Struck PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Struck PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Struck (Struck, #1) ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Struck (Struck, #1) By Joss Stirling ➝ – Previously published as 'Storm and Stone' this gripping novel by Joss Stirling is being reissued as 'Struck' Behind the ivy clad walls of an exclusive boarding school lurks a sinister web of corruptio Previously published as 'Storm and Stone' this gripping novel by Joss Stirling is being reissued as 'Struck' Behind the ivy clad walls of an exclusive boarding school lurks a sinister web of corruption scandal and conspiracy American student Raven Stone has noticed something is horribly wrong First there were the unexplained disappearances Then there were the teachers' lies And now the death threats Also entangled in the disturbing turn of events is the enigmatic Kieran Storm a fellow student with a killer intellect and a body to die for He's heading for trouble and taking her with him Raven can feel herself falling in love but can she trust a boy she knows almost nothing about.

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  1. Perks Of Being A Fangirl Perks Of Being A Fangirl says:

    JOSS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ANOTHER BOOK BY YOU FOR AGES FINALLYHope this is as good as The Finding Sky series which are undoubtedly one of my favourite seriesI just want it please?

  2. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    25 starsI have to say that I didn’t really enjoy this book Raven was an okay character and I did feel sorry for her and the bullying she was going through I thought that Joe was alright but Kieran started out a bit weird and never really recovered from thatThe storyline in this book seemed to mostly revolve around Raven’s bullying with a side serving of this crime investigation thing that Joe and Kieran were involved in I didn’t really find any of this all that enthralling and the crime investigation thing was pretty darn dullview spoiler The storyline concerning the stealing seemed pretty darn obvious If Gina comes back to school and all the stolen stuff re appears doesn’t it stand to reason that she was probably the culprit? Especially seeing how she ‘found’ one of the stolen items among her own possessions and pointed the finger firmly at Raven? Sorry luv but I’m not buying it You’re lying hide spoiler

  3. Odette Brethouwer Odette Brethouwer says:

    This was a cool YA thriller I enjoyed reading it but I notice I can't really say much about this Not my best review sorry XDAfter reading Hunter Pearl and liking that a bit less than this but still 3 I can describe better how I experienced reading this bookI really like the element in this book that you are thinking when will she find out and that you want to know how this thing they are investigating turns out I also really liked it that he is really nerdy and she liked him for that But even there are many things to like this book felt not really special to me It is nicely written and all that but it was a light read and I didn't really connect with the characters that much somehow I expected of this writer because some loving reviews from friends but it just felt like a ok book

  4. SJH (A Dream of Books) SJH (A Dream of Books) says:

    I adore Joss Stirling's books and I was extremely excited about reading 'Storm and Stone' which is her new standalone novel I wasn't disappointed because it was a thrilling read which had me hooked from the start The story is set in an English boarding school called Westron Raven is an American scholarship student at the school She's ostracised and picked on by everyone until she meets new students Kieran and Joe who discover that there is something strange going on at the school After reading the blurb I thought it was going to be a fairly typical high school romance story but I was wrong when part way through it turned into something much gripping and mysterious I loved the relationship between Raven and Kieran He is clever and incredibly intelligent but Raven definitely makes him lose his head They fit together so well and function perfectly as a team The romance in the book is realistic and brilliantly written A trait of all Joss Stirling books There's no case of instant love but instead an attraction which simmers away between Raven and Kieran and eventually turns into something He feels protective about her and often tries to steer her away from danger but she is than capable of looking after herself which she definitely proves at the end of the book Joss Stirling is one of my favourite British authors and if you're a fan of her Soulfinders series then you will love this new offering As I was reading I could even picture it as a TV series because I think the concept is perfect for the small screen Although this was originally billed as a standalone I've since heard that it could actually be the first in a series about the characters which is excellent news

  5. Jane Jane says:

    It was a real honour to have a book dedicated to me by my closest childhood friend We took English classes togetherand if I had been told then that she would become a successful writer I would not have been at all surprised I loved Finding Sky and the others in that series Storm and Stone takes a similar tack with the idea of 'special' teenagersalbeit that it doesn't involve 'powers' in the same sense Joss's books always have a great storyline they are well written with strong characters Good stuff

  6. Abbie Abbie says:

    I felt really sorry for Raven Being bullied is horrible and what the bullies put her through in this was awful This wasn't a bad read but it took a while to get going The first half of it didn't seem to have much happening apart from the bullying The second half was better and had things happening but by that point I had lost interest so it took a while to get it backOverall Okay read but took ages to get going

