When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary

When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary

When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary Survival ❄ [EPUB] ✼ When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary Survival By Matthew Stein ➝ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk There's never been a better time to be prepared Matthew Stein's comprehensive primer on sustainable living skills from food and water to shelter and energy to first aid and crisis management skills pr There's never been a Fails A PDF É better time to be prepared Matthew Stein's comprehensive primer on sustainable living skills from food and water to shelter and energy to first aid and crisis management skills prepares you to embark on the path toward sustainability But unlike any other book Stein not only shows you how to live green in seemingly stable times but to live in the face of potential disasters lasting days or years coming in the form of social upheaval economic meltdown or environmental catastropheWhen Technology Fails covers the gamut You'll When Technology MOBI :Ú learn how to start a fire and keep warm if you've been left temporarily homeless as well as the basics of installing a renewable energy system for your home or business You'll learn how to find and sterilize water in the face of utility failure as well as practical information for dealing with water uality issues even when the public tap water is still flowing You'll learn alternative techniues for healing eually suited to an era of Technology Fails A Manual for PDF/EPUB ² profit driven malpractice as to situations of social calamity Each chapter a survey of Technology Fails A MOBI ô the risks to the status uo; supplies and preparation for short and long term emergencies; emergency measures for survival; water; food; shelter; clothing; first aid low tech medicine and healing; energy heat and power; metalworking; utensils and storage; low tech chemistry; and engineering machines and materials offers the same approach describing skills for self reliance in good times and badFully revised and expanded the first edition was written pre and pre Katrina when few Americans took the risk of social disruption seriously When Technology Fails ends on a positive proactive Technology Fails A Manual for PDF/EPUB ² note with a new chapter on Making the Shift to Sustainability which offers practical suggestions for changing our world on personal community and global levels.

  • Paperback
  • 493 pages
  • When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary Survival
  • Matthew Stein
  • English
  • 15 October 2015
  • 9781933392455

About the Author: Matthew Stein

wwwinner journeyscom in the Fails A PDF É High Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe CA Additionally Stein holds a number of US patents and was a National Merit Scholar For many years Stein has pursued avid interests in renewable energy alternative healing sustainable growth and preventative medicine He is available for lectures and workshops Check out his green building and mechanical engineering web site at.

10 thoughts on “When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary Survival

  1. Rabidbadger Rabidbadger says:

    Tee hee I bought this sucker as part of the Y2K clearance special that some wacky Christian survivalists were advertising on Coast To Coast AM back in 2001 Along with my 24 hour candles bay gen radio solar fire starter and glow sticks they threw in a bunch of wacky Xtian doomsday literature as well I think the company was called Heartland Industries Anyhoot this book is great It'll learn you how to live in the wilderness build a super energy efficient home build a fish trap make a solar still distill water etc etc When I bought this it was a very sad and lonely time for me as I'd heard the ads for this book while driving a 7pm to 4am delivery route through Boston and the north shore At this time I'd listen to Coast To Coast AM religiously The combo of that sleep deprivation and general hopelessness towards life caused me to do things like actually start believing in Bigfoot trying to channel the dead and writing a complete opera complete with musical score about my alcoholic downstairs neighbors I rehearsed that damn thing so many times to myself I STILL remember it

  2. DaNela DaNela says:

    Ok so i am a truly paranoid person And i like to keep my survival knowledge up to date so it's only natural that i loved this bookWhen Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance Planetary Survivalby Matthew SteinThis is truly A MANUAL lol it covers everything what our future could be like emergency planning and survival food growing hunting foraging storingshelters healing and medicine energy engineering and so much Each section has mini chapters which give detailed information on the range of things that fall under that category Ex Section 5 Watersome of the mini chapters Water Reuirements Stocking up for Emergencies Guidelines for Coping with Disaster Water Pollution types of contamination Disinfecting You Water heat sterilization portable water filters my filter recommendations chemical sterilization Also included at the end of each section is references books magazines online; but I found the most value from the lists of resources in each section which point to further informatoin onlineSince the topics vary so much and there is so much information crammed into the book I recommend picking a couple topics to expand on when you are finished reading My copy has post it notes sticking out all over If you worried about what the future has in store for us I highly recommend this book to you it's a place to start you survival training or to further what you already knowBIO

