Enigma Enigma Trilogy #1 Epub À Enigma Enigma

Enigma Enigma Trilogy #1 Epub À Enigma Enigma

Enigma Enigma Trilogy #1 [Reading] ➷ Enigma Enigma Trilogy #1 By Aimee Ash – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B006N90SPYWhen KATE HARRIS moves to Long Beach California she hopes to finally settle in her new home She longs to have friends and fantasise Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BNSPYWhen KATE HARRIS moves to Long Beach California she hopes to finally settle in her new home She longs to have friends and fantasises about meeting the guy of her dreams But after one dangerous night Kate finds herself obsessing over a mysterious stranger who saves her life and she embarks on Enigma Enigma PDF/EPUB or a uest to uncover his identity But her journey ends when she discovers her gorgeous neighbour JACK JONES who proves to be the welcoming distraction she needs Kate is deeply intrigued by Jack and begins to feel differently when she’s in his company She is flattered by the attention he showers her with and enjoys her newfound confidence And even though their relationship symbolises young love Kate soon realizes that Jack is anything but normal When Jack is forced to reveal his many secrets including the curse inflicted upon him by his twin brother Sebastian Kate begins uestioning what is real and what is just a mere illusion Jack refuses to make peace with his brother and warns Kate to stay away from him But Kate is drawn to Sebastian and if she betrays Jack the conseuences of her actions will lead to devastation for them all.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 290 pages
  • Enigma Enigma Trilogy #1
  • Aimee Ash
  • English
  • 04 March 2015

About the Author: Aimee Ash

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10 thoughts on “Enigma Enigma Trilogy #1

  1. Janae& Janae& says:

    I received this eBook from the lovely author herself and thank her for allowing me to read her book in return for an honest review I enjoyed this book and really like the idea of the plot The plot was new and different but the characters fell a little flat for me Kate got on my nerves most of the time She didn't have much of a backbone and let Jack push her around a lot I liked Jack in the beginning but then he seemed to always be apologizing for something and he was kind of just a dirt bag He didn't treat Kate the way she should have been treated and I'm sure she stayed with him in the beginning because of the curse And then Sebastian comes back to town I really liked Sebastion and loved his dark hair motorcycle riding uiet and shy attitude He's my kind of guy Loved him and wanted of Seb He could sing to me all he wants Yumm ; The book had me wanting to read and want to know what happened with them It kept me interested At times I felt the book dragged a bit and a little too much description that I found myself scanning to get through it Things felt repeated at times as well but I did still like this book I give this book 35 stars I like this book so go buy a copy You don't want to miss out

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    I don't know what I expected from a free e book but most of the others I've read have been ok This one was terrible the plot was twilight esue so hardly original It read like it had been written by a teenager with terrible descriptive passages and even worse dialogue The characters weren't even remotely believable let alone the rubbish about a curse and two men that are supposed to be immortal being able to die because a woman breaks one of their heartsbleugh In summary a book with no substance the story never really gets going and the ending if that's what you can call it is so predictable I don't even know why I bothered finishing it Don't bother downloading this one it's several hours of your life you'll never get back

  3. Lizzy Baldwin Lizzy Baldwin says:

    This review I feel is going to be really difficult to rate because I think since genre’s are always developing YA for example which for me has really come into the light recently in terms of their popularity and some just haven’t hit that uality mark If I was to rate this book on the plot then it would be very different to my review based on the characters but I’ll try my best The book follows the relationship of Kate who is saved by a mysterious stranger; she then plots to find out who he really is However during her mission she meets the rather dashing and exciting Jack As the book continues we see the love triangle develop and the dangers that it has createdYou can tell from the blurb that it’s uite a niche idea I think It’s not one I’ve seen for a long time and I think the blurb really set me off for a really good read The problem for me is that the book is written entirely in first person from Kate but and this I think is due to the YA feel of it she is so under developed that the book especially the dialogue of the characters falls really flat The book should really be full of emotional trauma tension and suspense but the characters are so lacking that it really can’t be saved There are also a hell of a lot of clichés used including the favourite biting of the bottom lip and collapsing into heaps on the floor ExhaustingAdditionally realising that I’m really writing this book off the superpowers of the twins are not really being used for anything useful? You would think given super powers that they would be used for good throw in a bit of action a cliff hanger or two and you’ve got an even better story that could have supported the characters better but no na da they’re not really used at all However if I’m going to spin the positives I’ll go with this; the writing does move with pace and is at times gripping The author throws in a couple of surprises and although Kate is a weaker character she is down to earth which is nice The two males in the book were written with spirit and I could definitely see myself getting into an argument over who I preferredHow am I going to sum this all up? I think it’s got good bits and bad Unfortunately it’s too undeveloped and not thought through succinctly and that is a toughie because it is what ultimately supports the book on the whole I thought Kate was a confusing character but she has potential and the author obviously knows what she needs to do just didn’t uite pull through On an asthetic point the cover is awful; but I am glad I read this just won’t be revisiting any time soon

  4. Amber Amber says:

    Enigma keeps you on your feet once you start reading it it's hard to put it down While reading this you almost wish the curse wasnt true that Jack and Kate could break it and still love each other Your heart goes out to both brothers especially with all the secrets and betrayal the endure The relationships with Kate are swoon worthy you want to put yourself in her place and have these two hot brothers competing for her attentionWhen Kate starts college she never imagined she would meet the guy that would sweep her off her feet and that she would love and do anything for Jack Jones was well known around campus he had a bad boy rep and couldn't be tamed that was until Kate showed up and stole his heart They were immediately drawn to each other and they fell hard for one another However Kate didn't know that it was because of a curse that was bestowed on Jack by his twin brother Sebastien You see Jack and Sebastien are not normal they are Enigmas with supernatural powersSo when Sebastien comes home all hell breaks loose because not only did he curse his brother Jack but he cursed himself You see Sebastien put a curse on his brother that he would one day fall for a girl who would never truly fall for him and when she broke his heart it would kill him Literally Now the other issue is that not only will Jack die but so will Sebastien Soon Kate realizes that the curse is real and that the feelings she has for Jack is only because of the curse they're not real and she starts to fall for the one person Jack hates most the one who cursed him his twin brother And now it's up to her to break this curse before Jack finds out

  5. Amos Cassidy Amos Cassidy says:

    This book started really well I was immediately hooked when Kate started interacting with her calorie counting sister Heather I thought the plot was good and the idea different and this kept me reading I did however find the dialogue a little stilted and unnatural in places as instead of using contractions such as 'I'll' and 'can't' the author opted for 'I will' and 'I cannot' which would have been fine if that kind of proper speech fit with the characters but it didn't Overall this is a good read with an interesting plot and two serious sets of eye candyMy rating 35 stars

  6. InD& InD& says:

    Enigma is a tale of love against the odds Steamy kisses devotion self discovery and a couple of hotties make for an entertaining story Read full review in the 2013 May issue of InD’tale Magazine

  7. Hoopz Chick x Hoopz Chick x says:

    What a brilliant read Not my usual read but I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to part 2

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I loved this book I liked the characters and cant wait to read the next one

  9. Marie Yule Marie Yule says:

    Totally Addicted To Them

  10. Tara-Jayne (♥ I Read, I Love ♥) Bell Tara-Jayne (♥ I Read, I Love ♥) Bell says:

    Very simple read and easy to understand A uniue storyline too

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