Any Way We Want Want #1 PDF/EPUB ß We Want ePUB

Any Way We Want Want #1 PDF/EPUB ß We Want ePUB

Any Way We Want Want #1 [PDF / Epub] ☉ Any Way We Want Want #1 By Grey Cole – I couldn’t have picked two men opposing than they One dark headed slightly controlling but intuitive The other all unruly copper curls somewhat bashful but sensual Yet my fall for them felt the same I couldn’t have picked two men opposing than We Want ePUB ✓ they One dark headed slightly controlling but intuitive The other all unruly copper curls somewhat bashful but sensual Yet my fall for them felt the same—hard and fast I never slept around or cheated but when you're the girl who got dumped for being too kinky you realize and accept you are different Somehow some way they had Any Way Epub / to be mine My mind spun with what could be and I set out to entice them with my fantasy Only my plot had a twistRoyce and Shea were already lovers Luckily for me they liked to share Warning Contains a headstrong daughter of nudist hippy parents an Alpha with seriously protective instincts positive representations of Asperger's Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and oh yeah MM MMM Way We Want PDF/EPUB ¿ MMF and MFM.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 106 pages
  • Any Way We Want Want #1
  • Grey Cole
  • English
  • 14 May 2016

About the Author: Grey Cole

Grey Cole always dreamt of a book that We Want ePUB ✓ featured hot male on male action that grew to encompass one lucky woman Okay maybe Grey really dreamt of this scenario playing out in real life and then decided to purge all those dirty thoughts onto the page.

10 thoughts on “Any Way We Want Want #1

  1. Christy Christy says:

    35 steamy starsIf you’re looking for an erotic sensual and kinky novella look no further Any Way They Want has lots of heat kink threesomes etc But don’t let that full you It’s not ‘just sex’ There is a great love story here This love story just happens to involve three people instead of two Their love story was the most beautiful one she’d ever heard and she thought the world or their little corner of it anyway should hear it 
This novella starts with the female in their little threesome wanting to do an interview To share with the world confidently of course what it’s like to be in a loving and committed relationships with two people instead of just one But before any of that there was Royce and Shea Two best friends College roommates Confidantes Then turned partners lovers soul matesI have to say this part of the story close to half of the novella was 5 star worthy material Watching these boys maneuver their way from a friendship to a relationship was wonderful Shea has uestioned his sexuality for a while but Royce not so much Royce has always been attracted to women Shea is the exception to the rule for him There is something about his best friend that just sparks that something in him He didn’t even compare the difference between kissing a man and a woman because kissing Shea was like kissing love incarnate and no one or nothing else had ever come close I loved Royce like crazy And Shea was great too Luna however was just okay for me I feel like in time when I get to know her I might start to feel that connection with her Sexy erotic and emotional This was a great start to a series The only issue I had with it is that I felt such a strong connection to Royce and Shea as a couple the dynamic of the three of them didn’t give me the same connection I’m sure with time it will but for now I have to say I enjoyed all the parts with Royce and Shea than anything else I did very much enjoy reading this and I’m looking forward to the second

