The Apple Tart of Hope MOBI Á Tart of Epub Ú

The Apple Tart of Hope MOBI Á Tart of Epub Ú

The Apple Tart of Hope ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Apple Tart of Hope ✩ Author Sarah Moore Fitzgerald – Oskar Dunleavy který dělával ty nejlepší jablečné koláče na světě je nezvěstný možná dokonce mrtvý Zdá se že to vlastně nikoho nepřekvapuje Až na Meg jeho nejlepší kamarádku a Oskar Dunleavy který Tart of Epub Ú dělával ty nejlepší jablečné koláče na světě je nezvěstný možná dokonce mrtvý Zdá se že to vlastně nikoho nepřekvapuje Až na Meg jeho nejlepší kamarádku a jeho mladšího brášku Stevieho Obklopeni zármutkem a zmatky se Meg a Stevie The Apple PDF/EPUB or rozhodnou zjistit co se Oskarovi opravdu stalo Společně se pak učí co znamená věrnost a kamarádství a jak moc důležitá je síla se nevzdatBáječná kniha o dospívání nejistotách přátelství a kouzelných jablečných koláčích které znamenají naději Protože jakmile si do jednoho kousnete Apple Tart of eBook ↠ budete se už navždycky na svět dívat jinak a všechno bude tak jak má.

10 thoughts on “The Apple Tart of Hope

  1. L A i N E Y L A i N E Y says:

    Uniue premise especially for YA though it felt middle grade ish at times book uite light and surprisingly undramatic especially taking into account the subject it deals with view spoilerSuicide hide spoiler

  2. Taylor Knight Taylor Knight says:

    This a super uick read that I really enjoyed I thought it was kind of confusing at first but I really loved the writing style Even though The Apple Tart of Hope is only 172 pages I thought it was actually the perfect length I really liked how all the loose ends were tied up at the endI didn't really become emotionally invested in the characters but I did really like them I thought Oscar and Meg were really cool and even relatable on some levels My favorite part about this book how the plot really focuses on friendship and platonic love There's so many YA books also force romance into the plot when it's not necessary So I really appreciated how this book focused on friendship

  3. Odette Brethouwer Odette Brethouwer says:

    Second day of the month second book from my TBR finished Yes I started with the uick and easy reads XDI've won this book on the Dutch blog Serendipity Books I was really glad I'd won this book A while ago i was looking for books with a male female friendship in it where there is no love just friendship still looking BTW recommend to me if you know anything and multiple people said they heard great friendshipthings about this book I was a bit suprised because it is a YA book and usually there is love in those And it didn;t even took 50 pages in this book for the word 'love' to appear So that was a bit of a bummerBut then I got over it and decided I wanted to enjoy this book whether it was about friendship or about love and I succeded in that It is a lovely touching and heartwarming story with meaning and messages in it and I really like that But this book aims at younger readers than I am so I think that is why it didn't ffelt like a 4 book to be I am highly aware that this is me not the book so I highly recomment this book if you want a cute story with some depth

  4. Alice (MTB/Alice Tied The Bookish Knot) Alice (MTB/Alice Tied The Bookish Knot) says:

    Trigger Warning Suicidementions of SuicideThe Apple Tart of Hope was a book that was uick easy to finish in just a single setting but personally could have been a little longer A young teen Oscar goes missing and is presumed to take his own life His best friend Meg travels back from New Zealand to Ireland to search for the truth but encounters issues with friendship and life The title of the book refers back to Oscar's love for baking apple tarts as a way of bringing joy to the world This was an interesting idea that I hadn't seen before in a book so was refreshing to read something new I did feel a connection to Oscar at some points in the story however one of the characters Paloma reminded me so strongly of someone I used to know and really didn't like Her actions scared me a little The content and trigger warning noted above did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times but I personally feel that is due to mental health and wellbeing that I'm currently going through I am happy that I did read this however the writing style at times was difficult to get into

  5. Shahirah Loqman Shahirah Loqman says:

    This genre borders between YA Children and discusses the challenges of being a teenager in terms of bullying and suicide Sensitive topics that have been generalized thanks to modern YA books It was rare during my time to find a read about suicidal teenagers so this was a bit different I definitely like the simple light and easy plot as goes with most YA books The characters are relatable especially Oscar and the book vouches for kindness and loyalty in friendships view spoiler I was pissed at the antagonist as I should be for influencing the whole plot of the story It seems disturbing how one 'face of an angel' can change the status uo of a school leading to tragic events But I supposed there is some truth to that story hide spoiler

  6. Kamalia Kamalia says:

    I love this book so much Its one of those life changing ones for me Im almost afraid to openly recommend it because i found it beautiful in a personal way because im able to relate to parts of it from experience But in general im not sure if people may enjoy it as much as i truly did but if they tried to see the beauty of it they might love this book very very much Its a very very innocent book suitable for all ages I read it within hours uoted a lot of it to Twitter Will write a review on my blog tomorrow Brilliant writing

