No Other Darkness PDF/EPUB Ñ No Other Kindle -

No Other Darkness PDF/EPUB Ñ No Other Kindle -

No Other Darkness ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ No Other Darkness By Sarah Hilary ⚣ – The gripping follow up to Sarah Hilary’s acclaimed debut Someone Else’s Skin No Other Darkness finds mystery’s “impressive new cop heroine” The Times London on a case that hauntingly echoes The gripping follow up to Sarah Hilary’s acclaimed debut Someone Else’s No Other Kindle - Skin No Other Darkness finds mystery’s “impressive new cop heroine” The Times London on a case that hauntingly echoes her own family tragedy Detective InspectorMarnie Rome and her partner Detective Sergeant Noah Jake are investigating the recent discovery of two dead boys in a bunker beneath a London garden Terry and Beth under whose garden the bodies were discovered have two children of their own and are also fostering a difficult boy named Clancy Clancy reminds Marnie of her foster brother Stephen who murdered her parents Is Marnie’s past blinding her to the truth Only one thing is certain when Terry and Beth’s biological children vanish Marnie can’t waste a moment finding them.

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  1. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    I was reeling after finishing this book I am gutted there is no 6 star option on Goodreads or This one is in my top five reads of 2015 no uestions asked I have never felt so much emotion reading a book in a long time and not just one emotion but every single one I have not read the first book in this series but have bought it today as I am now a huge fan of Sarah Hilary her imagination and most of all her stunning and sophisticated writing style I was lost in it Incredible This book moved me on so many levels very powerful emotive book Two young boysTrapped underground in a bunkerUnable to understand why they are thereDesperate for someone to find themSlowly realising that no one willFive years later the boys' bodies are found and the most difficult case of DI Marnie Rome's career beginsHer only focus is the boys She has to find out who they are and what happened to themFor Marnie there is no other darkness than this The author had me hooked badly in the first chapter I love a book that opens with a good scene straight into the good stuff this one is NOT a slow burner thankfully As I looked upon the things that DI Marnie Rome did I am pretty sure I felt everything she did I smelt what she did I thought like she did I was THERE in the bunker with the boysThese precious precious boysoh how my heart ached Hugely The plot is tight and really intriguing each character is done so well especially as so many of them hide their flaws and darkness for a lot of the book Sarah Hilary has managed to really make her characters the type you can touch you walk into book scenes in your mind and you can picture and imagine talking to a character I LOVED some of the flawed characters in this book There are twists and reveals that just keep you on the edge of your seat I devoured this book in one sitting I forgot to eat drink and go to the toilet Time stopped The world could have blown up and I would have just said hold on I need to finish to see what happens Immersed I was I swear I actually fell into the book at one point The emotional roller coaster that this book took me on is rare I am very rarely moved to tears reading a book I think two books ever have made me actually cry but this one had sobs choked up in my throat I felt every emotion from anger to despair my heart broke for some my rage grew at others Who put these boys in a bunker underground all alone and why? Who would do something so cruel Just left alone for years Just little boys for God's sake I am feeling the choked up feeling again It's DI Marnie Rome's job to find who did such a thing but it's not a clear cut case at all There are webs of secrets lies and deception that make this book so interesting because you can't be complacent and think you have it all worked out just when you do there will be a turn of events that puts you back where you started from Best just to read it I could not put it down it got better and better as it went along escalating in intensity to an ending that took my breath away Absolutely knocked me off my feet I was exhausted by the end of the last few chapters as I invested my feelings into what was before my eyes I think I yelled at the book too No spoilers for you the plot is brilliant just read it Don't think too much about it just beg borrow or buy it I am now a HUGE fan of Sarah Hilary and I read a LOT of crime fiction I have found a new gem to sparkle amongst my favourite authors 6 paw prints for this one oops sorry 5 paw prints for this one One of the best books I have read this year by a long shotFor of my book reviews come along and see me at thanks to the author and publisher for my copy via NetGalley in exchange for a review

  2. Sue Sue says:

    I took some time out between reading some new books and then going back on some older books left on my tbr shelf like I promised myself this yearThis is the secound book in the DI Marnie Rome series I have been so eager to return to this series as I enjoyed book one so very muchThis was harrowing two young lads trapped in a bunker who eventually dieYears later their bodies are found now ensues gathering what happened and whyDI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jakes make a great team and it was great to learn about them however Noah seems to be hiding something so that has left me fully intrigued to get to the next book I found the last half of this book impossible to put down headache or not I was going to finish this not a headache because of the book no the heating in my home gives me an headache but with the snow on the ground the family members are coldOnto book 3 My thanks to Headline via Net Galley for my copy

