Kindle Edition ↠ Red Sun Kindle Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Red Sun Kindle Ú

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  1. Monica Monica says:

    This is a new adult love story Normally I would avoid such fare but when I downloaded the sample and began reading I was immediately engrossed This book is just so good that I bought it before I finished the sample Ms St Pierre weaves such a good coming of age romance that I threw out my preconceived notions and buckled my safety belt for the ride The goodThe story revolves around Solei a young aa woman who is still suffering the effects of a family tragedy I love loathe this heroine at first she was self centered and immature but aren't we all at her age? I actually found myself loving and loathing less the I read Ms St Pierre has a special talent that is missing in many new adult romances; allowing her heroine to grow without her seeming to make decisions beyond her years My vision of Solei actress Keke PalmerOne of the reasons that I don't enjoy young adult or new adult is that the characters are to insightful wise or have the ability in my opinion to make decisions that are beyond their years because the people who write them are older and write from an aged point of view Or the character doesn't actually grow but the characters around them just accept their annoying behavior because the heroine is just so specialBut in RS you read Solei making poor decisions we know why she makes them because she tells us and then we watch through her eyes as she deals with the conseuences of her immaturity By the end of the novel you can tell a difference in the character from where she began its uite beautifulThe MenElanÉlan The older brother Every fantasy I've ever had involves a guy like this the hot boy that shows this one girl his softer side He's wildly romantic sexy and bold If only I wasn't married and almost forty and he was REAL Bow chica wow wow But I digressJolon the strong silent type with long dark hair and muscular body Dang this woman canJolon write because Uhm yeah I imagined myself brushing his long raven locks the act being so erotic DamnI wanted her to end up with both brothers kinky yes but a girl can dream In the end Solei had to choose and break my heart and the heart of the other guy Read it to find out who she chose you won't be disappointedFav characterRuthanne I smiled whenever she showed up in a sceneFav line I have twoThe rain seemed to be the catalyst the spark that lit the flame between us Something about it made him irresistible to me and it seemed to have the same affect on him pg 323Every time he touched me some pale new I lost my breath apparently my feet were no exception to the rule Any uncharted area on my body seemed to short circuit when his skin came in contact with mine pg 189The badI want of Jolon and Elan; Solei can come to but no offense Kaya Elan is mineOverallI smiled a lot as I read this book A lot

  2. Brandon Brandon says:

    Ok so once again Raven has me completely enad with one of her books and the characters within The story starts off with Solei a spoiled selfish and completely unmotivated girl who is living with her father stepmother and step sister in Chicago none of whom she seemingly gets along with or so it seems After an incident that induces a fight between her father and stepmother they decide to give each other space Dad is moving a few hours away for a job in East Jesus Nowhere for the next 6 months and Solei is coming with him much against her will To say that Solei is less than enthused about her new living And now working arrangement is an understatement There is nothing to do and no one to see that is until she spots the gorgeous Native American boy from the reservation going for a swim completely devoid of clothing Through some unfortunate mishaps they spot one another and Solei hitails it out of there before they can officially meet determined to not think of him until he walks into her new job at the local flower shop While she is surprised to see her swimmer from across the counter His name is Jolon she is even surprised that he is being a complete jerk to her She is now determined than ever to forget he exsists but the she tries to ignore him that harder it is Until she meets his brother Elan the seemingly complete and refreshingly opposite of Jolon Solei soon finds she is attracted to BOTH brothers for different reasons Ealan being the sweet endearing gentlemenly type that Solei can have fun with while Jolon remains strong silent and brooding a kindered spirit to Solei after suffering tradgedy like she has When Ealan expresses interest in Solei as than just casual auaintences she finds that while she enjoys being with him she cant uite get Jolon out of her mind creating a twisted little triangle that she cant seem to break free of Pair this with the fact that Solei is experiencing some major emotional gorwing pains in every other aspect of her life including how she and her father understand one another and you have the makings of a great book that I seriously enjoyed reading And now for Le SPOILERS Dont read on if you dont that the ending ruined You have been warnedSolei OMG you came across as a spoiled whiney selfish brat those first few chapters I agreed with your father that you were being too hard on your step mother That is until I saw her for what she was Being only slightly tolerant of someone is NOT the same as genuinely accepting someone Then like your father I felt bad for having written you off as I did We are going to have to work on your aim girl cause your step mother needed her clock cleaned Im glad you matured to the person you became towards the end of the book a complete 360 from who you were I liked watching you fumble through your feelings like an 18 year old and not an all wise 18 year old who thinks like a 30 year old Jolon OMG how can you be that hot? Like really? I need answers sir I understand that you're hurt with the death of your fiance but thats no reason to push EVERY girl you possibly meet away You saw Solei first? Why PUSH HER into your brothers arms and then be mad that you did so? I know you think you're betraying your first love but dont you think that if she were here that she would want you to be happy? Dont be afraid to go for what and who you want had you done so in the first place Im sure none of the other crap you went through would have happenedEalan I liked you so much but I didnt like you for Solei And that whole Sleep with your ex until your gf puts out thing really bothered me I had been mentally yelling at Solei to do the right thing on your behalf JUST to learn that you werent doing right either I hope you and Kaya hit it off cause you both seem to be looking for the same thingKaya That was such a bitch move at the birthday dinner I understand you were hurt and mad but can you honestly say that YOU wouldnt have done the EXACT same thing as Solei ESPECIALLY when it comes to two great guys like Elan and Jolon? I hope you and Solei work through your issues because you NEED friends to keep you grounded

