Paperback ☆ Thailand PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback ☆ Thailand PDF/EPUB Ú

Thailand ❰Epub❯ ❧ Thailand Author China Williams – Discover Thailand Uncover Bangkok s best street stalls or enjoy a skyscraping gourmet dinner.Climb aboard a long tail boat and island hop to your own isolated beach paradise.Get soaked at Songkran, th Discover Thailand Uncover Bangkok s best street stalls or enjoy a skyscraping gourmet dinnerClimb aboard a long tail boat and island hop to your own isolated beach paradiseGet soaked at Songkran, the Thai celebration that becomes the world s biggest water fightTrek off the beaten path in remote Isan to watch a rare solar alignment at an ancient Angkor temple In This Guide Ten authors, days of in country research and mapsTrek, dive or monkey watch with our detailed coverage of national parks and natural wondersVisit lonelyplanet for up to the minute reviews, updates and traveler suggestions.

10 thoughts on “Thailand

  1. Christiana Hadji Christiana Hadji says:

    It does cover the basics, but I would never EVER take any Lonely Planet information for granted without double and triple checking it online from other sources In my opinion all travel guidebooks should be conducted with the assistance of locals to eliminate mistakes and gaps After reading Lonely Planet Cyprus I m Cypriot , I realized that this is not the case lots of mistakes a local would never make, lots of important info missing and since then I m skeptical about anything I read in travel guides It doesn t matter how long you re visiting a country for and how many expats you talk to Locals will ALWAYS be knowledgeable about their own country, and I don t see any Thai names among the writers of this book Plus, I would have liked to know about transportation options i.e ferry and bus timetables and routes , especially for Bangkok Considering I bought it used for only 10 euros I m quite happy with it, but I would have been disappointed had I paid full price.

  2. Alexandria Rauf Alexandria Rauf says:

    Granted I have not gotten to Thailand yet later this year, I will , I think this is a great guide to give you a good start in vacation travel research It does bring up ethics in regards to elephant sanctuaries and does mention ones that allow elephant riding which is a BIG no no for elephant health , but misses out on some of the ones I ve been researching separately Overall, it has given me some ideas of where I want to go, and what places I want to avoid Definitely appreciate the information on scams.

  3. Rodrigo Mendoza Rodrigo Mendoza says:

    The only flaw with this guide is that it barely talks about a town that turned out to be the most magical town I ve ever visited Pai DO NOT MISS IT Rent a scooter in Chiang Mai and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you work your way through hundreds of curves to this quaint town full of love and laughter WARNING you ll stay there longer than you intended

  4. Franco Prontera Franco Prontera says:

    Very good recap and detailed travel book

  5. Laura Lora Laura Lora says:

    Est bastante bien detallado

  6. Tri Le Tri Le says:

    Good basic overview of Thailand Plenty of useful maps and tidbits of information Well organized and typical of Lonely Planet guides.

  7. Vũ Võ Vũ Võ says:

    th book bring many information about thailand

  8. Smkelly Smkelly says:


  9. Michelle Pasanna Michelle Pasanna says:

    The last few Lonely Planet books I ve used have been a bit disappointing Their recommendations seemed very average and the maps only moderately useful We also found the that the walking tours where a lot of tramping around without much explanation.Their explanation of the Thai language was helpful, however there were 3 different sections of the book we had to refer to depending on whether the phrases were food related at the front , general inquiry 3 4 the way through or glossary terms in the rear This left us with a mass of bookmarks and lots of cross referencing.I think I m a bit over LP and will just stick to clipping free online sources next trip.

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