Isla and the Happily Ever After PDF ✓ the Happily

Isla and the Happily Ever After PDF ✓ the Happily

Isla and the Happily Ever After ❰Reading❯ ➼ Isla and the Happily Ever After Author Stephanie Perkins – Může vydržet láska z města které nikdy nespíIsla je beznadějná romantička Během prvního roku studia na americké škole v Paříži se zakoukala do introvertního kreslíře Joshe Poté co Může vydržet láska z the Happily PDF È města které nikdy nespíIsla je beznadějná romantička Během prvního roku studia na americké škole v Paříži se zakoukala do introvertního kreslíře Joshe Poté co se v létě potkají na Manhattanu to vypadá že románek by mohl být skutečnější než si Isla kdy vysnila Ale když se vrátí do školy ve Francii Josh a Isla mají najednou spoustu problémů se kterými se musí poprat každý mladý pár Na pořadu dne jsou rodinná dramata nejistota co bude po maturitě dál a velmi reálná skutečnost že je volba vysoké Isla and PDF or školy rozdělíTřetí kniha z volné série od autorky Polibku pro Annu kde vystupují všechny oblíbené postavy z předešlých knih Báječný a sexy příběh o skutečné lásce na pozadí nejkrásnějších měst světa – New Yorku Paříže a Barcelony.

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  1. Ariel Ariel says:

    MY HEART IS BROKEN BUT MY HEART IS TRUEWowzapants I have a lot to say LET’S GET TO IT No spoilersLet me start with the uestion everyone wants to know is this your new favourite Stephanie Perkins? Unfortunately not even close My order is officially Anna Lola and then IslaBefore I get into the meat of this all please know that I didn't hate it I really enjoyed most of it I flew through the entire thing in one day Stephanie Perkins knows how to write some truly adorable moments But that wasn't enough Anna and Lola also had cheesy and wonderful moments But those moments came mixed together with depth This didn't1 Certain Scenes vs The Entire Plot My biggest sentiment with this book was that I LOVED a lot of scenes but didn’t really like the plot overall Stephanie Perkins kept showing me why I love her in specific moments like Barcelona ohmygod but as a whole this story was badly paced and badly plotted So I’m left looking back at wonderful snippets seriously Barcelona ohmygod but not really caring about the plot overall I never felt that we were moving somewhere I never felt a legitimate progression of time Things were happening I suppose but never excitingly2 The Characters I didn’t care about the characters I sincerely didn’t know it was possible to say this about a Stephanie Perkins novel I mean WHAT WHAT The whole reason we love Anna and St Clair and Lola and Cricket is because they feel real They feel touchable They feel like people we could meet Admittedly Josh wasn’t bad But Isla? Who was she? I still don’t really know her Her sisters? Meh Her supposed “best friend”? He felt like a random side character And that is tragic because one of the things I loved about Anna and Lola is that everyone felt important Everyone felt like an important piece of the puzzle and even if I didn’t know a character fully because it wasn’t their story eg Meredith they felt dear to me and as though they would have an important story someday that they weren’t just here as a supporting character to someone else’s story3 The Setting I mean Cmon CMON I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll probably end up saying it a thousand times In Anna Paris isn’t just the background it’s a character In Lola it wasn’t AS impressive but the sense of incredible atmosphere was still there Not here in Isla We spend time in Paris? Meh It could have been anywhere We spend time in NYC? Meh NYC is a place I’ve personally visited a place that is wonderful and dirty and grimy and amazing and here it was meh The only moment I felt the passion of the area was in that Barcelona moment and it was glorious but it was a dying spark of hope4 The Themes Not a single person on this planet is denying that Anna Lola and Isla are loves stories The main theme is love About the characters better knowing themselves so that ultimately? They can find love This is not a flaw This is wonderful I love seeing love happen I LOVE IT And in Anna? I saw love happen In Lola? I saw love happen In Isla? I saw an obsessive crush happen and then explode into instalove I couldn’t support was being preached in this book That love is about obsessing over others because magically they’ve always loved you back? I’m sorry but no I kept hoping that Perkins would say “You see all the obsessing that Isla has been doing? It’s been unhealthy and wrong” but instead it was made okay and even desirable and cute It wasn’t cute Also the jealousy Jealousy is a left thing folks You’ll feel it I’ll feel it we’ll all feel it It played big roles in Anna AND Lola but there it was resolved It was seen as ugly Here? It was glossed over It wasn’t resolved It was left hanging and that made me sad5 The Plot Conflict Wasn’t Conflict It’s tricky to say too much here without spoiling so I’ll keep it short the main problem here? It wasn’t a problem I couldn’t root for it to be solved because it wasn’t a problem The whole time I was just sitting there thinking “HAVE AN EFFING CONVERSATION AND IT’LL BE EFFING SOLVED” because it wasn’t a problem It was one person thinking something and then what? The reader was supposed to accept that as a problem? IT WASN’T A PROBLEM How am I supposed to care about the plot if it’s just drama? grrrrrrr6 Josh Again I’ll keep it short because I’m trying to avoid spoilers but there wasn’t enough Josh I get it yeah yeah this is Isla’s story but the whole point is that it isn’t It’s THEIR story AnnaEtienne LolaCricket IslaJosh I’ve finished the book and I still don’t get why the heck Josh likes Isla I’m not saying that out of spite I seriously don’t remember a reason With the past couples it was about the couples having to work together but here it wasn’t at all That’s sad I really liked Josh and his part was smushed down to “love interest” instead of “complex character”7 My Favourite Scene My favourite scene of this book was when we got to see the other characters And that to me is the final nail in the coffin It's a total cop out it doesn't even count how can my favourite scene be the one that doesn't focus on the main characters of this book AT ALL? Obviously it makes sense that I would be attached to the scene because I’ve loved Anna and Lola for so long but man Nothing came close to that scene I literally was wishing that Isla would disappear so I could just revel in the presence of the old characters because they? THEY were magicI’m sorry that this wasn’t the review we all wanted Throughout my reading of the book I was part joy because like I said I DID find cute stuff in it that made me smile and kept me glued to it and part dread I wanted to love it I’ve been waiting for this book for than two years I fought the literal gods to get my hands on an arc I wanted to love it but I didn’t I have to be honest with myself and with you guys This book wasn’t as good as the other two and apart from the others it doesn't stand well aloneMY HEART IS BROKEN BUT MY HEART IS TRUE

