Freedom From Lyme Disease PDF/EPUB ´ Freedom From

Freedom From Lyme Disease PDF/EPUB ´ Freedom From

  • Kindle Edition
  • 438 pages
  • Freedom From Lyme Disease
  • Bryan Rosner
  • English
  • 15 July 2014

4 thoughts on “Freedom From Lyme Disease

  1. Martip Martip says:

    I don't have L's but this appeared to be uite thorough and in depth considering it's his third book about Lymes

  2. Julie Julie says:

    This book has a lot of very good information for people with Lyme disease at any stage of their diagnosis While all of it is very important there was some chapters that I found boring On the flip side I now have a list of things to talk about with my doctor at my next appointment I think the author of this book is awesome It helps people in the Lyme disease community to learn from other patients experiences and thoughts I also enjoy reading books on Lyme disease by MD's but there is always something special about the insights gleaned from fellow Lymies If I could give half a star I would give this 35 stars I came away from this book with valuable info but some of it was just boring for me to read But of course I am reading about Lyme disease This is not meant to be an edge of the seat thriller

  3. kathy kathy says:

    OkayGood for those relatively new to treatment but very wordy and redundant I did not see the template the author discussed which was one of my main reasons to read this Ill go back and see if I missed it somehowCould use some editing to eliminate the copy and paste that seems overused in the text

  4. Barbara (The Bibliophage) Barbara (The Bibliophage) says:

    Very readable detailed information No sales pitches very journalistic in its approach Was definitely worth my time

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Freedom From Lyme Disease❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Freedom From Lyme Disease Author Bryan Rosner – PRAISE FROM RICHARD HOROWITZ MD Bryan Rosner has conducted extensive research and thinks outside the box and this book provides new insight into Lyme disease treatment options Richard Horowitz MD Auth PRAISE FROM RICHARD HOROWITZ MD Bryan Rosner has conducted extensive research and thinks outside the box and this book provides new insight into Lyme disease treatment options Richard Horowitz MD Author of the New York Times Bestselling Book Why Can't I Get Better Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease Dr Horowitz has treated over Lyme Disease patients PRAISE FROM OTHER LYME EXPERTS It has been over years since Bryan's first book on Lyme disease Since then Bryan has continued to look for ways to help himself and others In Freedom From Lyme Disease Bryan Freedom From eBook Ë shares observations from his journey as well as protocols and treatment options that he has found to be the most valuable Often times patient experience leads us to some of the most helpful approaches for recovering from Lyme disease Bryan's personal journey has helped many Scott Forsgren EditorFounder BetterHealthGuycom Once again Bryan Rosner presents a wealth of information in a format that is easy to read understand and most importantly utilize Bryan has expanded his prior work exponentially to provide updates on modalities such as Rife therapy and antibiotic rotation protocols as well as providing information on cutting edge therapies such as biophoton therapy No one can afford to miss out on this information Nicola McFadzean Ducharme ND Founder and Medical Director of RestorMedicine in San Diego CA Author of The Lyme Diet The Beginner's Guide to Lyme Disease and Lyme Disease in Australia ABOUT THE BOOK Bestselling author Bryan Rosner is back with this information packed seuel to his book The Top Lyme Disease Treatments That book which sold over copies established a foundational treatment plan for Lyme disease based on Rosner's extensive research and personal experience Now Rosner's newest book Freedom from Lyme Disease builds on the principles set forth in the earlier book Rosner wrote Freedom From Lyme Disease because he observed what he describes as a tipping point in new Lyme disease information and treatment strategies The tipping point came in at which time Rosner began working on the new book Rosner describes this tipping point as a milestone in which there was a fundamental change in how Lyme disease should be approached and treated Freedom From Lyme Disease contains newly discovered treatment modalities and strategies that have the potential to shorten the duration of recovery from Lyme disease Rosner believes that Freedom From Lyme Disease is the most important book he's ever written as it ties together many of the concepts introduced in his previous books What sets Rosner's writing apart from other Lyme disease books is that he focuses not just on describing available treatments but also on how to coordinate and weave these treatments into a customized individualized treatment plan He refers to this flexible and uniue treatment plan as the treatment template While many available books offer information on cutting edge treatments few provide guidance on how those treatments should be used in the broader context of a complex and individualized treatment protocol Check for Bryan's other books Lyme Disease Rife Machines and The Top Lyme Disease Treatments Personal message from Bryan Rosner Dear readers it has been over years since I brought you my last book The Top Lyme Disease Treatments.