Our Secret Life in the Movies PDF ↠ Life in

Our Secret Life in the Movies PDF ↠ Life in

Our Secret Life in the Movies [Download] ➾ Our Secret Life in the Movies Author Michael McGriff – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Fiction Film Studies A whip smart fiction debut OUR SECRET LIFE IN THE MOVIES riffs on classic and cult cinema Inspired by films from silent era documentaries to music videos the authors unfold a dual Fiction Film Studies A whip smart fiction Life in PDF/EPUB ½ debut Our Secret Life in the Movies riffs on classic and cult cinema Inspired by films from silent era documentaries to music videos the authors unfold a dual narrative about two boys growing up in the s Coming of age during the last days of Our Secret eBook ☆ the Cold War these boys dream of space exploration and nuclear winter Reaganomics and Dungeons Dragons Blade Runner and Red Dawn Haunting cinematic and full of life OUR SECRET LIFE makes it clear that we are in the movies and the movies are in usWildly intelligent and deeply felt OUR SECRET LIFE IN Secret Life in ePUB ✓ THE MOVIES gives us a fascinating look at American life shot through an insightful and compassionate lens After reading it the world seems bigger A tremendous book—Molly AntopolReading Our Secret Life in the Movies is like finding a lost freuency on the AM dial The voices you hear in this book are strange hypnotic and intensely American—Jim GavinA book of poignant and affecting beauty Readers are presented with characters who are losing their innocence in lockstep with the changing nation they inhabit and the end result is a book that provides great insight into both who we are and how we got this way A remarkable achievement—Skip Horack.

10 thoughts on “Our Secret Life in the Movies

  1. Matt Matt says:

    I was primed to really enjoy this book which tells a story of growing up under Reagan and Cold War era foreign films which feels a lot like my experience And there were lots of familiar touchstones empty mall parking lots playing Red Dawn in the woods behind run down suburban developmentsBut for me it didn't uite work these are composed of lots of small pieces one for each movie and between them there's a loose continuity at least for the first two third or so of the book But that continuity doesn't really resolve into much and it feels like a crutch that means many of the smaller stories don't uite resolve either and I mean linguistically as a fragment as much as I do narrative resolutionThere are lots of flashes here and some good writing But these pieces really felt like starters prompts for other better complete pieces These are like sketches and outtakes

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    The authors each write a very short story after seeing a classic film Each chapter is one pair of stories inspired by the same film and while I haven't seen most of the movies in uestion the theme or mood or setting that the stories share is enough to make each chapter feel coherent That being said the stories don't hit than a few emotional notes They hit them powerfully and beautifully but it's one long bittersweet nostalgic ode to this cruel life we all lead

  3. Eric Eric says:

    I finished this short book today It was very unusual There is reference to the Criterion Collection's sweeping catalog of world cinema classics as the basis for the story line I can only recall two of the movies Blade Runner and On The Waterfront cited in the book In each case I found it challenging to follow the relationship between the film and the story line Don't take any of this that I didn't appreciate the read The premise for the story line was intriguing I found the reading of the story interesting The complete depth of the work befuddled me Perhaps the comment of one critic says it best This beautiful devastating little book is uite unlike anything else I've ever encountered I endorse that comment

  4. Alan Alan says:

    An interesting collection of vignettes by two authors each based on a film they just saw To be honest I had seen very few of the films but it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the great writing Though there was no story arc per se themes of coming of age in the 80s permeated the book along with basic tales of human sorrow and a few glimmers of hope

  5. Tanya Tanya says:

    The result of the author's experiment to watch the entire Criterion Collection and write stories inspired by the films this cohesive collection of micro stories laced with jagged humor and stark grittiness is a haunting glimpse into the crumbling suburban landscape of America in the 1980s and the strange experience of growing up under the blanket of Cold War paranoia

  6. Kim Wong Kim Wong says:

    In concept the book sounds profoundly pretentious The co authors McGriff and Tyree were roommates and teachers in the Creative Writing Program at Stanford University McGriff convinced Tyree to watch every film in the Criterion Collection together and to write a piece inspired each film The book is a collection of these short stories presented without bylines and listed by the source of their inspiration The collection of connected microfiction is a series of intimate tales of middle American sualor broken homes in 1980s America and loneliness The authors don’t romanticize; instead it’s presented with the understandable mix of pride that they escaped into academic and professional success survivor’s guilt in the fact of their peers who committed suicide overdosed or burned out and stuck in sualor and anger about what they grew up without It’s Richard Linklater’s Boyhood gone darkStanding alone the collection is powerful I’m sure that familiarity with the films that served as inspiration would amplify the collection’s effect I felt a perverse connection to the films; I read the book as I was flying from New York to San Francisco and I could imagine these same stories happening below details rearranged to fit the 2015 context

  7. Downward Downward says:

    Am honestly unsure what to make of this collection which sees two authors engaging in stories that are tangentially connected with each pair housed under a different cult movie The stories movie between realistic depictions of an 80s childhood and surreal adult environments that featur for example a man whose significant other breaks up with him because she finds a suitcas full of human ears under the bed What she doesn't realize is that he sells the human ears it's his job and he only took that job because the IRS had come to repossess his wife Strange and occasionally powerful but the connective tissue of it all lay somewhere beyond my grasp

  8. Philip Philip says:

    I read this twice over this holiday break Once to myself the second time aloud to my wife We are both unfamiliar with many of the films than we'd like to be but that isn't the point of the work My wife told me as I read aloud to her how she drifted through someone else's life familiar maybe yours And that is exacting to the experience I was having Someone else's life but familiar like maybe it was my ownchokengtitiktitikchokengshaw

  9. Anne B Anne B says:

    Not at all what I expected Beauty doesn't usually come packaged like thisI would need a whole lot of hyperbole to do the stories in this little book justice I won't bother Read it if you love poetry the West Coast memory movies or the place where the weird intersects with the honest Read it if you hated the 1980s and love the others who survived them I love this book I love my generation Mike JM you guys are rad

  10. Maria Hummel Maria Hummel says:

    So excited to see this book make NPR's best of 2014 list Tyree and McGriff's literary experiment brought out beautiful and funny prose by both of these writers and the book is layered with so many different kinds of consciousness of movies of autobiography of coming of age in the Cold War era etc Recommended for cinephiles and book nerds alike

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