Hex Gone Wild ePUB Ð Hex Gone Kindle -

Hex Gone Wild ePUB Ð Hex Gone Kindle -

Hex Gone Wild [Reading] ➸ Hex Gone Wild Author Milly Taiden – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Dalia Azul knows she's got a problem Every spell she tries to create ends up targeting a growly shifter in the woods He's big furry and so sexy she's half losing her mind from thinking about himWhen s Dalia Azul knows she's got a problem Every spell she tries to create ends up targeting a growly shifter in the woods He's big furry and so sexy she's half losing her mind from thinking about himWhen she goes out into the woods thinking that it will help her concentrate she ends up summoning the big bad wolf instead Figures This time Hex Gone Kindle - he isn't going to make it easy on herHow can she focus on magic when he's naked and promising to do all kinds of naughty things to herMaybe if she gets a taste of the forbidden she'll be able to concentrate and stop her Hex Gone Wild.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 26 pages
  • Hex Gone Wild
  • Milly Taiden
  • English
  • 15 January 2016

About the Author: Milly Taiden

Milly Taiden also writes as April Angel was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean to her known as the Dominican Republic Currently she resides in New York City with her husband bossy young son and their little dog SpeedyWhen she’s not working full time texting with her best friend Heidi in England chastising her son for pulling the dog’s ears Hex Gone Kindle - shopping with her sister Jewel or watc.

10 thoughts on “Hex Gone Wild

  1. Jodie Bivins Jodie Bivins says:

    Delia is a curvy elemental witch that can't seem to stop calling out to the hot sexy shifterJared She has ben working on a lust spell and everytime she tries to do it she seems to callhim the last time she did it he appeared naked and mad Dalia goes to the woods to get closer to the elements and Jared appears He and his wolf want this very curvy witch for his own The passion and such in this book is for the 18 and older crowd Do not forget this is a short storyand it has everything packed into one giant punch Milly has brought the heat once again I look forward to her next short If you haven't read Don't Drink and Hex the first of her shorts Irecommend that you do

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    Steamy RomanceThe second book of Milly Taidens short stories is as sexually sensual as the first It will grab you and bring you into the world of wolf and witch romance with steamy scene that leave you wanting If you like short stories that will look leave you wet and wanting this short stories are for you

  3. Carmen Rae Carmen Rae says:

    Every now and then I just have a craving for short and sweet fill every hole smut and this series has so perfectly hit the mark on a stormy Sunday arvo tucked up in front of the fire I just can't put them downBe sure to check out our reviews on the link below

  4. Bambi Fogleman Bambi Fogleman says:

    Oh WOW talk about HOTMilly Taiden has done it again in book 4 of smut shorties I have got to find out were these lucky witches livewith hot sexy alpha shifters as neighbors what could be a better dreamHer mother liked to tell her not to play with wild animals Shifters were as wild as the getDalia Azul one of the element triplets that share the share Cleopatra as a GodmotherSome how she knows when her Goddaughters need help and in Dalia case over notbeing able to cast a simple LUST spell That has her super hot neighbor showing upat her door growling and very nakedJared Price the local shifter in the woods but ever since he saw his witchy neighborhas him wanting her til his animal is pulling at him It doesn't help that every spell she castlands at his door which doesn't help his mood at all After being constantly hearing her in his headat ever spell cast he has had enoughWatch the sparks fly when he meets her in her element and his woods How do you tame a BIG BAD WOLF?

  5. Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews ) Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews ) says:

    'I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review'Dalia is a witch and for some reason every spell she casts lately hits sexy werewolf Jared Which does not make him happy One time her showed up at her door naked yelling at her So when a wayward lust spell hits Jared she gets a big surpriseJared has wanted Dalia since he first seen her He is just biding his time He knows that she wants him now he just has to get her to admit it My Opinion A super sexy short by Milly Taiden Milly is called the Smut ueen for a reason For those of you that are dying to read something hot but are short on time this is a book for you It is full of steamy hotness with a curvy witch and the Big Bad Wolf that wants her I definitely recommend reading 'Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews'

  6. Theresa Theresa says:

    Great short lunch time read Milly dives right into the story line and takes off running or should I say hexing? Our heroine Dalia is trying to perfect her lust spell and keeps summoning her neighbor Jared a huge wolf shifter Unfortunately she thinks he is way out of her league rumor has it he has a line of women begging him plus witches wolves are a no no Will she correct her hex or is she doing exactly what she wants? This one is short enough I don't need to share the of story give it a tryFavorite passages “He’s too handsome for his own good” Though her words had no effect on him no spell did knowing she’d wanted him near sent his animal to a frenzy “I sensed you wanted me to stay I was right You do Want me”

  7. 8o& 8o& says:

    Hex Gone Wild is the 4th book in the Smut Shorties series by Milly Taiden The series features short novellas by Milly and Mina Carter I am in fan girl heaven My two favorite authors creating shorties that are coming out in a blink of an eye I love it Each story can be read as a stand alone uickieIn Hex Gone Wild triplet witch Dalia keeps hexing her hot neighbor by accident Wolf shifter Jared has a thing for Dalia and finally makes his move one night while Dalia is in the woods Some serious hotness happens next I am absolutely loving this series by Milly and Mina Can't wait for the next

  8. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    read in the box set as a free readNot as bad as the first story but once again we get a man whore werewolf as the heroDalia has trouble casting a spell which gives her werewolf neighbour Jared another reason to chastise her

  9. Galina Sulaiman Galina Sulaiman says:

    Dahlia second witch of triplet sisters Gerard a wolf that wants her Very short hot hook up to mating

  10. Do Your Reading Do Your Reading says:

    Hex and Sex Box Set

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