The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia MOBI ß Forgotten

The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia MOBI ß Forgotten

The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia Author Rachel A. James – It is 616AD and one fatal night the ancient Kingdom of Elmetia falls Saxons kill the Elmetian King and capture Princess Teagen Teagen poses as a slave girl and works for the Saxons in the Kingdom of D It is AD and Princess of MOBI ☆ one fatal night the ancient Kingdom of Elmetia falls Saxons kill the Elmetian King and capture Princess Teagen Teagen poses The Forgotten Epub / as a slave girl and works for the Saxons in the Kingdom of Deira until she discovers her brother is alive She finds a way Forgotten Princess of Epub Þ to escape and her path crosses with Ryce the WarriorStruggling with his past and angry against the tyrant Saxon king Ryce helps the princess in pursuit of her brother But just as the connection between them intensifies obstacles get in their way The Saxon king now wants vengeance and will stop at nothing to get it.

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  1. Tatiana Lammers Tatiana Lammers says:

    I won this book from the Facebook Sweet Romance Party Thank you Rachel for a great readBoth my husband and I really liked this Christian historical romance set in medieval times The author did an amazing research on historical facts weapons clothes food and language as a specialist who works with languages I especially enjoyed that Anyone who likes brave heroes sword fights and medieval stories would enjoy reading this book

  2. Susan Baganz Susan Baganz says:

    The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia by Rachel James is a Medieval romance with plenty of action The book takes place in the 600's AD of Great Britain in the region of Elmetia where Princess Teagan as a girl finds escape from the carnage of her father's kingdom in taking on the identity of a servant She is transported to another land where she serves an evil king all the while believing that not only had her father perished in the battle but her older brother Niall as wellTeagan comes across information that her brother is still alive and a warrior Ryce is being commissioned to kill him She escapes to try to seek out her brother and warn him Unfortunately a series of misadventures occur when she is rescued by Ryce and his side kick Sherwin then captured and rescued and well I don't want to give away spoilersTeagan is an intrepid young woman and devoted to her family but even finding her home as royalty again she realizes that she didn't gain the freedom she thought she had and struggles with her role as Princess in a new land Learning to trust Ryce the Saxon warrior who was initially her enemy adds an interesting wrinkle to the story as well as Ryce and Sherwin's struggle to understand the God of the Bible as being superior to multiple godsI was amazed at the amount of research this author put into her story and I believe that women young and old will enjoy the tale of this Princess and her struggle not only for freedom for her and her people but also for her own identity and for love will grip the heart of any princess tale loving little girl who still lives in many womenI look forward to reading the seuel when it comes out next year

  3. English English says:

    I picked this book almost as soon as I realized it was written by a British author They are few and far between in the Christian Historical Fiction Genre and I naturally gravitate towards my fellow country people and because am fascinated by Britain in the seventh and eighth centuries The period of warrior Kings and saints when the disparate Anglo Saxon Kingdoms were gradually converting to Christianity The world which inspired Tolkien’s Middle Earth This was certainly a very sweet and very heartfelt Christian story which would certainly appeal to young girls obsessed with Princesses or teens looking for a clean romance with a deeper theme behind it On that level I did in some sense enjoy the book but here it comes I do prefer my historical fiction to be realistic and plausible in other words to really get a ‘feel’ for the time I understand that this is Historical Fantasy rather than straight Fiction but for me the main problem was that there seemed to be no real sense of period Swords and some of the clothes aside it could have been set is almost any age Overall this is a worthwhile story with a strong Christian message that does not demand too much of the reader It would very much appeal to the target audience and is worth a read for adults but it’s just not a favourite However I would certainly consider reading by this author and see her writing develop See the full review on my blog

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Well researched and documented tale based on a recorded historical event I love this period of history and James's story was an enjoyable read Dialect and dialog stayed true throughout the bookTaking place during the dark days of Saxons and Celts overrunning the British Isles Elmetia was one such small kingdom shattered by the Saxon ruler who attempted to destroy the governing family However the children disappear during the battle The dead king's young daughter changes place with a deceased servant girl and survives in the Saxon kingdom biding her time When she overhears news of that tragic night eight years earlier she risks her life to seek retribution If only King Edwin's pesky warriors would stay out of Teagan's wayA worthy romance raised to high stakes when intrigue comes to light Set also during the early stages of the new faith Christianity readers will see it woven in naturally through the adventure how learning to overcome the prejudices of our past believe system to know who deserves our true allegiance is the one true thing we can count on I appreciated the hero Ryce's struggles on the matter of religion It's no secret that Ryce and Teagan are expected to become romantic partners but with skill the author slowly peels away layers of intrigue revealing new secrets and new problems that give the reader pause It's a good thing that Ryce's companion is a physician because there are a number of injuries to deal with For readers who like romances with a bit of a twist James's historical tale will delight you

  5. Victoria Victoria says:

    A forgotten kingdom and its people either captured or in hiding weave the background for this medieval encounter between Teagen and Ryce She’s a princess and he’s a warrior but both have been enslaved although uite differently by the evil King Edwin Teagen escapes and Ryce and his friend Sherwin are sent to seize her but they rescue her instead and plan to help her find her brother the king of their lost Elmetia This novel keeps the reader hanging on every word and is hard to put down Ms James handles the development of story set in 616 AD very well The characters are brought to life during an era of fortresses and battles which fosters interests in this page turner The love story is idyllic and the meaning of Christianity rings true throughout the story While not the genre I usually read I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to others and I would easily pick up another novel written by Ms James

  6. Rachel Skatvold Rachel Skatvold says:

    The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia is an epic medieval adventure from start to finish It was a wonderful clean romance that hooked me from the first page I loved Teagen’s free spirited personality and the suspense of wondering what predicament she would find herself in next Ryce and Sherwin were characters that captivated me from the beginning as well and I kept second guessing if they were villains or heroes at the beginning I loved watching their transformations as the story progressed Themes of faith and forgiveness ran deep through the storyline and taught some valuable lessons I loved this book and look forward to reading from this author

  7. Julie Cosgrove Julie Cosgrove says:

    As an Anglophile I loved reading about the early SaxonBriton conflicts Rachel James did her research well The vocabulary is authentic enough yet doesn't trip you up or jolt the plot There is plenty of action as this spunky princess gets into mishap after mayhap But interwoven in the tale is a redemptive process that is genuine and not preachy A good example of how living out your faith can attract others to it no matter the era

  8. Gay Lewis Gay Lewis says:

    This book amazed me from the opening sentence A child a princess hides in a dark place hates it and when she exits she finds her father killed Even as a child her survival instincts are profound She exchanges clothes with a dead child her size and assumes the roll of a slave Everyone thinks she's dead so she is now forgotten You must read this book of adventure to escape the dreary world we sometimes live in This Christian book will uplift you

  9. Sarah Cnossen Sarah Cnossen says:

    A simple yet lovely story And an easy read I truly enjoyed this tale If you like a good medieval story that's an easy read with adventure and a touch of romance this is a lovely one to tryTo read the full review visit my blog Sarah Plain Average

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