Lola and the Boy Next Door PDF/EPUB ✓ and the Boy

Lola and the Boy Next Door PDF/EPUB ✓ and the Boy

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  1. Sophia. Sophia. says:

    Oh gosh I really cannot understand all the good reviews for this book even if half of them were given BEFORE the book actually came out which if you ask me is completely stupid To say it's overrated is an understatement This book is such a huge disappointment I guess this is a typical example of what happens when you fantasize so much about something that you've actually built up this ideal in your mind which has nothing to do with reality sadly Careful people spoilers aheadI'd like to begin by saying that I am a big fan of Anna and the French Kiss That book's a master piece clearly I absolutely loved Stephanie Perkins' writing and I couldn't wait to read the companion book But unfortunately Lola and the Boy Next Door feels like I don't know the biggest letdown of the year?First off I have to say it; Lola surely is the most unbelievable and unlikable narrator I have ever had the misfortune to read about I'm sorry I really wanted to like her I did But I hated her I'm just one year older than she is but all along the book I felt like she was twelve Her reactions her constant lies her attitude everything bothered me her dress code on topOkay So I understand the concept of wanting to be different as well as being into fashion But this just felt ridiculous and weird and wrong Seriously big fake sparkly eyelashes and prom dresses and WIGS every day ? What is wrong with that girl? And how is this supposed to make her relatable? She's self centered and instead of making her look original that just showed bad taste and immaturity At some point she goes to school wearing a dress made out of a sheet and some Cleopatrian make up hum hello ARE YOU FOR REAL? I understand if you're like eight or if it's Halloween or whatever but being a junior and all? How come her parents don't say anything? Aren't they supposed to have a say in their kid's image or something? Don't they ever wonder why she feels the necessity of hiding herself? Of wearing outfits that make her absolutely unrecognizable in the streets? Don't they ever think it might be than teenage drama? What kind of parents wouldn't sit the kid down and try to figure out what's going on?I kept thinking that Lola was disturbed and needed some serious therapy and I knew from the very first scenes I wouldn't like her She made this HUGE deal out of what happened with the Bells two years ago nearly passing out when she learns they've come back breaking plates and all and when you discover what the whole drama is about it's pathetic It was nothing Over reacting is her middle name I swearWhich naturally brings me to talk about the main hero of the story Cricket I feel so so sorry that no one in the whole editing world could convince Perkins to change that name It was just so irritating it bugged no pun intended me the whole time and because of that I was never ever able to visualize him as a potential hottie Imagine you're at the hospital After 9 months of long and exhausting pregnancy you now have your baby boy in your arms and he's perfect And the smiling nurse comes to you and say What will be the name of that sweetheart? and you say CRICKET Perkins worked on that book with a simple goal make teenage girls swoon over the characters and over the story But for the love of God people just tell meHOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE SWOONING OVER THAT? Did she lose a bet in a drinking game or something ?So I'm sorry I really am But I just can't It's beyond what I can accept And don't even get me started on the too short pants and pointy red shoes because it's painfully obvious how Perkins tried to give him a wannabe edgyhipsterrock n' roll attitude so cool Not It's geeky and unattractiveBasically I think what was really disturbing in that story is the lack of any realistic element whatsoever Simplicity anyone ? Not here The names Dolores Umbridge anyone? Cricket? Calliope? Come on now the characters the personalities the outfits Lola's and Cricket's for that matter family situations I hate it when authors try to send a message like this What was that supposed to mean? That gay parents can raise a kid just as well as any straight parents? As far as I'm concerned I didn't think that Lola was a normal teenager Any social worker would be seriously concerned to see her wearing her freakin' Marie Antoinette dress the whole inventor thing Do I even need to talk about that? as well as the moon talking honestly? Like you're seventeen