Sleeping Tom Sleeping Tom #1 eBook Ï Sleeping Tom

Sleeping Tom Sleeping Tom #1 eBook Ï Sleeping Tom

Sleeping Tom Sleeping Tom #1 ☂ Sleeping Tom Sleeping Tom #1 PDF / Epub ✐ Author E.V. Fairfall – Hitchhiking is a bad idea but Caden is desperate When she accepts a ride from the first car to come by she meets Gabriel He's her age hot and the closest thing she has to a savior Problem is he is a t Sleeping Tom MOBI ñ Hitchhiking is a bad idea but Caden is desperate When she accepts a ride from the first car to come by she meets Gabriel He's her age hot and the closest thing she has to a savior Problem Sleeping Tom Kindle - is he is a total jerk With nowhere to go Caden convinces Gabriel to let her stay with him for one night He reluctantly lends a couchThat night Caden wakes up to strange noises Concerned she rushes into Gabriel’s Tom Sleeping Tom PDF É room already anticipating his bad temper Instead he’s kind sweet and suspiciously harmless—nothing like the man who gave her a ride He seems like a different person altogether and claims he is By night he is Tom and by day he is Gabriel Caden finds herself drawn to the mysteries hidden in his eyes For Gabriel Caden is an annoying mistake One night turns into many and despite all his anger towards her she stays She even seems to accept him and his flaws but he still doesn’t trust her—is she staying for him or has she already discovered than he's willing to share.

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  1. ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate says:

    45 starsVideo Review Really enjoyed this book so excited for the next book like THAT CLIFFHANGER THOUGHWas sent this book by the author EV Fairfall in exchange for an honest review

  2. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author EV FairfallThis was uite a strange story about a boy with two different identities and the girl who tried to figure out what was going onI felt uite sorry for RebeccaCade especially because things were so bad that she felt the need to change her name and run away from her abusive ex boyfriend Hitchhiking and then staying at a strangers house could have caused her to end up dead or worse so she really did take some big risksThe storyline in this book was about Caden meeting Gabriel and discovering his other personality – Tom who only showed up at night and seemed to be of a child than a grown man I did find this story a little strange in places though and the pace was a little too slow for meThere was a little bit of romance in this one but it was also a bit weird as Gabriel had this other personality inside him who came across as very child likeThe ending to this book was a cliff hanger and if anything these characters have gotten themselves into even trouble than they were in at the start of the book I wonder how on earth they are going to be able to solve this mess6 out of 10

  3. Jamie Jamie says:

    35 starsAn intriguing story that really keeps the reader guessing While not uite a mystery we get a peculiar situation that demands answers from us as spectators Rebecca is a teen girl recently abandoned by her abusive boyfriend So starting in the first chapter she decides to call herself Caden Hitching a ride with a boy named Gabriel she goes to his condo and starts to live with him in return for cookingcleaning Caden only feels comfortable wearing black an estranged relationship with her mother and no real friends to call on So it is easy to take some sympathy with her plight However she is apparently an amazing cook Too good in my opinion for a teenager This girl makes some pretty fancy dishes I have never known any teenagers to even come close to what she does She is uickly attracted to Gabriel despite his crappy attitude Frankly I think she is just asking for trouble But what kind of story would we have if she left?Gabriel comes from money and is trying to avoid his parents so he snuck off to a condo they own in another state He is a bit elusive hot tempered and has a controlling side But under that gruff exterior he seems like he MIGHT have a heart Also underneath everything is a side to him few ever seeAt night Gabriel becomes Tom While of the same body the eyes change and Tom is only of the mentality of a young boy Every night is is locked up in the bedroom in the dark Yet with Caden around he has his first friend Is Tom a split personality or something ? Overall I liked this book Trying to figure out what is going on with TomGabriel kept me riveted to the pages The manner in which we get the story keeps the reader wanting and content with the pace The romance is light to moderate While there is a fast attraction and desire it is not the insta love this is my soul mate mentality Such a refreshing change of paceThe thing that bothers my the most is that I do not see these characters as teenagers How can Gabriel's parents let him leave on his own each summer? Why isn't Caden's parents doing to keep her from living with strange men well her mother does finally step in a little too late? They both cook really well and act and think like they are in their early twenties Not once did I get a teen feel from them Caden trying to figure everything out by herself also drives me a bit crazy from tryng to solve the mystery and fixing Gabriel to a certain situation at the end that really riled me up What she does there is the closest thing to teen possible behavior we getThe ending is a cliffhanger that really has me with even uestions So now I must wait impatiently for the next book I received an eArc copy of this book in exchange for a fairhonest review

  4. E.V. Fairfall E.V. Fairfall says:

    I really enjoyed writing this book and reading it but I am the author so I guess I can't help it

