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Chasing The Northern Light Fearless Twenty Something Carter Boyd Is In Love With Life And The Extreme Thrills That It Provides To Him When He Thinks He S Tried It All, Fate Provides Him With One , Perhaps Final, Opportunity That He Simply Cannot Pass Up To Actually Pursue And Catch A Little Known Virus, Dubbed By Its Underground Chasers As The Northern Light , That Threatens The Very Life Of Its Host Within An Indeterminate Period Of Time And Yet, It Contains Psychic Properties That Come To Bear As The Virus Manifests Properties That Allow The Recipient To See Their Truth , And To Discover A Way In Life That Leads Them Down The Path Toward Their Own Perfectness For Carter, Who Is Already Running From Personal Demons And Desperately Looking For An Out, The Draw To Pursue It Is Too Great In The Shadow Of Carter S Quest, A Military Viral Specialist And A United States Senator Have Been Working A Thirty Year Old Secret Agenda To Keep It From Spreading Carter S Chase Follows Him Through A Series Of Life Changing Experiences With Help From Unexpected Sources That Lead Him To A Final Confrontation, One That Might Deliver Him From What He Fears The Most To That Which He Never Knew He Could Do Without.