Dead in a Dumpster PDF ´ Dead in eBook Ó

Dead in a Dumpster PDF ´ Dead in eBook Ó

Dead in a Dumpster (Leah Norwood Mystery, #1) ☂ Dead in a Dumpster (Leah Norwood Mystery, #1) PDF / Epub ✐ Author B.L. Blair – When Leah Norwood finds the body of Isabel Meeks in the dumpster behind her store she can't believe the police consider her a suspect Sure she didn't liked Isabel but then again neither did anyone els When Leah Norwood finds the body of Isabel Meeks in the dumpster behind her store she can't believe the police consider her a suspect Sure she didn't liked Dead in eBook Ó Isabel but then again neither did anyone else Isabel had a condescending attitude and a bad reputation As manager of the antiue store Patina she had made a lot of enemiesThere is Patina's assistant manager the handsome and charming Trent Isabel was blackmailing him There is Patina's owner the aloof and influential Anthony Thorpe Isabel was smuggling drugs through his store And there is the entire drug dealing Cantono family Isabel had lost a box containing heroin from one of their shipments That is just to name a few and didn't even include the stranger who was seen arguing with Isabel just hours before her death The police have too many suspects and too many soft alibis Leah needs to prove to the sexy new chief of police that she had nothing to do with Isabel's deathLeah loves a good mystery Can she find the killer before the police arrest her for murder.

About the Author: B.L. Blair

B L Blair writes mysteryromance stories Like most authors she has been writing most of her life and has dozens of books started She just needs the time Dead in eBook Ó to finish themShe is the author of the Leah Norwood Mysteries and the Lost and Found Pets Mystery Novellas She loves reading books writing books and traveling wherever and as often as time and money allows She is currently working on her.

10 thoughts on “Dead in a Dumpster (Leah Norwood Mystery, #1)

  1. Annika Annika says:

    I found the body on December 1 It was a horrible way to end an already terrible day At first I thought she was staring at me It took my brain a few moments to determine she wasn't actually looking at me but sitting perfectly still eyes wide open a surprised look on her face and a huge bloodstain on her chest Of course I have to admit now that my day wasn't nearly as terrible as hers Leah Norwood is having a crappy day As if burned bacon a broken hairdryer and a ruined sweater weren't bad enough she finds the dead body of her nemesis Isabel in the dumpster behind her shop Even worse she ends up being one of the main suspects in the murder case In order to prove her and later on her friend's innocence Leah has no choice but to investigate on her own But she soon finds herself in over her head when it turns out Isabel was connected to a drug cartel and there are just way too many suspects for her to find a uick solutionThough this wasn't exactly a humorous read it was a light hearted and uick paced mystery story For the most part Leah was a very likable female lead with her uirkiness and nosiness and her loyalty towards the people she cared about Griggs was an interesting supporting character and love interest and I found myself chuckling than once over their bickering He had a small indentation on the right side of his mouth that was trying very hard to be a dimple It was as if he was willing it not to appear with the strength of his personality alone What I didn't enjoy were Leah's TSTL moments even so when she was fully aware that she was doing something stupid and justifying her dumb actions with statements such as I was just being nosy A real test of my patience The same goes for her sudden and totally absurd horn dog behavior towards the endI am proud and yes also a little disappointed to say that I was able to guess the murderer's identity right from the beginning so the murder case wasn't as mysterious for me as I would have liked plus the climax was rather anticlimactic Thankfully there were practically two story lines somewhat interwoven with each other which managed to keep the suspense up throughout the bookAll in all this was an engaging and entertaining read ARC provided by the the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  2. Ell Ell says:

    Dead in a Dumpster is an interesting read I read it on a dreary rainy day and the tone couldn’t have been better matched for the weather I wouldn’t exactly call it a cozy mystery The characters thoughts and actions are a bit too rough around the edges at times to neatly fit into that category yet it wasn’t a suspense novel either It is a good mystery nonetheless There are plenty of secrets and suspects to keep the reader engaged

