Hardcover ✓ Lydie PDF Ú

Hardcover ✓ Lydie PDF Ú

Lydie [Download] ➻ Lydie Author Jordi Lafebre – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk De Steeg van Baron Van Dick Zo kent niemand het straatje dat doodloopt op een muur met daarop een reclameschildering van een baby met een snor Iedereen kent hem als de Steeg van de Snorrebaby Er woont De Steeg van Baron Van Dick Zo kent niemand het straatje dat doodloopt op een muur met daarop een reclameschildering van een baby met een snor Iedereen kent hem als de Steeg van de Snorrebaby Er woont een hechte gemeenschap die liefde en leed deelt onder de wakende blik van een Mariabeeld met kindjeDe jonge Camille ietwat simpel van geest is wanhopig door het verlies van haar pasgeboren baby Tot ze een maand na de begrafenis de bewoners van de steeg met verstomming slaat door hen vol overtuiging haar verdwenen zuigeling voor te stellen Consternatie alom maar niemand durft het aan om de fragiele jonge vrouw met de realiteit te confronteren Ze beslissen eensgezind om het spel van Camille mee te spelenBeter zalven met een leugen dan slaan met de waarheid denkt iedereen Maar wat als de waarheid haar rechten opeist Zidrou en Jordi Lafebre schetsen met treffende precisie de tragische en soms onverwachte gevolgen van een dramatische gebeurtenis Lydie is een gevoelig en onthutsend verhaal.

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  1. [Shai] Bibliophage [Shai] Bibliophage says:

    The story of Lydie will leave readers on thinking of what could be real or not especially the ending While reading the unfortunate story of Camille I can't help but sympathize with her loss I could be just like her neighbors who tried to understand her situation and just let her believe that her baby came alive They were not making a fool out of her by trying to act as if what she was saying is true hence they thought it is the only way to make Camille at least be happy and still go on with her life Lydie is a graphic novel that will teach us about empathy love friendship and faith Lastly the mystery in the ending is another great way to end the story of Camille and the people of Mustachioed Baby Court It is uite thought provoking and will make you think of who is really the sane one and what is the truth

  2. Chad Chad says:

    A heartwarming short story about a feeble minded young woman who gives birth to a stillborn child I know it sounds horrific not cute Just stick with me Two months later she is still pretending her daughter is still alive Don't worry the child is imaginary not a corpse The tight knit neighborhood slowly comes around to entertaining her delusion while Camille raises Lydie to adulthoodJordie Lafebre's art looks like it stepped out of a uaint European cartoon It's beautiful

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    Copy receieved from Netgalley for reviewSuch a sweet comic I am simply in love with all of the characters 3 This story is a true testament of the good people are capable of when they come together

  4. Mitticus Mitticus says:

    Its said that an old african proverb says that 'It takes a village to raise a child' however in some place in France in 1932 an old neighborhood get together to open their heart to a grieving young mother and her father And to a very special babyWhen Camille described as simple minded and only daughter of a widower train conductor has a stillborn baby the comments are diverse; but when she 2 months later run calling a miracle that little Lydie came back from Heaven is a sorprise for Papa ChooChoo that all the neighbors play along “After all why bring somebody pain when it's so easy to bring joy instead?” We are introduced then to the special community of the Mustachioed Baby Court It's delighful to read and enjoy the drawings The uirks of just people the good people the mean kids the earnest doctor the playful girls gossiping olders an so about family friendship compassion and solidarity And best of all it keep us wondering it is really imaginary? a spirit? why is that happening? is all the make believe starting something? Because why the children draw almost exactly the same Lydie? ¡Recomendado DDigital ARC gently provided by Netgalley and publishers in exchange for an honest review#Lydie #NetGalley

  5. Christine Christine says:

    Disclaimer Arc via Netgalley Lydie is a ghost story or is it? What it really is is a story about a neighborhood It is the neighborhood that pulls together in the face of a tragedy Told by a statue perhaps it chronicles the life of Camille a simple soul whose daughter is stillborn Or is the young girl? That is the uestion – how real is Lydie and if she is real how did she become real? That too is the charm of the story It is a wonderful little graphic novel about the power of a community that may not have much money and may not like each other but come together to help one of theirs In the process perhaps they became better for it The story is sentimental but not sweet It hearkens to Chocolat in part that same type of feeling Lafebre’s illustrations are beautiful and remind me of the Triplets of Belleville

  6. Katie.dorny Katie.dorny says:

    Received an arc in exchange for an honest review I loved this graphic novel It was short and sweet but it was beautiful The story was definitely original i thought it would take a while for me to enjoy it but i found myself racing through it The story of Lydie and her family is beautiful in their little street in what seems like France It showed the beauty of compassion and the unwavering love of a mother no matter her means or mind and i loved it

  7. Murat G. Murat G. says:

    Lydie kinda reminded me of a movie Lars and the real girlAnd I dont know maybe because maternity phenomenon comes into play I've found it waay emotional and hearthwarming No need to say the art and colors are beautiful In short I strongly suggest you all to read this graphic novel

  8. ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬ ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬ says:

    man i dont even like neighborship so i'm not looking in that perspective on the other hand imma drama slut soTHIS WAS FUCKING DEVASTATING a beautiful narrating a simple metaphor an artful graphics u cant ask If people want to see something else in me that's their affair after all the statue of Virgin Mary

  9. Laura Laura says:

    This is an odd little tale The child Lydie was still born and yet her mother believes that she has come back from heaven though no one can see her and proceeds to raise her Does she exist? The statue of the Virgin Mary who is telling the story says she doesn’t know She only knows that the mother believes the child does and that the neighbors help her along as does her fatherThere are clues that she might exist The children can see her and draw pictures of her It is very odd When her grandfather goes to put a new coin under the invisible girl’s pillow he finds a tooth And just before he dies he not only hears her but responds to her as though he has heard her beforePerhaps a mother’s love has made her realBeautiful old fashioned type of illustrations as this is supposed to be taking place in the 1930s in a village somewhere in France The illustrator has great use of body language and draws all sorts of shapes and sizes Even though it is an odd little book I enjoyed it enough to finish it Lafebre knows how do draw people as though he has been observing small towns and their inhabitantsThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

  10. Brooke Brooke says:

    This year I told myself I would venture out and read graphic novels I always thought of them to be childish and the storytelling to be choppy but I am very uickly realizing that I’m very wrong Maybe it’s just the ones I’m choosing to read but I’ve throughly enjoyed my reading experience so far “Lydie” what did I even just read? One could say ghost story and another could say a look into mental illness Everything about this odd and beautiful story was wonderful Camille a single mother gives birth to a daughter who is stillborn but weeks after her funeral Camille thinks she has returned from heaven and begins to raise her as if nothing happened The thing is she is invisibleor is she? I found this story to be so deep and meaningful I loved how this uirky neighborhood came together for this woman and helped Camille by going along with her even though they never once believed Told by a statue in the middle of this nameless place there is so much that can be discussed within the few pages of story and themes such as family love grief and community I would love to see this turned into a short film It’s got such a powerful message Jordi Lafebre is a genius storyteller Thank you Europe Comics and NetGalley for the copy I won’t soon forget this story

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