Out of Whack PDF Ë Out of PDF \ Paperback

Out of Whack PDF Ë Out of PDF \ Paperback

10 thoughts on “Out of Whack

  1. Pin Pin says:

    Another great read with great main characters and great dialogue by one of my fav authors The epilogue which can be found online is a must read45 stars

  2. Heidi Heidi says:

    I always love Susan X Meagher's books and she did not disappoint me with this one Although I have others I have loved this was a great story I was glad there was to the ending on the website I didn't feel the story was finished in the book

  3. Val Val says:

    This is the first book I've read by this author and it was most entertaining It's a definite page turner as well as a sweet romance Will definitely read her other books

  4. Jem Jem says:

    Darcy and Tess are polar opposites They are as different in every single way upbringing chosen professions habits and outlook in life as night and day Darcy thrives on order and routine while Tess suffers from lifelong wanderlust appreciating the spontaneity and unpredictability of her travels Both are fairly successful in their professions It is entirely random that they meet and are thrown together in a life threatening situation Stuck with each other by circumstance and by choice an unlikely attraction develops But will it be enough to overcome their seemingly insurmountable differences? That last sentence pretty much sums up the premise of every other lesfic romance What makes this book stand out is the execution And I don't mean the main plot point of the two ladies being on the run from the mob and the police Granted it's a smart page turning plot device to liven up this book and just realistic enough to be plausible for the most part But things are just a little too pat and convenient view spoilerthe bag of cash the clumsy goon the offing of the mob boss unambitious ADA hide spoiler

  5. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    I have never found a book by Susan X Meagher to be anything other than wonderful nor have I found one that I have not wanted to put down This one is no exception

  6. Tiffanie Tiffanie says:

    25 starsSusan Meagher's work tends to be hit or miss for me This one was a missThe characters felt very shallow which was a bit of a surprise from this author The entire plot reuires suspension of disbelief I was sufficiently warned from the story summary but the subseuent decisions they made were just silly and I kept putting the book down because of it I did finish the book but I don't think this is anywhere on par with Chef's Special or The Crush

  7. Chand Chand says:

    Susan Meagher is a good writer Unfortunately this is not one of her best books especially if it is supposed to be a thriller to some extent It moved too slowly and there were pages and pages where nothing much happens The protagonists also don't have any chemistry and one doesn't feel the attraction till one is specifically told that it's there Tess' reasons for giving up everything to stick with Darcy are also not convincing again because there's telling and less showing

  8. Jenna Jenna says:

    This was a delightful romp While the whole organized crime element was essentially a contrivance designed to bring the two unlikely leads together I found both of those characters to be funny charming and full of entertaining uirks It worked for me Don't come to this looking for suspense though While the first few chapters have some tense moments this uickly settles down into pure romanceThis is for the most part a story about two characters in a room The room changes once or twice but it's basically a book of thoughts and conversations with a light tone What drama there is doesn't come from gunfights and car chases it comes from two people with very different personalities who are stuck together for long periods of time I would've liked to have felt the danger a little but I came to the book looking for a sweet love story and that's exactly what I got As comfort food it satisfied meMy only criticism here is that the epilogue was kept out of the book and instead posted to the publisher's website ostensibly to draw traffic Without it the book's finale feels very abrupt Having access to the book's ending is a fairly big deal and relying upon the publisher to both stay in business and continue hosting the data of older titles in order to read the story as intended is a gamble I wouldn't want to take again

  9. Frank Van Meer Frank Van Meer says:

    OkIf you want to get two polar opposite women to meet and get together in the end use a cabin in the mountains during a freak blizzard; have a plane crash in the jungle with only them as survivors and they get chased by drug dealers they happen to stumble over I don't know anything but what happens in this bookBecause let me tell you It is so completely and uttery stupid and unbelievable it's an insult to my intelligence and my euro'sWhile the romance is predictable but OK Darcy and Tess fairly likeble the rest of the book is filled with complete ineptitude stupidity implausibilty improbabilty and every other adjective you can come up with it isn't even funny I had to go to my optometrist to have my eyes checked because they were over exerted with eye rolling If this was the first book I read from Ms Meager I wouldn't have given anything else even a glance That would have been a shame because then I would not have read The Crush Speaking of polar opposites

  10. Jess Stice Jess Stice says:

    Amazing as alwaysSusan x Meagher just keeps getting better and better I love all her works and read them over and over again Keep it up

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Out of Whack [Reading] ➾ Out of Whack Author Susan X. Meagher – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Plan ahead work hard play by the rules and you'll be justly rewarded The maxims that had been drummed into Darcy Morgan were the backbone of her orderly lifeBut as she stumbled down the streets of Bro Plan ahead work hard play by the rules and you'll be justly rewarded The maxims that had been drummed into Darcy Morgan were the backbone of her orderly lifeBut as she stumbled down Out of PDF \ the streets of Brooklyn bruised battered and beaten she began to think she'd been led astray It didn't do a damn bit of good to play by the rules if the other guys had the game riggedDarcy wouldn't survive the night if she didn't find shelter A chance meeting with a kind hearted woman could pluck her from the fire just in time But pulling an innocent into her suddenly tumultuous world was wrong Thoroughly unuestionably wrong But right and wrong didn't seem as clear as they'd always been The keystones of her life had been shattered forcing her to care only about survival her own.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Out of Whack
  • Susan X. Meagher
  • English
  • 10 April 2015
  • 9780989989558

About the Author: Susan X. Meagher

Susan X Meagher was born in southern Illinois and grew up in East St Louis She attended college in Chicago and started her working career there She and her partner moved to the Out of PDF \ Los Angeles area in the late 's It was there that she started to write Her first few books were simply posted on the web and became the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series In she moved to New York and divid.