The Rithmatist Epub Ú Paperback

The Rithmatist Epub Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 440 pages
  • The Rithmatist
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Spanish
  • 26 June 2016
  • 9788466655866

10 thoughts on “The Rithmatist

  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    Listened to this one on audio vainly hoping beyond hope that I might finally read a Brandon Sanderson book I don't like so I can feel better about myself as an author But no I enjoyed this book as much as any of his Good worldbuilding just as you'd expect from Sanderson And a clever detailed magic system Good mystery surrounding the world And I really like that things aren't easy for the protagonist Everything doesn't just fall into his lap He wants things at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book he still wants them He has some hope now because he's learned about the world but some of his greatest desires are still not just unattainable but seemingly impossibleLooking forward to the next one in the series

  2. Dana Ilie Dana Ilie says:

    A another mind blowing bookThe Rithmatist is a Young Adult fantasy Sanderson hits all the right notes when it comes to all the usual YA themes; coming of age the meaning of true friendship loyalty perseverance and even a didactic against bullyingAs expected in a Sanderson novel the magic system is completely uniueThe characters are a fun bunch to read about – every one of them is uniue with their distinct personalities and idiosyncrasies Sanderson does a good job here and the characters keep you fully entertained I especially liked the contrast between Melody a Rithmatist student who doesn’t take her studies seriously and Joel who lacks Rithmatist powersThe story setting and magic system also reminded me a bit of The Name of The Wind – especially the part where Kvothe attends magic school and studies a rigidly structured magic with specific rulesThe world is pretty similar to our world near the turn of the century with magical elements added to it It almost feels a bit like 20th century England with parts of Lord of the Rings added into the geographyOverall The Rithmatist is a fantastic book that will guarantee to keep both adults and kids entertained My only complaint is we will have to wait another year to continue the story