and you sit on your balcony and talk out loud to the moon all of this when your window is two inches away from your crush's window? Riight Nothing felt REALPerkins tried too much to differentiate her characters just so her book would be nothing like the clichés of the YA lit world She tried too hard Way too hard Everything was overdone And the thing is she doesn't even need to try that hard Perkins is an amazing writer; her work can be amazing where tons of others just fail miserably She doesn't need to develop extraordinary characters Anna didn't have anything special but she was adorableAlso the love triangle was very badly achieved From the first page I think Lola describes Max with the words tattooed 22 years old rock star pot addicted hated by the parents I mean hey diabolizing much ? And a five year difference isn't SUCH a big deal No it just isn't St Clair's reaction was ridiculous Seriously grow the fuck up Lola If you keep thinking he's too old to the point of screwing up your relationship then you're definitely too young You know what I think that's precisely the problem actually Lola felt too young Like Perkins aimed the book at a younger audience And if you could relate to Lola and to the way she dresses then you're probably young too You'll change your mind in a couple of years And of course there's the whole reverse plot that everyone spotted Now it's Lola who's in a relationship and she has sex YOU GUYS so she's MATURE But the whole detective thing with her best friend and everything It really felt like she was still a young teenager and that's not what I want to read I personally like it better when the characters of the books I read are a bit older than me I suppose it makes me expect great adventures for the years to come or something like that But here I felt like I'd borrowed a book from the middle school's library And when Lola's acting like a stupid toddler it just makes me want to close that damn book and move on And the title was also a bad choice Yes yes it's cute and all the 13 year olds will love it but since you know that the title is boy next door it was so obviouuus So Lola virtually spends the whole story with some guy who you just KNOW is the wrong one The you read the Max is being described as an asshole in case you didn't know you HAD to hate him and expect the fly Cricket to come and end up with Lola The whole goal of love triangles is that you ache NOT knowing what choice would be the best Here we're just left waiting for Lola to open her eyes and stop acting like a lying kid It's exhausting reallyThere's another problem which was SO irritating I wanted to throw the book away Anna and Etienne Please PLEASE I adored them in their OWN book here they're just this ridiculous idealized version of a perfect couple and I found myself cringing whenever they were saying cheesy pseudo romantic bullshit I mean come on Like three months ago Etienne was still with Ellie doing his Spanish homework and whining like a baby that he didn't want to be alooone So don't blame me for laughing out loud when he says oh so very seriously When you know you knowWhich makes me think about this awful scene that I found absolutely revolting So Lola's upset and she wants to talk about it with Anna but she says reluctantly I know you're just going to repeat everything to St Clair This is the part where you expect Anna to say Are you kidding? Of course not It's not his business Besides I have my own life you know We're not pathetic codependent idiots What's going on? Talk to meSilly meAnna actually GRINS broadly and says Yep YEP I swear that's what she answers Seriously ? What kind of friend is that ? So basically Perkins being with someone means you can no longer be a friend and keep a secret without telling your fucking soul mate? It was really annoying that repeatedly throughout the book Etienne's mentioned as the guy ALWAYS sticking around Anna I don't think it's healthy not to have certain aspects of your life where you can be apart from each other Besides some stuff like the shrugs of Etienne were okay when it was noticed from Anna's point of view here I think it was too much and can I mention that I'm French and none of my friends full body shrug that way?Overall I'd say I couldn't bring myself to care about the very boring description of San Fransisco ; or the characters or the plot or anything really Actually I skimmed a lot through the book and while reading other reviews I realized that I've missed a good part of the actual story view spoilerLike Lola goes through a gothOMG Im so miserable I only dress in black period? HAHAHA hide spoiler

