The Silkworm PDF/EPUB Ú Hardcover

The Silkworm PDF/EPUB Ú Hardcover

The Silkworm ❴Ebook❵ ➨ The Silkworm Author Robert Galbraith – Hedvábník druhá kniha z řady vysoce oceňovaných detektivních románů s Cormoranem Strikem a jeho energickou mladou asistentkou Robin Ellacottovou je strhující a čtivý příběhKdyž zmizí Hedvábník druhá kniha z řady vysoce oceňovaných detektivních románů s Cormoranem Strikem a jeho energickou mladou asistentkou Robin Ellacottovou je strhující a čtivý příběhKdyž zmizí spisovatel Owen uine jeho žena se obrátí na soukromého detektiva Cormorana Strika Zpočátku se domnívá že se na pár dní někam vypařil – už to v minulosti párkrát udělal – a po Strikovi jen chce aby ho našel a přivedl domů Jenže Strikovi během vyšetřování začíná být čím dál jasnější že za uineovým zmizením se skrývá větší tajemství než si jeho žena myslí Romanopisec právě dokončil rukopis v němž s jízlivou zlomyslností vykreslil téměř všechny své známé Kdyby se román zveřejnil zničil by leckomu život Existuje tudíž spousta lidí kteří ho mohli chtít umlčetA ve chvíli kdy je uine nalezen brutálně zavražděný za bizarních okolností začíná souboj s časem v němž je třeba porozumět motivaci krutého vraha; vraha který se nepodobá žádnému z těch s nimiž se doposud Strike setkal.

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  1. Jayson Jayson says:

    A 82% | Very Good Notes Wherein there are many meals and nearly every important chat occurs in a restaurant pub or over tea and biscuits

