In a Dark, Dark Wood PDF/EPUB Õ In a Kindle - Dark,

In a Dark, Dark Wood PDF/EPUB Õ In a Kindle - Dark,

In a Dark, Dark Wood [EPUB] ✻ In a Dark, Dark Wood Author Ruth Ware – In a dark dark woodNora hasn't seen Clare for ten years Not since Nora walked out of school one day and never went back There was a dark dark houseUntil out of the blue an invitation to Clare’s hen Dark, Dark ePUB ¹ In a dark dark woodNora hasn't seen Clare for ten years Not since Nora walked out of school one day and never went back There was a dark dark houseUntil out of the blue an invitation to Clare’s hen do arrives Is this a chance for Nora to finally put her past behind her In a Kindle - And in the dark dark house there was a dark dark roomBut something goes wrong Very wrong And in the dark dark room Some things can’t stay secret for ever.

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  1. Vegantrav Vegantrav says:

    I don't think I've disliked a protagonist as much as Nora the main character in In a Dark Dark Wood in ages Earlier this year I found Rachel the protagonist of The Girl on the Train to be annoying and very unlikable but I didn't hate her To be fair I didn't hate Nora so much as find myself repulsed by her She is a 26 year old woman who is still haunted by and distraught over a break up that happened when she was 16 Yes 16 What kind of loser is so affected by an adolescent relationship that she or he allows it to poison all of her or his adult relationships? I'll tell you what kind of loser the whiny childish immature insipid Nora My god but you would think the world all but ended when she broke up with her boyfriend James over ten years ago and yesSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTthe break up was brought on by her unexpected teen pregnancy which she aborted but Nora herself makes it clear that she was not upset so much by the pregnancy or the abortion it was the break up with James that has left her an emotional wreck as an adult unable to form stable long term relationships Because of a break up with her teen aged boyfriend A break up that happened 10 years ago SheeeshNow what's ridiculous than a grown woman who cannot get over a break up that happened a decade previously when she was an adolescent? How about her former best friend Clare who is now rather conveniently engaged to James Nora's previous boyfriend the one who broke her heart fearing that people will hate her and be disgusted by her because when she Clare was 16 she basically caused the break up between Nora and James by sending a break up text to Nora from James's phone unbeknownst to James so that Nora would think that the text was really from James? Yes Clare is afraid that she will be judged and ridiculed now at age 26 like Nora because when she was 16 she played a mean nasty adolescent trick on Nora and made Nora think that James had dumped her What world does Clare live in where she thinks adults actually take seriously and hold grudges over stupid adolescent behavior that happened in the distant past?However one person does actually judge Clare harshly for her action the even ludicrously ridiculous James who is on the verge of breaking off his engagement with Clare when he learns a decade later what Clare had done just as he and Clare are about to get married Yes this grown man is so shaken by the revelation of some stupid adolescent hi jinks from a decade ago that he is going to dump his fiancee And this from a character James who we are told has himself been a profligately promiscuous man sleeping with numerous women and men before finally deciding at least until this revelation about Clare's adolescent antics to settle down with ClareAnd so Clare faced with the prospect of losing her fiance and being held up to public shame by all the people who care what she did when she was only 16 decides that the best course of action for her to take would be what else? to murder James and to frame Nora for the murder Yes I kid you not Clare plans to murder James so that she will not be humiliated by being dumped by James and by being exposed for her evil teen aged deeds And she plans to frame Nora a woman whom she has not even seen since that break up of 10 years ago for the murderThis is what we are asked to believe I can suspend my disbelief easily for fiction I can believe in magic and aliens and alternate histories and all other sorts strangeness But it is monumentally difficult to suspend my disbelief to the point that I can buy the characters in this novel as being even remotely real non crazy all of them Nora Clare and James would have to be insane to think and behave as they do in this novel human beings This novel is just so outlandish that I am aghast that a publisher would let such sheer and utter nonsense into print without heavy editing because there is actually the makings of a decent narrative here but it is so psychologically improbable that it boggles the mind that an editor did not send this back to the author for some major re working of the characters and their motivesYet I have rated this novel 2 stars and not 1 star I give it 2 stars rather than just 1 because I do see some promise I hear the voice of a writer who has the makings of a good story teller And this is after all a debut novel So although this review is I admit rather harsh I don't want to be just mean and nasty because that's not my intent Despite its many problems In a Dark Dark Wood does contain the germ of a good story and the story was not so bad that I did not finish I did read all the way to the end I did want to find out ultimately who had killed James and why so my interest was maintained although I was deeply disappointed in the ending itself and in the character developmentTwo final notes 1 In a Dark Dark Wood has been marketed as a scary horror novel set in as is as obvious from the title a forest It is not a horror novel It is not remotely scary If we are going to place it in a genre it would be aptly labeled a mystery or a thriller though it is not all that thrilling2 In a Dark Dark Wood is compared in some of the advance reviews and even in a blurb on the back cover to a Gillian Flynn novel Comparing women writers whose books feature women protagonists to Flynn has become de rigeur but it is particularly appalling in this case In a Dark Dark Wood features a lead character who possesses nothing of the strength intelligence resourcefulness charm or personality of any of Flynn's protagonists and the narrative itself lacks the polish the character development the plotting and the genuinely and realistically surprising twists of Flynn's novels Yet again we are promised Flynn and get nothing of the kind