  2. tonya. tonya. says:

    Here's the thing I think Stephanie Perkins is in my head Or at least my daydreams How else could she consistently write characters that seem to be tailor made to hit my flutter buttons? Etienne for my anglophilia Max for my tattooed Buddy Holly glasses wearing view spoilermessed up misdirectedly I know that's not a word angry kind of douchebaggy hide spoiler

  3. Flannery Flannery says:

    Did you read Anna and the French Kiss?AYES I loved it BYES it was okayCYES and I didn’t like itDNO but I intend toENO it’s not for meIf you picked A B or D please proceed to review #1If you picked C or E please proceed to review #2Review #1LOVE This book is fun fun fun til her daddy takes the T bird away It has a very similar feeling to its companion novel Anna and the French Kiss—a teenage girl who already has a boyfriend falls for a guy who seems practically perfect in every way except his family doesn’t appreciate him as much as they should The current boyfriend is sort of a douchebag and plays in a band and the protag is uirky The main character in this one Delores Lola Nolan lives with her two dads in San Francisco Remember that show ‘My Two Dads’? I totally forgot about it until this moment She loves fashion and spends a ton of her time designing and sewing costumes and putting together all sorts of crazy outfits In the first few pages Lola sees a moving truck and I think it is no spoiler who is moving in NEXT DOOR her love interest see title of the book Cricket Bell is tall stylish and always inventing all sorts of things His family’s been on the move a lot because his sister is a world class figure skater and her career dominates the family Lola’s never gotten along with Calliope but she got along fine winkwinknudgenudge with Cricket before they moved away two years prior That is except for the last day she saw him Now he’s back and it is reconciliation time There’s only one boyfriend standing in the wayLola frustrated me a bit because several of her problems are self inflicted I know it isn’t always the easy thing to do but if you are dating someone and totally have the hots for someone else you are a huge d bag if you don’t break it off Sure the other person’s feelings will be hurt but no one likes looking like a fool after the fact view spoilerMax sucks anyway let’s be honest Though his name is a hell of a lot better than CRICKET hide spoiler

  4. Lyndsey Lyndsey says:

    Set to Copacabana by Barry ManilowHer name is Lo la She's a steal the show girlWith purple stripeys in her hair wearing leggings worthy of CherShe's friends with Etienne and of course with An naThe boy next door draws on his hand and Lola yearns to understandAcross their midnight lawn they talked from dusk til dawnThey were young and needed each otherBut did the boy next door want ?At Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaThe hottest thing since Etienne and AnnaAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaMusic and passion and geek hipster fashionAt Lola's They fell in loveHis name is CricketHe's an inventorHe hangs out his window and keeps his voice real lowAnd when she's within ear he beckons her nearBut Cricket wouldn't go too farBecause Lola had some scarsAnd then the tension grew and hearts were ripped in twoThere was love and some rough nightsBut just who caused the fight?At Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaThe most angst since Etienne and AnnaAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaSeuins and tassels and two gay dad rascalsAt Lola's She lost her loveHer name is Lo la still a steal the show girlBut she's been through teenage hell all thanks to Cricket BellNow it's make or break it for a relationshipBut she still has a boyfriendDid I forget to mention him?Her path is undefined she's losing half her mindShe's in a bind and in a crunchNow she's about to lose her lunchAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaThe best fun since Etienne and AnnaAt Lola's Lola Nolan's CasaHair clips and lashes and grand high school dancesAt Lola's Does she get her love?Does she get her love?

