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Spider-Man 2099, Volume 2: Spider-Verse Reading Spider Man 2099, Volume 2 Spider Verse By Peter David Nature Explore.eu Miguel O Hara Is Finally Back In His Home Era, The Year 2099 But There S No Time For Nostalgia As Spider Man 2099, Lady Spider, And The Six Armed Spider Man Are On The Run For Their Lives From The Dangerously Ravenous Inheritors Spider Man 2099 And Lady Spider, Of The Steampunk 1800s, Bring Past And Future Science To Bear As They Study Daemos, Desperate For A Clue To Help Battle Morlun And His Family But Can They Make It Back To The Rest Of The Spiders In Time To Turn The Tide Of The Final Battle Who Will Survive The Spider Verse Will Miguel Finally Be Able To Return Home For Good And What Happens When He Finds That His Future Is Nowimperfect Guest Starring That Classic Green Skinned Future Menace, The Maestro Collecting Spider Man 2099 6 12

About the Author: Peter David

David PetersPeter Allen David often abbreviated PAD is an American writer, best known for his work in comic books and Star Trek novels David often jokingly describes his occupation as Writer of Stuff David is noted for his prolific writing, characterized by its mingling of real world issues with humor and references to popular culture He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice.