Paperback Þ Memoria PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Memoria PDF/EPUB Ú

Memoria (Multiversum, #2) [Reading] ➾ Memoria (Multiversum, #2) Author Leonardo Patrignani – Alex Jenny y Marco han comprobado por sí mismos lo ue significa estar perdido en las calles infinitas del Multiverso Sin embargo ahora no saben cómo salir de Memoria una dimensión mental tan cerrad Alex Jenny y Marco han comprobado por sí mismos lo ue significa estar perdido en las calles infinitas del Multiverso Sin embargo ahora no saben cómo salir de Memoria una dimensión mental tan cerrada como una jaula en la ue únicamente pueden ver auello ue recuerdan Mientras transcurren los siglos y se precipita el final de su propia época comienza una nueva Era en el planeta Tierra ¿Cómo conseguirán valerse de los recuerdos para escapar de Memoria y evitar una condena eterna ¿ué secretos diseminados por el pasado les permitirán despertar de nuevo en el futuro.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Memoria (Multiversum, #2)
  • Leonardo Patrignani
  • Spanish
  • 05 July 2016
  • 9788416075256

About the Author: Leonardo Patrignani

Leonardo Patrignani was born in Moncalieri Torino in Leonardo has been the singer and songwriter of a heavy metal band called Beholder with the alias Patrick Wire Beholder signed with Dragonheart Records in and released three records in the following years The Legend Begins Wish For Destruction Lethal InjectionIn Leonardo started studying as an actor and dubber and now.

10 thoughts on “Memoria (Multiversum, #2)

  1. Mac FIRE EAGLE Mac FIRE EAGLE says:

    The first book written by Leonardo Patrignani MULTIVERSUM was a pleasant surprise a roller coaster ride between parallel realities divided by barriers so thin they could almost overlap Multiversum left the readers with the main characters seemingly stuck in a Barcelona shaped limbo built upon their own memories MEMORIA begins exactly at the same point some experiences into the catalan city and small discoveries represent new pieces of the puzzle The plot has greatly improved keeping a nice pace Patrignani gets you to a higher peak of the narrative climaxThe narrative improvement also shows that constantly exercise is bringing the author to explore several options that could easily lead him to write about other genres far away from Fantasy Sci fiSadly as this book has come to an end we have to wait for the next year to see what other plot twists will lead us to leap into the void with no springboard on which we can stop and breathe

  2. Enrique Maldonado Enrique Maldonado says:

    If Multiversum left me with the desire of reading Memoria; Memoria has left me with desire for Utopia I cannot wait for buying it Thor epilogy was something weird and aweasome i felt like Marco in that moment in another part od the multiverse i felt his preocupation and his happiness The book was a really good seuel of Multiversum Leonardo Patrignani letting us again with the desire for well Memoria is the second book of a trylogi called Multiversum by Leonardo Patrignani This book starts with Alex Jenny and Marco in this weird place called Memory wich is such a mess Marco finds out that this place is kind of a shared memory and he starts to dicover how it works at the same time Alex and Jenny are finding out how it works by themselves too Then Jenny detect that they are losing their ability to feel After this event Patrignani shows us a wonderful cap this talks about the beginig of everything it's just awesome And then Jenny wakes up and she remembers nothing about her past and here is when Patrignani introduce us Ben a scientific that works for Mnemonica a submarine artefact While the weeks are pasing we start to notice that Ben doesn't want to stay longer in Mnemonica and he needs to run with Jenny away because he Knows that the heads are going to kill him at the same time we see that Jenny has woken up in a civilization of five houndred years after the end of the world and here is when we initiate to asking ourselves What the heck has happended Where is Alex and Marcoi'm going to start summrising for not to make spoilersJenny find out that she can get in the head of the other people she can see his memories even she can controle them She and Ben run away of Mneonica over Jenny starts to notice that this world is oppresed that her old world she understands that evorybody is a slave but they think that they are free The police reach them and kill Ben; he was driving Jenny to his father but for obvious reasons he couldn't The thing is that Jenny arrive where Ben's father is this old man called Ian Ian takes Janny to Alex and there Jenny's memories come back she remebers everithingIan end up being Marco and he tells the entire story about why he is so old He told them that his capsule was opened fifty years ago and that's why he's old He tells them that in Memory he found out the way to keep them alive and there is when we can understand almost all They have to scape from Gea the continent in wich they are here is when Anna gets in the story Marco introduced her like someone like them well someone better than them the thing is that Anna is going to help them to scape to another part of the multiverse cloning them with their genomes however the police catch them but Anna scapes After that it's the epilogy in wich Marco is in an other Part of the multiverse apparently Anna could clone them using their genomes but the thing is that Marco Jenny and Alex made something wrong they made a bad deal

  3. Adriana Bonilla Adriana Bonilla says:

    wow I'm kinda wordless This book has been the ultimate roller coaster One page the world was one thing and the next time it was shitThis book has been amazing and honestly I just don't know how to star to describe itI guess I'm going to finish this series and then I'll decide Again it's one of the best and most bizarre books I have ever read and I totally love it40 Stars in every possible universe

  4. Ayca Ayca says:

    Second book of the Multiversum series The topic is what happened in earth after those three friends escaped from their Memoria and while they were in that We still don't know what Memoria actually is and how it exactly works It feels like the author just adds another power to the characters and Memoria when he gets stuck while writing Still as boring as the first one

  5. Coconut skeleton Coconut skeleton says:

    Conseuence in this book is not existing This is like a sketch of a book that is about to be written than something I would have the courage to call a novel

  6. Hayler Edu Hayler Edu says:

    The book in some cases was very boring but the final is amazing

  7. Marco Baiocco Marco Baiocco says:

    The usual amateurish writing style of the first book now with even contradictions and things that could not hold even considering the mandatory suspension of disbelief everyone should have while reading science fictionOf course there are impossible things in a sf book that is normal but here impossible things that happen in the fictional world are in contrast each other Despite the research the author claims to have done the story lacks a logical skeleton that could hold Result a crappy sagaI wonder who the author knows in the publishing house 'Cause he MUST have acuaintances if he could get them to publish this

  8. Sally Sally says:

    It is like 36 stars I like the book it was very interesting but there are some aspects that I felt that need explanation I wish WISH that a third book will be out And I don't know how to feel about the final s

  9. Nass Nass says:

    Amazing This second book in the Multiverse trilogy is even better than the first The genius of Leonardo Patrignani has managed to weave a story that goes beyond the boundaries of the physical world

  10. Juan Pablo Juan Pablo says:

    As always Leonardo Patriagnani didn´t disappointed me This book was fantastic Memoria is a pretty dark place for me Also the Multiverse is full of mistery and adventure

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