  3. Nathanael Coyne Nathanael Coyne says:

    A decent read with lots of information to varying depths of coverage that covers all the important topics relating to self reliance specifically in the context of a possible future global scenario of technological failure power outages infrastructure collapse and resource shortagesThe opening chapter Present Trends Possible Futures provides an excellent introduction to why self reliance and consideration of a bleak future is wise Matthew talks about flu pandemics climate change peak oil natural disasters terrorism overpopulation with a good look at ecological systems system feedback sources and sinks The closing chapter Making the Shift to Sustainability illustrates how we've had years to act and particularly in the US that opportunity has been passed by But there is still time to changeIn between these two chapters Matthew covers emergency survival techniues and euipment water treatment food growing and storage shelter construction and we're talking about proper long term accommodation suited for natural heating and cooling first aid clothing energy production metalworking basic home chemistry and engineeringWe could do without the chapter When High Tech Medicine Fails which talks about colloidal silver herbs natural remedies homeopathy and Some of these may work and if the rest work it'll be due to placebo That may warrant inclusion in this book but I felt it tainted an otherwise good book

  4. Denise Denise says:

    I like survivalist literature especially when it has a section on how to make alcohol It wasn't that long ago that life meant a lot back breaking work and a shorter life span for the majority of the population that is Having nature smarts meant the difference between surviving and going cannibal okay so not every party was the Donner Party As I am living in California near a few mighty faults being a little paranoid is probably a good thing I have a backup supply of water first aid and powdered food that I seriously hope I never ever have to break open and depend on Aside from the eventual earthuakes for my area should the Great Recession dip into a far worse economic crash than this country has ever seen or should global warming hit harder and faster than expected maybe nature smarts will once again be very important At the very least I can set up a few fun activities with the kids beyond dipping candles or churning butterWhether the reader is the type with a fully euipped bunker in the backyard or merely interested in something a bit beyond the typical first aid course and preparation suggestions this book contains a number of interesting sections

  5. Indira Indira says:

    A very VERY Self sufficient book I consider it to be of an encyclopedia rather than a book because it took me a very very long time with many attempts to read Some chapters I hope I never have to use and honestly it was a bit too technical for me especially since I dont have an immediate use for it I enjoyed the chapters on First Aid Natural Medicine and suppies Preparations and to an extent the Renewable Energy chapter The rest I confess I flipped thoughOverall a great reference book with notes to specific references and I admit that there are some natural health cures that really give me a bit of comfort as an alternative if God forbid anyone I know or love was diagnosed with cancer or some other medical issue Some of the cleanses are very extreme in my opinion thoughWhile the book at times exudes a 'gloom and doom' feeling the information is very very practical and would totally be my handbook in times of emergency I would even keep it with my stash of emergency supplies rather than my bookshelf I cant say that every ingredient or recommendation or item will be a random thing that you can find at home because that is definitely not the caseSo overall while it is a difficult read to me to just pick up and read I appreciate what it is and would definitely recommend having a copy of it for extreme out of the box random emergency situations And if the apocalypse actually occurs? I think the book gives you a good idea of how to survive

  6. Rodney Rodney says:

    Indispensable A book not just about how to survive the unsustainable life style most of industrial civilization has thoughtlessly created but also about how we got here And how to if we can't get out of a world showing signs of depleted resources and toxic overload not just survive in the world without being so insatiably wasteful and poisoning but also how to thrive in a people and planet friendly way There is wisdom in this book And it just might be part of the canon of a surviving species