  2. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    35 STARSARC Generously Provided by Author via Angie's Dreamy Reads Book Blog ARC Giveaway Contest This was one incredibly steamy read It was also my first menage book I was hoping that this would center around the relationship between the three characters but this one seemed to mostly focus on the two male characters which was one of my fears I am not into the mm genre and although I found some of the scenes to be really hot it just wasn't my cuppa What I did love was that Luna the female character had reservations about becoming the third for fear that she would always be the outsider and the one to be easily cast aside if things didn't work out This was my fear too about the storyWe start off in the present Royce Luna and Shea are in a committed relationship with each other There is one extremely panty melting scene between them in the beginning and then we learn a little afterwards that they have been split apart by some magazine article that reveals their identities and their lifestyleThen the story shifts to the past where we learn how Royce and Shea first became a couple It was hot but there was also such love and tenderness between these two men Royce had only been with women and had never thought about actually being with a man till he met Shea They were college roommates and good friends but Royce developed feelings for Shea One night will change everything for the two Their relationship is almost perfect but they run into an issue and both decide to bring in a third person strictly for sexual purposes AND here I was thrown into reading my first mmm OMG I needed a hand to hold I was not prepared LOLAfter several mm scenes and several chapters later Luna is finally introduced to the story We learn how she becomes involved with Royce and Shea They definitely seemed to love each other but I still got the feeling Royce and Shea loved each other a bit than Luna I would have liked the story to have focused on the three of them but since this is a series I'm sure I will get what I want in the next bookI think those who like mm will definitely enjoy this book Even though I am not a fan of the genre I will admit that I found the sexy time scenes to be extremely racy I did like the main characters and want to see how it all ends up for them so I will be continuing on with this series

  3. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    I like ménage books but often than never I find myself being disappointed with the cliché story of two guys and one girl having sex and sex and very little elseHow pleasantly surprised I was with Any Way We Want Vol 1 by Grey ColeThe author sure packed a lot into this rather short story Sexy emotional complex erotic I liked the story and the plot development was pretty good although it’s character driven than plot drivenI liked the romance aspect which focused mostly on the two men Royce Shea They have been together in a relationship for a few years before Luna becomes part of their lives In fact the build up and chemistry between Royce and Shea was pretty amazingmuch than between the three Luna just never seemed to have the deep connection the two men had with each other I just didn’t feel that sizzle when she was with themMy favorite character? Royce without a doubt So I am totally hooked on these characters and can’t wait for the next installmentI meanafter that damn cliffhanger ReallyIf you like mm and mmf storiesread this one I can definitely recommend it And I will certainly be reading books from this author

  4. Beverly Beverly says:

    35 4 HOT StarsThis is the story of three people mmf in a committed relationship Things begin with Royce’s POV and we immediately learn that things have fallen apart between the trio and he is going to work to fix them ”And the people responsible for filling their world with turmoil and doubtthe would ruin them” I don’t want to get too into the actual plot but provide information on the dynamic of the trioLet’s back up and see how things started Royce and Shea mm were best friends in college Shea thought he might be gay and dated a little while in college After one disastrous date Royce consoles him Royce isn’t attracted to men just Shea They go from friends to lovers and even in this short installment I could feel their love for each other The way Royce protected and looked out for Shea was so heartwarming Three years later they are still together and have started a business In search of a CFO they interview and meet Luna Luna is looking for a change after her boyfriend broke up with her for being too kinky The guys are immediately attracted to her but are interested in her business skills She becomes a part of their business and eventually the third int their trio I liked Luna but didn’t feel her connection to the guys Let me rephrase that it didn’t seem like her relationship to them was as strong as the guy’s to each other Overall this is hot little number and I am curious to see where things are going next I do recommend if you like serial and these types of reads mmf ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

  5. Mo (The Scarlet Siren) Mo (The Scarlet Siren) says:

    Hello friend So glad you could join me Come in have a seat No Don’t sit there That seat is a little damp Oh that one is too?? Sorry sheepish grinWHY are all my seats a bit damp you ask? You can blame author Grey Cole and the first volume of her new erotic serial Any Way We Want This book is HOT with a capital “Damn this book is hot”Cole give us a steamy romance featuring all sorts of copulation configurations and conflagration to the point where my Kindle actually gave up on me at one point I was like “Kellan The Kindle are you getting too hot?” And Kellan was all “Bitch I might be”Moreover Grey gives us a compelling love story The story of Royce Shea and Luna is not to be missed These characters are both alluring and thought provoking managing such issues as coming out Asperger’s and complicated romantic and sexual relationships Yes it’s erotic but it’s not gratuitous Beneath every encounter is palpable emotion and desire raising things above just the physicalI love how Grey paced this book Blending together past the present and even a little snippet of the future the exposition and character development are on point We start out at the beginning of Royce Shea’s relationship and take that journey with them and get to be a fly on the wall when Luna comes into their lifeWhile I’m usually not a big fan of serials Grey Cole is doing this one right We know exactly how many installments we’re getting three so we’re not left wondering how long this story is going to go on Being the first part of course this isn’t their full story but we’re left in just the right place Satisfied yet desperate for kind of like Luna