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    “There’s no story” I say “I saw you one day and I just knew ^This pretty much sums up the most of this bookFirst let's be clear I enjoyed Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door They were pure romantic silliness I know but I liked the characters the cute flirtations and the mindless entertainment When this third book was released I bought it immediately but some negative reviews from my friends put me off I think I always expected to return to it eventually Though honestly I wish I hadn't botheredFor one thing there is literally no story for at least 80% of this book In fact I'm still struggling to see it The other books are about the usual crushes tensions and jealousies that come with high school romances like I said mindless entertainment but Isla and the Happily Ever After does not even have that The book opens with Isla drooling all over herself and being unable to function in the presence of Josh A couple chapters in and we already know he likes her A couple and they're making out Where is the tension? Where is the will theywon't they?Also that aside Isla's obsession with Josh is unhealthy and not even in a cute way She literally stalks him online looking up information about his family on Wikipedia and finding his house on Google That's damn creepy If it was the other way around I would be afraid for the girl's safety Plus he is her entire life her crush on Josh is the most defining characteristic she has “I like Josh so much that I actually feel miserable”“I’m dizzy It physically hurts to look at him” She goes on and on about him She ignores her friend because she's too busy thinking about Josh She acts like a self centred brat because she wants to go gallivanting around Europe with him and surprise she can't just freaking do thatThe biggest problem these rich white kids have is whether to go to Columbia or la Sorbonne I just don't care about themAlso a guy who says “Your sister’s kind of a bitch huh?” is way out of line no matter how hot he is or how true it is My sister’s a bitch too but no one but me and my brother are allowed to say it view spoilerlove you really Chels ; hide spoiler

  3. mara • (chaotic reader) mara • (chaotic reader) says:

    “'There's no story' I say 'I saw you one day and I just knew'” Stephanie I adore you I really do You bring me so much joy with your fluffy story lines But you always seem to be able to ground all the fluffiness with some maturity This one lacked maturity I did like it but I just couldn't bring myself to love itMy problem in one sentence the setting was colourful the characters weren'tThe setting was beautifully wistful I mean it's hard for it not to be when it's set in a city like Paris Couple that with the various locations Stephanie chooses An abandoned ancient arena hidden between Parisian apartments A balcony reached only by conuering spiralling stairs and a trapdoor They were always uiet and secluded which really added to the romance Because of this at its best it was a sweet desire filled romance played out in alleyways and under the indigo ink pot of the night sky couldn't resist putting in an artsy metaphor It made the romance illicit in a way As if the reader shouldn't be privy to it because at times it was just so uietly personal But this was the novel at its best Really all I've written goes to the city itself rather than the characters And good lord Isla and Josh need to tone the drama down The characters lacked maturityIsla and Josh did not seem protagonist worthy to me I kept asking myself why them? Why did Stephanie choose to write about them? Or even why did she choose to write about them at this time in their life? The storyline we were given seemed like one of those sideline stories thrown into a 'chick flick' movie worthy of a few scenes scattered throughout the movie during which we all indulgently nod and smile waiting for the movie to return to our main characters Josh is a beautiful messy passionate work of art and I'm a blank canvas I couldn't bring myself to root for them It ignited my Romeo and Juliet type reaction Instead of suealing over the cuteness I'm sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn wedged between my thighs wildly gesturing at the screen yelling 'you idiot put the damn dagger down Please you 'love' each other? You just bloody met These three year olds I swear to the everloving universe ' Our protagonists are each battling with their own brand of insecurity and because of this their relationship turned into one of dependence They weren't ready for a relationship and especially not a relationship born of a three year obsessive crush in which they only talked once No no no this isn't a healthy basis for a relationship let alone between characters already dealing with complex mental issues What this muddy stirring pot produces is a lot of 'I need you what would I do without you?' and 'we have to go to college together' and an irritatingly insistent 'don't leave me don't leave me don't leave me' Basically a whole lot of melodramatic teen moodiness Prime example Josh has to leave Paris and cue an over the top tearful goodbye We were only given five minutes to say goodbye I cried again He used his favourite pen to ink the four letters L O V E onto my fingers Sorry Stephanie it was just too fluffy too starry eyed too melodramatic Fans of Anna and Lola this one might be worth a read for the few scenes where our favourites come back for some very significant scenesPre review 25102012BLOODY HELL GET THEE ON MY BOOKSHELF ALREADYWho else can't wait for another fictional guy to swoon over?Regina just doesn't understand usBasically me when reading about every one of Stephanie's beautiful so god damn beautiful guysAnd then when I finish I'm like