  5. Cheyenne Cheyenne says:

    I loved her first book and debut novel Transformed I loved it so much I feel bad because it took me so long to get the review up One word LIFE This word is a killer when you get very busy doing things Anyways this book was amazing I can't tell you how much I loved it I thought her first book was great This book was way much better on so many levels Not that her first book wasn't amazing But this just like rose to my expectations I mean I had high expectations already but wow I couldn't put my kindle down when I was reading it The plot was absolutely amazing I would never think of it and I'm so excited to see where she takes this series So Rebecca is treated poorly Throughout the plot you couldn't help feel bad for her Though she started fresh with a new name hoping it would lead her to a new life away from everything Her new name is Caden This same night she meets Gabriel And he lets her come along with him That very night we meet Tom who is a total sweet heart He is like a big kid Caden feels like she needs to protect him At first she was freaked out because she wasn't sure what was going on I mean who wouldn't? I don't want to say too much because you know that would spoil things but the next section is what I want to happen If you have not read the book you have been warned This of course is the first book in the series so I have high expectations for the next books Though there is a list of things I do want to happen Number Rebecca or Caden Whatever you want to call her MUST end up with Gabriel I mean the ending He wakes up doesn't know who what happened and how he got to where he was Then the letter asking her what happen I was like Noooooooo You guys should have saw my face I need them to be together Second thing is I really want to know what is happening on with him and Tom I'm pretty sure we will hopefully since most authors tell us what is really happening I loved how this isn't a love triangle at all plus no insta love Though I hope this tense feeling that is I really like you but I'm not sure how to say And I'm really messed up to The next thing is this might sound cruel but I want her mom to be gone She is one of those parents who don't care or won't listen to anything their child says She made me so mad Almost as mad as Mara Dyer's parents totally off subject Besides that she was so annoying I know this review might sound confusing but I just wrote what I was feeling because I loved this book I want to say thanks to the author EV Fairfall for letting me review another one of her books I can't say how much I love your writing skills and how your one of my favorite authors

  6. Brit Brit says:

    Advance Readers Copy ARC provided for my blog by the author via blog tour Thank youBlog Tour will take place on February 16th 2015 on Beyond Boyfriend Reviews ➜ BeyondboyfriendreviewstumbrcomTitle Sleeping TomAuthor EV FairfallPages 343Genre ContemporaryAge Group YoungNew AdultRelease Date February 14th 2015Happily Ever After view spoilerNo Cliffhanger hide spoiler

  7. Raisa Faye Raisa Faye says:

    ItsItsIts so beautifulThank you Miss Fairfall for giving me the chance to read this magnificent book of yours I love every bit of it; how its so down to earth and its simplicity was what made this book memorable to meThis book revolves around a teenage boy with multiple personality disorder and how a teenage girl who loves the one and care for the other try and make two into one This story is also much about Caden finding her true self; will she be Rebecca or will she be Caden while finding a remedy for the GabrielTomI understand the complicated and mixed feelings of Caden towards Gabriel and Tom Heck if I was in her shoes I might have to turn and run but at the same time I may stay Why? Just Because Gabriel was intense Tom was safe See the complication?I like stories like this because it talks about the struggles teenagers face each day and night and how they cope or do they even cope at all? The ending was splendid I was expecting a happily ever after or a super tragic ending instead I got a cliff hangerI cannot wait for the next book and this book is a 5 star rating for me

  8. Khulood Khulood says:

    Oh maaaan this book I'm in love The story started right away and it is very gripping from the start The subject is interesting and the events just kept rolling Not one second of boredom The plan was to read this as a buddy read but once I started I couldn't put it down And before I knew it I had reached the endWe start off by meeting Rebecca abandoned on a bridge under the rain by her abusive ex bf Sean After playing with the idea of just jumping off the bridge she decides that he is not worth it and she deserves to have a fresh start in her life starting with changing her name to Caden Her knight in a shining saab Gabriel is driving home and finds her hitchhiking having never done this but thinking he could use some karma points in his life offers her a ride but is at a loss when she tells him that she has no where to go This leads to him making the offer of spending the night on the sofa at his condo On one condition she leaves in the morning This turns into a weird and confusing encounter during the night as she meets his alter ego Tom A lot happens from then and we get to see all characters and their struggles The multiple POVs worked well in giving the reader a better understanding to what was really going in each character's mind I can't wait till the next book Waking Gabriel comes out I need to know what happens next This copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you E V Fairfall

  9. Taylor Taylor says:

    I enjoyed this book so much that I had to stay up until 1 in the morning to finish it yesterday The story line is so different and uniue from anything that I have ever read before You don't see many things coming so it keeps you on your toes especially the cliffhanger at the end really makes you want to jump to the second book right away So you follow Caden formally known as Rebecca who has just got out of a really bad relationship and her boyfriend just left her Caden couldn't go back to her mom and admit her mom was right about her ex boyfriend so she goes hitchhiking since she has nowhere else to go That's where this attractive jerk named Gabriel picks her up let's her stay the night but wants her out in the morning Luckily she can bribe Gabriel with food and he let's her stay around longer Caden realizes that Gabriel is not just Gabrielbut is also Tom Can't say without giving it away you will just have to read it but my favorite character in this was Face