  3. CCAM&GZM CCAM&GZM says:

    It was a horrible way to end an already terrible day At first I thought she was staring at me It took my brain a few moments to determine she wasn't actually looking at me but sitting perfectly still eyes wide open a surprised look on her face and a huge bloodstain on her chest Of course I have to admit now that my day wasn't nearly as terrible as hers wasMy favorite mystery novels are the ones in which the humor is present andor the ones in which the voice of the main character is present in Humphrey Bogart’s detective Marlowe Raymond Chandler’s style So I felt good when from the first lines I saw that my preferred features promise to be present in Dead in a Dumpster one way or anotherThe heroine is a witty gun trained and funny person even if unintentional a girl who knows her limits and sentiments but who doesn’t let her to be stopped by them That because she loves a good mystery And what mystery could be better than the one in which the suspect is yourself So armed with good intentions we know where good intention lead a bit or naivety and believing that finding the criminal is her best way to prove her innocence she goes for it starting her own investigation It is useless to say that this is an unacceptable behavior not only from the police but also from the villains’ point of view From here to trouble for her is a short wayThe romance part of the story is a nice and delicate presence I liked that it doesn’t became the main focus but offers challenges for the heroine’s peace of mind and body The final part brings the element or person necessary for a not uite love triangle and a future no final decision yet showdown between the good looking guy for once my favorite and the gorgeous bad not uite established that guyWith a good pace that made me read the book a lot uicker than I thought with nice characters enough red herrings and possibilities some dangerous situations plus another dead body and drug traffic Dead in a Dumpster was an enjoyable read and I look forward for the next volume Don't leave town and read the book

  4. Heather W Heather W says:

    Many thanks to Net Galley for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased reviewI really enjoyed this book the characters were well written and were well thought out I loved the Scents and Sensibility shop and the community around it I was really engaged with the story as the plot moved at a steady pace meaning that there was never a dull momentThe only reason for me personally that this was not five stars was the fact that it was an easy solve which meant that the later parts of the book were mildly frustrating as I was 999% sure and the characters weren't seeing what I was seeing The only other thing was the sudden love triangle development at the end of the book which I found mildly annoying but it did not detract from my enjoyment of the book too muchI shall hopefully be continuing with the series an really enjoyable read with a well thought out plot

  5. Amber Amber says:

    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book It was interesting and very hard to put down And I was guessing upTill the end at who was the guilty one I definitely want to read the next one in the series

  6. Ann Andrews Ann Andrews says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review An fun and exciting murder mystery that had me uestioning everyone Wonderful characterization excellent plot development and a satisfying ending A great read

  7. Laura M Laura M says:

    This is an enjoyable start to the Leah Norwood mysteries Leah is hauling out the trash for her store Scents and Scentsibility when she finds the dead body of another store owner Though shaken it doesn’t take her long to figure out she is a suspect in the murder Now that she has a personal stake in the case Leah decides to keep her eyes and ears open to see if she can learn anything Add in drugs a crime family and a rather attractive detective on top of trying to keep her business running and there are no shortage of distractions for LeahThough this book has apparently been out for a while I had not read it so was excited to have the opportunity from NetGalley and the publisher to do so I found the heroine likeable and the setting comfortable I like the triangle that set itself up for future books as well The murderer was who I thought it was in the beginning but it was still interesting to see how Leah found it out in her own time I look forward to future books

  8. Sapphyria Sapphyria says:

    Leah Norwood co owns a small lotion and fragrance shop Scents Sensibility in downtown Reed Hill Texas Her business partners are her best friends Gage and Olivia Olivia develops the scents she was a chemist and Gage manufactures the products at a manufacturing plant owned by his family Not a huge fan of the manager of the store next door Isabel Leah finally has had enough when their deliver driver parks in her delivery truck's space not allowing the driver to unload the packages for Scents Sensibility As Leah walks into Patina to ask Isabel to move the truck she's surprised to see an odd exchange between Isabel and her employee Trent but on top of that the owner Anthony Thorpe is in the store too a rarity After discussing putting Isabel in her place with an employee of another store in the downtown shopping area Leah finds herself a suspect when Isabel's body is discovered by none other than Leah in the dumpster they all share behind the storesWhen Leah's shop is ransacked and she opens up a package filled with drugs it's evident that something sinister is going on Could the drugs be linked to the death of Isabel If so why does the body count rise with the death of a prominent member of society with no links to the small town drug cartel ran by the Cantono familyDead in a Dumpster is the perfect cozy mystery Seriously Leah is a fantastic heroine trying to figure out what's going on in her town She's a suspect and has decided to try and clear her name by all means necessary I really didn't find any spot in the book where she did anything overly stupid and placed her life in jeopardy that's not to say that someone's not out to get her or anything because someone is gunning for her She's an everyday average citizen that gets tangled up in a mess I really like her character and style she's nice to everyone being a business owner does that to a person but I really think she'd be nice anywayFinding the body of Isabel puts Leah in the sights of new Chief of Police Alexander Griggs He is dreamy and completely swoonworthy There are definitely sparks between the two although Griggs doesn't take too much action There is a spot where Griggs caresses Leah with his eyes and even I blushed while reading it don't get me wrong there is NO sex or inappropriateness in this cozy mystery He's tough as nails yet you can see some of that melt away when he's in any proximity of Leah His favorite one liner for Leah is Don't leave town and it's enduring I love the build up between Leah and Griggs The potential for romance was definitely there but in no way did it overshadow the main theme of the novel I love that Marcus Cantono was tossed in for good measure BL Blair does such an excellent job with Dead in a Dumpster The writing is fluid easy and flows along nicely All of the characters presented are written in a way that each one could be the murderer the set up was executed so well Red herrings were tossed in along the way to shake up the characters and the reader as well I thought I knew who did it a couple of different times only to be blindsided by new developments The novel is very descriptive giving the readers a wonder picture to paint in their minds I felt like I was actually in Reed Hill I felt like part of the community and part of the story The secondary characters don't clog the story with unnecessary dialogue or events The everyday events in this novel are written very realistically with of course the addition of the murderdrug scenarioI am very excited to see what Leah does nextReview Copy Courtesy of the Author at no cost In Exchange for an Honest Review

