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Violence of Action PDF/EPUB Þ Violence of Epub /

Violence of Action [Epub] ❧ Violence of Action By Marty Skovlund Jr. – Violence of Action is much than the true first person accounts of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the Global War on Terror Between these pages are the heartfelt first hand accounts from and about the men Violence of Action is much than the true first person accounts of the th Ranger Regiment in the Global War on Terror Between these pages are the heartfelt first hand accounts from and about the men who lived fought and died for their country their Regiment and Violence of Epub / each other Objective Rhino Haditha Dam recovering Jessica Lynch the hunt for Zarawi the recovery of Extortion and everything in between These stories have been told many times in barracks rooms bar tables and backyard barbecues but they have never before been shared with the general public It is time for those stories to be heard So much than just stories from a specific unit; this book reveals the sights smells and emotions of everything that happens in war good or bad It will be seen as the uintessential ageless work on the human condition in combat Whether you served in the military are a fan of military history or just want to know about your fellow man in times of war this is the book for you.

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  1. Steven Hildreth Jr. Steven Hildreth Jr. says:

    As I finish reading Violence of Action I have that rare feeling where you proverbially put the book down stare at a wall and can't do anything except say DamnI am not a Ranger nor have I ever been a Ranger As an infantry veteran of Operation Irai Freedom there were still many things familiar to me The opening chapter immediately immersed me in days past checking my kit to make sure it functioned and was accessible on my person then rolling out to surprise a jihadist in his sleep and bring him back to base for uestioningMany infantrymen and other MOSs between the Army Marine Corps Navy and Air Force know that experience but none have done it better than the barrel chested rough men of the 75th Ranger Regiment Through this anecdotal compilation you see the Regiment in its early days as being the cordon for special mission units as well as conducting traditional infantry operations You then watch year by year as the Regiment transforms into a special operationsdirect action unit in its own right eventually responsible for its own areas of responsibility and becoming the unit with the highest kill and capture tally in the Global War on TerrorThe book then takes you beyond that The Rangers are warriors elite but they are also humans They laugh they weep for their fallen brothers they feel despair in impossible situations and anger and frustration in others You get to see the uirks what makes these men tick what characteristics it takes to wear the tan beret and scroll of the United States' premier direct action unitTo those who are students of special operations history this is the GWOT spiritual successor to Six Silent Men a series that covers the LRRP Rangers of the Vietnam War I've no doubt the Rangers of today have met and exceeded the standards set by their predecessors and it is only right that their exploits be documented for Americans to see These men needed their story told and Violence of Action told it masterfullySimply put this is one of the best military history books I've ever read and the best I have read of the GWOT era If you have not read it stop what you are doing and buy itRangers Lead The Way

  2. Nathaniel Nathaniel says:

    Do 'Rangers Lead The Way'? They bloody sure doI started reading this book with the misconception that this was going to be another of those war stories type of books Oh how I was wrong From the first 'entry' into this diary of raw emotion and love for their fellow Rangers it showed me the human side of what many of us consider one of the most prominent elite fighting forces in the world This is a side of Rangers that I've never known The book takes us on a journey through Ira and Afghanistan with Rangers fresh out RIP Ranger Indoctrination Program Rangers with numerous combat deployments under their belt and also a Golden Star Mum There were times where I was sitting on the train reading these stories and next minute I'd be rifling through my bag to find tissues This book is by definition raw and well somewhat uncut Never before have I seen such honesty and integrity in such a collection of accounts Marty Skovlund Mat Best and the team who put this together have done an amazing job in compiling these accounts and I look forward to sharing this book with others in the military community

  3. André André says:

    Rangers by Rangers No bragging; the real thingGet it read it share itIt's that good