  10. Faith Faith says:

    EV sent me a copy of her book for an honest review of it so here I goSummary of book Read the description on the GR Sleeping Tom page ; Sorry not sorry Ending of bookSpoiler After lots of fights crazy moments realization of love and such Gabriel and Tom's shifts switch So I guess Gabe Can I call him Gabe? now has Tom's nightshift and Tom is a little boy during the daytime Wow that did catch me off guard sorta Alright now for my random spouting off of my love for this book Alright so I have heard of MPD before but I've never really known much about it Yeah I saw that one episode of Psych where the guy has Multiple Personality Disorder and I've found it interesting BUT now it has come into a whole new light Time for bullet points not actually points but just numbered though Darn they don't have bullet pointsPoint 1 Laura and Cade's Can I call her Cade??? relationship was great And by great I don't mean functional and perfect Of course I just mean entertaining The whole story about Laura hiding dysfunctional relationships with her daughters and ex husband and trying to portray a perfect family was very entertaining to me Laura also made me really upset She just seemed like the kind of person who'd never understand what Cade I like Cade was feeling I also agree that Laura was just shoving her rejection from her ex husband By the way did he have a name? onto Cade You know what Laura needs to suck it up and let it go End of story Point 2 Okay did I miss it or something but I don't recall Cade's dad's name? Did Cade and Laura hate him so much as to not mention his name? This just bugs me Alright then I'll just call him Jerk Dad That Needs To Suck It Point 3 I love Gabriel and Tom is annoying Alright here's the whole part about GabeTom First off we all learned a valuable lesson from this book 1 Don't hitchhike 'cause the driver that picks you up might turn out to have MPD with anger issuesPeter Pan problem of not wanting to grow up 2 Don't pick up hitchhikers 'cause you may fall for them and they'll make your life complicated This just makes me like Still Point 3 Gabe really should have seen a counselor to deal with those anger issues Seriously He ruined a perfectly good coffee mugI swear he was about to punch Cade about 10 times in the book Other than that he sounds really good looking and has a soft spot for Cade I also do believe that Cade likes Gabe than Tom Tom is just so Tom If I were to rate Gabe out of 5 stars I think he'd be a 3 Now Tom was like the annoying little brobest friend of Cade He just didn't understand her subtle hints about anything and all he wanted to do was play darn games Almost made me sad though because he never got to grow up unlike Gabe Hmmm I'd say Tom gets 3 and a half stars and 12 And then there's Caden Cade was nice I liked her She didn't throw mugs but she did make good food Mmmmm food She was like a mother to Tom and a confused girlfriend to Gabe though still not sure if Cade reached Gabe's special criteria for a girlfriend title Cade gets a 4 Other characters Face I ended up really liking him Probably my favorite character 5 Keira You know what Keira sucked She doesn't deserve a star 0 HAHAHAHAHAHAngelica Meh 1 Sean I wish Sean would've died in the car crash 5 So to sum up that rambling up there The whole angry Gabenice Tom shifts were amazing EV worked those time schedules well and made this book worth my reading Seriously that butterfly also added a whole 'nother darn twist to this twisty road of roads made no sense Any who I loved this book a lot I FINISHED THIS BOOK IN TWO DAYS Do you know what that means? That means that this book was amazing I don't even remember the last time I read a book that made me stay awake till 100 am I think it was Twilight but I shouldn't say that out loud 'cause people would hate me for reading that Point 4 I DON'T CARE WHAT SEAN OR GABE THINK SEAN'S CAR IS DARK GREEN AND NOT BLACK Dude this is just probably the biggest thing about the book They have to get their colors right Next thing you know Gabe will think that Green is Red and then he'll go through a red light and get hit and killed in a car crash Speaking of crashes I laughed in the end when Cade hit Tom Sorry I couldn't help it But it did the Shift switch twist Ooooooh Anyways BLACK IS NOT DARK GREEN GREEN CAN NEVER BE BLACKPoint 5 umAlso the 1 star is for the swearing Yuck don't like swearing and for Cade and Gabe being a bit too physical for me Yeah I'm old fashioned so suck itBonus My fav uotes of the book Sean's truck was dark green He always insisted it was black but it wasn't; green could never be black see what I'm talking about?The car that pulled up was much newer than Sean's car and it wasn't a truck but a mid sized sedan It was black; not green but black His hair was blacker than all of her black clothing and swept to the side in messy strands BLACKHe would probably have to lend her something dry to wear Would a Goth wear clothes that weren't black? No'I'm sorry II heard a noise' What the heck were you doing? Hitting your head against the wall? No of course he wasn't hitting his head again the wall he was full on body slamming against the wall Didn't ya'll hear that Gabe is a sumo wrestler????? 'Do you want to know what my criteria is for a boyfriend?' Caden cleared her throat so he wouldn't mishear what she had to say 'Love' Awwwwwww'I'll get you a new bra Gabe 'No that's weird' Cade Come on son'Could I call you Omelet'? I like that nickname I actually do Should I go by 'Omelet' from now on? Hm

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