La voz de los dioses Kindle ↠ de los eBook ´

La voz de los dioses Kindle ↠ de los eBook ´

La voz de los dioses (La era de los cinco dioses, #3) ❰Reading❯ ➶ La voz de los dioses (La era de los cinco dioses, #3) Author Trudi Canavan – El dramático final de «La Era de los Cinco Dioses» una inolvidable saga fantásticaEn su papel de defensora del pueblo siyí Auraya desea por encima de todo conseguir ue reine la paz pero inexorabl El dramático de los eBook ´ final de «La Era de los Cinco Dioses» una inolvidable saga fantásticaEn su papel de defensora del pueblo siyí Auraya desea por encima de todo conseguir ue reine la paz pero inexorablemente se ve implicada en el nuevo conflicto ue se está gestando Las exigencias de los dioses no hacen más ue aumentar y Auraya se encuentra con el corazón dividido entre la gente ue ama y las personas a las ue ha jurado lealtadMientras tanto Mirar disfruta de nuevo de la aprobación y del respeto de los suyos La voz eBook à al retomar su lugar entre los tejedores de sueños y Emerahl puede por fin unirse a los Pensadores para sumirse en la búsueda del pergamino de los dioses Los pentadrianos empeñados en vengarse de los conuistadores circulianos se dedican a urdir planes y conspiraciones para vencer a sus enemigos sin entrar en conflicto directoTal vez la clave de todo esté en los indómitos ue emprenden la investigación de enigmas enterrados hace mucho tiempo secretos ue podrían cambiar el mundoTras el éxito internacional de las «Crónicas del mago negro» y «La espía Traidora» voz de los ePUB ´ Trudi Canavan ha vuelto a cautivar a sus legiones de fans con «La Era de los Cinco Dioses» una serie llena de magia heroísmo y as prohibidos En esta última entrega las aventuras de la joven hechicera Auraya se multiplican hasta culminar en un emocionante e inesperado desenlace.

  • 656 pages
  • La voz de los dioses (La era de los cinco dioses, #3)
  • Trudi Canavan
  • Spanish
  • 10 July 2014

About the Author: Trudi Canavan

Trudi Canavan de los eBook ´ was born in Kew Melbourne and grew up in Ferntree Gully a suburb at the foothills of the DandenongsIn she won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story with “Whispers of the Mist Children” In the same year she was granted a writers residency at Varuna Writers’ Centre in Katoomba New South WalesIn November The Magicians’ Guild was first published in Australia T.

10 thoughts on “La voz de los dioses (La era de los cinco dioses, #3)

  1. Iris Iris says:

    I pretty much read this book in one day flat Towards the end of the second book the storyline really picks up and then this whole third book is literally unputdownable I'm just so impressed with the whole storyline; how different people's stories overlap and intertwine to combine into this really rich and complex narrative Most of the characters were really well fleshed out and believable Some of the points of view are interesting than others personally I always enjoyed the bits with Auraya Emerahl or Mirar as the primary subject but got a bit bored with Danjin or peripheral characters The conclusion was uite satisfying although I did guess one of the major 'reveals' uite far in advance Overall I really enjoyed this series I wish it hadn't ended

  2. Charlie Charlie says:

    5 immortal starsEvery time I read this series it just gets even enjoyable After 10 years it's still my favourite fantasy series of all time

  3. Trevis Trevis says:

    I would have given this stars if I could but alas I started reading this book on 5pm Thursday 15th Sept 2011 and finished at 6am Friday 16th Sept 2011 then put it down took a 5mins respite got up drank one coffee and went about my dayIf there's one thing I can say about AoF its damningly original easy to sink into and don't let up until the last page of the trilogy I have personally never read any other of Trudi work but that's is about to change I'm very surprise at how easily I found myself hook into this series especially as romance and amnesiac gigolos are not really my kinda genre but this novel is about alot than that Its about theological warfare blinded loyalty the perception of good and evil and most importantly our own mortality I'm extremely glad I went out on a whim and grab this off my local library shelf I NEED TO THAT MORE OFTEN oh and if you're reading this review hoping to find out a bit about the books plot and main USP uniue selling point the reviews below mine will be helpful D

  4. Ian Ian says:

    This review has previously been posted at Another World Book Blog It’s fair to say that the first two books of The Age Of The Five Trilogy were underwhelming to me In spite of this I held on to the hope that history would repeat itself; that the third instalment of this Trudi Canavan trilogy would blow me away in the same manner as book three of The Black Magician Trilogy had done Regrettably my hope was misplaced Not only is Voice Of The Gods not in the same league as The High Lord it is also the weakest book of this trilogy In fairness I should probably mention that much of my disappointment with this book and the trilogy as whole is the result of the high expectations I had before I started reading The Black Magician Trilogy made uite an impression on me so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into The Age Of The Five Trilogy Sadly at no point was this new trilogy able to meet my expectations nor did it ever threaten to do so It would be easy to conclude that Voice Of The Gods is a poor novel that should be avoided But the truth is it’s not horrible by any means It is for the most part a readable book; but one which is marred by the all the same flaws that tarnished the two previous books of the trilogy These faults are largely responsible for why The Age Of The Trilogy doesn’t fulfil the promise of its premise To reiterate the problems mentioned in my reviews for the first two books of the trilogy that continue to plague this book there are still too many point of view characters used; the narrative is not focussed enough due to the inclusion of superfluous sub plots; and the story is predictable principally because of the numerous parallels and similarities with The Black Magician Trilogy Where the book remains strong is with some of the main characters The Pentadrian duo of Imenja the Second Voice Of The Gods and her Dedicated Servant Reivan are once again the best thing about the book While they are both interesting characters in their own right it is the dynamic of the friendship the two women have built that is so compelling I can only speculate how much better this trilogy could have been if Imenja and Reivan had been the main focus of the story Perhaps the most disappointing thing about the book and the trilogy as a whole is that it promised to evolve beyond the initial premise of the story conflict between two implacable religious groups into something much complex and compelling While the story certainly does develop into a complicated tale it doesn’t do so in a satisfactory or interesting manner And the less said about the resolution to the third book the better I don’t think I’ve ever read a anti climactic ending to a story You would imagine that two civilisations discovering that they had been manipulated into a costly religious war by a group of sorcerers who had deceived the people into worshipping them as gods would have far reaching ramifications Yet it appeared that this revelation wasn’t that big a deal It seemed as though most of the characters were upset that their “gods” had been exposed as frauds with all their anger reserved for those who had revealed the truth and killed the gods In summation there is a great story trying to get out of The Age Of The Five sadly it never fully emerges As a conseuence it’s hard to know who to recommend it to I would certainly advise those people who have read and enjoyed The Black Magician Trilogy to avoid this as bitter disappointment is inevitable I suspect that those most likely to enjoy this trilogy will be those who haven’t previously read any of Trudi Canavan’s other work