  2. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    Honestly one of the worst books I have read this year and I definitely cannot recommend it as a tense crime novelIn a Dark Dark Wood is the antithesis of what a thriller should be It's hugely predictable very slow paced has big plot holes and was downright boringI found the writing style to be uite amateurish and the characters very immature and one dimensional These women are supposed to be adults and in their mid to late twenties yet they came across as judgemental bitchy under confident teenage girls The complexities of adult friendships relationships was sorely lacking and made the whole story seem like teenage drama None of the characters are likable and I didn't end up rooting for any of them or caring who died or survivedThe flow of the book didn't work for me either As it was easy to guess who was bad guy VERY early on There was no exciting build up and it seemed to limp on and on and onIf crime novels or thrillers are your favourite genre of book I would suggest you look elsewhere for a story that will keep you gripped and entertained There is nothing original or fresh here its not even a good re hash

  3. karen karen says:

    this is a truly beautiful ARC one of the nicest i've seen it's all textured and graphically pleasing and nice to touch and hold but the story didn't really meet my expectations i'm giving it a three but it is a low three it is an incredibly fast read and if you are looking for something in that vein a fast paced page turner mystery thing this may well satisfy you but be forewarned it is not a creepy book or even remotely spooky as the cover and epigraph seem to suggest In a dark dark wood there was a dark dark house;And in the dark dark house there was a dark dark room;And in the dark dark room there was a dark dark cupboard; And in the dark dark box there was askeletonwhich also bothers me because the line that transitions cupboard to box has been omitted so it looks weird traditionally it is In a dark dark wood there was a dark dark house;And in the dark dark house there was a dark dark room;And in the dark dark room there was a dark dark cupboard;And in the dark dark cupboard there was a dark dark shelf;And on the dark dark shelf there was a dark dark box; And in the dark dark box there was askeletonbut for all that it's not supernatural it's not horror it's not even psychologically creepy the characters aren't particularly nuanced it's predictable it does that thing that i HATE where years of turmoil could have been avoided with ONE conversation and amnesia as obstacle is so contrived and trite that unless it's handled really really well it's just distancing; a device used to stretch out the story and lead the reader along by the nose until the author feels like revealing their zinger which in this case is telegraphed pretty early on so it's not uite the rug yank it's meant to bebut there's a time and a place for every book right? this was neither my time nor my place but i can see this being an excellent book to read while on a long train ride or on a plane or curled up by a fireplace or a beach if you're into that sort of thing it's a very fast read and despite all my complaints i really was immersed in it i just wasn't all that crazy about what i was immersed in i've just read too much in this genre and this one didn't give me anything i hadn't seen before but you and i are different people with different needsi did have one big chuckle but i'm not sure it was meant to be funny I Googled James Once Only once Google was spattered with images of him pictures of him in costume onstage publicity stills shots of him smiling at charity functions and opening nights The ones I couldn't bear were the ones in which he was looking directly at the camera directly out of the screen at me When I scrolled down to one where he was naked onstage in Euus I had closed the browser with shaking hands as if I'd stumbled on something violent or obscenethat as if just cracked me up because duh euusso yeah beautiful beautiful ARCcome to my blog