  4. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Aww two rich horny kids one a stalker the other a self centered artiste are not allowed to travel around Europe without supervision and have sex anywhere they feel like How tragicPerkins' romances are getting worse and worse 1 star because she can do better than this

  5. Melannie :) Melannie :) says:

    tries to pull off an Etienne St Clair I CAN'T BLOODY WAIT

  6. Sophia. Sophia. says:

    DISCLAIMER This review is going to be long ; painfully negative ; and full of spoilers Also I love Stephanie Perkins I follow her blog and I think she's a genuinely great person However I do tend to treat books like the commercial objects that they are So I'm not making this personal against Perkins I am aware that it was a fucking struggle for her to write this book and I am sorry but I paid for it and I was sorely disappointed Okay let's do this I am part of the original readership that has been following Perkins since the very beginning I read Anna a couple months after it came out and I loved it I waited 2 years for Lola that's a long time and hated it I still decided to wait for Isla because it was going to be set in Paris again and well because it looked fucking cool We all waited a lonnnnng time for Isla Several years My expectations were damn high And it was just not worth the wait Obviously I'm not the first one to point this out but we have in this book a serious characterization problem when it comes to Isla In the first book we had Anna who's this cute clueless film addict with the cleaning disorder Despite that somewhat specific characterization I think Perkins had sort of found the good balance between a well defined character and someone the reader could easily identify with Anna is awkward inexperienced with boys not amazing in class and she's got money issues And she falls for the hot guy who has a girlfriend All this is realistic Because let's face it in real life a lot of hot boys ARE taken Therefore befriending a hot kid who has a girlfriend is complicated since you have to strike a balance between being friendly but not too flirty and you also kind of hate the girlfriend and it's all so confusing I thought that the way Perkins described all that was on point Also it took forever for Anna and St Clair to get together Okay it was overly long and dramatic but in real life it usually does take MONTHS before something happens with the guy you like I liked that authenticity that whole thing before they get together where one month they're close then they're not then he compliments her and she makes such a big deal out of it I just felt like yes that does happen in real life It IS tedious in real life And sometimes boys do lead you on and it fucking sucks Anyway my point being the first book was overall realistic and Anna very likeable Then we had Lola She was in my opinion way too characterized It was really hard for me to relate to her because of the way she dresses which was extreme even for a hardcore hipster and because of her extremely specific family situation and her love life too That's where for me the series started going downhill Also the story was juvenile Now Isla Characterization issues I saw that a lot of people disliked Josh in the story I think he was at times overly dramatic but I did love the artistic aspect of his personality That’s why I was so impatient to read the book before it came out and on that aspect the book met my expectations I just thought it was usually well written all his trances his room his cramps or when he paints the tree house Or better yet when he draws her necklace and captions it “Why does she wear it every day?” Oh I loved that Yes I totally swooned The Perkins magic worked for me right there No to me the main problem was Isla and Isla and JoshWe're told rather than shown that Isla loves high heels and that her room is very well decorated She's petite and cute and shy and yes she's a redhead Okay Basically that's everything we know Her family felt very fake She doesn't have ANY other friend beside Kurt Doesn't have any hobbies either which Perkins tried to make into an actual personality trait but it didn't work She just felt like a stupid Bella Swan 20 who has no life interest other THAN GOING TO DARTMOUTH because that’s where her boyfriend wants her to go And remember which college Edward Cullen wanted Bella to attend? Yep DartmouthI didn't like her relationship with Kurt She insists on saying that despite the autism he's a normal kid but if that's the case then just treat him like a normal kid You don't have to sleep in the same bed every night That's just weird especially when Isla starts dating Then she's talking morning wood with Josh and she says she's seen it on Kurt before but it's fine since we're such good friends and then Kurt talks about Isla's breasts and the whole time I'm just like What? Josh is jealous and asks for explanations and I thought that was legitimate because honestly I don't know anyone who would keep on doing that past 18 I don't know Maybe I'm just not a big believer in boysgirls friendships but something was off with that relationship and it made me uneasy Taking Kurt to the treehouse in the afternoon and then going back with Josh in the evening? ew Pacing and lack of plot A huge problem in this book is the pacing and the plot Literally nothing happens or not exactly A few things happen but the plotline is so empty that these little things are taken to an extreme to pretend something is happening First off the romance in this book appears wayy too fast First chapter I found it hard to believe that Isla was so high on meds that she didn't know what she was doing I genuinely thought the first scene was a dream or a sex fantasy because it was so unrealistic And that thing with the dress being wet and clingy was just so corny So the thing is school starts again so she's obviously obsessed with Josh and that's weird but like okay We've all stalked that one boy back in high school But then he shows he's interested too and there's this awkward thing where the reader OBVIOUSLY knows that Josh thinks there's something going on between Kurt and Isla but Isla is fucking oblivious so she won't say anything to clarify the situation That's the plotline for a few chapters then Josh finds the courage to straight up ask her then it's understood that they clearly like each other Okay They go on their first date and they make out Okay Ensues what feels like a reallyyy long time several chapters where everything is just perfect they're oh so happy Everything is great Also it escalates very uickly They say I love you after what feels like 3 pages I was just dumbfounded to see how ridiculous it sounds yet it's all done so that we're actually supposed to take it seriously? And we're expected to actually swoon? even though it's pathetic? Yes It is true that when teenagers get together it is very intense and melodramatic very uickly As the meme goes “Teenage couples be like” This meme is literally the book But the thing is even if that's how it sometimes is I don't want to see that in a book Because it's juvenile and it's so corny It makes me ROLL MY EYES Back to the nonexistent plot So they