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Hardcover ↠ Show and Prove PDF µ Show and Epub /

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  1. Rich in Color Rich in Color says:

    Review copy PurchasedEarlier this year Lyn Miller Lachmann recommended Show and Prove She spoke so highly of the book I knew it was a must read It did not disappointShow and Prove allows readers to experience a summer in The South Bronx through the eyes of two young men learning about who they are and what matters most to them The voices and personalities are distinct and uintero’s characters have depthSmiles has that nickname because he is generally upbeat He’s an idea man Over the years he’s poured time effort and thought into the summer camp He sees possibilities That’s why he feels like he’s been kicked in the gut when Cookie is chosen to be the assistant instead of himNike has an eye for the ladies and works on his break dancing moves to relax Nike works but mostly to buy the name brand clothing he loves He feels trapped by his circumstances and doesn’t know what he can do to escapeThe young men have been friends for years but have hit a rough patch This summer is a transition for their friendshipThere is romance here for sure Nike falls hard I enjoy the words he used to describe the conversations with his love interest She “asks me uestions and I have to think before I answer not because she’s testing me and I’m trying to be fly but like we’re both digging into each other for treasure” The romance is a major issue for Nike but I it’s not the only issue I appreciated that this is a well rounded story going beyond that one aspect of his summer Nike’s family life and friendship with Smiles also have weight along with the racial issues that each faceI was sucked into the daily lives of Smiles and Nike and wanted the story to continue I would certainly read another book with this crewRecommendation Get it soon This is a wonderful coming of age story with engaging characters and an intriguing storyline

  2. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Interesting setting but young adult in pacing and introspective uality Don't think this will work in my middle school library

  3. Jake Bedard Jake Bedard says:

    Show and Prove is a book written from the perspectives of two main characters growing up in the South Bronx during the 1980s Smiles is a teen who faces a conflict with a summer camp counselor named Cookie Camacho and Nike is another teen who wants to win a break dancing competition and that likes a new camp counselor named Sara Since Smiles earned a scholarship to a new private school these two friends had started to drift apart With war in the middle east as well as the ongoing crack and AIDS epidemics these two characters face many different struggles of growing up in a changing world as well as struggle to deal with change within themselves I give this book four out of five stars It was an enjoyable read and had very interesting characters I liked how it was told from two different perspectives because it showed how each character individually changed and viewed situations It wasn't the best book I've ever read and some parts were a little bit boring but overall this was a very good book

  4. Jesten Jesten says:

    This was a very educational book for me as a 90s00s child because there was so much raphip hopbreak dancing culture involved I really loved the diversity and pace The only things that held me back from giving it 5 stars were how similar the two characters' voices were and how unresolved some things felt

  5. Dave Dave says:

    I'm not sure if there was particular significance to the fact that this book was set in the early 80's but I kind of liked that as the setting It definitely had a young adult feel and high school certainly contributed to that but overall it was sweet and enjoyable F picked this off the shelf when the I couldn't find the book I wanted He did as well as I would have

  6. Pete Fanning Pete Fanning says:

    I was expecting a book about the Bronx in the early eighties Breakdancing hip hop trends and nostalgia And I got that but this book is so much I loved following Smiles and Nike along their journeys Sara's heartbreaking story the dynamics of the neighborhood and all the references that made me well smile So glad I picked this up

  7. Jamie Jamie says:

    I admit to skimming because I was in a scattered political mindset and the chapters felt long But My own readership is not as relevant as the opportunity and access this gem provides to other readers

  8. Lulu (the library leopard) Lulu (the library leopard) says:

    35 stars I liked it but sometimes the narrators sounded too similar which can happen first dual books in first person a lot I guess It did help fill the void The Get Down left and I really liked the final scene with Vanessa at the end

  9. Emily S.W. Emily S.W. says:

    This book surprised me Not gonna lie it took a bit of adjusting to get used to the language and the setting but after that you were laid bare to all the things it had to say about the world It was empathetic and very fast to dish out hard realities It was just right

  10. Marlene Marlene says:

    I enjoyed this book It is where I grew up and also reminded me of the recent news with the teenager Junior

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Show and Prove ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Show and Prove Author Sofia Quintero – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A poignant coming of age story about two boys finding their way in the South Bronx in the mid 1980s The summer of 1983 was the summer hip hop proved its staying power The South Bronx is steeped in Rea A poignant coming of age story about two boys finding their way in the South Bronx in the mid s The summer of was the summer hip hop proved its staying power The South Bronx is steeped in Reaganomics war in the Middle East and the twin epidemics of crack and AIDS but Raymond “Smiles” King and Guillermo “Nike” Vega have immediate concerns Smiles was supposed to be the assistant crew chief at his Show and Epub / summer camp but the director chose Cookie Camacho instead kicking off a summer long rivalry Meanwhile the aspiring b boy Nike has set his wandering eye on Sara the sweet yet sassy new camp counselor as well as top prize at a breakdancing competition downtown The two friends have been drifting apart ever since Smiles got a scholarship to a fancy private school and this summer the air is heavy with postponed decisions that will finally be made Raw and poignant this is a story of music urban plight and racial tension that’s as relevant today as it was in .