Paperback ´ YU+ME PDF Ú

Paperback ´ YU+ME PDF Ú

YU+ME [PDF / Epub] ☃ YU+ME ✑ Megan Rose Gedris – Fiona's life is the pits Her mother is dead her father absent and her stepmother hates her At school she is always in trouble with the head nun and her classmates think she's weird She escapes by slee Fiona's life is the pits Her mother is dead her father absent and her stepmother hates her At school she is always in trouble with the head nun and her classmates think she's weird She escapes by sleeping all the time But Lia a new girl at school could change all that Suddenly Fiona has a friend Fiona has than a friend Will her secret romance make life sweeter or will it put an even bigger target on her back.

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  1. Maggie Gordon Maggie Gordon says:

    I read YUME a looooooooooong time ago when it was a webcomic I was drawn to the site from the weird and fantastical art I kept seeing Which was good because it warned me that the story was going to go somewhere that I was not expecting YuMe starts out as a slice of life romance between two high school girls It's sweet silly definitely betrays the youth of Gedris but was ultimately an important story for when it was first being produced To many it might seem dated today because it is But there wasn't much like it in the early days of webcomics and it was a wonderful thing to see a book filled with ueer particularly lesbian characters The art isn't very good yet the narrative is immature but that didn't really matter to teenage me This first omnibus edition deals entirely with the romance plot and I am going to spoil something for you because I worry that new readers might drop the story if they do not know what is coming view spoiler At the end of the book Fiona our main character wakes up Yep The ultimate cliche It was all a dream Except the second book is all about flipping that trope on its head and doing FASCINATING things So if you're not all that into the early days of YuMe know that the second half is rather brilliant and it will make you re evaluate the first half hide spoiler

  2. Khai Khai says:

    This is a long time favorite of mine

  3. Ed Ed says:

    Happy to admit that my review of this is heavily coloured by nostalgia but I do truly love this story It is beautiful depressing funny heartwarming and heartbreaking It is fantastic exploration of sexual identity and all the confusion and depression that comes with figuring that out as a teenager When I was a teenager I read a whole lot of webcomics but none were as important to me as this one it really helped me through my own struggles with sexuality and depression and gave me reasons to stay anchored in realityThe characters are all great fun; even the antagonists who sometimes manage to give it a bit of a fairytale feel Especially with evil stepmothers and running away to the ballI feel like anyone who read this as it was initially released would agree to the importance of the story but even several years later enough of it holds up to be worth readingThe art starts off pretty shaky but it does improve and there's an argument to be made that this serves the narrative

  4. Aurora Aurora says:

    God this took forever to slog through Can’t believe I’m gonna read part 2 now

  5. Robin Robin says:

    I was so happy to be able to support this kickstarter And this was one of the first webcomics I ever discovered and read and luckily for me by that time the series was complete and thank god for that because I probably would have gone crazy with waiting for updates since this is such a riveting read I think what I love so much about this comic is the subversion of so many tropes whereas some are just played straight but in a wonderfully innovative and thoughtful way Of course the second volume and second half of the story is my personal favorite if we're going by the dichotomy between the two but the first half is great in terms of setting the stage and allowing you to grow attached to the characters in order to open up for exploration in the second part exploration of storytelling of artwork of character tropes and archetypes and all that entails

  6. Taylor Skibbe Taylor Skibbe says:

    Has a bit of a rocky start but you see the author's art and storytelling improve throughout this first volume Some characters and tropes may seem generic but there is actually a good reason for it It is difficult to explain without spoiling anything but there is a major twist that completely alters the story in a stunning way Overall a great LGBT comic series but it reuires some investment to reach the really good stuff

  7. Kara Kara says:

    It's a rocky start the author definitely makes strides in storytelling over the course of this volume but nonetheless I read the whole thing in under 24 hours including sleep and a visit with family so yes it's compelling I'm glad I knew the spoiler at the end of the volume before I read it or I would have been annoyed As it is I'm eager to start the second one immediately

  8. Kristin Perkins Kristin Perkins says:

    Revisiting my teenage bisexual awakening

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