Keeping Up PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Keeping Up PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

7 thoughts on “Keeping Up (Hollywood Hotties, #2)

  1. K B K B says:

    4 starsI received a free copy of Keeping Up by Mia Fox and this review was given freelyThe story starts out slow dry and depressing with the novel expressing Emily's life which is filled with envy of others dissatisfaction with her life dissatisfaction with her belongings and for the majority dissatisfaction with her spouse Emily tries to fit in with the self important and superficial people she feels are the right crowd only to experience one embarrassing moment after another Both the interfering neighbors and Emily and Rich's scheming cause many twists and turns providing a crazy kind of humor that is at times sad but mainly entertaining

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    Let me start by saying this is a very well written book and if social satire is your thing then this is a good read for you The characters are exactly as they should be; slap up side the head worthy The humor aspect is definitely there but turns out social satire is not my thing I still see the value of the lesson it has and Mia Fox does a good job of making the over the top characters and situations they put themselves in seem like they could happen to anyone if they let themselves fall into that trap

  3. Diana Stone Diana Stone says:

    I loved the book The beginning lags I waded through that However the story about this couple is almost slapstick funny most of the time It was fun to laugh something of a rare occasion for me The heroine is an idiot but the hi jinks are like an old time TV comedy almost a Mayberry RFD knock off

  4. Fiction Vixens Blog Fiction Vixens Blog says:

    This is the first time for anything by Ms Mia Fox and I thoroughly enjoyed this touching story The characters that the author has given us will keep you wondering what's going to happen to them nextjust when we think everything has calmed down something else happens to them Then when you think you have to story line figured out boom she gets us again This was a very well written story and as I'm reading about this couple and what they are going through I want to slap them upside the head and the to shake their heads and get the hell out and find a new place to live Ms Fox seem to make very situations like they could really happen in real life for anyone who lets themselves fall in to this trap of keeping up with the Jones I could go on and tell you about this story but that would spoil the story for you I highly recommend that you read this great story you won't be disappointed

  5. Sue Brooks Sue Brooks says:

    Mia Fox has done it again Another awesome book by an awesome authorThis is not a typical book by this author but it is a good one I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't her normal type story but it was and easy and fun readThe characters will keep you wondering where she is taking you next Just when you think you have the storyline figured out she throws you a curve But there are no ending cliffhangersI was given a copy for an honest review

  6. Victoria Victoria says:

    It is a great book to read

  7. Paula Genereau Paula Genereau says:

    I loved Katie's story It was a very great book I want hooked from the beginning

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Keeping Up (Hollywood Hotties, #2) ➸ Keeping Up (Hollywood Hotties, #2) Free ➮ Author Mia Fox – Since the time she was in elementary school Katie has wanted to be like beautiful blonde Amanda Exeter a woman she views with eual amounts of disdain and admiration After years of hoping and wishing K Since the time she was in elementary school Katie has wanted to be like beautiful blonde Amanda Exeter a woman she views with eual amounts of disdain and admiration After years of hoping and wishing Katie believes she has finally arrived She and her husband Rich move into he same gated community as AmandaBut the moving truck has no sooner left their driveway when Katie decides that something is terribly wrong The ‘move in condition’ home now seems obviously void of what the neighbors have built in barbecues french doors imported fabrics not to mention his and hers luxury vehicles in the garage Katie’s efforts to remake herself and Rich as the neighborhood’s newest “It” couple backfires as her hair brained plot to climb the social ladder fails When it comes to fitting in with the neighborhood women Katie is out of her league Decorating confuses her as she has no concept about what the “right white” means A prosthetic pouch replaces a bulging tummy as pregnancy has also escaped Katie In his bid for city council Rich covers the political spectrum of hot topics but lands in hot waterAs they devise popularity schemes they fall victim to repeated cases of mistaken identity and are believed to be drug smugglers sexy swingers Internet pornography actors and even pet kidnappers For Katie and Rich Pettigrew “keeping up” is harder than they ever imagined.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 309 pages
  • Keeping Up (Hollywood Hotties, #2)
  • Mia Fox
  • English
  • 12 January 2015

About the Author: Mia Fox

Hi I’m Mia Fox a Los Angeles based romance authorI received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from USC followed by my Masters Degree in Professional Writing also from USCBefore writing full time I worked as an entertainment publicist That career inspired my chick lit novel “Alert the Media” When not writing you can find me with my nose buried in a book experimenting with.