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    As a huge fan of Joss Stirling's Benedict Brothers of course I jumped at the chance of reading her latest novel Storm and Stone I'll tell you straight away that this is completely separate to her other series and the story has no paranormal elements but that doesn't mean it isn't a fabulous read and it's one I really enjoyed I'm not sure if this is a stand alone story or the start of a new series but I'm really hoping that we're going to get to revisit these characters in the future there is definitely plenty of scope for stories about this duo so I'm keeping my fingers crossedStorm and Stone is set in an exclusive English boarding school one that caters to the children of the extremely wealthy and somewhere that students are supposed to make connections that will help them throughout their lives Raven isn't from a well off family though she is a scholarship student who has been allowed to attend the school because her grandfather is the school caretaker as well as her guardian Raven has had it tough in the last few years not only has she lost both of her parents but she was bullied badly at her last school and she just wants to find a place where she fits in Things at Westron haven't been too bad some of the kids may look down on her but she has a good friend Gina and the others tend to leave her alone Well they always did in the past but since the beginning of term things have become decidedly difficult Gina hasn't returned after the holidays so Raven is alone and she's facing accusations that she is a thief Raven has obviously been set up but she has no idea why people have turned against her so suddenlyThe only people still taking to Raven are the new boys Kieran and Joe who seem willing to look past the rumours and see the truth They not only believe Raven but also stand up for her against the others but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference especially when Gina returns and acts nothing like the girl that Raven was friends with Kieran and Joe seem to be on Raven's side but she knows they are keeping secrets from her and it makes it hard for her to trust them completely But what are the boys hiding and why have they joined the school so late in the year?I really liked Raven's character she suffers from horrendous bullying that would break most people but she holds her head up high and refuses to let the bullies see how much she is hurting Inside she is vulnerable and in pain but she has such a tough outer shell and appears to let things bounce off without effecting her Kieran was fabulous too he reminded me of a teenage mixture of Sherlock and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory he's supremely intelligent but completely clueless when it comes to social situations The friendship between Kieran and Joe was great Joe is much relaxed and is an expert at making friends and fitting in something that Kieran struggles with but together they make a great team I loved how they both took such good care of Raven they were annoyed with the way the others were treating her and determined to help her prove her innocence The romance that develops between Raven and Kieran didn't feel rushed and I liked the fact that they became friends before anything elseThis story has a great underlying mystery but I don't want to say too much about that for fear of giving spoilers My only complaint was that we didn't really get to see justice for Raven after one particularly horrible bullying incident I wanted to see the culprits caught and made to pay for what they did but their actions were kind of lost within everything else that happened at the end of the book The story definitely feels like a set up for the beginning of a series again I can't say too much about why I think that without giving spoilers so I'll settle for saying that I'll be the first in the ueue to buy any books that Joss Stirling does write about these characters If you enjoyed this author's other books then I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try it doesn't focus uite as heavily on the romance as her Savants books do but what we get is well written and believable and I have high hopes for Raven and Kieran if we are given books about them

  8. Hannah L (Reviewer) Hannah L (Reviewer) says:

    FIVE STARS When I first realized that my favorite author had written another book I was like And then I was like After a near fatal fangirl attack I immediately ran out and got a hold of Storm and the Stone Spoilers Where to start where to start Let’s start with the wonderful and enigmatic Kieran Storm For all those lady fans of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes these are the books for you Kieran is Sherlock personified with his ability of deduction and hyper intelligence meets James Bond That’s right Kieran Storm is a super sly spy on top of his super amazing Sherlock like ness Can it get any better?? I would have loved the book just for that reason but then he falls in love with a kick butt heroine Raven Stone So yes It can get better Raven is no damsel in distress Not this girl No she is an independent strong courageous intelligent and will not put up with your crap Which causes some problems for Kieran because being a spy investigating her boarding school he’s been lying about pretty much everything Why Kieran is investigating her boarding school you may ask Kieran and his partner Joe are investigating the disappearances of children in the school being the children of powerful people the government took notice Following the disappearances some children started returning completely brainwashed into snobbish sociopaths This book is chock full of action adventure and smoking hot kisses No joke in one scene right before the intelligent Kieran and talented Raven preform a dance together he plants an unexpected but romantic kiss on her their first kiss When I read this I was like Finally somebody wrote the perfect kiss scene Bravo Bravo Then the dance scene happened and I just died from happiness THIS IS A MUST READ In the first 5 pages it became one of my favourite books ever Awesome from the character development to the perfect storyline Recommended for everybody This book is simply beautiful For of my review go to

  9. Tilly Tilly says:

    I seem to just love anything by Joss Stirling Very different from the Benedict brothers series but I still liked it a lot Looking forward to the next book

  10. Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) says:

    More reviews at When I got an email from the author saying I had won an advanced copy of Storm and Stone for my review of a previous book by her I suealed and did a little dance around my living room I've had Storm and Stone on my wish list ever since it appeared on and it was one of the books I was most looking forward to reading this year so I was eager to start it as soon as it came Unfortunately I had some other books I was under obligation to review first so I had to wait a few weeks yeah I know it's not that long really Anyway Storm and Stone didn't disappoint and I think is my new favourite by Joss StirlingThe blurb didn't really give me much to go on with what was going to happen in the book so I didn't know what to expect beside some romance and mystery I definitely didn't see Joe and Kieran's part in the book coming though And although their roles are revealed uite early on I'm not going to ruin anything for your by saying it I'll let you find out for yourselvesFor me the best part about this book was that it was believable especially the relationships between characters The banter between Joe and Kieran was brilliant and made me smile as they teased one another I especially like Joe's joke on Kieran's class schedule It was easy to believe they were close and I liked the differences in personality They worked together with Kieran's over analytical mind contrasting with Joe's easy manner that drew everyone in Kieran's personality never failed to amuse me especially when the comments were not appropriate for the situationAs well as this Raven was a great character Having had a hard time growing up she was easy to relate and sympathise with She was likeable yet she wasn't weak and didn't let her tormentors get the better of her I loved her strong attitude and how she took no nonsense from anyone even Kieran They balanced each other well in the relationship and I think the author did a great job of building the romance It was sweet fun emotional and had just the right amount of dangerWith plenty of twists and turns Storm and Stone kept me engaged throughout the entire book I didn't pause once while reading it There is plenty of action that leaves you hanging on every word and I was surprised at how the plot developed The book was definitely not what I was expecting which made it all the enjoyableOverall Storm and Stone was a brilliant read that delivered on my high expectations for this author I love her work and can't recommend it highly enough If what I said above wasn't enough there is also a subtle message about stereotyping and prejudices that was cleverly woven into the book It's not glaringly obvious but it's something I've come to notice with this author and she is one of the few for me who can pull it off well due to the subtlety If you love romance action and mystery I would definitely recommend this book to you I just wish it wasn't a standalone as I'd love on Kieran and Raven

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