  2. Mohammed Arabey Mohammed Arabey says:

    Welcome back to 12 Bar Cafe to Cormoran Strike'sWelcome back in Londonand to actually Being StrikeI still see him as Hugh Jackman with some hair style to match Emma Watson as his adorable blonde smart secretary RobinAnd Welcome to The Case of the Manuscript ofBombyx Mori “writers are a savage breed Mr Strike If you want life long friendship and selfless camaraderie join the army and learn to kill If you want a lifetime of temporary alliances with peers who will glory in your every failure write novels” ―Robert Galbraith The Silkworm The case this time is bloody strange mysterious full of twists and yeah full of blood It forces Strike to enter the nest of the Literary community Which is Never as calm as you may thinkIt's full of envy bloody parodiesindecent metaphors and in this caseA carcass that slaughtered brutally viciously and somehow symbolicIt's the Silkworm CaseA worried wife comes to Cormoran Strike's to investigate the usual disappearance of her husband the writer after some troubles with his agent about publishing his new novelStrike discover that the manuscript of his unpublished novel is awfully describes every one in the author's life in a sarcasm indecent bloody metaphors some of it'd even ruin lives and reputationsThe problem is the manuscript get leaked and most of London literary community knows all about the people involved are important ones powerful and some of them as many people of the literary circles weirdos or even worst maniacs “The whole world's writing novels but nobody's reading them” “We need readers” muttered Daniel Chard “More readers Fewer writers” ― Robert Galbraith The Silkworm Well don't look at me just like thatit's JKRowling Robert Galbraith's opinion about themand sure knows better than us about the habitants of this nest of Writers Authors' Agents Editors PublishersAnd really what she said is shockingly bold “I said that the greatest female writers with almost no exceptions have been childless A fact And I have said that women generally by virtue of their desire to mother are incapable of the necessarily single minded focus anyone must bring to the creation of literature true literature I don’t retract a word That is a fact” ― Robert Galbraith The Silkworm And I called it 'nest' because Owen that poor authorfounded brutally viciously murdered by a cold blooded murdererAnd we'll wonder the whole novel Who did it? You may suspect as I did all the characters even his little daughter But you won't ask why you'll read big parts of 'Bombyx Mori' that can be enough reason for any one who get metaphorically mentioned in it to do soAnd remember my friendnot all writers are as sane as you may thinkThe Characters As book one every character main or secondary is deep enough to feel like it's a real personAnd again you'll be able here to read their body language and could tell their moments of confidence or disruptionYou'll know if they're hiding somethingeven before Strike would clear that outBUT STILL you'll never tell who did it before him saying soAnd in the second novel we get to know and deeper into Strike and Robin's lives of the family and friends of Strike and Robin appear in this one which really enrich the characters and the novel overallAnd again Rowling is keeping us on edge to know whether they will be working together till the end of this case or notThe Writing Style I really adore the writing style of JKRowling Robert Galbraith although it's really a bit difficult to me too much describes with 'classic' language mixed with new expressions But it always worth the long hours read with the clever plotHere there's pages about Strike's other cases he works on in the same time of the case of The SilkwormThat may be a bit boring for some But I think it's good as we actually live with Cormoran Strike for the 34 weeks that the main case takesIt's like we not reading just A case and that's it we experience Full Time of the detective's life 'both personal and professional' in the time of the main caseOne thing The Amazing London life style experience I mean since the sample of first 2 chapter here I felt I'm actually in London by dawn's early light in the perfectly described Smithfield Market not only describing the places BUT also a glimpse of its historyThe novel as the first one is like a tourist guide for the pretty traditional LondonI enjoyed so much reading about The Simpson's restaurant and loved when I googled it and saw it's as I imagined while reading the fine description The part when Robin drive Strikethe car travel in the snowy weather and trying to get to Kings Cross in time was awesome part tooAnd for making the novel even Real check these 2 Real magazines covers of Dec2010 you'll find them hidden in the novel And I shocked when I read about the sinkhole in Germany was realI saw the pictures 3 years ago but thought it's fake Do you think it's got something to do with the Magical community? are Deatheaters back? Potter must know about Well finally it's a shame this review appears in Wikipedia Val McDermid from The Guardian gave the novel a positive review but criticized the descriptions of the different London settings which she considered superfluous I suspect that having spent so many books describing a world only she knew has left her with the habit of telling us rather too much about a world most of us know well enough to imagine for ourselves Well the novel isn't selling Only in UK AND not all the readers worldwide know London streets well enough to imagine It's good to visit and see London's streets Bars Cafesetc by Rowling's writing styleas Dan Brown does also when he takes us into different countries by his novels pagesand so she does herePS check my illustrated Book One's Review Rowling is a master of visualizing her novels' settingswhether it's Hogwarts Bagford or LondonA novel that you really Must Readenrich with characters setting and fine ThrillerMohammed ArabeyActual Read from 31st July 2014To 15 Aug 2014^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^First ' Preview' is hiddenview spoilerI am Become A Name Cormoran Strike And after my experience with The Cuckoo's Callingas I've said at the reviewto me all the character were some of them even than a NameMy review for Book One I believe that Cormoran Strike is a very rich character even thanwith all respect Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot or Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock HolmesHis brilliant debut really hunts mewith it's clever plot and amazing characters even when I never read a scene for Lula Landry at the first novel but I just like her and she was a NameSpending willingly about 4 weeks reading and living with the first novel;I can't wait for Cormoran's new Strike I cannot rest from travel I will drink Life to the lees; all times I have enjoy’d Greatly have suffer’d greatly both with those That loved me and alone; on shore and when Thro’ scudding drifts the rainy Hyades Vext the dim sea I am become a namefrom Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson I honestly can't believe the people here who already rate the book without even knowing the plot of it or even its titleMohammed Arabey31th October 2013 hide spoiler