  7. Jeff Jeff says:

    If you really want to see just how vulnerable you actually are in an emergency turn off the main power breaker at your home's electrical distribution panel for 72 hours; in February You'll learn your shortfalls very uicklyWhat kick started me into this whole thing was a severe Michigan Winter storm with heavy snow high winds and ice accumulation that caused a widespread power failure in my area for over 72 hours We had no electricity and couldn't safely travel because the roads were snowed in I'm nearly 60 a military veteran and retired Marine Engineering Officer still in reasonably good health My wife has secondary progressive MS with limited mobility Fortunately my home has a fireplace I had some firewood and a 5000W portable diesel generator with extra fuel We got through it but if the power outage lasted for over a week I would have run out of generator fuel It opened my eyes As a former shipboard repair officer it was my responsibility to manage and maintain safe vessel operations and navigation maintain adeuate spare parts and material onboard affect vessel repairs and manage ship resources fuel crew overtime and the shipboard budget I started asking myself many uestionsIf there's no power how will I heat my home? Can I access clean drinking water? If not where and how can I get it? How much and what kinds of foods will I need in my pantry and cupboards for 3 6 months? Do I have extra blanketssleeping bagswarm clothes gloves jacketscoats hats and sturdy footwear? What will I need for washing sanitation cleanliness and hygiene? What can I do if I'm injured or become ill and there's no ambulancedoctoremergency medical facilities? What do I have for emergency lighting? Do I have spare batteries for flashlights emergency lights and radios? Do I have matches lighters and kindling to start fires for heating and cooking? Speaking to generatorsIs my generator capable of long term emergency operation? Do I have enough fuel to run it long term? Do I have fuel stabilizer for long term fuel storage? Are spare parts available for that brand and makemodel? Is it euipped with an AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator? Do I have a compatible spare? Is the generator brushless? If not do I have spare brushes? Can I fix it if it breaks down? Do I have extra fuses for the generator? Do I have oil and oilfuelair filters for maintenance? Do I have a fuel injector repair kit spare solenoids spare inverter spare electric starter spare battery spare circuit breakers and other critical parts on hand to keep the generator running and producing electrical power long term? How do I communicate if there's no land line or cellular phone serviceinternet? What can I do if I have a house fire but there's no fire department? How many and what types of fire extinguishers should I have? How will I cook and prepare food? Do I have the means to protect and defend myself and my family if law enforcement isn't available and civil order is collapsing with riots looting runs on grocery stores gas stations and banks? How do I handle thieves and looters? What kinds of goods and commodities should I have for trade and barter? How much emergency cash should I have in hand?Do I have a rechargeable battery powered emergency radio to stay abreast of weather and what's happening? Do I have ample functioning and spare battery powered smoke carbon monoxide alarms? If I or a family member take prescription medication do we have enough on hand for an extended period of time? If I'm not prepared who can I depend on for help? How long will I be able to stay in my home? Where will I go if I have to moveevacuate? How will I get there? Who of my neighbors can I trust? How well do I know them? How and with what do I cover a broken window or make temporary repairs to a leaking roof or a hole in a wall? Do I have the means to cut firewood and cut away downed trees and branches from around my house?Tragically most people in this country are completely unprepared and unskilled for long term sustainability I don't like to use the word survival in the event of a disaster a massive power outage with the subseuent loss of public utilities and worst case scenario civil disorder Most people don't even think about preparation for emergencies until the last minute or after it's too late That mindset alone will very well cost lives in a disasterIf you're concerned about practical common sense long term sustainability get this book This is of a manual than a book with a storyline but covers a wide gamut of topics The book is well thought out with illustrations and tables I confess I haven't read the entire book from cover to cover yet I stopped at the Yogi healing with Natural EnergiesThat aside this book gives sound practical advice ideas and insight into food water and fuel storage methods and techniues best recommended long term storage foods and their nutritional values vitamin supplements rainwater collection off grid and alternative electric power constructing and building Faraday cages low tech medicine and First Aid trauma gunshot wounds bleeding control broken bones treating shock putting together emergency medicaldental kits and recommended instrumentssupplies childbirth and post natal care outdoor survival terrestrial and celestial navigation building ad hoc shelters medicinal plants and herbs ways to build a smokeless fire keeping warm keeping cool improving morale especially with children essential hardware nails screws fasteners hunting fishing trapping identifying animal tracks planting a garden preserving seeds and meats how to make and use a root cellar cutting splitting stacking firewood water dowsing methods making improvised drinking water filters digging wells how to read the weather recommended hand tools garden tools building supplies and spare parts to have on hand conservation of food and resources crisis management risk assessment clothing repair home security and protection methods building a gasifier types of firearms ammunition and recommended calibersgauges and their effectivenessranges for hunting and self defense files and stones for sharpening knives and tools long term pet food storage how to make charcoal engineering blacksmithing metallurgy chemistry etc This book goes far beyond my initial interests and needs but still has a measure trove of good to know information with a large alphabetic index A good companion to this book is Mosby's Paramedic Textbook RevisedThe author's premise for the book is a possibility of a nationwide power grid collapse due to a large Carrington Event or HAND High Altitude Nuclear Detonation event over North America that generates EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse theoretically destroying digital electronic devices SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acuisition devices destroying power transformers digital computers cell phones incapacitating automobiles and shutting down all electrical power generation nationwide Doom gloom and The End Of The World As We Know It scenario aside It's always a good idea to have an emergency plan and emergency supplies on hand with some emergency medical training in case of that time a disaster an ice or heavy snow storm or a tornado arrives at my doorstep I'm not preparing for terrorist attacks EMP or TEOTWAWKI but as the saying goes It's much preferable to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it The communities that make emergency plans and put aside emergency food and supplies the better off those communities will be and are likely to recover faster and fully from a disaster and help others in needThis book is a good read