love each other after 3 days and it's all perfect but as a reader you're obviously well expecting something Because something has to happen Conflict right? So I'm here waiting turning page after page and then they start talking about Barcelona I get it They’re horny and obviously they can't do it in the treehouse or idk in a hotel in Paris because then it wouldn't serve the plot SO they decide to go to Spain Fine Problem one NOTHING is said about the money NOTHING We get that they're spoiled rich kids But it'd help if they'd at least acknowledge it Instead of snapping their fingers and going to barcelona like it's normal or accepting to fill out applications to Dartmouth without ONE thought regarding how much money that implies Nu uh in Isla's world Dartmouth only means Josh So they go to Barcelona and the sexual tension is supposed to be very intense but it’s honestly kind of ridiculous They sleep together Insert corny fireworks Problem two the sex scenes They're bad I think it's a good thing that Perkins made her characters sexually active because after all the reader who was 16 when reading Anna is now what 20 or 21 when reading Isla so obviously they evolved too But sex scenes are tough to write and they need to be well written to serve a purpose This His breathing is shallow Rapid I lower myself onto him We gasp Our arms wrap around each other and we move together watching each other checking in with each other with our eyes Is this okay? What about this? This?It builds Faster I want him closer I want him deeper I want him want him want him His eyes close and so do mine and we finish as we started Together End of chapterSigh I'm sorry I just think that's bad writing Perkins used a similar writing style in Lola to describe the sex scenes too and I don't understand why the editor didn't try to do something about it Those short sentences make the reading experience very uncomfortable and awkwardOkay Then we get to the next problem Josh gets expelled so the drama beginsWell that was definitely my biggest issue in the entire book When Josh gets expelled Isla’s reactions were sooo blown out of proportions so dramatic it made me lose all the respect I had for her It literally felt like Josh was dying or going to war Isla fucking take a chill pill he’s just going back to America You’ll see him in like TWO months The writing was so excessively dramaticLike they're on the train going back to school where they know trouble awaits and Josh risks expulsion I want you to know that I love you Josh says And I want to be with you No matter what happensMy eyes fill back with tears Don't say thatIt might happenDon't say thatHis shell is cracking I love you Do you still love me?And then Josh almost has a panick attack and she tells him she has always loved him Then he asks for her to clarify and she says Yeah since our freshman year lol that's not what always means honey Then we have the headmaster who lectures Isla about who's she dating and that she should be careful and she can do better blah blah so cliché I couldn't deal As if headmasters ever do give a fuck about who's dating who Seriously Also during that lecture Isla is thinking She's wrong There's only one boy And who am I to become without him? When Josh actually has to leave the school We were only given five minutes to say goodbye I cried again He used his favourite pen to ink the four letters L O V E onto my fingers He held my face with both hands I love you he said I love you I love youI could hardly see him through my tears I love you I said I love you I love you So I'll spare you for the rest because I suppose you’re getting my point right? That’s what the book is like after Josh gets kicked out It's insane how dramatic it gets I don't get it I couldn't feel for them because it was so fucking extreme it just got to a point where it was downright funny Also I find it very unbelievable that Josh's mom would take away his phone like that It was a pathetic excuse to make their discussions less freuent but 1 Josh is loaded so he could have bought another one or just go to an Apple Store or a McDonalds for the Wifi Or borrow his FRIENDS’ phones? No? Right he doesn’t have any part from St Clair I just think we have so many ways of communicating now It seemed very unlikely that he would depend on his mom like that Then there's the whole drama thing with the book he makes her read and she freaks out and BLAH BLAH useless break up for obscure reasons that I have failed to understand The only thing that woke me up from my boredom was when Isla thinks this Josh is a romantic He likes being in love and he craves love to fill the void left by his absentee parents Maybe our relationship didn't happen uickly because we're perfect for each other but because we each got swept away by it him because of this insatiable need me because of my pre existing crush Did those three years of longing cloud my perception of reality? How well do I really know him?To which I answer ON POINT Isla For once in your life you GET it But obviously this book doesn't work like that unfortunately for us so she soon realizes that she's WRONG and there's nothing wrong in their relationship and of course they're meant to be Some dumb resolution comes up and HAPPILY EVER AFTER Because if there's one thing that this series doesn't have it is mystery and subtility when it comes to titles Random Nitpicks Enough with the full body shrugs What does that even mean How can one full body shrug THERE IS NO SUCH THING Anna and St Clair getting engaged COME ON Really REALLY It's not swoon worthy it's so cliché and they're 19 and what is this? So unnecessary Also you know there's a problem in your book when it's WAY interesting to follow the old cast even when it's just for a couple of scenes than following Isla and JoshBy the way I already had had that problem in Lola but once again Anna and St Clair come off as this stupidly perfect couple Isla goes Anna is the kind of naturally beautiful girl who doesn't know she's beautiful and St Clair is so perfect omg Stop It's so annoying I don't need to hear how perfect they are And then there's Josh who goes Yeah of course they'll stay together forever because well duh they're meant to be and I'm just sitting here like yeah and it took St Clair a fucking year to grow balls so that he could dump his gf and stop leading Anna on BUT ITS TRUE LOVE YOU GUYS so the cheating was fine Also Perkins could not stop herself and did it again She just HAD to throw in a bit of pro gay righlove as always And yes it is STILL irrelevant to the story First we had Meredith who's called a dyke and omg Anna will not tolerate it and then we had Lola and her two daddies and now it's GENEVIEVE awful name who's bisexual y'all and her parents LOVE her new girlfriend omg so cool go gays view spoilerOkay sarcasm apart and as hard to believe as I make it seem I am actually very supportive of gay rights too the only thing is that I just hate it when it's casually thrown in books because it's like subtle propaganda especially here because it SERVES NO PURPOSE to the story absolutely none other than allowing Perkins to throw in her own opinion so thanks but not thanks keep it to yourself hide spoiler