  4. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    35 stars It was growing dark and somehow the shadows made it feel as if all the trees had taken a collective step towards the house edging in to shut out the sky Ten years ago Leonora Lee Leo Nora broke up with her boyfriend James ditched her best friends ClareNina and skipped town She hasn't looked back sinceWell until now She just got an invite to Clare's Hen Party bacholorette weekend and despite her misgivings she decides to goShe's spent so much time running from her past that she thought she could handle facing itbut unsurprisingly things do not go well The whole thing had been painful to the point of nausea made worse by covert sympathetic looks from Nina If there's one thing I dislike than being hurt it's being seen to be hurt So now Nora is stuck with Clare the backstabber Nina training to be a doctor Tom a gay playwright Melanie a young mother and Flo a carbon copy of ClareAll of them are stuck in the glass house in the middle of the woods until this party is over And when the party ends it's not with a whimper but with a bang All in all not a bad book per say I liked how Ruth Ware structured the novel We have the past the Hen Party interspersed with the present Nora recovering from a car accident until the two timelines merge Both sections were compelling but they felt a little flat to me the characters didn't wow me they didn't feel like real people they each had a role and they played it perfectlyAnd I predicted the ending I'm not saying that to bragthis is something I literally never do I am the worst ending predictor ever and proud of it I deliberately try not to guess because I love being surprisedand yet I totally saw this comingAudiobook CommentsRead by Imogene Church an absolute legendBlog | Instagram | Twitter

  5. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    35 stars rounded upWho needs friends when you can have frenemies? In a Dark Dark Wood includes a slightly predictable plot a standard Thriller format an unreliable narrator and a delightful cast of horrid unlikable charactersMy opinion on this book and all of those things hella enjoyableLesson LearnedWhen invited to a 'hen do' for a girl you don't even associate with any just say no thank youIf for some insane reason you do accept said invitation and end up at the 'do' when it starts getting weird LEAVE Pack your shit and get the hell OUTThis story was fun intriguing and definitely a Ruth Ware She has a 'type' doesn't she? But I'll tell you what it keeps me coming back Every Damn TimeI read every one of her published novels in 2018 and I will pick up anything else she puts out for the rest of time That's a promise

  6. Mandy Mandy says:

    335?? This book left me in such anger The beginning was so fast and I was so sucked in and then the middle left me feeling lethargic and as if I were reading as I was walking through mud Then the end The end totally blew my mind I couldn't believe it happened the way it did Would I recommend? Yeah probs The assortment of characters are absolutely uncanny Such a strange cast of characters but when written together it was absolutely perfect Ugh I liked it and then I hated it I love how it all came together but then I hate it at the same time and I can't say why You have to read it yourself but when you do you will think Oh how I hate this But at the same time still find it hard to put down

  7. Sandra Sandra says:

    Writer Leonora Nora Shaw gets invited to old friend Clare's hen night aka bachelorette party by a girl named Flo It is being held in Flo's aunt's house Nora lost touch with Clare years ago hasn't spoken to her in ten years and doesn't know if she wants to go to this party But after talking to another friend who is also invited Nina Nora reluctantly decides to goNora and Nina arrive at the house where the party is being held which is isolated in the woods in Northumberland It's a very strange looking house mostly glass and it makes Nora uncomfortable to be in it More guests arrive Nora finally meets Clare again and to Nora's dismay she discovers Clare's fiancé is Nora's ex boyfriend James who Nora still has feelings for even though they broke up ten years agoThe hen celebration gets underway with activities games a séance Then one night they hear an intruder moving about downstairs in the night Flo grabs the gun off the wall which isn't supposed to be loaded and the intruder is shot This book began with an injured battered and bruised Nora who is experiencing some memory loss in the hospital overhearing the police discussing a murder Is she a suspect? Who has been murdered?This was an entertaining read I found the glass house in the dark isolated woods an eerie setting for this story And I was curious to find out what was going to happen next and who the murderer wasAn enjoyable atmospheric read with secrets from the past mystery and suspense