  3. Elaine Elaine says:

    After five years entombment the bodies of two boys are found in an underground bunker Who are they how did they die and who put them there? I have read a few books over the past year or so with underground burial as a theme but that isn’t to say that there is no room for another one – especially if it is as good as No Other Darkness the follow on to Someone Else’s Skin Whilst I enjoyed Someone Else’s Skin I have to say that the author really has stepped it up a notch here – and I absolutely loved No Other Darkness It is an unputdownable read that just feels altogether darker and “psychological” than its predecessorDI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jakes are an excellent pairing both being characters with hidden depths and I particularly liked the way we saw of Noah in this book However as I said when I reviewed the last book and I am going to say it again – I do feel there is a heck of a lot of Noah to come out I love Marnie She is a very complex character with history and to really begin to understand her I think it is necessary to have read the first book before you read this one That book gives you all the background information on her that you need to know “at this stage of the series” and without some of that information you might feel a little bewildered at times in this read as Marnie’s past does overlap at times in this storyIt was definitely a book that I couldn’t put down with plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing There were a couple of times when I was reading it that I was totally fooled by the author as each time I thought that it is getting to be a bit too coincidental or silly a few pages on things would start to make perfect sense It is a book where nothing is black and white where you will be changing your mind about what happened and your opinions about some of the characters throughout the read Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy

  4. Marnie (Enchanted Bibliophile) Marnie (Enchanted Bibliophile) says:

    We don’t always know the truth about other people even the ones we’re closest toFirst Sentence Fred’s crying again a snotty noise with a whine in it like the puppy when she’s shut outside Another brilliant addition to the DI Marnie Rome series With twists turns and darkness you will not guess

  5. Christine Christine says:

    To be published in April 2015There is something incredibly exciting about reading a follow up book to the one you LOVED At the beginning of the year I fell in love with Marnie Rome and the wonderful writing style of Sarah Hilary In ‘Someone Else’s Skin’ Sarah Hilary’s debut novel we were introduced to DI Marnie Rome and her sidekick Noah JakeIn ‘No Other Darkness’ Marnie and Noah are assigned to a case of two young boys hidden in a bunker and left to die As with Hilary’s previous book there is SO much to this than missing children We get of Marnie’s past colliding with her present We get a tale of over whelming guilt and shame from the agony of past events At its heart this book is about families and Sarah Hilary cleverly unpicks them so we can see beneath the veneer I am being deliberately vague There is so much I can only hint at So much that impressed me as a reader It is very cleverWhat I loved about this book was Hilary’s attention to detail and character She is a genius at sending the reader in one direction while pointing clues in another That is exactly what I want in a crime novel I want to be fooled I want to be googling things I have just read to see if that is what people do in real lifeHer two main police detectives are just wonderful The right mix of compassion and intellect Marnie is one of those characters that you want to know about She is uite a jigsaw puzzle An enigma And I do have a soft spot for Noah JakeAnyone who loved ‘Someone Else’s Skin’ will not be disappointed with the new Marnie Rome Sarah Hilary writes the best crime reads Emotionally intelligent and compellingTotally and utterly recommended A massive thanks to Sarah Hilary and her publishers for sending me a review copy

  6. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    So what seems like years ago now I read it VERY early I first encountered Marnie Rome in Sarah Hilary’s haunting debut “Someone Elses Skin” It has felt like a long wait for the follow up novel but it was worth every minuteIn this instalment a horrific discovery sets off a highly disturbing case for Marnie and co that hits closer to home than anyone is comfortable with – as things twist and turn their way towards a breathtaking conclusion it becomes obvious that nothing is as it appears and the story is at turns completely compelling extremely frightening and often very emotionalThis time I was utterly hooked from the first page I read it in a day there simply was no stopping once I started – the beauty of the writing especially for Crime Fiction is beyond compare and it sucks you into the vortex of Marnie’s world holding you there barely breathing until the case is solved and the story is doneOnce again the author takes on the mantle of another hugely emotional issue that should be talked about but is not – in “Someone Elses Skin” that was domestic abuse in this story well I obviously can’t tell you because that would spoil it but suffice to say Marnie is facing the darkness head on and is determined to give these children a name and a voice – in order to do so she may have to face some harsh truths of her ownI absolutely love how Sarah Hilary writes her characters with plenty of moral ambiguity – no “good guys” or “bad guys” but just people – living life day to day and sometimes heading into dangerous territory doing the wrong thing for seemingly right reasons and vice versa as far as psychological depth goes you won’t find better than this Scary in its authenticity with a heroine at its heart that will steal yours this was truly an amazing and evocative readYou would say there was nothing new in Crime Fiction these days difficult to find something fresh – as I remarked on Facebook during the reading of this I have no idea how Ms Hilary manages to write in this genre as if she was the first person who ever did but that is what she does Expressive and resonant I really cannot recommend it highly enough

