Ebook ☆ Lovely ePUB Ú

Ebook ☆ Lovely ePUB Ú

Lovely [Download] ✤ Lovely By Elizabeth SaFleur – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Can you have love and power at the same timeCongressman Jonathan Brond has mastered his work his reputation and the art of sexual domination while keeping his family’s political legacy intact But a Can you have love and power at the same timeCongressman Jonathan Brond has mastered his work his reputation and the art of sexual domination while keeping his family’s political legacy intact But a chance encounter with college student Christiana Snow promises something he didn’t think was possible–meeting someone honest When the charismatic man proposes a summer of sensual sexual submission Christiana leaps into his world—the antidote to her bland life But Washington DC is an unforgiving place; soon gossip and scandal threatens their relationship Yet in a town of players sometimes introducing a new game is the only way out Who knew love would be the winning plan Scroll up and get unimagined pleasures over long hot Washington summer weekends Book One of the Elite Doms of Washington Series – Stand alone Not a cliff hanger HEA MF BDSM elements one hot Congressman and his young female sub.

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  1. Shurrn Shurrn says:

    Surprised and Delighted you're not alone I see you I'm with you I was not expecting the exciting narrative that Lovely provided I was prepared for a deliciously kinky romance but I was not expecting the suspense and high stakes Washington dramaThis book is the first in Elizabeth SaFleur's Elite Doms of Washington Series but it is a stand alone novel The story wraps up beautifully with no cliffhanger and the series promises new couples for subseuent books There's some mild BDSM themes running through the story as the series name suggests I would categorize the level of play as intro level which is appropriate considering our young female MC was going through life blissfully unaware of the Ds sceneAs a side note I want to say that1 Thank you Sweet Jesus Christiana was NOT a virgin2 Jonathan has the most intriguing 'playrooms' I think I've ever read3 In a world full of tropey best friends in Modern Romance They usually fall into three categories The slut the gay guy or the absentee roommate who only shows up for 'important talks' this book presents the reader with Avery The daughter of a Federal judge She's a manipulative little socialite who has been Christina's life long friend I hated Avery in the best possible way Her character elicited an immediate negative reaction read intense loathing from me and she kept my attention throughout the bookChristiana Snow She wanted not even knowing what might entail She'd dance on the edge of this addiction this obsession named Jonathan Brond until she bled Christiana's character started off painfully shy and unsure but she was so authentic and believable Her character grew into a vibrant and strong woman as the story progressed and it was a joy to watch her thrive as a submissiveWe uickly learn that she's been taking care of herself for a very long time Her family life has been far from idealistic but she's pressed on with her head held highThis story begins during the summer between her Freshman and Sopho years in college She's working her ass off at a Washington DC restaurant in order to afford next year's tuitionWhen she's not serving DC's rich and powerful she's being dragged to charity galas by her friend Avery or playing designated driver for her alcoholic fatherNot an ideal life but one that Christina has a firm hold on Until she meets one dashing Congressman and her whole world is turned upside downCongressman Jonathan Brond He had planned to care for no one until the right time Timing was everything in Washington Too bad he'd met the perfect woman during an imperfect time Hello drool worthy Congressman Brond comes from a political line as famous as the Kennedy's and he's working to restore his family's prestige He's the youngest member of Congress ever to be elected and he's singleThe definition of eligibleAnd Lickable Just sayin'Jonathan Brond sees Washington's blue blooded socialites circling him like sharks and is determined to stay unattached He has a solid plan for his future and relationships would only be a hindranceCongressman Bond isn't what I was expecting and I was so wonderfully enthralled by his character He has a genuine need to help everyone he can He's not your standard politician he plays the game because he feels like he has to redeem his family name and right the wrongs of his fatherNow would be a good time to mention that this book is dual POV so the reader gets a front row seat to Brond's inner monologue as he falls hard for an extraordinary young woman Brond fought his instant attraction to the young and impressionable Christina Snow The reasons to walk away were endlessIt's an election yearShe's nineteen years oldHer father is a political journalistHer best friend keeps throwing herself at himBrond has no use for greedy little DC princesses like Avery but he's helpless against his attraction to Christina She's honest and kind she isn't interested in wealth or power she's independent and spirited ualities Jonathan Brond doesn't see on Capital HillChristiana Snow is offered the chance at a summer affair with DC's most eligible bachelor She'll have to hide their relationship from her scheming best friend and her journalist father but that's not allJonathan Brond comes from a political family He knows how to keep secrets including a deliciously deviant preference for bondage and disciplineThe story progresses steadily with romance and suspense Once this story gained momentum I was simply unable to put it down There were several little twists and turns which surprised me and kept me on my toesElizabeth SaFleur is a new to me author and I am impressed with what I've read so far I think it's difficult to write a story with a wealthy sexual dominant and not conjure ghosts of so many books before but Elizabeth SaFleur put a delicious DC spin on the subject and I certainly enjoyed myself

