Eight Queens Epub Ú Paperback

Eight Queens Epub Ú Paperback

10 thoughts on “Eight Queens (Cryptic Spaces, #2)

  1. Milica Milica says:

    I received this book as part of the first reads program First off the four stars are with rounding up I have also conditioned my opinion on the experience of reading the first book in the series It is probably sufficient to say that I do not foresee reading the next book in this series So what's wrong with it? Well as it is customary for later installments in any book series there is some reminding the reader of past events It is unfortunate that this book takes place in multiple settings I should say this is not per se unfortunate it is unfortunate that with every change of setting the reader gets reminded of what had happened There are no different perspectives to speak of; this device does not shed light on the characters themselves in my opinion It just appears that the editor forgot that there is a single reader who supposedly paid attention and can recall the same reminders from a chapter earlier As a result the initial at least uarter of the book turned out uite slowNext there is an immense cast of characters and it is my sincere hope that the author had an idea about how to wrap it all up in the end Certain characters are out of the picture as of the end of this book Do not get me wrong I do not mind there being such a huge cast; I simply do not feel that they were all necessary for the development of the story line The back cover looks a tad like my six year old's Ripley's comics It clashes with the mystiue of the contents of the novel itself I might be wrong but the author did not intend for this work to be a campy read There appear to be higher aspirations reflected in the plethora of mythological and historical references A redesign of the back cover might be nice?Most importantly there is a noticeable number of typographical errors in the text As one approaches the end of the text they get and freuent Were the editor andor the writer in a hurry? The name of one of the principal characters is spelled in a handful of different ways This is not a plot point but an error in my opinion The name of a minor character also gets spelled in two different ways If it is hard to keep track of the awkward spelling of unusual names it might be a good idea to give the characters regular names

  2. BeenBunz BeenBunz says:

    Action packed young adult version of Indiana Jones meets Creatures of the Deep Although I haven't read Book 1 I found it easy to follow and able to grasp the storyline fairly uickly Ferrell had a way of engaging the reader with vibrantly developed characters and an adrenaline filled plot I found myself fully immersed after a few chapters and sometimes felt as though I'm even in the midst of action with all the playersThis was a surprisingly fun entertaining read I highly recommend this book a bit of Jurassic Park ish with Star Trek sci fi and minimal girlboy mushy stuff I am actually getting Book 1 right now and waiting on Book 3 to come out

  3. Linda Todd Linda Todd says:

    Amazing better than the first book if that's possible I love this second book in this saga This truly exuisite story the fast thrilling adventure you can 't help but get carried away with this wonderful story a lot of ups and downs with all the characters you can't help but turn the pages This wonderful book was a gift from the fabulous author Seen Ferrell My thank to Deen Ferrell for the privilege and pleasure of reading his amazing books This book I truly am delighted to recommend this amazing book to all my friends so to all happy happy reading from wee me

  4. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    This is an entertaining action adventure fantasy with an abundance of historical and mythological allusions Inhabiting the story are a great cast of characters with Willoughby endeavouring to find his friends It is a roller coaster of a thrill ride Despite me not having read the first book in the series I did not find it impeded my enjoyment of the book Many thanks to the author for a copy of the book via the goodreads giveaways

  5. Jackie Jackie says:

    I was sent this book by the author and goodreads in exchange for an honest review Sadly after a few chapters I did abandon this one something I do rarely It wasn't terrible I just struggled to work out what was happening perhaps because I hadn't read the first book? YA isn't something I usually go for but I thought I would approach this with an open mind I think the style would definitely appeal to a YA reader as there's a LOT going on it's just not my cup of tea

  6. Melanie Melanie says:

    I enjoyed the first Cryptic Spaces but this one really hooked me on the series The characters are developed and I am drawn into the story I SO love AntonioAnd Willoughby and Sydney are such a great pair too The places this story takes us are fascinating and the adventure continues to entertain me

  7. Tim Gray Tim Gray says:

    Received this book as a Goodreads give away I will freely admit I have been avoiding time travel books because so many have come out at once but this book won me over It has a fairly large cast of characters but they are well realized the plot is not lacking in complexity but can be followed All in all it's well written and a page turner well worth a go

  8. John West, John West, says:

    I thought the second book was better than the first book It was kind of hard to grasp the ideas though but I still enjoyed it I really look forward to the next book like I look forward to a holiday can't wait to read the 3rd

  9. Govhini Govhini says:

    Read it and loved it Here's my link to the non spoilery review of this bookhttpgeniebooksandstoriesblogspot

  10. Michael Yoder Michael Yoder says:

    Very good I really hope this gets turned into a show I hope to see much from you

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Eight Queens (Cryptic Spaces, #2) [PDF / Epub] ✪ Eight Queens (Cryptic Spaces, #2) ☆ Deen Ferrell – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The Absconditus crew is dead and its murderous hijackers have been drowned in the sea well mostly True the ship is sitting on the bottom of the ocean but Willoughby has already had to face one of its The Absconditus crew is dead and its murderous hijackers have been drowned in the sea well mostly True the ship is sitting on the bottom of the ocean but Willoughby has already had to face one of its hijacker goons as a white eyed zombie What if there are others There is little time to consider as every passing hour brings him new challenges He must find his friends Antonio and TK lost somewhere in the sands of time He must save James Arthur from the threat of a mysterious scar faced witch He must find out what the self proclaimed Demon Lord Beelzebub really wants and figure out a way to thwart him He needs to come to terms with his growing feelings for Sydney whose idea of a rough day is trying to fit designer accessories into a single yacht closet From the snow capped peaks of the Andes to the center of the Bermuda triangle from the Minsk Theater in St Petersburg Russia to The Treasury in Petra Jordan the action never stops in this riveting seuel to the award winning Cryptic Spaces Foresight Adventure has a new game and winning is so much than just staying alive.

  • Paperback
  • 405 pages
  • Eight Queens (Cryptic Spaces, #2)
  • Deen Ferrell
  • English
  • 09 March 2016
  • 9781600474774

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