  6. Nina ~ Valentine PR & Literary Managment Nina ~ Valentine PR & Literary Managment says:

    Wowwhat an amazing love storythere was not one thing that I didn't like about this story As you read Any Way We Want you know you are getting the back story of Royce Shea and Luna I loved how we got the present time then it flipped to the past that kind of storytelling is always brilliant to me and really captivates me To get how Royce and Shea fell in love was just really lovely The love and respect these two have for each other is just so damn evident and clear and so very realistic The addition to Luna to the mix and their reasons to adding a third was very eye opening and I loved how they were all on board for this menage relationship for their own reasonsI have to make a mention that Grey Cole writes a very vivid picture of the way families handle the news when their children come out of the closet The support of one of the dads brought tears to my eyes as I hope in my heart that this is the reaction in real life than that of the other dad This for me was a very important part of the story as it really showed the character of the players in this storyI can't wait until the next bookthere was a fairly large cliffhanger but you knew from the prologue it was coming so no shocker but stillI Am ReadyGreat Job Grey

  7. ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝ ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝ says:

    When this turns to things change for the good or the bad the future is uncertain This was hot and steamy but with depravity and debauchery could have been great Although I'm not 100% sold on the story layout You meet them have a steamy sex scene then jump a few years just to keep doing it again Seems odd to me

  8. Nikki Groom Nikki Groom says:

    I bloody loved this Grey Cole write flippin' faster would ya?So damn hot and not without a great back story to suck you in I love these guys and Luna of course

  9. Jenni Jenni says:

    425 Satisfying StarsEvery so often I have to fullfill my guilty pleasure reading need It's even better when the story is sweet short and delicious And this book satisfied all my needs

  10. Cézanne Hayden-Dilbert Cézanne Hayden-Dilbert says:

    claps hands Well done Grey Cole well done This book blew me away Any Way We Want was an intensely erotica novella that had amazing chemistry amongst the characters and a uniue story line I’ll be honest; I’ve never read a MM romance before but from the very first chapter this book had me hooked“All his life he felt like he was simply existing going with the ebb and flow but never uite connecting Always waiting for something big And as crazy as it seemed Royce was his something big”Royce and Shea were college roommates and they had been best friends for the last 3 years Their friendship was unlike anything else They had a deep connection and were always open and honest with each other Shea had been struggling with his sexuality for years but he was scared to truly explore that side of himself Unbeknownst to Shea Royce was struggling with his feelings for Shea “No matter what we do who we play with it will always come back to you and me You are my world And no matter who we let rock our world we will never let anyone destroy our world I promise”Royce and Shea decided to take their friendship to the next level Their relationship was intense passionate and beyond sexy I loved the relationship between the two As much as they loved each other there was something missing and they decided to bring in another partner to help fill the voidWhen Luna comes into their lives it completed them They had other partners before but there was truly a chemistry and friendship with Luna Luna was smart free spirited and very sexual We don’t know a lot about her yet but she loved Royce and Shea immensely When she convinces the trio to do an interview about their relationship the repercussions of their decision puts a fracture in the trio’s relationshipWith some erotic novellas the plot can be lacking in chemistry and connection but that was not the case here I truly enjoyed the connection between the characters Each character had their own set of uirks and issues and it added to the story dynamic This book was very sexy and erotic I blushed reading a scene or two because it was that intense but I loved it Grey Cole wrote a great story and I cannot wait to see what happens next with these charactersI

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