  8. American Redoubt American Redoubt says:

    This is what I learned from this awesome bookSeriously considering the dismal state of the US economy massive government debt and overspending the money printing out of thin air by the Federal Reserve E3 printing money like it's going out of style because it IS going out of style and the US Debt to GDP ratioThus it seems time to get out of the stock market soon cash in your IRA 401K paying the 10% penalty and get reinvested in tangibles like the Five B's 1 Beans 2 Bullets 3 Bandaids 4 Bullion 5 BooksThese five categories of tangible investments in your immediate possession should be both stored and cached on your own productive farm land that is in a lightly populated region with plentiful water and rich topsoil preferably the American Redoubt Such a Survival Retreat should first and foremost have a reliable water source preferably a spring or less preferably a year round creek stream and a water well It should be private secluded property with the ability to defend the retreat in the case of a total collapse in which crime becomes rampant It should have a minimum of 3 acres with some downward hill slope for permaculture see Montana Paul Wheaton's Hugelkultur and swales on contour with a mix of forested for firewood and food forest pasture for micro livestock garden land with good topsoil and a water pond or small lake for biodiversity All of this should be in a rural area; and have potential for solar wind andor micro hydro powerTime to get invested in these big six areas NOWThis means investing in inflation hedging useful tangibles stored on your own Retreat land including1 Beans 8 to 12 months of mostly long term storable dry goods foodstuffs and less of canned goods Suirrel away lots of salt sugar honey coconut oil and olive oil ghee tea and instant coffee with 2 to 3 months of water in blue 55 gal drums with a Big Berkey water filter and replacement filters plus three seasons worth of non hybrid open pollinated heirloom vegetable fruit seeds and cooking herb seeds Expect to spend at least the same amount per month as your monthly food bill X 2 at least 5000 since you need to buy lots of 5 gallon food grade buckets with color coded screw on Gamma Lids and 55 gallon blue water barrels see Emergency Essentials along with Country Living grain mill grinder bread maker dehydrator canning supplies 1 uart Mason jars 2 camp stoves and lots of propane tanks etc2 Bullets Invest in Support Protect and Defend the Second Amendment and the other 9 Amendments of our sagely and compassionate Bill of Rights with 2 AK AR Personal Defense Rifles with 2000 rounds mil surplus ammo and 10 full capacity 30 round magazines one Ruger 1022 Take Down Rifle with 2500 rounds 22LR and 5 BX25 full capacity magazines one SW MP or Glock centerfire handgun with 1000 rounds and 10 full capacity 19 or 15 round magazines of 9mm or40SW 1 SW MP 22 rimfire backup handgun for affordable weekly practice on same manual of armsergonomics as your primary 9mm or40 SW handgun with 2500 rounds and 5 full capacity 12 round magazines or for Glock users an Advantage Arms or other 22LR replacement barrel two 12 gauge pump or semi auto shotguns with 1000 rounds mixed slugs 00 Buck and #7 birdshot Remember that Two is One and One is None Don't forget cleaning supplies holsters cases slings optics basic gun smithing tools high uality Spyderco and Cold Steel knives and force multipliers like security cameras and Comms such as CBs MURs HAM Short Wave radios Get in person training not just YouTube and gun range time Invest at least 5000 to 100003 Band aids first aid and medical