  5. Raven Raven says:

    I feel conflicted In the beginning of this novel or like the first half of it I thought that the writer had finally started getting somewhere and I actually was enjoying it then the first two novels With the last say 200 pages though I wasn’t feeling enjoyment as much as frustration The fact of the matter is one of the characters is so moronic in that part you want to throw the book across the room It doesn’t help that she keeps going over a uestion to which you’ve possibly figured out the answer in the first book I know I did It’s also uite frustrating because I can’t figure out if the author meant for her character to be so daft or she thinks her readers are so slow that this whole plot comes as a surprise I think it’s the latter and that the writer unfortunately thinks she was being cleverI also felt there could have been far detail Or possibly the first two novels could’ve been condensed into one novel as it didn’t seem like much was going in there and that most of the detail of what in depth detail there was was in most of third novel of the trilogyThe ending was a bit on the pointless side too Yes there was a point to it a small one but it ended up with too many uestions as well which I never like at the end of a trilogy It makes me uestion what the writers motives were and is this something she is going to continue with at some later date?Here’s where I’m conflicted though I enjoyed it to a degree Obviously because I finished it but I think it might be that I enjoyed the storyline not how the story was told I liked the concept not the delivery Which is why I gave it a rating of 35 when I feel I should‘ve given it I enjoyed the concept the story but I can’t overlook all the flaws

  6. Dannii (lilbob1980) Dannii (lilbob1980) says:

    Why oh why did it take Auraya so long to wake up and figure things out it is rare that i figure things out before the main character as usually i am so emmersed in the story that i just take it as it comes It was slightly annoying that she was so slowOther than that this was a great end to the trilogy although when i first started reading this i thought it was going to be a series of five books It was uite an easy read and i was able to emmerse myself in the book fairly easilyIf you have read the previous two books i would recommend this one if only just to finish it off it wasn't the strongest book of the trilogy but well worth a read with a satisfactory if not obvious ending

  7. Tierney Tierney says:

    Caution SpoilersOmg Best book in the series by far but it had a crap ending I mean i wanna know if Auraya and Mirar got back together how the world survived without the gods what happened to everyone AHH But i asked the author if she's writing another and she said no Ah well atleast it ended kinda well But still too abrupt with too much info left outThis was the only book in the series that i actually looked forward to reading i was really getting into it and couldnt wait to see what was going to happen Overall best in the series loved it ending was abrupt and i reccommend to lovers of Earths Children his dark materials etc

  8. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    I pushed through today so I could finish this Nothing really happened until the last 200 pages and hooollyyy shit the last 50 pages I was so close to believing this would turn out to be bad but it took a massive turnI absolutely love the way Canavan explores the uses and ways of magic in all her books

  9. Tim Mercer Tim Mercer says:

    This is the solid end to the series I still found the conversations a little stilted but the story is good You may have already seen the plot twist coming by half way through 35 stars

  10. Stuart Stuart says:

    I haven't really said much about these Age of the Five books so far mostly because I wanted to wait until I reached the end of the trilogy before making a judgement I enjoyed the plot of these books and really appreciate how your opinion on the different charactersreligionssocieties etc change throughout One of the things I found irritating was the constantly shifting narrative; 5 pages would be dedicated to Auraya then the next 5 to Mirar then the next 5 to Emerahl then the next five to Danjin then the next five to Reivan and then back to Auraya Whilst I can appreciate the functionality of this writing style it became a little irritating My attention would gain some momentum then suddenly there would be a narrative switch and it would have to start over againThe ending was also a little disappointing not with regards to plot but with regard to the finer details of the book I enjoyed the fact that the Pentadrian and the Circlian gods were actually the same people and I enjoy the fact that they were killed A few things I didn't like though1 Both armies were ready for war they had just witnessed their gods being killed gods they had followed for centuries and they decide that everything is fine and they just go home2 Danjin Spear leaves thinking that Auraya betrayed the Circlians3 When Chaia managed to convince Auraya that he didn't try to kill her she seemed to completely forget the fact that he was still responsible for the deaths of millions of Circlians and Pentadrians and that he was using them as pieces of a game I wish she had been badass4 There were a lot of clichés at the end in terms of language and analogyIn the end I did enjoy reading this series and was uite interested in many of the characters Doubt I'd read it again though

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