  3. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Wicked brilliant Yes ; Pun intended HERE COMES CORMORAN ROBIN AGAIN If you are respectably active on the reading community it will be no surprise that this Robert Galbraith is really the mega famous writer JK Rowling author of the ultra mega famous book series of Harry Potter Why bother on making up the pseudonym when it was revealed after like two weeks when the first novel of this different series got out that's a mystery to me Yes another pun intended P Evidently the genre topics and setting of the Cormoran Strike book series is totally different from what you find on Harry Potter but there are other authors writing different kind of genres and to different target audiences and still they keep their own established author namesAnyway the relevant point here is that Robert Galbraith doesn't exist but JK Rowling definitely exist and a lot in the literary world writers are a savage breed Mr Strike If you want life long friendship and selfless camaraderie join the army and learn to kill If you want a lifetime of temporary alliances with peers who will glory in your every failure write novels While this still is a fictional detective mystery novel I think that easily can be one of the most personal books that JK Rowling ever written Due that in the first book of this series she chose the world of modeling and couture but in this second novel she is opting to use the world of publishing books as the ambiance for the mystery to solve FROM FASHION TO BOOKSELLING The story is set like eight months later of the previous book and if you hadn't read it yet but you just can't wait to read this one you can do it since while it's a series you will get the very basic highlights that you need to know to get into the second book BUT without spoiling the culprit on the first novel So you can even read both books in reverse order and you still be able to enjoy and get surprised in both novelsNow Cormoran Strike's business is rising up thanks to his success in solving the Lula Landry's case The lovely Robin is still his assistant THANK YOU JK ROWLING I LOVE YOU FOR THAT and the good thing is that her role in this book series will be growing and growing While Robin was my anchor on the first novel and the main reason to keep reading and reading the first book I am truly glad to mention that I still love Robin BUT now I do like a lot the character of Cormoran Strike too and there is no doubt that he is the truly main character of the series The two of them now are making a wonderful team Beware villains Here comes Strike and Robin Yes this is a third pun intended Please indulge me ; Strike has been uite busy getting a lot of clients meaning that his business of private detective is finally afloat However he is kinda dissapointed that many of these cases are basically discovering cheating spouses or crooked politicians so when he finds in front of him what it seems the chance of helping a helpless old woman to find her husband he accepts even while the chance of getting a payment out of this seems really unlikely THE BOOK SERIES GETS BETTER There are always loose ends in real life I am truly glad to mention that while the first book took like an 80% of writing to boost my interest in here it was right from the beginning In the first book it was like monotonous interviews basically asking the same uestions and re living the same crime scene on and on and onzzzhmmh? Oh rightIn here while he still does interviews each of those are really interesting asking different stuff looking for different angles on the case Also another good thing was that while in the first book you get to know irrelevant moments of Strike's personal life in this second novel Rowling was able to exploit each personal moment to be totally involved in the case The story is focused on the case however there were some scenes mentioning other cases where Strike is working too Yes I understand that in real life detectives work in several cases at the same time but in literature one doesn't want to lose time reading about irrelevant cases that aren't the main storyI commented on the first book that it could be better with less pages and I was glad to see that this second novel has less pages than the first book making the rhythm of the story fluent However if Rowling can make the third novel since I do hope the making of a third book in the series with even less pages I really think that this book series can be a total blast having novels with 300 pages or less focusing in scenes only about the main case Forever encased in the amber of a writer's prose I was delighted to know that I was wrong about who the culprit was on this case I think that any reader of detective novels invested time in the middle of the reading experience trying to deduce who did it And again JK Rowling surprised me with a great process by Strike joining the clues and exposing the case And when Strike is explaining it you say Wow Yes he's right All those clues were there Hard to remember these days that there was a time you had to wait for the ink and paper reviews to see your work excoriated With the invention of the internet any subliterate cretin can be Michiko Kakutani Well JK Rowling you did it again And even better Lightning doesn't strike twice This second book is a real proof that lightnings can strike twice JK Rowling brought magic to the hearts of readers with Harry Potter and now she is thrilling them with Cormoran StrikeDefinitely this second novel is an enormous improvement from the overall reading experience of the first book now the book series is on tracks and I can hardly wait for the third novelHighly recommended PS The whole world's writing novels but nobody is reading them It's not an easy task but every day I do my best to read a bit of all those novels out there ;

  4. Ais Ais says:

    JK Rowling releases a novel under a pseudonym? Then announces that said novels seuel is already written and will be released in 2014??This is how I imagine she looks right nowEdit Feb 2014 We have a name release date AND a synopsis?? Bloody hell

  5. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    25 stars SpoilersDisappointing it wasn't awful but it wasn't good either It was all rather predictable and generic I wouldn't have minded the cliches and obviousness of it all if the main characters Strike and Robin had stood out in some way Sadly they didn't I didn't care about either of them I actually kind of hated both I wasn't a fan of the writing there were a number of times where I came across sentences that didn't flow very well Some of the 'difficult' words seemed to be added in just to make the writing seem impressive but it only ended up doing the opposite There was nothing actually impressive or genius about Strike's detective skills or intelligence the only reason he came across as half competent was because most of the people around him were completely thick I mean literally everybody on the police force were thickos Yea I could maybe buy a few of them being dim or lazy or something but not all of them Most police officers have years of experience and various trainingualifications not to mention all of them have access to countless resources and other experts criminal psychologists and the like I very much doubt Strike could compete with that — so yea the only way to make his character come out on top and solve everything was by making everyone else dumb which was plain lazy writing I didn't like the heavy handed portrayal of Robin and Matthew's relationship It's so obvious they'll end up splitting up because of Matthew not supporting Robin's uest to be an investigator the amount of times he was shown as not understanding Robin or her work was ridiculous It kept cropping up over and over it was like Rowling was trying to make extra sure that her readers knew how unsuitable Robin and Matthew were for each other whilst simultaneously not so subtly showing how us perfect Strike was for Robin and how he understood her Ugh it made for nauseating reading What was with Robin being all submissive and servant like when it came to Strike? Yea he was her boss but she went above and beyond her work duties She acted like a downtrodden dutiful wife the way she fetched things for him and made him tea and coffee Of course Strike loved her meek submissive wifey behaviour and thought she was such a good little girl whenever she was uiet and did all his bidding Ugh it was all rather misogynistic and cringey It was laughable that so many beautiful and successful women like Nina kept throwing themselves at overweight hairy unsuccessful middle aged bland Strike Yea bloody right It was disgusting and off putting when Strike called Nina desperate and needy for wanting to sleep with him straight away Yet he didn't think any badly of himself for sleeping with her when he didn't even like her at least Nina slept with him because she for some reason fancied him Whereas he basically slept with her just because and as a thanks for the information she provided on his case though she didn't know that his behaviour was rather prostitute like He had no right to be casting judgement on anyone else The prick There were so many stereotypes of women they were either some variation of a Mary Sue or they were shallow desperate losers who threw themselves at Strike or were completely messed up None of the women came across as real people What was with all the female characters eatingdrinking things like soupssaladswater whist Strike was chugging down pints and having steak and chips? It was irritating to read the females always eating such healthylittle food whilst Strike stuffed his face with all sorts Has Rowling never met any women who eats takeaways or desserts or something? I actually think I would have enjoyed reading Bombyx Mori the much talked about manuscript in the book than this — it sounded wonderfully bonkers I did really love some of the side characters they were infinitely interesting than Strike and Robin I also enjoyed the setting and descriptions of London it was captured really well All in all this was just a run of the mill mystery novel — the main characters were so blah and it was obvious who the bad guy was as soon as they were introduced Yea I expected from Rowling

  6. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    Writers are a savage breed Mr Strike If you want life long friendship and selfless camaraderie join the army and learn to kill If you want a lifetime of temporary alliances with peers who will glory in your every failure write novels And just like that JK Rowling under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith takes on the familiar to her world of writing and publishing bringing to light the petty conflicts backstabbing attitudes hurtful gossips and inflated egos The bared claws and at your throat attitudes the dislikes and grudges held between successful writers and less successful ones the wannabe writers the ones who can and cannot write well the agents the publishers it all looks like an ugly mess to say the least The whole world's writing novels but nobody's reading them This unpleasant world serves as a backdrop for a rather gruesome murder let's just say that a writer spilling his guts can have a very literal meaning okay? that matches precisely the final scene in the victim's book The victim Owen uine is a not too successful writer and frankly a very unpleasant person whose latest book seems to focus on trash talking everyone connected to him in the literary world and personal life and pisses off uite a number of people In fact it seems to have upset someone enough to brutally murder uine in a way that combines intestines and hydrochloric acid and a feeling of nausea trying to imagine the resulting crime sceneIt of course falls to the private detective Cormoran Strike who recently solved the murder of Lula Landry earning himself some notoriety and a bit of cash to untangle this mess and find the killer Yet again he's aided by his secretary Robin Ellacott who having worked with Strike for a while now dreams of receiving some investigative training herself seeing that she has a knack for the job while struggling to explain her love for the job and admiration for her gruffy boss to her way conventional fiancé MatthewRowling continues the pattern she set in the first Strike book The solution to the mystery unfolds slowly through the grunt of investigative work through long interviews with suspects through long treks on the streets of London with many false trails and red herrings guided by Strike's unerring sense and skill The mystery is slow moving and lacks the easy 'gotcha' moments hinged instead on character studies allowing the suspects to slowly reveal their inner selves full of shallow and sometimes uite dark unpleasantness propelled by almost casually shrewd observations of social ineualities and prejudices Every character short of almost idealized Strike and Robin just for once can Cormoran Strike ever be wrong about anything? gets the not too pleasant but very apt treatment of Rowling's sharp characterization which makes them come alive even when you'd rather them not The plotting is intricate the multiple plot strands so tightly woven together that it's a pleasure to look back at the end of the story and see how they all were coming together And even the annoying turn in the last uarter of the book when Strike has solved the murder but the readers are kept waiting for the final reveal does not spoil the enjoyment of the storyAll in all I enjoyed this book uite a bit While not perfect it captures Rowling's talent as a storyteller and a master plotter uite well 4 stars I'll be uite happy to follow the adventures of Strike and Robin for uite some time

  7. Karl Karl says:

    As much as I enjoyed the first Strike book this second venture was rather a let down What we have in The Silkworm are alternating chapters of the main character lamenting about the pain he is suffering from his injured leg and his assistant Robin suffering from angst about her relationship with her soon to be husband These concepts were rather new and interesting in the first installment but have grown weary and tiresome being constantly replayed in this second The pair travel from bar to bar to eat meal after meal drinking and ignoring the elephant in the room which is their own relationshipJK Rowling does noting to further the overall plot along She does nothing to grow the characters only to trundle them through their repetitive motions Yes the mystery has changed plot from a murder of a starlet in the first book to a murder of and author in the second bookThe assumption is that the Silkworm takes place a few months after the finish of the first book and the dates dropped within the text indicate that they were written in the 20102011 time frame Most likely without a pause between them Ms Rowling did not give herself enough time to re charge her batteries Just enough time to re tread her tires She is capable of so much better After all what was the rush to get this book to market oh perhaps a book contract as it certainly can't be for the need of money Sadly for the accomplished writer of books she has shown herself capable of the book was not as good as it should have been

  8. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The Silkworm Cormoran Strike #2 Robert Galbraith Pseudonym JK RowlingThe Silkworm is a 2014 crime fiction novel by J K Rowling published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith It is the second novel in the Cormoran Strike series of detective novels and was followed by Career of Evil in 2015 Several months after solving the Lula Landry case and seeing a sharp improvement in business Cormoran Strike is tasked by Leonora uine with locating her novelist husband Owen Owen a former literary genius whose attempts to recreate his past success have failed disappeared around the same time his latest book Bombyx Mori was leaked to London's literary community تاریخ نخستین خوانش نوزدهم جولای سال 2015 میلادیعنوان کرم ابریشم کتاب دوم؛ نوشته رابت گالبریت؛ جیکی رولینگ؛ مترجم ویدا اسلامیه؛ تهران، تندیس، 1394؛ در 805 ص؛ شابک 9786001821769؛ موضوع داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 21 مکتاب نخست این اثر «آوای فاخته» است؛ «آوای فاخته» عنوان کتابی جنایی، به قلم «جی کی رولینگ» است، که نخست با نام مستعار و گم‌نامِ «رابرت گالبریث»؛ در ماه آوریل سال 2013 میلادی به چاپ رسید «آوای فاخته» نخستین رمان از مجموعه داستان‌های جنایی «کورمورن استرایک» است، که به گفته ی نویسنده، بیش از هفت جلد خواهد داشت موضوع رمان درباره ی «کورمورن استرایک»؛ کهنه‌ سرباز زخم‌ خورده در جنگ افغانستان است، «کرم ابریشم»، کتاب دوم از سری «کورمون استرایک» است؛ که نخستین بار در سال 2014 میلادی منتشر شد در «کرم ابریشم» آنگاه که رمان‌نویسی به نام «اِوِن کویین» ناپدید می‌شود، همسر او «اِوِن» کارآگاه خصوصی «کورومون استرایک» را به خدمت می‌گیرد خانم «کویین» در این اندیشه است، که شوهرش خود خواسته برای چندین روز ناپدید شده، کاری که پیشترها هم از وی سر زده بود، و از «استرایک» می‌خواهد، که او را یافته، و به خانه برگرداند ولی در نتیجه پژوهشهای «استرایک»، مشخص می‌شود، که موضوع فراتر از فرضیه ی خانم «کویین» است رمان‌نویس گوشده دست‌ نوشته‌ ای با قلم تندی به پایان رسانده بوده، که بیشتر آشنایان او را هدف قرار می‌داد در صورت انتشار رمان، زندگی بسیاری در آستانه ی فروریزش قرار می‌گرفت، در نتیجه، افراد بسیاری مایل به سکوت وی بودند هنگامی‌که «کویین» به طرزی وحشیانه، و در موقعیتی عجیب، به قتل رسید، همه‌ چیز تبدیل به مسابقه‌ ای علیه زمان شد، تا انگیزه ی قاتل ظالم، قاتلی که تا به حال «استرایک»، با امثالشان روبرو نشده بود، مشخص شود کرم ابریشم دومین کتاب از سری «کورومون استرایک» و دستیار جوانش، «رابین الاکوت» است ا شربیانی