supplies and 12 months of vitamins minerals nutraceuticals top 50 most common herbs or herb formulas and over the counter and prescription meds pharmaceuticals Invest at least 1000 to 3000 Don't forget non hybrid open pollinated seeds for the top 10 medicinal herbs that grow in your area4 Bullion As an inflation hedge investment put 10 to 30% of all your net worth in 65% Constitutional Silver coins pre 1965 Washington 90% silver uarters 35% Gold Eagles in mix of 1 oz 12 oz and 14 oz coins and 1000 in pre 2014 nickels made of nickel as emergency cash Invest at least 10000 Get out of denominated Federal Reserve E3 deflated fiat currency ASAP apart from sufficient emergency cash for 1 month or 5 Books Knowledge and Skills so join com Prime for free shipping Read especially King James Version of The Bible or appropriate scriptural texts of your religion Join the Member Support Brigade MSB of Jack Spirko's and download and listen to study than 1200 hours of amazing content To start out read MD Creek's 31 Days to Survival To go to the next level for serious Patriot Preppers read and re read James Wesley Rawles How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It get it on Audiblecom as well Then study Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country Living After reading Joel Skousen's Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places also watch his video with Alex Jones' you will want to relocate to the American Redoubt Idaho Montana Wyoming Eastern Oregon Eastern Washington Finally study American Red Cross First Aid book and get Red Cross certified for CPR and first aid See for a complete list expect to invest at least 500 to 1000 on booksKeep your powder dry God bless God speed Good luck and Long live our Constitutional RepublicFrom somewhere in the American RedoubthttpwwwAmerican Redoubtcom new site with PodcastshttpswwwyoutubecomuserAmericanhttpstwittercomAmericaRedoubthttpswwwfacebookcompagesAmerichttpsplusgooglecomu0b1097639httpswwwstumbleuponcomstumbler

  9. Donna Donna says:

    I saw this book in an Amish hardware store catalog it intrigued me I'm not a prepper but I live in a coastal area am aware there may be a time I have to be self sufficient for a few days It gave me really good ideas a few that take no prep really spur of the moment things It gave me pause because it reminded me of something an Army Ranger friend told me The average person doesn't think like a survivorThis book doesn't really do that for you either That is make you think like a survivor but it does provide information that gets you headed in that direction There is a fairly good amount of healing information homeopathic material but I'm looking for a little meat It's whet my appetite to learn One really nice feature of the book is that each chapter provides you w additional reference sources It reminded me about Mother Earth News the Foxfire books Two really great references I read years ago but am thinking about revisitingWhile this is a good reference it isn't uite all that so I'm gonna keep looking I'm giving it an average score because it didn't uite give me what I was looking for

  10. Reader Reader says:

    When Technology Fails A Manual for Self Reliance and Planetary Survival is a guilty pleasure in End of Civilization day dreaming All sorts of good advice for when the excrement hits the fan Every thing from hunting animals to making soap is covered As a supplement to the shelter section I recommend Rustic Retreats A Build It Yourself Guide by David Stiles The illustrations are just enough to fuel the imagination

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