Royal Flush PDF/EPUB Ú Audible Audio

Royal Flush PDF/EPUB Ú Audible Audio

Royal Flush [Read] ➹ Royal Flush ➵ Rhys Bowen – A Royal Spyness mystery starring Lady Georgiana 34th in line for the throne and the mystery world's favorite penniless heiressWith its posh clientele in the country for the summer Georgie's houseclean A Royal Spyness mystery starring Lady Georgiana th in line for the throne and the mystery world's favorite penniless heiressWith its posh clientele in the country for the summer Georgie's housecleaning business has fizzled So she tries hiring herself out as a dinner and theatre companion But her first client has uite the wrong ideaTo avoid further scandal Georgie's shipped home to Castle Rannoch where her summer plans include honoring a promise to Her Majesty to keep Castle Rannoch's divorced houseguest from seducing the Prince of Wales She's also been coerced into helping Scotland Yard with a top secret mission namely keeping an eye on the shooting party at Balmoral and preventing someone from shooting the Prince And Georgie must manage all this without strangling her odious sister in law Fig or spineless brother Binky.

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  1. Kate Bond Kate Bond says:

    I don't know that I would enjoy this series nearly as much as I have this far if I were actually reading the books but the reader of the audiobooks Katherine Kellgren is really phenomenal The mystery here is pretty lame as was the case in the previous books but Georgie is such a delightful protagonist and the supporting characters Georgie's flighty friend Belinda serial divorcee mother and of course Darcy the love interest being among the best of them are a lot of fun The changes in Georgie's life are happening VERY slowly and it occurs to me that this is why steampunk is such a popular genre we get the romance and beauty of a previous time but there are ingenious inventions that help people receive information and travel at something much like a modern pace It's a clever cheat and series like this one suffer a bit in comparison Georgie isn't a Miss Marple ish old lady or a wealthy spinster; she is a penniless young royal and at some point she WILL have to marry or something and move things forward It's hard to sit and wait for something to happen knowing there are very few ways Georgie's life can actually turn out but I just started the next book so clearly it doesn't bother me that much

  2. Zyra Zyra says:

    this series is so cozy entertaining and addicting

  3. Annu Annu says:

    Such a delightful read As like the last two books Georgie is such an amazing character And as usual Belinda was busy with her new conuest This story takes place mostly at Castle Rannoch so there was a lot of Fig in this book and I've started to like her inspite of what Georgie thinks about her Grand dad is such a sport in helping Georgie with her sleuthing And finally we see some progress with Georgie and Darcy I just want to see them full fledgedly dating each other The mystery was uite good although I figured out bits and pieces here and there Definitely one of my favorite series 😁

  4. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written June 27 201637 Stars Another enjoying crime adventure with the Royal familyBook #3830 hrs narrated by Katherine Kellgren My new reading passion started last fall are all these lighthearted cozy mystery novels A genre even better as audiobooks I really liked the first two Her Royal Spyness 42 and A Royal Pain 43 It was yet again with a good feeling I started audiobook listening to a new part London Scotland August 1934Always fun to meet the ueen's amateur spy Lady Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch cousin of King George V of England this heroine is a unforgettable lovely penniless aristocrat — When the ueen ask it's hard to say no I LIKE listening to cozy mysteries

  5. Hannah Hannah says:

    I am honestly surprised that Royal Flush has not yet won any awards because it brings us an even enjoyable tale of adventure intrigue and romance than the first two books both of which I had already thought were close to perfection It certainly deserves oneThis third installment takes Georgie back to her childhood home of Castle Rannoch in Scotland after her newest attempt at earning money advertising herself as escort in a newspaper brings disastrous results I've always enjoyed Georgie's exploits in London which are consistently laugh out loud because she is very much a fish out of water around her set Despite this I had also wanted to see her somewhere in which she's comfortable and supremely confident so I was delighted with the relocation to Castle Rannoch The beautiful countryside is vividly presented by Rhys Bowen's skillful writing but what I loved most was seeing a different Georgie one who is finally playing host instead of being left at others' mercy like she was in London Georgie's definitely in her element here; she can climb hills hunt and ride with the best of them and she's surrounded by people who cares about her and whom she knows well I must admit that it's not often that I care about female characters in mystery series but I absolutely adore Georgie She's smart and witty spunky and infinitely resourceful so I was incredibly glad to see her spend time in a place where people respected and appreciated herOld characters return; Georgie's loveable but spineless brother Binky her odious sister in law Fig who's actually uite likeable here since she's relying on Georgie this time Granddad Belinda the royals and the ridiculous Wallis Simpson Luckily we get very little of the latter and we meet new and interesting characters in Georgie's cousins Lachan and Murdoch along with a whole host of guests at Rannoch and Balmoral I was gratified to see eligible males hanging around Georgie and showing interest God knows the girl needs a confidence boost what with Darcy being a bit of a flakeAnd of Darcy there is fortunately a great deal in this book than there was in A Royal Pain I call him a flake but he finally raises the stakes a bit actively following Georgie initiating contact and becoming far upfront with his feelings for her I think I was even happier than Georgie to see real developments in their relationship and a confirmation that Darcy isn't just flirting Their exchange at the end shows that he's still not ready to commithasn't mentally reached the point yet where he understands the full extent of his feelings but at least he's far proactive Hopefully we'll see even progress in the next bookAside from the wonderful setting and historical details that Bowen's a master at weaving into the story there is also nonstop action and a rather intriguing mystery all moving along at breakneck speed There's never a boring moment Georgie's pulled even deeper into official service for the Crown this time; she's asked to solve the series of mysterious accidents that have been befalling those in line for the throne The subseuent string of murders and crazy events keep Georgie busy from straight out sleuthing but the process is certainly interesting Serious mystery buffs looking for a traditional mystery might be disappointed but I enjoyed it all the sameRhys Bowen has definitely set the bar high with Royal Flush so I can't wait to read Royal Blood Here's to hoping that it'll be even better

