YU+ME PDF Ú Paperback

YU+ME PDF Ú Paperback

YU+ME [PDF / Epub] ★ YU+ME Author Megan Rose Gedris – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk After finding out that the girl of her dreams really was just a dream Fiona makes her way back to the Dream World to find it ruled by the tyrannical ueen Sadako Making her way through the surreal land After finding out that the girl of her dreams really was just a dream Fiona makes her way back to the Dream World to find it ruled by the tyrannical ueen Sadako Making her way through the surreal landscape Fiona encounters friends to aid her and monsters bent on her destruction Can she stay asleep long enough to make it to Lia Should she stay asleep Of course nothing is ever what it seems That's how dreams go.

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  1. Maggie Gordon Maggie Gordon says:

    As I said in my review of the first omnibus book the second half of YuMe is a shock It takes a fairly sweet but standard romance but with lesbians and turns it into a creative weird bizarre fantasy that plays with tropes in ways that are utterly delightfulIn book 2 Fiona figures out how to get back to the Dream World where she spends the rest of her time trying to find Lia She meets a variety of strange fascinating people and runs into a series of fantastical problems that reuire dream logic to solve But every time readers think that they know where the story is going Gedris changes things up and challenges what we think we should be expecting As she does this she also shifts the art style every scene very effectively showing readers the strange shifting nature of the dream world It's a delightfully clever story with a lot of heart wonderful artwork and complex characters Definitely worth a look

  2. Taylor Skibbe Taylor Skibbe says:

    The fantastic second half of this series Unlike the standard coming of age anime esue style of the first half this part utilizes the setting to its full potential We see characters fleshed out in a variety of art styles and get plenty of revelations regarding the overarching plot Featuring the compelling premise of chasing one's dreams literally and fantastic world building this part solidified my love of the comic YuMe Dream is by far one of the most mindbending creative and touching LGBT series I have read While the series really shines here it is important to note that both parts are eually important in the development of this uniue story I cannot recommend this title enough

  3. Ed Ed says:

    The second half of YUME dream really takes a twist It dives into full on fantasyland and has an absolute blast with it The varying art styles are great fun the bizarre characters we meet in dreamland are all colourful and exciting and there's enough of a decent plot running through to keep it goingAgain this review is heavily coloured by nostalgia in that this webcomic was one of the most important stories in my youth and one of the best or only at the time LGBT comics out there Reading it now I feel that the second half honestly has less to recommend it than the first The experimental style and humour is great fun but it lacks the heart of the first section

  4. Katie Katie says:


  5. Dorothy Dorothy says:

    A few years ago a friend of mine suggested the comic It was during a hard time in my life so I basically binge read the whole thing over period of a few days The first half feels like a high school shoujo manga while the other half? Turns it all on its head I honestly think that the second half should be read first while the first part fills in the references that it gave You need both The whole comic isn't just about the plot of the characters but the artists journey as she develops her own style First half she's getting her drawing sea legs second she's exploring different styles and dear god all of the bright beautiful colors Most likely why I'm biased towards the second half I love it because you're watching the style change right before your eyes In one of her authors notes she talks about perfectionism how it froze her at first It's something I fight with all the time The comics represent someone who got passed it and won Kind of why I'm extremely happy having them sit on my shelf A reminder that someone did it And lesbians the cute adorable kind that I had a hard time finding when I was slowly trying to explore that part of myself at the time when I first read itI barely noticed the two extra chapters in this book because they blended into and even added to the story I didn't know keep in mind this second read through is about five years later until she noted it in the authors notes at the end of each chapter I'm really glad she did it gave me time to explore the world and enjoy the journey of the characters Added to the pacingSuper happy that I was able to get a copy of these And I really hope she keeps printing If she starts another Kickstarter maybe I'll be able to contribute this time around yay ever changing funds

  6. Keith Schnell Keith Schnell says:

    This review is meant to encompass the entire You Me Dream Two book omnibus set You absolutely should not buy one without the other – Book One on its own reads as a fairly conventional if well done coming of age story and ends with a plot twist that flies beyond the realm of mere audacity into the rarefied nitrous filled air of chutzpah Picking up Book Two without the benefit of the background to explain that plot twist is an exercise in futility – like turning on Mulholland Drive halfway through it’s just going to be too bizarre to keep going withIf that hasn’t sold you on this series it should because Megan Rose Gedris absolutely makes it work Developing the relationships between the characters and building the audience’s empathy with and interest in them in the conventional storyline of Book One gave her a lot leeway to take them into interesting and bizarre places in Book Two which is what really makes the series something special That’s about as far as I can go here without revealing the plot so I’d like to finish with the remark that this reads if anything better as a book than it did as a webcomic Not having to contend with a lag between updates makes some of the obscure plot points come through a lot clearly and the whole thing flows very well – so because the author has obviously done some cleaning up in addition to the new chapters Her commentary describing a creative process that took nearly a decade is also a major addition to the printed version The artwork here which switches styles repeatedly and convincingly in concert with plot developments ads hugely to the story and is very skillfully executed

  7. Robin Robin says:

    I was so happy to be able to support this kickstarter And this was one of the first webcomics I ever discovered and read and luckily for me by that time the series was complete and thank god for that because I probably would have gone crazy with waiting for updates since this is such a riveting read I think what I love so much about this comic is the subversion of so many tropes whereas some are just played straight but in a wonderfully innovative and thoughtful way Of course the second volume and second half of the story is my personal favorite if we're going by the dichotomy between the two but the first half is great in terms of setting the stage and allowing you to grow attached to the characters in order to open up for exploration in the second part exploration of storytelling of artwork of character tropes and archetypes and all that entails

  8. Kara Kara says:

    This was certainly interesting I liked watching Gedris' abilities develop and change and I loved the commentary she included in this print volume It was also fascinating to see so many types of art included in a single comic The story itself was less than impressive to me but I can understand why so many people love it and I might have enjoyed it when I was younger and I think I might also have enjoyed it in a slower format instead of in the two day marathon in which I devoured it

  9. Becky Becky says:

    Gedris employs a wide variety of gorgeous art styles to tell this breathtaking story of love and dreams

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