  3. Caz (littlebookowl) Caz (littlebookowl) says:

    Rating 45 starsThis was such an enjoyable and fun read

  4. Mitch Mitch says:

    Brandon Sanderson just made chalk figures scary Chalk figures As in these guysOk admittedly they don’t look like much certainly not like man eating monsters but after reading this they are totally creepy Sanderson’s certainly built up a well deserved reputation for writing interesting intelligent wildly imaginative magic systems to the point it’s pretty much common knowledge in the fantasy community these days but as The Rithmatist proves those talents still go a long way especially for his first foray into the young adult genre I mean before reading this I’d have never thought it possible to be devoured by two dimensional pictographs but now? I’m not so sure “Can I please just pass geometry? I have plans for summer elective If I can’t make them work well I’ll do calculus or something with you” In other words the obvious highlight of reading a Sanderson book is figuring out yet another of his magic systems in the case of The Rithmatist Rithmatics duh I’ve seen Sanderson’s newest offering compared to playing a real time strategy game MineCraft? with chalk drawings and it’s absolutely spot on Rithmatics is the magic of bringing to life little chalk figures called chalklings ostensibly to fight their murderous wild brethren but as par for the course for a Sanderson book watching chalkings destroy each other is only a tiny piece of the magic Sanderson’s created a character in Joel whose enthusiasm for explaining the strategy behind Rithmatic duels is just infectious sure he can also be described as an annoying know it all at first but it's a redeeming flaw because I liked how he grows as and becomes a rounded character particularly once he begins interacting with Melody and Fitch though it’s really because of what Sanderson does above and beyond every other fantasy writer approaching a magic system that makes the real difference Rithmatics is really is a fascinating mix of logic math and art see the wonderful drawings by Ben McSweeney at the beginning of each chapter basically and exploring the theory behind Rithmatic combat as Rithmatists use various geometric shapes to direct and protect themselves from the chalklings is an eye opening experience for anyone who appreciates the beauty of simple geometry That or unicorns “Oh hush you” she said “You’ll deal with unicorns maybe some flower people and a pegasus or two and you’ll like it” Magic systems of course can’t be relied on to carry an entire book In a way beyond the magic system The Rithmatist feels like a middle grade book than a young adult one The characters well mostly behave like Joel’s Rithmatist friend Melody; she’s like any other typical cool girl character in that she has some great lines but she also has that really interesting affection for unicorns Other than Joel and Melody despite the fact this is set at a school the other characters of note are all adults Professors Fitch and Nalizar Inspector Harding Joel of course interacts with the students but they’re all name dropped and don’t have roles to speak of and I guess I did want to see students who weren’t just names and actually interacted significantly with Joel and Melody The upside of that though is I am beyond tired of the relationship drama that seems to be the focus of young adult these days so a book heck a great book with an awesome Sanderson magic system that concentrates on the plot and things that actually interest me rather than who likes whom is absolutely a breath of fresh air A significant part of my rating in fact is simply that I loved unraveling the mystery of the chalkings without having to pause and roll my eyes at yet another male author trying to tackle the young adult romance bandwagon Sanderson doesn’t do that but instead concentrates his creativity on a plot that’s pure suspense and magic “So is there any particular reason why we’re spying on Nalizar?” she asked “Other than the fact that he’s cute” Joel grimaced “Cute?” If there is a part I wasn’t too sure about The Rithmatist though it’s that the book gives off some serious too much like Harry Potter vibes Once again we have a school that teaches magic Armedius Academy a kindly old professor who takes the protagonist under his wing Fitch another professor who’s confrontational but possibly misunderstood Nalizar a spunky girl who joins the group because she’s sort of an outsider among the Rithmatists Melody and a plot involving mysterious attacks by wild chalklings on Rithmatist students In fact at one point I said to myself ‘If Nalizar turns out to be like Snape I am seriously hurling this book out a window’ Then again the flip side is I also said to myself 'If this doesn't end like Harry Potter I have no problems eating crow and giving five big shiny stars' and here we are Lucky for those pedestrians on the sidewalk below yeah I did eat crow not only because Sanderson kept me seriously occupied with Rithmatic theory but also because while there are enough similarities to be distracting there are also enough differences for The Rithmatist to stand on its own Among those Sanderson’s best decision is probably to write Joel as whatever the euivalent of a Muggle is because he can’t do magic himself he’s the best perspective for actually explaining the theory and his desires to actually be a Rithmatist goes through so many twists and turns but than that there are many many noticeable opportunities where Sanderson could’ve taken the plot in a direction reminiscent of Harry Potter and every time he surprised me by doing something different zigged where I thought he’d zag zagged where I thought he’d zigAll in all I’m totally convinced Brandon Sanderson has written something special here He’s made reading about chalk drawings fun than I can ever imagine and that’s all I’d ever ask for from a great bookFun Fact A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs Mary Rowlandson is a real life memoir of a New England woman taken captive by Native Americans in the seventeenth century Those who’ve read The Rithmatist will know what I’m talking about Those who’ve read both will notice some intriguing similarities just as Harry Potter is distinctively British The Rithmatist is distinctively American

  5. Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ says:

    deep sighSo I've read 14 full length novels and 2 novellas by Brandon Sanderson and this is the one that didn't do it for me My one glowing positive is that once again Sanderson presents his readers with a fascinating magic system Think Chalk Zone with violenceRithmatists are a chosen elite trained from a young age charged with protecting civilization by way of breathing life into mathematically intricate chalk sketches These sketches rely on the precision intent of the artist and I really enjoyed the illustrations in the book that made this system feel that much real Unfortunately I can't say much for the rest of the book Despite the allure of the magic system I still never found myself putting down roots in this world It may be because the complexity of the chalk magic didn't mesh well with the simplicity of the other elements in the story Joel is a 16 year old student at a prestigious academy with a student body that has integrated Rithmatists and regular kids He is passionate about Rithmatic study though he has no abilities of his own Melody is 16 year old Rithmatist with a uirky personality seems to be a bit of a redheaded stepchild in the Rithmatist community at the school I guess I don't mind either of these characters but something about both of them seems incredibly derivative I just felt as though I'd met them countless times before in other works The most noteworthy aspect of their friendship is that it's just that a friendship It's nice to see a Young Adult story where two main characters of opposite gender can just exist without a shoehorned kissing scene but otherwise I don't see myself thinking about either of them much past the time it takes me to write this review Speaking of the genre something about this book felt very Middle Grade That's probably not a negative for the general reader but me? I'm not really a fan of Middle GradeJoel Melody could've just as easily fulfilled their roles if they were 12 or 13 In fact I think I would've enjoyed the story a bit if the protagonists had been younger because the plot felt so much like something out of Percy Jackson and the Olympians or The Children of the Red KingI suppose it was the atmosphere than anything else It was like one of the early Harry Potter installments in that the plot wove itself around a mysterious occurrence at a magical school which is then solved by children in tandem with a handful of adults who are clearly segregated into good adults and bad adults I found myself yawning through most of the book The story was written with all the skill we can expect from Sanderson but I did not feel as compelled as I normally do to stay engaged with the developments Long conversations mostly annoying banter between the MC's had me feeling utterly boredThe last 10% of the story finally shows off the excellent magic system in some great action seuences that held my attention pretty well but as far as the mystery goes I wasn't surprised by the time I reached the conclusion I'm not saying I guessed what would happen in specific details but my reaction was a very weak Oh yea ok No fight scenes? What can I say sometimes you connect with a book sometimes you don't I've had excellent luck with Sanderson's other works but this one just couldn't sweep me off my feet

  6. booksnpenguins booksnpenguins says:

    What good is having friends if they don't put you in mortal peril every once in a while? I FLIPPING LOVE THIS BOOKThat's itThat's the review

  7. Alicia Alicia says:

    Pre read reaction October 2011I have only a vague idea what it's about But it's by Sanderson so cue droning robot voice I will read it I must read itNowIf an author came to me and said I have a great idea for a magic system These guys called Rithmatists draw in chalk on the ground and their chalk drawings have power They can draw chalklings which can be given instructions Some chalklings can actually injure people especially the wild chalklings Those guys are dangerous I would tell this author Have you lost your mind? Chalk bad guys? Ooooh scary I'm shaking in my boots here Oh wait I'm actually not And I'm also not wearing boots—cause it's summerAnd I would be wrongJoel the main character has always wished he were a Rithmatist although he knows he can't be He's studied Rithmatic lines and knows about them than many Rithmatists So when a few Rithmatists are kidnapped Joel inserts himself into the investigation and proves helpfulThe kidnapping mystery though interesting wasn't even the best part of the book And I don't believe there was enough information given to the reader at least not for this reader to figure out what was going on before everything was revealed toward the end I would have preferred to have a chance at guessing the ending But that's fine; I still loved the book The ending did a good job of tying up all the threads in the story and introducing a new thread to be explored in a seuelThroughout the book without overwhelming the reader Sanderson presents Rithmatic principles that help us understand his magic system in better detail the book includes renderings of some Rithmatic defenses as well as chalklings drawn by some of the Rithmatist characters While I imagine some people might flip right past the renderings which I don't think would make the book any less enjoyable I examined each one Sanderson put so much thought and detail into this magic system that I couldn't help being dragged along for the rideEven before reading this book I was a fan of Sanderson's Now I'm just awed

