fact page at the end

  3. Rand Rand says:

    A letter book based upon the radio code developed in the 1920s for air traffic controllers Each word is accompanied by a conceptually related image that will provoke the natural curiosity of a young mind While some of the word image relations may veer to the adult side eg Romeo features a dagger and Juliet a bottle of poison many are whimsicalneutral; though none of the image word relations are any terrifying than the sort of stuff to be found in feature films that are marketed to childrenArsenault is a truly talented illustrator who uses crisp clean lines with a keen sense of color A worthy addition to any classroom's library or children's room

  4. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Oh boy Did this book bring back memories Trying to say A Z in front of my favorite drill sergeant during end of cycle training in boot camp

  5. Abigail Abigail says:

    French Canadian illustrator and picture book author Isabelle Arsenault presents the NATO phonetic alphabet officially known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet it was adopted in the 1950s to aid clarity in voice messages and communication in this beautifully illustrated picture book Each two page spread of this unusual alphabet book features the designated word for that page's letter Alpha for A Foxtrot for F on the left hand side and an illustration of the word in uestion on the rightAlthough I often have mixed reactions to alphabet books they tend to bore me unless they do something unusual I picked up Alpha with some anticipation as I am a great admirer of Isabelle Arsenault's artwork I appreciated the fact that this is not simply an alphabet book but a specific kind of alphabet book one devoted to the NATO phonetic alphabet that one so freuently hears being used in military movies and television shows I thought that this was an unusual approach to the form The illustrations were lovely and I thought some of the illustration ideas boxing gloves for MMike a clear reference to Mike Tyson were uite creative Visually I particularly liked those pages J for Juliet R for Romeo on which an item was depicted a bottle a knife with a shadowy human figure contained within Recommended to fellow Arsenault fans and to anyone looking for unusual picture books

  6. Karin Karin says:

    This is a fascinating alphabet book that gives takes you through the words of the NATO phonetic alphabet So for one thing it was very informative because I didn't know some of the letters like I didn't know that was uebec and I had forgotten that G stood for Golf But the best thing about this book are the illustrations Arsenault chooses some great things to represent each letter Things that will generate a discussion about their connection to the word For example J for Juliet has an illustration of a small glass bottle with cork stopper A girl's face is reflected in the glass of the bottle O for Oscar has a picture of a woman wearing a beautiful gown So clever

  7. Mary Ann Mary Ann says:

    While this is a cool concept I really am struggling about the right audience for this book Take for example the R Romeo page While this is one of the letters that really sticks in my mind as the official tag for the letter R I don't there that there are enough clues here for a young child PreK K 1st to understand what the illustration means So then would an older child be drawn to this book I'm just not sure

  8. Bill Bill says:

    4 for the art work

  9. Brittanny Handiboe Brittanny Handiboe says:

    Charlie alpha tango These three words may seem randomly thrown together but in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet “Charlie Alpha Tango” spells “cat” Emergency services including the police firefighters the military and the Red Cross use this alphabet as a way to communicate clearly Arsenault’s concept and fantastic illustrations make this alphabet book an uniue learning experience for the ABC learner and anyone who may not know the NATO phonetic alphabet Because of the engaging concept and illustrations meant to inspire different interpretations of each object representing each word in the alphabet furthering Arsenault’s idea of communication between the reader and listener a parent may be just looking for a standard ABC book and might pass this particular one by Despite that Arsenault’s work is great for any child between ages 5 to 8 and makes a good addition to a picture book enthusiasts’ library and is also recommended for anyone who also wants to learn the NATO phonetic alphabetI LOVE the illustrations and am happy to have this book in my picture book enthusiast library haha

  10. Allie Allie says:

    Beautiful illustration from Isabelle Arsenault I'm totally obsessed with her I like the concept of introducing kids to the phonetic alphabet and with having kind of obliue illustrations of those words But it was also a little confusing Particularly Alpha which unfortunatelyobviously starts the alphabet off I'm still not positive I got that one

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