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    Elizabeth Safleur knows how to write a BDSM scene effectively I'll give her that I normally stay away from Dom sub stories because most of them end up being unintentionally comical This was not the case hereThe setting in a Washington DC full of bloodthirsty socialites and kinky politicians was interesting and different That was what made me buy the book because it would not be your typical corporate billionairecollege girl story though H was indeed from a wealthy background and h a poor little college girl but somehow did not feel like a FSOG derivative fanficSadly it was the story that was weaved around those very hot very vivid scenes that were lacking for me Neither the romance plot did it for me as both protagonists were unlikable Not did the suspense plot hold my attention view spoilerIt didn't sit right with me that H was with his long time mistress the day after he proposed an exclusive relationship to the h That he did it to slake the lust h has aroused in him was very barftastic and in contradiction to the numerous times the author hammered the point that H is a Dom who is loyal honest responsible and respectful towards his subs He was obviously not respectful to the OW that he used for his own purposes knowing he was going to imminently dump her nor was it respectful to the h after he went to great length to assure her it would be an exclusive relationshipNor did it feel plausible at the end of the story that h teamed up with H's two OW to save the day kind of like a makeshift Scooby gang before the Evil Villain could achieve his scheme to destroy H politicallyin a blackmailvendetta subplot that frankly had me skimming h was TSTL beyond belief especially living in an environment that should have made her hyper aware of the duplicity of peopleWorst of all though was the use of mental illness as a plot twist I am not saying the author used this serious issue in a trite way to advance the plot as so many authors do I just personally don't think she got it right To make the ultra bitchy Regina King like villain of the story end up as a victim of her mental illness at the end going so far as having Mary Sue h taking the blame for not recognizing the signs and not getting her friend help and preventing criminal charges from being charged against her after she SHOT a congressman because he has spurned her advances was NOT plausible at all to me There is a difference between a person suffering from a mental disorder and needs help before he or she self harms or unintentionally harms others and a narcissistic personality raised all her life with a sense of entitlement who simply becomes unhinged and reacts accordingly when things don't exactly go her wayI am not a psychologist or psychiatrist However I have been brought up in a family where these narcissistic personalities abound in numerous members and it is a frightening thing to see how much they victimize others uite intentionally and cold bloodedly Then can cry crocodile tears as fast as if a magic wand put a spell with impeccable timing and effect as soon as they have pushed things just a bit too far and feel that their victims could turn on themIt's like the Texas mom who recently made headlines when she shot her two daughters in cold blood and people who can't accept the fact that evil people come under all kinds of different titles including mom just wanted to say she was mentally ill Not in my opinion and if she has survived her horrible crime and then her defense attorney suggested she should not be criminally prosecuted because she is mentally ill I would have not bought it hide spoiler

  3. J. Kahele J. Kahele says:

    Wow this was what I would call a 'holy shit I can't believe how good this is' kind of book When you see the word 'dom' in any book you naturally expect some kinky steamy kind of book Although this book did have this in there there was alot Christiana Snow is a college student who is a little unsure of herself and awkward at times I have to stop for a moment to mention a very important factor she's not a virgin Most erotica books I have read always have the woman as an innocent being preyed upon by a dominant man Speaking of dominant men congressman Jonathan Brond is a hot handsome melt your panties right off kind of man and there is an instant attraction when the two meet For Jonathan this is a bad idea It's election year she is only nineteen years old he should walk away but he doesn't he wants her and offers her the opportunity to spend the summer with him Will she take it Ah but of course she will

  4. Joey Hill Joey Hill says:

    I’ve been an author for a long time so I focus on the nuts and bolts of the story from page one If I can get pulled in then the author has done a great job with the characters the chemistry and the storyline Jonathan and Christiana captured my attention and I liked very much how genuine the two of them were and the realistic conflicts they faced I also like stories that give me a glimpse of worlds I know little about and Elizabeth SaFleur’s familiarity with the Washington social world and politics adds another great layer to the story bringing it to life Though I felt the story lost some momentum as it went along this was Elizabeth SaFleur’s very first book When I see elements that good in someone’s first book I know I’ll be trying her next ones and enjoying the heck out of watching her talent evolve A solid 35 stars