  8. TS Chan TS Chan says:

    45 stars One of the reasons why fans of Brandon Sanderson including yours truly love him so much when he gets into a writing funk he sidetracks himself by writing something completely different from his main project and it can result in a gem like this bookMG and YA are not my go to genre and hence I'm very selective when it comes to these books However I have immense faith in Sanderson as he consistently churns out good if not amazing books I also failed to understand why he had been so regularly critiued for his characters Ever since I've read The Way of Kings one of the most character driven books in epic fantasy I've come to appreciate how my engagement with such fictional beings drive my enjoyment of the book I believe that he had invariably delivered in this aspect simply because everytime I pick up a Sanderson book I am not able to read anything elseFirstly this is non Cosmere book The world is set in a gearpunk 'alternative' Earth where North America is made up of islands Secondly no review of this author is complete without mention about the magic system and I am beginning to risk sounding like a broken record how does Sanderson even create such fascinating ones? In the Rithmatist the foundation of the magic was built on geometry trigonometry and chalk Yes chalk How?? you might ask Well there are illustrations at the start of each chapter to explain the mechanics of different chalk drawings and how precise geometricaltrigonometrical properties influence its relative strengthpower The power of this author's imagination realised in artform The storytelling is solid comprising both a pretty dark mystery component and a schoollearning setting In spite of the young age of the main characters the narrative was not annoyingly juvenile but was instead engaging and mature enough to appeal to older audiences I really appreciated how Joel the main protagonist did not get an easy way out You'll need to read the book to understand what I mean by this; no standard YA tropes here To cap it all off the ending seuence and the revelations were uite magnificent There was a Ooooh I see what you did there moment which I can't allude to further as it might be construed as a potential spoiler Ever the planner Sanderson has just completed the research phase of the 2nd book as he intends to expand the worldbuilding from North America to Meso and South America

  9. Hamad Hamad says:

    This Review ✍️ Blog 📖 Twitter 🐦 Instagram 📷 “ everyone knows that ice cream is worth the trouble of being cold Like all things virtuous you have to suffer to gain the reward” ★ It has been a while since I read a Sanderson book and I was really in the mood to read one This is currently the only book in this series so I decided to jump in since it was not huge★ This is one of Sanderson’s YA books and although the characters and writing were indeed YA I felt it could be enjoyed by readers from all different age groups from MG to adult readers★ what is the book about? The book takes place in a school of rithmatical magic where students learn how to use chalk drawings to make geometrical shapes and creatures to attack and defend the goal to defend an island full of creatures but actually that is not the focus of this book maybe future ones In this book top students start to disappear from the school and Joel the MC is obsessed with Rithmatists but is not one of them He decides to investigate this to prove himself as he thinks he is the right candidate to do so being safe without magic★ The writing was easy to follow and that’s why I said it can be enjoyed by everyone There are technical magic terms but the book explains everything from scratch pun intended and as a reader I found myself so engrossed as usual in Sanderson’s magical system I do not know where does he gets his ideas from “Joel lad school is about learning to learn If you don’t practice studying things you don’t like then you’ll have a very hard time in life” ★ The magical system involves lines and circles and drawings and there are illustrations explaining everything My nerd heart rejoiced because the MC is so good at math and they talk about the importance of it trust me it is not boring and then the system keeps expanding and when the students were given theoretical uestions and situations I found myself thinking with them and was so impressed by the possibilities I even started imagining new scenarios in my mind because the system was so well explained★ The characters did act their age and I like it when they do that Children are simply children and I hate when they are precocious and woke than they are supposed to be I am not underestimating them but also I am saying that the fate of the world does not have to fall on their shoulders There was a cast of really well written characters and I think I will remember them until I read the next book whenever it comes out I like how the book tackled some important issues like the importance of learning and bullying which are logical things to be found in a school setting★ The pacing was fast which is my favorite thing I think this helps me read faster and I finished this in less than 2 days I am getting used to adult fantasy’s slower pacing but it is great to read a fast paced story from time to time “The most dangerous kind of man is not the one who spent his youth shoving others around That kind of man gets lazy and is often too content with his life to be truly dangerous The man who spent his youth being shoved around however When that man gets a little power and authority he often uses it to become a tyrant on par with the worst warlords in history” ★ Bottom Line Pun intended A fast paced story with great magical system well fleshed character and easy writing for readers of all ages I think that anyone who loves uniue magical systems will love this bookYou can get books from Book Depository

  10. Hasham Rasool Hasham Rasool says:

    Must read 'The Rithmatist' for those who arehuge fan of Sandersonhuge fan of fantasy bookschildren 10 years oldteenagersadultsThe magics of Rithmatics are very strange because I haven't seen this kind of magic before The Rithmatist is an usual book I haven't read this kind of fantasy bookThis book has mixtured genres fantasy crime and mysteryMy favourite characters are Joel and Melody

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