Far Horizons PDF Ú Hardcover

Far Horizons PDF Ú Hardcover

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  1. Diz Diz says:

    The Edge of the Empire books are pretty thin This is only 96 pages so you don't get a lot for your money The nice parts of this book are that you get 3 new races to play 3 new options for colonist characters and a section for the GM which gives rules for running a homestead or business as a base of operations for a group which is a nice alternative to having a ship as a base of operations I would say if you are playing a colonist character or are a GM who would like to run a homesteadbusiness campaign it would be good to pick up this book but if that's not the case you could probably skip it

  2. Mikael Cerbing Mikael Cerbing says:

    The EotE books have one thing really going for them and one thing that fails The good thing is thet this book as all their books have fantastic art Many times the art in these books get my imagination going a lot then the texts themself and that is a problem Where I think the books fail is in their idea to have them divided up in three parts you know like a triology wether this is good for the book or not I love that they have a thought out design and so on but it should not be important With design then With the content And that is a problem With all their books When it comes to this book we get the usuall three new spieces and three new occupations to play with Some new rules and specialisations It feels that they are pretty deep down in the barrel to find new stuff to put in the book by now If this is good or bad I have no opinion What I do like is that this book pays homage to the strong Western feel in Star Wars with marshals and the general feeling of building a Homestead in a new frontier I think a lot of western Movies and books would be uite easy to translate to a EotE game Might have to try that one day The second part is the stuff part Some people seems love that I get bored We have so much stuff now that I dont need Give us some rules to homecook some New stuff for ourselfs this mostly feels like pages wasted on something usefull And this goes back to the design policy of these books They all need to look the same even if it makes no sense The Third part can acctually be uite usefull if you want to play colonists and some of it can be translated to generic EotE games I find it to be one of the better Episode III parts of the books I have read I also like that there are a couple of hooks that makes you work for the Empire But it is in the colonist book With the occupation that the fewest players wants to play But it can be handy to use building a homeport for players get them some long term Investment in a Place Perhaps become part owners in something Get to know and like a bunch of NPCs And then the Empire finds a hidden rebell base at the planet and hell follows In the end its a good enough book that I dont feel like I wasted my money But I do feel like its a wasted opportunity by FFG I am pretty sure that they can do better then this

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Far Horizons ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Far Horizons ❤ Author Sam Stewart – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk On the edges of the galaxy limitless possibilities unfold With the vistas of new horizons reflected in their eyes Colonists set out to create societies through hope perseverance and hard work However On the edges of the galaxy limitless possibilities unfold With the vistas of new horizons reflected in their eyes Colonists set out to create societies through hope perseverance and hard work However even on the fringe galactic turmoil can upend their new lives forcing Colonists to put their skills to different usesForge new civilizations amongst the wilds of the Outer Rim with Far Horizons This rulebook expands upon the Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game adding new content for Colonist characters as well as any other characters interested in building new lives for themselves Construct a personal base of operations become the hottest name in galactic entertainment or enforce justice with a cool eye and steady handThis supplemental rulebook includes• Expanded character options including Motivations Obligations species and specializations• New signature abilities that allow Colonists to excel in their chosen profession• Euipment and vehicles valuable for nearly any venture• Useful guidance for GMs looking to challenge their players with interesting social encounters and to integrate Colonist characters into larger campaigns.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Far Horizons
  • Sam Stewart
  • English
  • 08 August 2014
  • 9781616616915