  5. lynn❤️lynn lynn❤️lynn says:

    This is a story of love that just can't and shouldn't beThis story falls between 35 and 4 stars for me I would have loved to have given it as I felt it could have been so much but I did feel the ending was so so corny and rushed I love a HEA but this I felt was a little too much It's so sugar coated I loved the story about congress the lobbying and the political agenda backlash to public life Being a Brit I found this aspect of the story fascinating and in a way it transported me to another worldThis is a story of a 30 year old congressman who's running for office who's heavy into the BDSM lifestyle but keeps this aspect of his live very secretunderstandably He has a sub who's he's liaising with when Chrissie is first introduced to the life style when she over hears the interaction playThe congressman brookmeets Chrissie at a party and falls head over heels for her We are introduced to her introduction and subseuent training into becoming the congressman's submissiveI felt uncomfortable at first that she didn't consent to a lot of what she was introduced to including her punishments but after all the acts the congressman goes over the fact he'd asked her if it was ok to perform certain actsis this consent did she understand what she was being asked I wasn't totally sureShe's not introduced to a safeword till well over half way through the book which too concerned me till this point But she wasn't made aware of how and why to used this safe word It was a safe word given to her not one of her choosingThese aspects had me uestioning the book throughout and I would have felt better if they'd been dealt with at her introduction to the lifestyleBut over all I did infact enjoy this book and the story line It is well written and edited and I will definitely read from the authorshe has promised from Jonathan Brook and Christiana I personally look forward to this this story does not end on a cliff hang ending but a promise for greatI was given this book by the author for the BDSM TBR read in exchange for an honest review

  6. Verity Verity says:

    This is a sweet and spicy story that kicks off the Elite Doms of Washington series and it's a corker of a startCongressman Jonathan Brond is the master of his own universe someone who rules all aspects of his life with an iron fist making sure his desirekink for sexual dominants is kept well away from the political word he inhabits and thrives inLet me tell you about Congressman Brond I wouldn't mind ratifying his amendment image error

  7. Denise Denise says:

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewWow Where do I start This book 'Lovely' was an exceptional book It isn't just a story about sex and a domsub relationship It is an erotic journey with a plot that went above and beyond what I expected I loved the storyline Well written The way it played out was filled with such emotion and the growth of the characters was like a flower blossoming I know sounds lame but I don't know how else to describe it The characters were great Yvette and Sarah play a big part in the way this story unfolded Christiana is such a great character I love her loyalty her big heart and her overall beautiful soul She grew into the person she was meant to be Like I said well written The BDSM aspect was tastefully descriptive and well executed I loved Jonathan's character He is the epitome of a true Dom I can not wait to read of Jonathan and Christiana's story I look forward to reading Yvette's story in 'Holiday Ties' Elizabeth SaFleur did an amazing job in creating a book that will stay with me A must add to your tbr list Highly recommended

  8. CarolKat CarolKat says:

    Christiana works hard waitressing at the Oak brings excellent tips and every once in a while she delivers room service Her best friend Ashley on the other hand is part of all the drama and fund raising that goes on in Washington often recruiting Christiana to attend with her to fight off boredomWhen Christiana literally runs into Congressman Jonathan Brond at one such event she doesn't realize until later that his is the voice she heard while delivering room service A voice that had her wanting the domination the woman in that room was gettingUnfortunately she restrains from pursuing any action on this because Ashley has set her sights on him Ashley is a far suitable companion for him she has the money and the upbringing that would be reuired of a Congressman's companion or wifeJonathan on the other hand only has eyes for Chris at least until he discovers her age As a thirty year old congressman he really shouldn't be dallying with a nineteen year oldA very interesting relationship develops behind the scenes of the normal Washington kerfuffle Secrets and half truths become a daily part of Chris' lifeUnexpected twists kindle melting heat and a very interesting outcome

  9. Arriesta Arriesta says:

    This is my second read through and it was still as good as the first time I love the character of Jonathan Brond my dominant congressman The entire series of The Elite Doms of Washington is amazing 💕Excellent read of the darker fantasy sort

  10. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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