  9. Alicja P Alicja P says:

    Leah Norwood runs and is part owner of the store Scents and Sensibility She loves running the store and being part of the small town except for when she has to deal with Isabel Isabel is the manager of the antiue store next door Leah was constantly having to tell her to have their delivery truck move from behind her store When she finds Isabel dead in the dumpster Leah knows that she has to prove to the new and uite good looking police chief that even though she didn't kill her As a somewhat amateur sleuth Leah sets out with her trusty notebook looking for clues and looking for the truthWhat I like about Dead in a Dumpster is that it was filled with things that set it apart from other mysteries Many times books like this can feel like they all follow the same pattern I saw that this one had a small business owner sexy new police chief and main character who was an amateur detective main character and was worried it wouldn't have anything to set it apart I was pleased to see I was wrong The main character Leah is likable and witty The cast of characters in the town are eclectic and fun There's even a drugmob family to keep things interesting There's just to much to love about this story and the charactersThe mystery aspect of this book was amazing and kept me guessing I didn't figure out the mystery ahead of time but everything made sense when I finished the book which I love Now if you're like me you also enjoy a little romance with your mystery Dead in a Dumpster does introduce a little romance and intrigue There seems to be two guys vying for her attention I wouldn't use the term love triangle because it doesn't have that feel The two guys are also totally different from each other I can't wait to see how it plays out because the one guy is a very different love interest than I'm used to seeingand that's all I will say about that That being said the main focus of this book was the mystery and introducing the reader to the characters We didn't get to see much in the romance department like an introduction to the guys I will definitely be reading the next book to see what happens with Leah and all her friends I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Lilac Reviews Lilac Reviews says:

    This is the first in the Leah Norwood Mystery series I am looking forward to Leah is a strong female character She is a shopkeeper and discovers a body in the opening pages of the novel This puts her at the top of the suspect listThere’s a new Chief of Police Alexander Griggs We see their interaction from the very beginning Although there looks to be the start of a romance it does not over shadow the strong mystery plot I liked that when Leah went somewhere to uestion someone she had an objective and an idea about what she needed to discover This made for tight writing She wasn’t just wandering around poking her nose in like a busy body She was being logical about determining who had motives and opportunityThe author was skilled at letting you know about the small town setting and the characters in Leah’s life by weaving it into the storyline She didn’t stop and write about it for pages and pages halting the action Every page you turned you were getting closer to finding out about how the body came to be in the dumpster I appreciated that the writing pace was smooth and the tension could buildI did figure out who and why before it was disclosed in the book But I read a LOT of mysteries This did not detract from my enjoyment of the book There were nice bits of business such as the strawberry scent Leah discovering who her real friends are after being labelled a suspect and that another character enters the romance sub plot later in the bookIf you enjoy strong women characters with a hint of romance give this book a read This book is a cozy in the sense that there isn’t any explicit sex scenes or violence I don’t remember there being any foul language either But there is action and danger than a Miss Marple type of novelI was provided a copy of this book to enable me to write an honest review

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