  5. Ari Ari says:

    I'm definitely going to burn in hellOh that awkward moment when everybody loves a book and you don't understand why You know that feeling right? Well yeah I'm pretty much living itIt's not that I DIDN'T LIKE the book it's just that I didn't LIKE it Does it make any sense to you because for me there is a whole damn big differenceAnyways this is not Anna's book sister this is like the evil stepsister It  actually managed to  raise my blood pressure unfortunately not in a too hot to handle kind of wayI've generously given this book 25 stars because I love Stephanie's style Not only because I loved Anna but because I follow Stephanie's  blog and I love her posts her wittiness her optimism her joy of life She makes me laugh a lot But Lola Lola was just not right for me and I really struggled to understand why did all those people love it so muchFirst I didn't like whinny Lola Or dorky Cricket for a matter of fact Yes I know you all love him but I just can't understand whyThen I liked MaxDid you just have a heart attack? No? Ok then Because i need you to listen to meI'll start from the beginning1 LOLAI didn't care about her her wigs her pink and glittering room her past with the twins and her memories from when she was 5 years oldI found her to be really immature and she was complaining way too muchShe kept denying her feelings for 34 of the book and when her best friend Lindsey said that it was obvious that she liked Cricket then bang the truth hit herI open my window and a thousand bottled emotions explode inside of me at the full sight of himI like Cricket Like thatAgainNo st after 200 pages of whining about how he hurt you and how you don't want to like him and how you like him but you want to be with your boyfriend to whom you lie all the time BTW The realization just hit you one moment just like that?And I had to hear you all that time complaining and complaining and playing with Cricket's feelings just because?Let me tell you thisIn Anna there was this cute flirting between the main characters and some nice friendship going on I understood why Anna liked Etienne even as confusing as the situation wasIn this one I felt sorry for Cricket He was begging for love from the moment he confessed that he liked her only a few days after he came back He was always there for her like a faithful dog it broke my heart really 2 CRICKETTalking about Cricket He's been described by other reviewers as this sexy geek swoon worthy that would steal everyone's heart no really?Did I read the same book?clearing throatExcept for his tight pants yes apparently he had sexy pants for all I know from Lola's obsessive thinking there was nothing sexy about him of course in my opinion All Lola's memories of him are awkward and he is described as something totally different and unattractive and I had a hard time understanding why did she like him in the first placeBecause he was the only kid in the world not saying bad things to her? Because he was the boy next door and it's nice to have a crush on your neighbor? I don't know whyAnd then he was mostly absent from this book coming home only for weekends not even all of them Yes she thought about him all the time from the very beginning because she was obsessing about him She said she was unhappy because he came back but right before that she was whining about losing him Even in the beginning She couldn't say something about her boyfriend without remembering the boy next doorBut it's all his fault She had the nerve to say that it was his fault that she was thinking about him yeah blame it all on his returnDo I need to uote her on the first page talking about him when he was not even back yet? No?OK then I rest my case3 PARENTSHer family was weird I couldn't understand why they were so involved in her life not agreeing with anythingAll she did was wrong no matter whatYou like Max? WrongYou like Cricket? Wrong if he comes to your roomAre you too happy Are you sad? Wrong wrong wrongI hated the protective fathers As Max said one is horrible 2 unbearable I agreeWhat was that obsession about the age difference?There is something called trust you know and you should trust your kids because if they want to have sex with someone they will do it even with someone their age there's no need to find someone 5 years older Just sayingStill I liked Alec He was the 'good father'  I liked the advices that he gave Lola how he was there for her and also I liked that he told her when she was doing something wrong In a nice way He was not as absurd as NathanAs for her mother she was a messWith a family like that I don't wonder why is Lola so vulnerable and unsecure and undecided4 FRIENDSLindsey was a crappy friend and there was no trust between them eitherIn Anna I loved the friendship between all those characters in this one it felt simply unnecessary Lindsey was there just to crack a joke from time to time and to boss around telling Lola if she was allowed to like Cricket or not and to complain about Lola's boyfriend what a horrible thing to do no wonder why Max didn't like her either  And they were so different that I wondered why in the world were they friends anywaysAnna and Etienne were there but not even they made a good appearance They were not close friends to Lola and their relationship with her seemed a bit forced I hated when Lola let down Anna when she promised to introduce Anna to her boyfriend Max5 BOYFRIENDMax was the only character in the book that I liked but I wasn't suppose too and he turned out conveniently mean in the end just to make a point he was older he was no good for her he was not to be trusted he had to become a jerk he had to break your heart DONE BTW when you break up with someone because you like someone else are you allowed to tell that he broke your heart? I didn't think soAnyways I felt sorry for him because I knew that Lola never really liked him and she was with him only because he was older and she wanted just to show off in front of her friends and to piss her parentsBut he was nice and smart and he tried a lot to make thing right He was the only sane character in the book I was sorry to see him change personality wise at the end only to make the situation easier for Lola What a shame All through this book I kept thinking how in the world would I understand Lola if she went against everything I believe in?How could I enjoy her complaining about losing a guy I couldn't care less about because she made me hate him in the first place how could I be there for her while lying to her boyfriend that I actually liked and so onI understood Etienne in the first book the story worked in his case His dad was a big jerk and his mother was dying and he needed to have something permanent in his life something to be somehow certain about That's why he didn't break up with Ellie but what is Lola's excuse? Cricket told her what he felt almost in the beginning and she was toying with his feelings Remember how some people said that Etienne was playing with Anna's feelings? Well meet Lola she is even worseThere were some few funny moments yes but other than those this book was mostly depressing with Lola complaining about her love life and her mother and Max and her fathers and the twins oh boy not the twins againI still want to read the next book I can't wait for it but Lola and the boy next door was simply not a book for meWhen I read about Christmas in this one I remembered the Christmas scene from the other one with the phone calls and messages oh it was so damn cuteEven if I didn't like this book as much as I wanted I can give it credit for making me want to read Anna and the french kiss again and for making me hope that Isla and the Happily Ever After will be better This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnightcomBlog EN | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog ROFavorite uote ”Because that’s the thing about depression When I feel it deeply I don’t want to let it go It becomes a comfort I want to cloak myself under its heavy weight and breathe it into my lungs I want to nurture it grow it cultivate it It’s mine I want to check out with it drift asleep wrapped in its arms” Music of choicePlain White T's Hate I Really Don't Like YouPS sorry Jo that I didn't love this book as you did I'm glad that you liked it better Pre reading thoughtsGod I'm counting the days here ♥UpdateI officially hate every single person in the world that has read loved this book because I want to read it tooNo scratch that I'm kidding I am so happy for you sigh