  7. emma emma says:

    It is with great pride and deep sadness I present to you the three stages of rereading Isla and the Happily Ever Afterhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpressco Stage one hope Stage two anger Stage three depression How do I even explain to you how excited I was to reread this? I’ll try I guess Gotta set the scene Anna and the French Kiss is THE guilty pleasure book for me I’ve read it probably 3 times and it still makes me feel all lovey dovey whenever I pick it up That feeling rarelyyyy happens even on a first readSo why was I excited to dive back into this one? BECAUSE WHEN I FIRST READ ISLA I WENT AROUND SAYING IT WAS ONLY INFINITESIMALLY WORSE THAN ANNA What a goddamn crime I’d like to formally apologize Anyway So recently in my reread bonanza I was all How have I not reread Isla? If it’s almost as good what’s stopping me? And I eagerly picked it up ONLY TO BE DEALT THE MOST CRUSHING BLOW OF ALL TIME It’s the surprise that hurts the most I was fully defenseless Like Stephanie Perkins I expected a swoony romance and immersive images of Europe and New York and a fun protagonist and a crush worthy love interest Just a fun flirty fluffy time Instead I got insta love and a really annoying girl and repetitive plotlines and meh settings and general ickiness and an actually kind of okay guy and even HE seemed confused as to how he didn’t get a better book But we’ll get to all that Strap in for a long and bumpy ride mes amis The biggest offense of all might exist entirely in my mind but I fcking hate when YA books pander to their audiences I’m talking fantasy protagonists who loooove to read or Twilight esue series wherein a supernaturally hot get it? guy falls in love with an Average Girl And I got a hell of a lot of those vibes from this book We follow Isla who has had an unreuited crush on Josh for three fcking years Very tragic Despite sitting next to him in many classes when this book begins she has interacted with him twice Two times Deux fois One two That’s it That’s the foundation for love we’re working with But that’s not what really angers me Well it is but we’ll get to that later What ANGERS me is that Isla has had this crush for three years and then it turns out HER CRUSH LIKED HER BACK ALL ALONG How magical Almostfictional wouldn’t you say? But anyway Isla is also deeply insecure Deeply insecure and stuck in unreuited love? Sound like anyone you know? To me it sounds like a stereotype of the target audience of this book And using what you believe to be the secret dreams of teenage girls in order to sell copies? But my deep rooted pessimism and distrust of The System is showing so I’ll move on I didn’t even get the swoony romance I wanted I got insta love Josh the subject of the aforementioned millennia long crush and Isla were Official™ within like fifty pages It was totally insta lovey Because again Josh liked her alllll alongggg you guys That’s why they never talked for three years Because they were so totally overcome with love But I want to rant about Isla for about a thousand words if you’ll allow me Just kidding You couldn’t stop me if you tried Isla iswhat’s the word?oh yes THE WORST Being trapped inside of her head for hundreds of pages was the most horrific fate I could possibly imagine Isla’s entire stupid life or lack thereof revolves around Josh It did before they ever even like made eye contact for than25 seconds and it gets even worse after I can’t even believe this is a narrative with a 411 rating on Goodreads I can’t believe I gave this five stars just a couple years ago Okay so let me take you through this Isla is the #1 student in her class but only she makes clear because she has nothing better to do In other words before she has Josh to do Isla has no ambitions no top choice school no clue what she wants to do in the futureWhich is fine It’s not your fault if you don’t know what you want to do yet I’d argue that you should still like care about figuring out whether you want to go to college or at least finding one you can attend But whatever Butthe second Josh moseys on into the picture she has a plan Guess whose plan? Yes Josh’s plan Josh suggests a plan based entirely on her following him