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The October Five Kindle ↠ The October PDF or

10 thoughts on “The October Five

  1. Kathi Defranc Kathi Defranc says:

    A great tale of five Vietnam vets who remain closespending time together with no one knowing who they are or what they do You become invested in each character as you learn many small things about each even when they are planning to murder a person deemed 'bad' They believe themselves doing only good taking justice into their own hands for those who commit horrific crimes But this is Not good a person can not take the law into their own handsno matter how atrocious the crime We see things each man has been through as the past shows us just why this person acts the way they do The writing blends the story together seamlessly showing us what a vet may go through helping you understand why they are the way they are As several murders by the group add up the police become involved as Detective Karl Whaler delves deeply into the latest killing and starts to put some things together Action packed with crimefriendship and Life hitting each character in a different way keeping you glued to the pages living the story through the end I received an ARC of a new edition of this story from the author which I highly recommend to All and I give You my honest thoughts and feelings in this review

  2. Doug Bower Doug Bower says:

    Five individuals with shared experiences from the Vietnam War have a secret society designed around vigilante justice Although they are able to hide their activities from the law someone else learns of their escapades and begins to kill the five off one by one Why are these veterans taking justice into their own hands? Who is killing them off? I found the book to be an interesting and easy read with good use of past and present scenes The characters could have been a little bit developed but I still found them believable Definitely worth the read

  3. Colin Rochford Colin Rochford says:

    The October Five by Thomas FinchamA book about friendship loyalty and justiceA vigilante tale with a twist 5 Vietnam veterans with complementary skills meet regularly to dispense righteousness and rid the world of bad guys As they see itAs usual with Mr Fincham the characters are admirably drawn and we find ourselves engaging with them – even as they do bad things Loved it A nice mixture of plot and characterization with enough twists to keep you on the edge of your seatThe imagination of this author is nothing short of amazing

  4. Thomas R. Thomas R. says:

    October Five is a great story It deals with the Trauma inflicted on the brave men who risked their lives in a meaningless war The damage done to the men and their families was incredible The author makes you feel the pain both mental and emotional and how some people were not able to overcome it The author also understands the limitations of our Legal System and why some people feel like taking the law into their own hands The author really understands how only the men who served and survived in Vietnam could really help each other

  5. Martin Pingree Martin Pingree says:

    An awesome story about 5 Vietnam vets who still get together as the band of brothers they are Also has a detective working on a murder case with no provable suspects to charge No spoilers but their paths do cross and it creates one helluva good read With an awesome cast of characters non stop actionmysteryintrigue and a fascinating story line you will find this book very hard to put down

  6. Sammye Sammye says:

    This is an action packed thriller about five friends for life Vietnam vets and a detective working a murder case See how the two storylines connect There are a lot of twists and turns throughout this book Very well developed and entertaining I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving this review

  7. Carson Walls Carson Walls says:

    Not my favoriteMr Gingham seems to think his readers are young teenagers who need to be led into all situations Maybe that needs to be reuired notice as IMMATURE READERS ONLY Good storyline different from most but too simple

  8. Beth Beth says:

    Good read but needs a good editorI enjoyed reading the book but it drove me nuts with all the gramatical errors I came across It really needs someone to correctedit those It had a surprise twist at the end and I was also glad to read that not all the good ones were liked

  9. Lmmh Lmmh says:

    What an awesome story about 5 Vietnam Vets who stay close over the years It is action packed and you get to know each person throughout the book I had a hard time putting this book down

  10. Malcolm Hyland Malcolm Hyland says:

    A great read

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The October Five [KINDLE] ❂ The October Five Author Thomas Fincham – A Plumber an Electrician a Caretaker a Locksmith and a ButcherWhy do they secretly meet in a roomVeteran Detective Karl Whaler is thrown into an investigation that may be the strangest and most danger A Plumber an Electrician a Caretaker a Locksmith and a ButcherWhy do they secretly meet in a roomVeteran The October PDF or Detective Karl Whaler is thrown into an investigation that may be the strangest and most dangerous of his career involving the brutal murder of a young man The man is found strangled in his bedUnknown to him five individuals freuently meet in a room They have been meeting for decadesDuring the course of the investigation another man is found murdered This time the victim's throat has been slashedIs there a link between the two victims Can Whaler solve the cases before there are any murdersThe October Five is a spiraling page turner that examines friendship loyalty and justice.

  • Kindle Edition
  • The October Five
  • Thomas Fincham
  • English
  • 20 January 2014