  6. jessica jessica says:

    finally getting around to writing a review for this because it came up in conversation and i just now realised what never clicked for meyes this is a light and fluffy story i didnt find it problematic like i did with ‘anna’ so thats a good thing but i never connected with the characters and i finally just figured out why i appreciate authors trying to make their characters uirky i get it everyone has something that makes them awkward and weird uirky characters are opportunities for readers to relate to non stereotypes but have you ever read a character that was just tooo uirky? like to the point where you dont affectionately say ‘you weirdo’ but youre constantly like ‘what the heck is this person even doing??’ i found both lola and cricket to be too uirky so much so that they didnt seem like real people to me so while i actually did like the storyplot concept the execution of characters just wasnt for me ↠ 3 stars

  7. Emily May Emily May says:

    Yay for warm fuzzies Stephanie Perkins has a talent and that talent is for making me happy allowing me to enjoy the entire reading experience laugh at times and come away with no deep sense of revelation just the knowledge that I will have to get my hands on whatever she writes next Her writing may be light and mostly meaningless but it achieves one of the greatest things a book possibly can funAnd that's just it this book is silly mindless fun I'm not sure why some people who enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss didn't like this for me it was a very similar sort of book in many ways with the main difference being that I thought Lola was a much well rounded and interesting character than Anna I also liked Cricket a lot than Etienne StClair Perhaps it's the height thing or that a lot of Etienne's charm was built around the English accent that I have to hear lecturing me about Plato every day I thought both were entertaining romance stories but Lola and the Boy Next Door just seemed to suit me betterThere was only one thing that I didn't like about this book and it was mostly because I thought it unnecessary It was how the boyfriend who was originally kind understanding and uirky turned into a complete dick in order to make it alright for Lola to leave him I think this could have been handled better sometimes people's feelings change in relationships and you can gently and maturely break it off did Stephanie Perkins worry that we'd be unable to forgive Lola for upsetting a good guy so she made him a closet moron instead? It wasn't needed and it didn't flow naturallyApart from that this was a great book and I can't wait to read Isla and the Happily Ever After