to HIS plan and she just goes with that How many times can I say the word “plan”? By the end of the book Isla still has no clue what her major will be She just knows she’s living with Joshy And that they’ll “never be apart again” Which gross But it all leads me to the uestion WHO THE HELL IS ISLA? She has no ambitions and no dreams All I know about her is that she reads adventure books and she HARDCORE likes Josh Hopefully clear by now that this is a toxic level of adoration IMO I would say that she’s smart but it’s later revealed that no Josh is smarter than she is he’s just toooo cool to try BECAUSE OF COURSE To finish up why Isla is the worst for all time forever I gotta delve into the plot So after one or two hundred pages of happy happy joy joy some drama happens Obviously I won’t go into specifics but it’s hardly even a spoiler to say they break up at one point And it’s like instant regret and months of heartache and whatever So obviously we’re supposed to root for them to get back together and be all “You two are so silly for breaking up” I know this for two reasons one it’s a YA contemporary and 2 that’s how literally every single character reacts I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say next It’s that I fully wasn’t rooting for them Here’s the thing The reasons for their breakup are really legit Like yeah just stay apart levels of legit Isla argues that she’s a placeholder in Josh’s life because his friends left and he likes the feeling of being in love And I was all Oh Like that adds up This book can never decide whether Josh did or didn’t love his last girlfriend but I think he did He certainly was into that bod And he sometimes acts like a total scumbag to Isla which doesn’t exactly make me think that it’s a whole different breed of relationship Sodo you understand why I cringed every time they said they were going to be together foreverrrrr? And then when the time rollssss around for Isla’s mind to be changed just in time for the dumb old Happily Ever After the title promisesnothing changes Some girl who we pointlessly hear about all the time tells Isla the reason is she’s good for Josh is that she’s “soft” and won’t prevent him from fcking around all the time Which is an obviously terrible foundation for a relationship That may change Isla’s mind for some reason but it does NOTHING FOR MINE THEY’RE SO CLEARLY INCOMPATIBLE WHAT THE HELL I should’ve written this review exclusively using Gordon Ramsay GIFs Anyway I kinda like Josh He’s funny and passionate and smart Even if he’s a total dckweed sometimes I JUST DON’T LIKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP AT ALL At the best of times they’re icky and obsessed with each other All other times THEY TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE SHT Ugh Some romance Relationship GOALS Two people who bring out the worst in each other On top of all of that hatred I just described the ending scene I loved so much the first time with the cameos from Anna and Étienne felt really cringey and forced this time around And none of the settings felt real like they did in the first book And the plot was just so repetitive “Isla loves Josh Josh loves Isla now and guess what he always did They are happy Now there is drama Now they are happy again Now there is drama Now they are happy forever after presumably” The same characters were cycled through in the same way Kurt Hattie the other sister the ex friend whose name I forget Then throw in some cameos from you know actually likable characters at the end cross your fingers and hope your readers fall for it It’s not an interesting plot Like at all This oft uoted line sums it up “There's no story' I say 'I saw you one day and I just knew” Yeah okay But do you see how that’s not good for a book? How tragic for you Isla and Josh that life doesn’t just up and allow you to be together That you start off the book as minors and have responsibilities to your education That your parents’ money can’t BUY YOU OUT OF THE REPERCUSSIONS OF LEAVING THE COUNTRY SO YOU CAN FCK EACH OTHER God I need to stop I can’t remember a time before I was writing this review Bottom line instalove boring plot intolerable protagonist bad things I AM VERY UPSET