  7. Andrea Tomé Andrea Tomé says:

    I may be a terrible person but cheap and easy positivity doesnt save a novel with poor characterization only Oscar changes? Sort of? Who are the rest of the characters? Do they have personalities at all? terrible use of dialogue you know you have a problem when the teenage beauty ueen talks like the heartbroken father and the hopeful old man do awful writing exposition may or may not take almost half of the novel and a bad choice of narrator for the love of god if you are going to use different points of view at least give them distinct voicesIf a word describes this book for me is fiasco Sorry not sorry I did not cry Nor I learnt some hidden beauty about the world This book's philosophy is based on everything we already know Kindness is cute Vanity is poisoned Being a massive doormat means you are a saint You may as well read Coelho And I hate Coelho

  8. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    ‘He wasn’t just my friend He was kind of magic’I previously read and enjoyed Back to Blackbrick Sarah Moore Fitzgerald’s debut novel so when I saw she had written a second novel I was keen to read it and when I saw the lovely title and the beautiful cover design I was even attracted by it Oscar and Meg live next door to each other and have done for years and they chat to each other through their facing bedroom windows The pair of them have developed a close friendship and brighten up each other’s lives‘We got to sitting at our windows late at night at the end of every day He was different from anyone I’d ever met and when Oscar was my friend nothing was annoying or complicated Everything was simple and enjoyable and fun Everything made sense’As the story opens we learn that Oscar is missing presumed dead by suicide though Meg as well as Oscar’s brother Stevie wont believe it Then we are taken back to several months before and the story tells of Meg’s father taking his family to New Zealand with him for six months with work with Meg bitterly opposed to going Alternating chapters ‘slices’ of an apple tart are recounted from Meg’s and then Oscar’s perspective and gradually reveal how Oscar and Meg’s friendship is changed when she does go A new girl Paloma and her mother move into Meg’s house temporarily With regard to the book’s title Oscar has a heightened sense of when something particular is in the air and this is when he bakes one of his remarkable apple tarts which improved people’s feelings and helped with troublesI felt this story had real depth and dealt honestly and compassionately with strong emotions and serious decisions At times it was also rather magical which just added an extra element of sparkle to a great tale I liked Meg and Oscar and I was compelled to read on and discover what happened to them both why had things changed what had caused so much sadness? There are themes of love and friendship the difficulty and sadness of separation and loss as well as belief and honesty manipulation and jealousy The story shows how strong a connection we can feel for another person and how nerve wracking and all consuming it can be when we try to convey our feelings and how devastating it is if we suspect our feelings aren’t reciprocated and all this even difficult to deal with as a teenager It’s a fairly uick read and is really well written with some lovely use of language; I liked this description of one of the character’s homes; ‘Barney’s house stood battered and gloomy as if it was in a sulk from having gone to the elaborate trouble of being built and then having been neglected so badly that it looked as if nobody lived in it’ Overall this is another very good young adult and indeed adult offering from this talented author

  9. Mrs Mommy Booknerd Mrs Mommy Booknerd says:

    I cannot stop thinking about this book It is one of the BEST books I have EVER read If you love John Green this book will blow your mind I am sitting here trying to review it and I am afraid my review will not capture the way this book moved me changed me and both broke my heart and put it back together all at the same time I have told so many people about this book because I feel like it is an important readfor kids and parents to read together and then discussThis book is a coming of age story a story about first love first heart break unyielding friendship finding hope among despair and grief about believing in yourself and moving past the hard times so you can live all the great timesI have never filled a book with sticky notes than this book So many beautiful sentences paragraphs capturing life lessons heartbreak first love fear the loss of innocence and then finding hope when all seems lost Seriously swooning still Here are only a few of my favorite passagesI mean continued Andy there's this one moment as you're growing up when the world suddenly feels or less pointless when the terribleness of reality lands on you like something falling form the sky pg 6I wanted to say lots of things to him too Things that had gradually become clearer just before I was supposed to leave But sometimes the things you want to say are exactly the things that somehow you are least able to pg 22He wasn't just my friend He was a kind of magic pg 25But it's not an ordinary apple tart It's the apple tart of hope After you've taken a bite the whole world will look almost completely different Things will start to change and by the time you've had a whole slice you'll realize that everything is going to be okay pg 34These are only a few of my favorites My book is covered in sticky notes So make your you have a pack ready when you read this book 5 HUGE STARS

  10. Nazifa Nazifa says:

    I took so long to read this book not because it sucks but it was very gooood that I had to keep myself from finishing it I want to savour the moments when I'm reading this book It was a brilliant book that I think everyone should read it Was uite an eye opening book for me as I never thought that how simply an apple tart could project some sort of hope A hope that keeps you from giving up

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