  8. Christine Riccio Christine Riccio says:

    adorable and wonderful didn't want to put it down

  9. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    I don't know how I am going to justify this rating Books like Lola and the Boy Next Door rarely work for me I dislike chick lit I dislike two timingemotionally cheatinglying heroines I dislike when the wrong guy in books with love triangles is vilified at the last minute to make it right for the heroine to break up with him And yet I liked this book that contains all these elements This novel is just such a light breezy charming read The main character who would normally annoy the hell out of me with her obsession with clothes glitter tiaras has a very relatable voice Reading Lola and the Boy Next Door was an infinitely relaxing experience This book is filled to the brim with cuteness cute boys cute families cute locations and cute crushes Perkins' special gift is bringing back the memories of young love and excitements and heartaches that come with it I would have preferred this book without sex thoughMy excuse for liking Stephanie Perkins debut novel Anna and the French Kiss was that I read it around Christmas and it hit just the right spot then My excuse now will be that I read Lola and the Boy Next Door by the pool under the Florida sun in October and it is a perfect beach read I am running out of the excuses here so I guess I should just accept the fact that while I have no love for chick lit Perkins has a talent to convert even this jaded hater into a fan There is no doubt I will be reading Isla and the Happily Ever After

  10. Limonessa Limonessa says:

    The thing about Lola and the boy next door is that since it's a companion book it's inevitable to make a comparison with Anna and the French Kiss which in this case comes out as a disadvantage because as far as I am concerned Anna is the absolute winner Lola is a really cute story she is a uirky raised by gay parents uniue teenage girlWhen her first crush and ex neighbor Cricket reappears on her doorstep after two years things get complicated because Lola already has a boyfriend Max five years older than her much experiencedAs Cricket slowly worms his was back into her life and into her heart Lola will have to learn how to be honest with herself and she will learn it the hard wayI'll admit I had high expectations for this book and while it's certainly enjoyable and relaxing it failed to deliver repeatedly for meWhereas Anna's story while still being fluffy was believable less shallow and charming Lola's story was definitely clichéd puerile and felt forced in than one occasionThe most striking example of this forcedness is MaxI didn't like how he first gets presented as an awesome boyfriend and then uite conveniently ends up being the asshole in a total unreasonable way It was done unreasonably and felt so contrived that when he does become an asshole and I was supposed to despise him I just couldn't bring myself to and I still liked him from beforeI wonder if it all has to do with the fact that the 5 years of difference in age between Lola and Max are taken as a big NO NO right from the start because frankly I didn't buy it I had a 22 years old boyfriend when I was 17 and it was NOT a big deal But since it's taken for granted here that Max is too old for Lola let's just make him the EVIL guy The way the author deals with his character royally pissed me off It wasn't smooth AT ALLBut the same goes for the other characters basically they were just too black or white they lacked depth and originality Cricket was just too damn good for his own sake Max too damn bad kind of in a beautiful and damned way Lola too damn in self denial what she says to Max when she goes to his apartment? So not cool girl My eye was twitching madly during that passageStill it's a book I'd recommend if you're looking for something uite readable and relaxing AND you loved Anna Perkins certainly knows how to write a story and make her dialogues interesting It's a colorful book as colorful as its cover despite the psycho looking girl thereI just wish there had been a little to it a bit substance Anna was definitely fun for me

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Lola and the Boy Next Door [Ebook] ➡ Lola and the Boy Next Door By Stephanie Perkins – An Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereBudding designer Lola Nolan doesn’t believe in fashion she believes in costume The expressive the outfit — sparkly fun wild — the better But eve An Alternate cover the Boy PDF/EPUB ¿ for this ISBN can be found hereBudding designer Lola Nolan doesn’t believe in fashion she believes in Lola and PDF or costume The expressive the outfit — sparkly fun wild — the better But even though Lola’s style is outrageous she’s a and the Boy PDF/EPUB À devoted daughter and friend with some big plans for the future And everything is pretty perfect right down to her hot rocker boyfriend until the dreaded Bell twins Calliope and Cricket return to the neighborhoodWhen Cricket — a gifted inventor — steps out from his twin sister’s shadow and back into Lola’s life she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door.

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