  8. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    45 stars Ridiculously adorable and a lovely note perfect ending to this series Review to come The ARC is sooo prettyimage error

  9. Saania Zee Jamal ϟ Saania Zee Jamal ϟ says:

    Oh myOh myIf there's one thing I never expected to happen while reading Perkin's marvelous works it's for me to curl up in bed and clutch my pillow with all my life as I sniffled awayBut here I am doing that anywayIt's not for the reasons you may seem to think though– it's honestly really just the fact that I'm never going to be reading about these characters I've come to adore SO MUCH ever again and coming to terms with that has left my emotions spazzing all over the placeBut wow Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie I can't even begin to show my gratitude to you and everyone who helped spur your journey into completing this book; I don't know what I would've done without itThe Happily Ever After closure brought to not only Isla and Josh who I may or may not hold closer to my heart than even ol' Étienne but both OTP's from before couldn't have been written any better than it was Screw any claims of it being cheesily cliched or otherwise my babies deserved this perfect ending unleashes crazy amounts of fangirlingAlso my dopamine would like to worship you for your spectacular ability to induce them like no otherWhat I especially love about this one was that we witness love bloom from a different perspective Here the two protagonists fall into step with what seems to be the perfect relationship uite swiftly but convincingly and it's the little struggles that follow we get to read about as compared to Anna and Lola Because of this change it didn't feel like we were reading yet another 'i cant stand this UST build up any so get together already please dammit' but I'm sure Perkins would've managed to make that absolutely enjoyable again anyway In fact I'd like of it ASAP yes please 3There's not really much I've got to say about the romance that I haven't already said before about the others The chemistry? Bound to sizzle The cutesy moments? Endless with their originality and genuineness And with characters who're of the shy and reserved kind I found myself forming even of an emotional attachment to themAll I can say is that Isla and the Happily Ever After is finally one ending to a trilogy that most certainly won't disappoint Not even closeBook Song Bloodflood by Alt J