  9. Jill Jill says:

    The Silkworm is the tenth JK Rowling novel I’ve read I believe that after ten often gargantuan novels I can make fairly accurate generalizations about her writing And it saddens me to say that she keeps making the same mistakesMost glaring is her treatment of female characters In the Cormoran Strike mystery series we have another female character of much greater intrigue shunted to the side in favor of a male protagonist aka Hermione Granger Syndrome Robin is Strike’s young personal assistant who could definitely contribute to mystery solving but mostly answers phones schedules appointments makes coffee and provokes male gazing The thing is Robin is much fascinating to me than Strike Robin is desperate unsure diffident but ambitious—she would have been a fabulous heroine for a detective series about a woman trying to break into a traditionally male profession Strike on the other hand does not interest me as a protagonist he’s arrogant and infallible sorta reminds you of a character whose name rhymes with Barry Lotter non? meaning that whenever Strike eliminates a suspect from contention I know him to be absolutely right simply because JK Rowling writes Strike in a way that he is always right For all of Rowling’s characterization skills Strike is lacking He has a cool backstory—missing leg missing rockstar father—but none of it manifests itself in his psyche or uotidian actions They are just things we know about him; like oh hey that’s Cormoran Strike he lost his leg in Afghanistan and his dad is a famous guitarist In general I find JK Rowling’s characterization maddeningly brilliant She’s super into the physicality of her characters In The Silkworm the first few chapters serve no other purpose than to introduce the story’s players But we are told who these people are with special emphasis on their attractiveness and one word descriptors he’s the ambitious one and she’s the daffy one Rowling is an expert at character portraits but you can only know the characters on her uniue terms; there’s no room for personal interpretation It’s as if she is this master dollmaker Each character is impeccably painted you can admire the surface details for hours but if you cracked the dolls open they’d be hollow Nothing murks beneath the detailed yet limited picture Rowling has painted us And yet she’s a magnificent plotter a skill really well suited to the mystery genre which gives me hope for any subseuent installments though I will perpetually groan about Strike’s usurpation of the protagonist role in lieu of Robin She carefully charts her reveals and includes tons of clever but useless information to throw you off I’m not the biggest fan of how she writes climaxes—this isn’t participatory mystery where you can solve alongside the detective; you must wait for Mind Numbingly Boring Detective Genius Cormoran Strike to figure it out and share his conclusions with you—but the underlying plot structure is solid I’d just love to see her combine this knack for plot with deepened characters and themes Otherwise it’s forgettable

  10. Adina Adina says:

    45 When I finished The Silkworm two weeks ago I was planning to give it 4 for reasons that I will discuss later I decided to upgrade my rating when I went to visit my mum and I saw the novel on the nightstand halfway read “It’s really good isn’t it” I asked her with excitement in my voice I realized then that I enjoyed this than I did other mysteries so why not give it full recognition JK Rowling also known as Robert Galbraith can do no wrong She is a brilliant story teller and manages to fully immerse me in the world she creates no matter if it is magical or “real” Obviously I was immediately drawn by the mystery of this novel as it deals with the literary world Yes most of the characters are either writers or editors how can I not be excited? Add a remarkably twisty and dark plot to this mix Also we cannot forget the secret ingredient Strike and Robin I love both characters and I was enthralled to see how their relationship developed I particularly enjoyed that the book was half mystery and half the life of the two charactersYou might wonder why I did not want to give it the maximum rating from the start Well I had problems with ending Just as the previous installment it was a bit underwhelming and it was over too fast It wasn’t the wow moment that I was expecting I hope she will work a bit on the endings as she almost ruined Harry Potter for me with the over the years recap I can’t wait to read Career of Evil Good for me that I gifted the book to my mum for Christmas ;

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