  3. Anino Anino says:

    This was a awesomely captivating Multicultural romance written by a promising author who definitely has the gift for writing creativelyAlthough it wasn't totally pitch perfect I loved it Looking forward to buying books by this talented authorGiving this one 4 solid stars

  4. P. P. says:

    Really good coming of age love story I felt bad for Solei she was really depressed after losing her mom and twin Dealing with her step mom step sister and Dad is a wonder that she didn't try to off herself Than at other times she really got on my nerves with the whoa is me attitude Her emotional turmoil between the brothers was another whole type of Crazy Elan knew Jolon was interested in Solei and went after her anyway Both Jolon and Solei should have acknowledged what they truly felt and spoke up Kaya shouldn't have divulged what she knew they way she did The place was not the right venue for said truths A messy set of circumstances all around

  5. Kim C. Kim C. says:

    A love story that came together so naturally and beautifully Two lonely broken people carring around unfilled hearts Only to meet by chance A noticeable electricty between the two that can't be ignored but they do No matter how hard neither could stop the yearning The wanting of lifes pleasure with the otherRed Sun is a nice coming of age novel of two people not sure how to love and be loved in return letting someone in

  6. --karen Green-berry --karen Green-berry says:

    This is a heartwarming story about loss losing one's self perseverance finding one's purpose in life and eventually finding love This is my first book from this author and I loved how she told Solei's story from her lowest point through all her trials and tribulations and eventually to the point when it all comes together for her You can't help but fall in love with these characters

  7. Katara Johnson Katara Johnson says:

    Red Sun was one of the first books I read from Raven St Pierre As with all her other books she grabs her reader attention and won't let it go to the end because of all the surprises adds in The main character in this book goes through the hardships of a teenager that isn't treated well to an unstoppable woman Thank you for pulling me into your world Raven St Pierre

  8. Anino Anino says:

    Now that I've actually seen some reviews for her other book I think that I'll go ahead and buy this one It looks very tasty

  9. CJLuvsBooks! CJLuvsBooks! says:

    Red Sun is the second book I read by Raven St Pierre and so far it’s my favorite It’s a beautiful coming of age story that deals with family first love secrets betrayal and forgivenessOur heroine Solei is a flawed character She made choices that made me shake my head a little but it didn’t cause me to dislike her Afterall she is 18 — and without giving you spoilers — went through a terrible experience and is still in my opinion healing from thatIn most love triangles that I read I always find myself liking one guy over the other but I genuinely liked both brothers and wanted them to have their HEA With or without SoleiThere are two tasteful love scenes in the book They were written beautifully and in my opinion romantic and realistic I believe most young women have experienced the same thoughts and feelings Solei didI really enjoyed reading Red Sun and I do hope that there will be a seuel focusing on Elan

  10. katrina sanders katrina sanders says:

    What is this?This story was very disappointingI didn't like how the main characterSolei acted as though there wasn't anything wrong in what she was doing with the two brothersBeing eighteen is youngbut that doesn't justify how she handled the situationWhat's with the eyes rolling all the time?Also the brother wasn't any better than she wasI know this story was supposed to be about two people finding lovebut why even put the other brother in the mix and tell him that she wants to be with himDidn't care for this story at allThis author writes very good storiesbut this is not one

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Red Sun [Reading] ➸ Red Sun By Raven St. Pierre – Librarian's note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00GK51BCUSolei soon realizes her stay just outside the nearby reservation will be nothing at all like she expected The moment her path crosses that of Librarian's note Alternate cover edition of ASIN BGKBCUSolei soon realizes her stay just outside the nearby reservation will be nothing at all like she expected The moment her path crosses that of two brothers from the local tribe she finds herself amidst an intense love triangle that threatens the bonds of friendship and brotherhood When left to decide between what her heart wants versus what her heart needs will Solei make the right decision.