  4. Randy Crouse Randy Crouse says:

    If you want to know what a special operator and in particular and Army Ranger experiences and feels this is the book My son served in the 75th Ranger Regiment the REAL SOCOM Rangers He recommended this book to me He served 1 tour in Ira and four in Afghanistan completing several hundred night raids He told me Dad if you want to know what it's like and how I do what I do read this First person accounts make this a most credible reference that chronicles history that is still being made Skovlund has opened a door into the world of Shadow Warriors These men are the wolves that hunt down and kill those who would harm us This book lets you hear the truth from those who lived it without the political spin and hyperbole designed to sell or sensationalize Mary Skovlund has achieved what I believe was his goal to tell the story of real operators; for operators and by operators He has set the record straight and honored these true american Heroes and given us a window into their struggles on the battlefield at home and in their heads Bravo

  5. Jeff Andersen Jeff Andersen says:

    I'd do 35 stars Loved the accounts of the Rangers Was glad they were detailed Audiobook made ya feel like you were hearing it straight from the primary source Pretty graphic and not suitable for children or those with no intestinal fortitude

  6. Maegenmirandagmail.Com Maegenmirandagmail.Com says:

    Great Book Very good book detailing the determination and sacrifice the 75th Ranger regiment endures I would recommended this book to any American patriot wanting to know about this elite group

  7. Cole Travis Cole Travis says:

    Violence of Action is about the Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment This book is made up of first hand accounts of Rangers on the ground during combat operations in Ira and Afghanistan as well as telling the reader the changes that occurred in the Regiment in every year from 2001 to 2012 Some of the major events of the Global War on Terror GWOT that are covered are the Invasions of Afghanistan and Ira the mission to rescue Jessica Lynch the recovery of the SEALs after the failure of Operation Red Wings ectThe culture of the men in the 75th Ranger Regiment is completely different from the rest of the Army and the general public The Ranger Regiment is built upon such high standards that if you don't preform to the Ranger standard you will be released for standardsWherever the Ranger battalion goes it is apparent that it is the best General Creighton Abrams The purpose of this book was to prevent the stories of the GWOT Rangers from being lost to history The author states this is the purpose for this project in the preface on page 3Yes I would recommend this book because it puts the readers into the boots of the Rangers on the ground and it tells the story how it happened I would primarily recommend this book to somebody that is interested in trying to become a Ranger since it gives the reader a view into the life of a Ranger

  8. Mathias Mathias says:

    The 75th Ranger Regiment is a light infantry formation part of the US Army's Special Operations Command This book covers the role the unit played during the Global War on TerrorFrom Ira to Afghanistan the 75th Ranger Regiment has been at the tip of the spear taking part in hundreds of direct action raids during 4 month rotations Despite this the Regiment remains largely unknown outside of the military and is often regarded as one of the army's best kept secretsWhat I found most interesting about this book was its perspective Rather than giving a general overview of the role the rangers played during the war on terror this book is composed of various short anecdotes written by members of the Regiment Filled with vivid descriptions of operations conducted by the Ranger Regiment this book gave an inside look at the life of the unit's men With brief instances of humor this was a truly intriguing read and one that I would recommend to everybody who wants to know about the role that these men play in today's conflicts

  9. Joseph Joseph says:

    A series of vignettes written by a variety of Rangers about the various missions undertaken by the 75th Ranger Regiment during the Global War on Terror GWOT Violence of Action reads as if you were sitting with the Rangers themselves listening to their war stories The writing is rough at times grammatically speaking but those who put pen to paper to share their stories in this book aren't established authors they're the rough men who defend our freedoms and keep our nation safe The stories themselves are very insightful and give the reader the opportunity to learn a great deal about the 75thRanger Regiment a unit that isn't usually put in the spotlight in terms of the various special operations groups that our nation has The book even includes a chapter written by a gold star mother who lost her son in the GWOT which was powerful enough to bring me to tears For that chapter alone I would recommend this book I recommend Violence of Action for anyone who enjoys war stories learning about the Rangers or those interested in America's Special Operations Forces SOF units

  10. dann robbins dann robbins says:

    A great insight into the GWOT era RegimentAs a Just Cause veteran 1C375 and Ranger from a different era I was somewhat out of the loop on the evolution of the current Regiments primary mission taskings training and workload This book brought me up to speed and solidified my love and respect for all those who have served in the 75th since 9 11 Godspeed to those Rangers who have given all Sua Sponte RLTW

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