  7. Janet Janet says:

    No Other Darkness is the follow up to Ms Hilary's debut novel Someone Else's Skin continuing on with main protagonist Marnie Rome And what a follow upA grisly find of two young boys in a bunker at the bottom of a garden is where this book sets off An upsetting but strong start that leads into an investigation of who the boys were and why was their disappearance not highlighted before? What we find is a tale of anguish terrible guilt remorse lack of understanding and an insight into a terribly sad illness All handled in a way that didn't ever come over as mushy or nauseating I found the book had a strong start and then it took me a long time to engage only reading sections a bit at a time Mostly I think down to what was going on in my life rather than the book itself However get to halfway through and OMG it was like Ms Hilary grabs the reader by the throat and doesn't let go The last half was totally unputdownable I would find myself half heartedly doing chores and finding any excuse to keep going back to my Kindle Seriously I did that a lot I read the last half of the book literally in an afternoon it was pacy thrilling heart stopping stuff This book is not so much a whodunit reasons unfurling bit by bit and understanding falling into place The characters of Marnie and Noah are as attractive as ever and I can honestly say I can see these books transferring easily to the small screen Adapted well they would make great tv viewing in my opinion Heck I even found myself doing some castingOverall this is a terrific read well researched great characters from big to small and good storytelling Seriously what can you ask from a book?As usual I'm annoyed at Goodreads for not being able to apply half stars but this is a four and half star book for me Why not five? Well it was pretty darn closeHighly recommend My thanks go to the author the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC A privilege

  8. Emma Emma says:

    45 starsThis is one of the two best psychological thrillers i've read this year The other is Angela Marsons Silent ScreamI'd seen the previous installment 'Someone Else's Skin' but hadn't read it In no way did that detract from the reading of this book and i'm thrilled that it gives me something else to read by this author straight awaySarah Hilary is an excellent writer She holds your attention from the outset and never lets up I read the whole book in one sitting all the while telling myself that old chestnut 'just one chapter' I'm not even going to review this properly i'm just going to gush about how good it is and hope that my enthusiasm is enough What else do i need to say? The characters feel real I liked that the detectives were really moved by death They felt it and so I felt it As a reader it makes you invested in the story if we all internal and external care about the resolution And what a resolution? I did not see that coming and i'd been feeling very clever thinking I knew what was going on If you like crime read it You won't be disappointedMany thanks to Netgalley and Headline for this copy in exchange for an honest review

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    Sarah Hilary has really amped it up with No Other Darkness the follow up to Someone Else's Skin i think this one is even betterTwo young children are found entombed in a bunker dead they had been there for 5 years but who put them there why? well in this psychological thriller you are taken on a dark journey of the perps madness PsychosisDI Marnie Rome DS NOah Jake are back to solve the murder of Fred Archie what they discover is lies deceit a terrifying realisation that it was done by someone the boys knew what i enjoyed about this was we found out insight into Noah Jake his weaknesses strengths Marnie has a terrible background she would like to forgetI really loved loved loved this book if i could rate it a 10 i would but 5 stars for this brilliant work of fiction

  10. Richard Richard says:

    It would be fair to share that Sarah Hilary is growing on me however I find her a frustrating writer There were times during the first part of the book that I felt confined and trapped in the past with DI Marnie Rome when all I wanted to do was move on and read something new Then I got it; the gentle layering of this unusual story the clever patterns being brought together to make a defined and meaningful picture I was in danger of scoring it much lower in the belief the author had nothing new to say The second half of the novel changed all that for me and I saw considered plot with distinct themes challenging our sense of family safety responsibility and labeling of people and situations we don't understand As a social commentary on how we treat mental heath especially around severe forms of post natal depression it hits its mark but this is a work of fiction that allows a skilful writer to promote our emotions change our attitudes mid paragraph and scare us to our core Characters talk about how another person sees them and like a mirror reflects back the person they are; this book eually illuminates those dark places of the mind the sense of self and protecting those we care about as clearly as we see our own image in a looking glass A terrific novel aptly titled and utilizing sun terrain London takes the reader into confined and enclosed spaces You feel as trapped as some of the characters and like the torch losing its power as it crashes against the wall we're not getting out of here if it goes dark A crime is discovered from some years ago; two small boys abandoned in a bunker and left to die Who could have left them to die? As the investigation gets underway the past bleeds into the present and no one can feel safe In my opinion better than the award winning debut novel; this book demonstrates that Sarah Hilary is no one hit wonder

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