Rumble Tumble Joy Kindle Ä Rumble Tumble PDF/EPUB or

Rumble Tumble Joy Kindle Ä Rumble Tumble PDF/EPUB or

Rumble Tumble Joy [PDF / Epub] ✅ Rumble Tumble Joy ⚣ Kathryn V. White – ISN'T IT TIME TO LOVE YOUR BODYSociety sets impossible standards for women and girls todayDenigrations such as saddlebags cankles chicken neck and thigh gap have become common and increase female body ISN'T IT TIME TO LOVE YOUR BODYSociety sets impossible standards for women and girls todayDenigrations such as saddlebags cankles chicken neck and thigh gap have become common and increase female body shame Rumble Tumble PDF/EPUB or and disgustAnorexia bulimia bullying and cosmetic plastic surgery have increased as females attempt to meet distorted digitally manipulated images of female perfectionAnd a steady stream of violence against women leaves us frightened drowning in feelings of failure and at war with our own bodiesBut it doesn't need to be like that We don't need to face the challenges of being female in silence or aloneRumble Tumble Joy is a deeply intimate journey told in prose and poetry of one woman who longs to feel comfortable in her own skin With honesty and courage Kathryn V White shares her most intimate thoughts and experiences as she moves away from pain to healing and wholenessPowerful and inspirational this book can be used by readers to• explore their feelings about themselves;• examine their body image and self esteem issues;• look at how their perspectives are shaped by the media and stories they've heard or read;• help them love and accept themselves; and to• honor their life challenges as steps in their personal growthBeautifully illustrated and full of wisdom Rumble Tumble Joy provides new insights and healing with every reading and makes a perfect gift for yourself and othersThe included discussion guide provides thought provoking uestions for personal reflection or group conversations making Rumble Tumble Joy ideal for journaling book clubs women's groups support groups college and university classes retreats writing workshops and healing circlesReading Rumble Tumble Joy can inspire and empower you on your journey for self esteem Sharing it with others can help you create a community of support.

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  1. Billy Buttons Billy Buttons says:

    Title Rumble Tumble JoyAuthor Kathryn V WhiteStar Rating 4 StarsNumber of Readers 32Readers’ CommentsI very much enjoyed this book I particularly enjoyed Surrender; very dreamy and relaxing The cover is also very good and the blurb powerfully written’ Female reader aged 56‘There’s a lot of excellent advice for women in Rumble Tumble Joy particularly for teenagers Thunder Thighs is excellent as is Safety Zone Thought provoking stuff’ Female reader aged 45‘This is not my sort of thing Too wishy washy and to be honest I’m not a big fan of poetry or self help books However I can appreciate a lot of work went into writing this and the words of wisdom would probably be most welcome to women who feel uncomfortable with the way they look The blurb is good although the ‘beautifully illustrated’ is pushing it a bit Fun cover too’ Male reader aged 51Perfection Nothing Celebrated sums up my life Excellent read’ Female reader aged 33StatsOf the 32 readers27 would read another book by this author28 thought the cover was good or excellent19 thought the perfect reader for this would be a female teenager30 liked the and A and Discussion Guide in the back‘An inspiring look at the problems of self esteem in women A FINALIST and highly recommended’ The Wishing Shelf Awards

  2. Indigo Trigg-Hauger Indigo Trigg-Hauger says:

    Kathryn White came to Washington many years ago during a cross country bicycle trip and knew she wanted to return to Seattle She eventually got her masters at the UW After taking an intensive writing workshop years ago White found she had a lot to say about women and the issues they face More than 15 years after that workshop she self published her book “Rumble Tumble Joy” Above all she wanted women to connect to what she was saying about her own life through poetry and prose What do you want people to get out of the book?A Well in terms of the issues I touch upon these are issues that it’s still very difficult to talk about So thank God people like Oprah are in the world who have broken open the door in terms of some of the issues But the increases in plastic surgery people going for it you have teenagers going for plastic surgery You have anorexia you have bulimia none of this stuff is going away none of this going to resolve There’s a better understanding to it but there’s still a lot of people who are afraid to talk about it And so my intention is that because the pieces are short as well people can pick it up maybe a mother and a daughter maybe university classes women’s studies for examples could utilize it to open up this still very vulnerable terrain to talk about and all its complexities and nuances That’s really my intent is that it offers a pathway for discussion and healing One man said he wishes he had read this book when his daughter was a teenager because it gave him a better understanding of some of the issues women are struggling withhttpwwwdailyuwcomartsandleisu

  3. Story Circle Book Reviews Story Circle Book Reviews says:

    Rumble Tumble Joy is one of the most intensely personal yet widely applicable books I have read in a long time Kathryn V White's poetry and prose reflect her journey to body acceptance self love and confidence She takes us on her path from deep wounding to flourishing creating with her readers a synergy of restoration What a lovely phraseThe artwork also done by Kathryn reflects her joyous spirit I was tempted to get out my crayons or colored pencils and add my own color The Reader's Discussion Guide uestions can be used as journal prompts as well as for small group or book club guidance The and A with the author is as insightful as her writing as a window into Kathryn's journeyThis excerpt from her poem Chrysalis shares her joy and wonder at her on going transformation and embrace of lifeThe only wonder is This whole process Keeps happening to meMore freuently Than Ever Beforeby Jude Whelleyfor Story Circle Book Reviewsreviewing books by for and about women

  4. Jerry Jerry says:

    I received this book through Goodreads Giveaway At first I was skeptical that I would be able to relate to her story But the power of this message transcends the differences in gender Kathryn V White has exposed her emotions through her words as part of her courageous journey toward healing and wholeness A truly inspirational voyage

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