  8. Maureen Maureen says:

    Leonora Shaw is a crime writer Ten years ago following the breakup of a young love affair she left a school in which up to then she had been very happy lost touch with all her school friends and now lives alone in a small flat in Hackney in which she devotes her entire time to writing Her only relaxation is her daily running at which she excels Then out of the blue she receives an e mail inviting her to the hen party of Clare who had been her best friend throughout her entire time at school and whom she had loved and admired in eual measure The party is to be held in a house situated in the middle of Kielder Forest in Northumberland The invitation comes from Flo who now claims to be Clare's best friend Nora – which is the shortened form of her name by which she is now known initially decides to ignore the invitation but out of curiosity reads the names of the other people invited She only knows one of them another former school friend called Nina She decides to do no about it but then receives an e mail from Nina suggesting that they go together Reluctantly Nora agrees pushing the event to the back of her mind thinking that November is still some time away Of course time moves on all too uickly and on the appointed day Nora and Nina six feet tall reckless and great fun drive down a bumpy forest track to an amazing modern house fronted entirely in glass The door opens and a blonde girl steps out to welcome them Nora initially thinks she is Clare but uickly realises she is a Clare look alike lacking both Clare's beauty and personality She introduces herself as Flo The house is her aunt's holiday home Flo has evidently worked out a detailed timetable for the entire weekend which is to be strictly adhered to Nora's heart sinks Soon the few guests are assembled – Nora Nina Melanie a young married woman who has left her baby in the care of her husband for the first time and Clare herself as beautiful and charming as ever The programme begins with a pizza supper a silly game and the consumption of a great deal of alcohol The next day when there is to be clay pigeon shooting and a séance sounds even worse Nora has noticed uneasily that there is a rifle hanging on the wallbut Flo assures her that it is only loaded with blanks to frighten the marauding rabbits It is on the second day Nora learns that Clare's fiance is her young lover from ten years ago James I liked the way the story was narrated by Nora and I loved the strange house and its chilling forest backdrop but I felt the characters were immature and unlikeable and ultimately feel that the storyline could have offered so much

  9. Kelli Kelli says:

    This was a mediocre story that had all the makings of something better than it was I would describe it as a light mystery It wasn't a thriller It wasn't dark or scary The voice of the narrator was lovely the music at the beginning and end creepy but the story itself was slow and a bit clunky at timesfilled with constant chatting done by characters who were each a bit odd and behaved in a way that was both catty and juvenile It reminded me first of an Agatha Christie mystery then of a show like Pretty Little Liars and then of the game of Clue The story was entertaining enough but I would have enjoyed it had it taken less time getting to the action of it all I found it compelling toward the end and so I will go with 3 stars but I feel I'm stretching to get there

  10. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    25 stars This was a uick and easy read I feel that my lack of enthusiasm for this book was largely affected by my expectations being set too high I really wanted to like this book than I did I really enjoyed this author Ruth Ware's second novel The Woman in Cabin 10 I was expecting of that heart pounding suspenseful writing that kept me on the edge of my seat however I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed upon finishing this book This story dragged on and was somewhat predictable to the point that I found myself skimming over parts None of the characters were likeable to me Several of them were frustratingly self absorbed and rather annoying I kind of liked the main character NoraLeeLeoLeonora but found I wasn't truly engaged in her story or life The inner turmoil that Nora feels is extremely repetitive reference to her secret was overkill to me her inner dialogue and thoughts about it grew to become irritating About 23 of the way through the secret is revealed but it lacked a 'shock factor' for me There were also several situations that seemed far fetchedI liked that each chapter left a small cliff hanger that kept me hungry for what would happen next Though the story was somewhat predictable it still kept stringing me along making me think perhaps I was wrong in my assumptions Unfortunately I was not If you haven't read this author before I strongly suggest trying out her second novel The Woman in Cabin 10 as I found that to be a much thrilling and enjoyable read

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