  10. Laura Jay Laura Jay says:

    I feel like I've waited a hundred years for this book I was so excited to get my hands on itNow I'm just so disappointedA while back I saw some negative reviews for Anna and the French Kiss that said the book was basically a bunch of rich teenagers whining over how their world wasn't perfect enough I didn't actually have that problem with Anna and the French Kiss I adored Anna and the French Kiss Everything that happened in that book albeit I will admit that Anna seemed snobby sometimes felt natural and relatableNo I had that problem with Isla and the Happily Ever AfterIsla and Josh were these tragically filthy rich kids who started dating each other and were convinced it was true love and proceeded to travel around a bunch in the way that only tragically filthy rich kids can and then they got torn apart because Josh's parents were too rich and had standards for him and it was all very pathetically sadAlso Isla was weak Also Josh was an assholeI didn't like either of these characters Which was a shame because I so liked Josh in Anna and the French KissWhere to even begin?Let's start with Isla Who is she? I don't even know I read an entire book where she was the main character and I don't know who she is I know she likes Josh a whole lot I know she has red hair and freckles which makes Josh like her a whole lot back?? Oh and she liked comics Which was very uniue and uirky of her because she was the only other person in the school who seemed to like them despite a later explanation of how common comic culture was in FranceThe only substantial thing I really got from her was how weak she wasShe was so so weak and I couldn't stand it She didn't know how to stand up for herself she never asked the uestions which could've gotten her answers What's with the wallflower act anyway? Is there a reason for it? We don't know We don't know anything about her I mean I didn't need a big reason for her diffidence or anything Anything would've sufficed But we got nothing We just know that she's a middle child and somehow that's supposed to explain her to usI know that Anna was kind of similar in this sense She was a little withdrawn sometimes holding back verbal comments for lengthy internal observations But at least she knew how to stand up for herselfWhat I hated the most was how Isla couldn't stand up to Josh Because he was wrong A whole whole lot Not that Isla was any better But yeah let's talk about JoshOh my god what a pretentious piece of shit He made everything all about him Me me me ME was probably his mantra or something I can't believe this e book was 10 His stupid graphic memoir made my blood boil And not in the hot sexy kind of way Do you understand how fucking pretentious it is when people make you read their autobiographies? Autobiographies where you crop up Not to mention how pretentious it is for you to write an autobiography in the first place when you're that young and not a whole lot has happened to you yetNo seriously let's be real for a second You're an aspiring comic artist You're trying to put together your first comic What's the first brilliant idea that pops into your head? A comic book all about yourself Who the fuck wants to read that? Where is the outsider appeal in that at all? Would you want to read a graphic memoir about someone else's life? I don't fucking think soSo yeah he and Isla have been dating for less than a month And then he shoves this graphic memoir at her I mean if you're going to pull this narcissistic shit at least wait until your relationship's stable NOPE He's gonna do it now With all the graphic bits of his sex life with his ex girlfriend included because those are the ugly parts of him SERIOUSLY DID IT NOT OCCUR TO YOU TO HOLD BACK ON THIS UNTIL MAYBE YOU HAVE A STRONG ENOUGH RELATIONSHIP TO WEATHER THIS KIND OF BULLSHIT?And it's brilliant because Josh is your typical artist Sensitive to any criticism no matter how valid So when he shoved that narcissistic junk at Isla he for some reason expected her to love it And when she didn't because he illustrated his sex life with his ex girlfriend and then made her read it and then wanted her opinion on it he got offended and pissy No not at first not that first time when he calls her and asks her opinion Because Isla was too damn weak to say anything to him No he got pissy when she finally blew up at him during the limo ride Because again she was weak and couldn't talk about it with him directly and had to passively aggressively go at it until the conversation became something else entirely AND HE ACCUSED HER OF CRITICIZING HIS WORK PURELY OUT OF BEING BUTT HURT THAT HIS COMIC WASN'T ALL ABOUT HEROh lord the audacityAnd for some reason Isla took all that shit from him and She acknowledged that he was right it was all her fault etc etc And I'm like wait Where's his apology for being a self centered narcissistic piece of shit where he at least acknowledges that it's also his fault for pushing something like that onto her without even knowing what he was writing? Because he didn't He was writing about himself but he's a teenager He didn't know who he was yet; he still had a lot about himself to discover And he pushed all that self discovery on her so much so that it completely eclipsed the readers getting to even know Isla in this bookSanjita was right Rashimi wasn't right for Josh and only Isla could be Because Rashimi was a person who actually had standards and opinions and ambitions and Isla didn't Isla was soft and malleable and a big blob of nothing that Josh gladly molded to his own preferences and I cannot believe I followed her as a protagonist for 339 pagesAs to their actual romance holy shit I've never read a romance book without so much as even a smidgen of heat I kept rolling my eyes throughout the book at Isla and Josh's every interaction first few chapters aside Because once they settled into a relationship it was a downward spiral from there He was a terrible influence on her ignoring her grades and any possible future for herself that might be uniuely hers to decide Sure she needed to take risks but not those risks Not the risks he was deciding for her dammit He was crooning to her the way your bad influence druggie boyfriend would and then he accused her of not being adventurous enough whenever she said no NO Fuck you Respect her right to say no if she doesn't want to completely mess up her academic life like you have alright? Oh my god the audacity of this kidThe entire time they were being all lovey dovey I just kept waiting for the hammer to fall It was obvious their foundation was completely unstable that they were doing everything wrong Even if things turned out alright for them like they did in the end I knew I wasn't rooting for them There was absolutely nothing to root for Two rich spoiled kids going to a fancy school in France Oh the agonyLike I said I know that this was the basic premise for Anna too but I didn't feel that privileged vibe as strongly for her book This book just felt like it was trying way too hard forcing everything to seem dazzling and romanticWhich is where the nauseatingly hipster theme comes into play Wow the hipster thing Okay I know that uirky teens are like the rage these days And hey don't get me wrong I'm totally down for that if their uirkiness doesn't eclipse the actual plot of the story But it did Oh look A uirky girl wearing a uirky compass necklace with a uirky cartographer best friend and she falls in love with a uirky boy with a uirky drawing talent that is like on point y'know? None of the usual hurdles that real artists his age have to leap through he's a perfect transcriber of real life to paper as attested by Isla in the cafe Never mind that if he really did possess that much talent he would be a fucking prodigy and he'd be a lot well known than that Nah his talent's just kinda normal Your basic everyday thing because he's an artist and that's what all artists are likeAnd it's just all so uirky because she has a secret place that's all hers that's named the Treehouse and the uirky artist boyfriend comes over and paints a uirky mural for her and also they have uirky body art sex and everything's just fucking uirkyI think I rolled my eyes so hard they fell into the back of my headThe only reason I gave this two stars is because of Anna and Etienne and Lola and Cricket

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