  6. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    Never thought I'd be glad of a headache But I am I started this yesterday am when I had a migraine and could not stop listening Well I did a little to go to bed last night But I picked it right up again this morningTorn from the headlines Wellthe headlines of 1932 That's how I'd describe this book I love books like this that are set amongst the controversies and scandals of a certain time I also especially like this series for the characters Plucky Lady Georgiana 34th in line to the throne Devastating Darcy O'Mara And shameless BelindaAdded to all this is the wonderful narrationperformance by Katherine Katy Kellgren Can't wait to move on to book #4

  7. Tracy Tracy says:

    I'm hooked on this series of audiobooks I am amazed at the skill of the narrator and how many different characters she can perform seamlessly going from American to Scot to Irish to Cockney to German to the ueen of England Very entertaining

  8. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    Still enjoying this rather lightweight series and maybe it's just that I was reading it in tiny installments on my break at work but I didn't pick up on whodunit right away so I call it good I'm starting to be fond of the supporting cast particularly Georgie's friend Belinda who is just too shallow and sex obsessed for words And I was warming up to Darcy as Georgie's love interest; he's started to demonstrate that he's really interested in her and there's evidence that his constant disappearances are because he's some sort of secret government agent or something and he even tells Georgie's grandfather probably my favorite character that he's Georgie's young man and then he has to go and ruin it view spoilerAt the end Georgie asks him why he sticks with her a strange phrase that implies that she's sort of a mess which is untrue And he says in order that a at first he was interested in the challenge of getting into her pants and then b he thought she might be a good lay if he could get her to relax and THEN c he can't stop thinking about her like she's some kind of obsession Not romantic Not an attitude that makes me like him And he was doing so well hide spoiler

  9. Summer Summer says:

    Her Royal Spyness series is a fun fluffy historical mystery series set in mainly Britain and Scotland during the 1930's The protagonist is Lady Georgiana who is 34th in line for the British crown She is therefore burdened with family obligations but without the money or power to always fulfill or live up to them She is a fun heroine to read about as she has a generally bubbly and funny personality although she at times makes some silly decisions In Royal Flush the third book in the series due to a scandal of her own creation Lady Georgiana is forced to flee from London to her ancestral home of Castle Rannoch in Scotland She is also secretly instructed to keep her eyes and ears open as other members of the British royal family are also in Scotland and have had several mysterious accidents occur recently Of course shenanigans ensue and Lady Georgiana gets involved with the mystery and ends up assisting with finding the culprit This is the third book in the series and it has started to develop a kind of pattern There's a bit of frustration with the seemingly endless dangling of the potential romance between Lady Georgiana and a mysterious Irishman named Darcy It's not a very complicated mystery series either as typically you can guess what's going on fairly early However despite my grumblings it was still an enjoyable read Lady Georgiana is a fun protagonist and usually the dialogue makes me laugh out loud a few times If you are looking for a simple bit of historical fluff with some light mystery then you should give the Her Royal Spyness series a try

  10. Dan Dan says:

    Light to read I finished this book in one sitting down not noticing that it's past 5AM already There are mysterious things happening in this third novel than in previous ones although these things were never the focus until the later part of the book The uestions and whodunits are like afterthoughts to the life and times of royalty and the high society in the early 30s It's like going to a party and then suddenly remembering when the party is winding down that there's a murder to be solved This book might not appeal to hardcore mysterythriller readers but for anyone who reads and appreciates any kind of fiction this is a pleasant and funny read Full of wit and humor it has many laugh out loud moments brought about by Lady Georgina's clumsiness naivete or insights into the social set she's in Lines like I had an impression of rock wall flashing past me and the words formed themselves in my brain I am about to die Bother And for some reason I was remarkably annoyed at being about to die a virgin are witty gems that pepper the pages throughoutEnjoyable as usual

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