Changes MOBI Ú Hardcover

Changes MOBI Ú Hardcover

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  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    I remember loving these poems when I was much younger back when they were originally published in 1967 and 1970 I enjoyed them just as much now many decades later as they are accompanied in this edition by luscious artwork Twenty seven poems pay tribute to nature and the seasons in this book that is published on what would have been the author's 100th birthday Many of them show the poet's keen sense of observation and all of them have something that makes readers want to share them with others One of my favorites is The Fly which describes how its namesake finds a resting place as uivering and alive rubbing one leg against the other he sat on a word p 26 I also love Blue as it describes Blue as bachelor buttons and larkspur and a baby's new eyes p 23 What a treasure to dust off and share with a new generation of word lovers

  2. Laura Harrison Laura Harrison says:

    I am glad there is a new reprinting of this wonderful poetry book Fantastic illustrations as well Charlotte Zolotow was an original and a tour de force in children's lit She will be missed

  3. Eva Eva says:

    Instantaneously the whimsical bright illustrations captured my attentionCharlotte Zolotow's daughter Crescent Dragonwagon provides the introduction for this book Charlotte died in 2013 at the age of ninety eight after writing than ninety books This book is a compilation of twenty eight poems written by Charlotte These poems take us through the Changes and intricacies of the seasonsThis book can serve as an enlightening introduction to poetry for literature or changing of the seasons for science I would highly recommend this book for young readers in kindergarten through second grade though I think any age would enjoy this brilliantly illustrated journey through the seasons

  4. Lisa D Lisa D says:

    What a beautiful book Beautful illustrations Great for elementary age kids and for poetry month Loved it

  5. Tasha Tasha says:

    Celebrate the changing of the seasons with this collection of poetry from master children’s poet Charlotte Zolotow The 28 poems move from the joy of the change from one season to the next and then start with a focus on spring The poems speak of the joy of spring breezes snow melting rainfall violets and green grass Summer poems shine with sun seaside sand lights at night and the buzz of insects Autumn comes next with the joy of fallen leaves classrooms firelight and Halloween The book finishes with winter and its snow and ice that dazzle in their own wayThe poems here create a whole a deep look not only at the seasons but also in the power of connecting with nature throughout the year Zolotow’s mastery shows in each one her ability to look closely at a small thing find the immense beauty in it speak to that and then create a universal experience in words on the page Everyone will respond to these poems as they capture those moments in time where we can all connect with nature and with one anotherThe illustrations frame each poem and capture the natural hues of each season Spring is filled with the brightness of the flowers and grass Summer is yellow and bright with the sun Autumn turns golden and orange while winter is blues and whites There are just enough details to invite readers into the poems and allow the words to really be the focus of the bookA gorgeous addition to children’s poetry collections this is one to get into teacher’s hands so they can start using it immediately Appropriate for ages 4 7

  6. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    This collection of poetry from the author of books such as William's Doll and Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present takes readers on a journey through the seasons The illustrations by Tiphanie Beeke are a wonderful accompaniment to each poem bringing an added dimension to words that paint a picture all on their own Whether she is describing the spring wind brushing the world with feathery wings or how the light long summer is grown old Zolotow captures the feel of each season Her words capture the glittery look of the lights on a bridge at night or daydreams sparked by the view out a classroom window The sibilant sound of falling snow comes through in the words of The First Snow Other poems are bursting with all the colors she includes Each one is like a slice of the year preserved and served up to usWhether you are looking for a book to accompany a study of the changing seasons an introduction to poetry or a model text for descriptive writing this book is it Even important is how enjoyable it would be to read together one on one or in a group Readers will feel the cold of winter smell the violets of spring soak in the blue summer sky or jump at the feel of a dog's wet nose against their palm It is a delight to all the sensesI read an advance copy provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest feedback

  7. Matthew Winner Matthew Winner says:

    The first book is Changes A Child's First Poetry Collection Poems The poems are by Charlotte Zolotow illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke and this comes to us from Sourcebooks Here is a beautiful beautiful collection of poems from Charlotte Zolotow through all of the seasons and each one I feel is perfect than the one before it just perfectly capturing the way that poetry is supposed to capture a moment invoke feeling in us make us reflect challenge us to think about something These are just lovely And I'd like to just read you one poem This is called YouI like shadowsI like sun I like you than anyone I like summer I like the coldI'll even like you when you're old I like workI like play I like you every which wayNow if that doesn't start off this segment right I don't know what does One poem after the other I feel is just something so special that I want to share with all of my readers in my school And I can't wait to see these poems in pockets for Poem in your Pocket in April Excellent collection of poems by Charlotte ZolotowThis review appears on an episode of the “Best Book Ever this week” segment of the Let’s Get Busy podcast Check out the original post here

  8. Annika Skigen Annika Skigen says:

    Changes is an anthology book The book starts out with a poem about how all the seasons come and go but they seasons are always the same It ends talking about how the person going through the seasons and they do change After this poem the book is divided into 4 sections one for each season In each season section there are poem that relate to that season For example in Spring it talks about flowers rain and warmer weather This book is full of illustrations that match the seasons and the poem they are about One poem titled Blue the page is filled with different illustrations that are mentioned in the poem blue birds and blueberries The whole background of the page is also blue and covered in different shades By illustrating the backgrounds based on the season when reading the poems you really feel like you are a part of the poem Many poems are free verse and do not follow a strict pattern

  9. Caley Yoder Caley Yoder says:

    This poem book gives lots of insight into the different changes that happen throughout the seasons In the book the author gave many different poems to show how each season is uniue from one another Each season awaits a new surprise as to what is going to come next in that season The surprise is the different beauty that awaits in the changing of seasons Overall this poem was a great introduction to getting young students into poverty The book was a pretty easy read and clearly demonstrated each of the seasons As each page turned there was new colors that caught the readers eye in a different way While I was reading the book it had many different features that made the reader feel like they were actually in the seasons This book was a great read and I highly recommend reading it to young readers

  10. lisa lisa says:

    I have the fondest memories of reading Charlotte Zolotow books as a child although I never knew she wrote poetry also I was thrilled to get an ARC of this book through a promotion from the publisher Although the illustrations were not to my taste I can see their bright colors being appealing to children What I liked most about the poems was that they were simple enough to make them fun for children to read and understand but they were in no way trite or patronizing Many of them seemed to be based on memories of Zolotow's childhood I think this will be a great additionrecommendation for National Poetry Month

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Changes ❮Read❯ ➵ Changes Author Charlotte Zolotow – First comes spring with birds building nests Summer with its abundance of roses Fall with crisp falling leaves and winter with bright brushes of snowAs the seasons change there is new beauty waiting t First comes spring with birds building nests Summer with its abundance of roses Fall with crisp falling leaves and winter with bright brushes of snowAs the seasons change there is new beauty waiting to be discovered Charlotte Zolotow's classic poems paired with Tiphanie Beeke's lovely illustrations make for a perfect poetry collection for every childChanges A Child's First Collection of Poetry is published on the occasion of Charlotte Zolotow's th birthday These poems were originally published in and .

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Changes
  • Charlotte Zolotow
  • English
  • 10 November 2016
  • 9781492601685

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Charlotte Zolotow born Charlotte Gertrude Shapiro was an American author poet editor and publisher of many books for childrenShe was published by than different houses many of which she has outlasted She was an editor and later publisher at Harper Row which was called Harper Brothers when she began to work there and is now known as HarperCollinsAmong the many writers she e.