Out of the Dust PDF/EPUB Ë Out of PDF \

Out of the Dust PDF/EPUB Ë Out of PDF \

  • Paperback
  • 227 pages
  • Out of the Dust
  • Karen Hesse
  • English
  • 01 May 2015
  • 9780439771276

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  1. J.L. Sutton J.L. Sutton says:

    Karen Hesse's Out of the Dust 1998 Newberry Medal winner is a poignant coming of age story chronicling a young woman's struggle with loss and hardship during Oklahoma's Dust Bowl Written in blank verse its rhythm somehow matches the spare landscape and emotional toil of the protagonist It's an easy and uick read but worthwhile 35 stars rounded up

  2. Ryan Ryan says:

    The other day just out of the blue I was hit with the thought Remember that book about the Dust Bowl you read for school ages ago and hated with a fury? You should review it and avenge your past self for being subjugated to itSo that's exactly what I didI swear this was me the entire bookYou know what's coming folks Time for another rant with Ryan Where do I even begin? I read this back when it was reuired reading and I absolutely hated it This was probably the most boring book I have ever read Not to mention infinitely depressing Granted it takes place in the Great Depression but still No character seemed to have any personality whatsoeverThe writing style annoyed the living hell out of meThe story dragged on and on And the only reason I didn't DNF this was because I needed to read it for a graderolls eyes into the back of my headBasically just

  3. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    This story is so dark and gruesome that if it were put in prose and not in verse would probably not pass the standard of the judges for the Newberry Medal Yes this won that medal 1998 because the beautiful verses toned down the gloom and sadness that even a middle age man Asian guy like me felt while imagining what happened to the Kelby family during the Oklahoma Dust Bowl in 1934 1935 It is just too sad that even the harrowing experience of the Joad family in John Steinbeck’s magnum opus The Grapes of Wrath can’t compare Imagine you are an only child and all of you your father and mother are all bone and skin because of poverty you set your pregnant mum on fire and when she gave birth she and the infant died you cannot play piano any because your hand got burned too your father has cancer and one time you found him digging his own graveAt least the Joad family in Steinbeck 1940 novel is an extended one and the men were able to work in the farm so they left Sallisaw for California The Kelby family has no choice but to stay and wait for their death The Joad family has 2 4 healthy men unlike here where there is only the father Bayard who works alone in the farm but unfortunately gets cancer in the middle of the story At least Rose of Sharon Joad Rivers of Grapes was healthy and her milk could feed the dying man Here the protagonist is a 14 yo Bille Jo Kelby who’s still studying and only plays a piano to help the family and she has no milk yet Okay this is a children’s book so let’s not go thereBut seriously the story is bleaker than Grapes and I am glad that I read this since the latter is one of my favorites The Dust Bowl is the reverse of tsunami During the dust bowl it is hot dry and dust flies around like a black storm In tsunami it is water everywhere Both of them are harrowing shocking and can be unimaginably furious and can fatal to hundreds of peopleNice unforgettable read

  4. karen karen says:

    will someone tell me why this is written in verse?? it doesnt add anything to the feel of the book; if anything it is distracting and seems very contrived why would this character be writing poems?? it would make so much sense to write this as diary entries maybe because poems take up room so you can get away with writing less to make up a full book?? no one knows that being said i liked this but its not going to earn a place on my childrens book wall of fame its kind of horrifying man against nature and man losing woefully but its a nice piece about tragedy and endurance and strength and america im sure kids would dig it

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    “The way I see it hard times aren't only about moneyor droughtor dustHard times are about losing spiritand hopeand what happens when dreams dry up” When I look for books for my children I uite freuently end up buying one book to explain and illustrate another I had bought The Dust Bowl An Illustrated History to give them and myself as I always end up reading their books as well a new perspective on the Great Depression era and this small children's novel in verse seemed to be a perfect complement to offer a personal direct approach to history through fiction And what a book it is Told in poems through the lens of a young girl experiencing the dust storms in the Plains firsthand it makes the dusty air and dried up dreams tangible Highly recommended addition to secondary literature on the history of the 1930s or just for its own sake as a story of a family during one of the harshest chapters in American agricultural history

  6. Connor Connor says:

    This book is so depressing I wanted to shoot myself

  7. Shannon (leaninglights) Shannon (leaninglights) says:

    This is a must read children's book for me I loved it as a kid and I loved jumping back into it If you haven't read it I highly recommend

  8. Donna Donna says:

    Beginning August 1920 As summer wheat came ripeso did Iborn at home on the kitchen floorMa crouchedbarefoot bare bottomedover the swept boardsbecause that's where Daddy said it'd be bestI came too fast for the doctor bawling as soon as Daddy wiped his hand around inside my mouthTo hear Ma tell itI hollered myself red the day I was born Red's the color I've stayed ever since Daddy named me Billie Jo He wanted a boy Instead he got a long legged girlwith a wide mouthand cheekbones like bicycle handles He got a red headed freckle faced narrow hipped girlwith a fondness for applesand a hunger for playing fierce pianoThat is how this book began and what a powerful beginning it was It surprised me when I learned the entire book would continue this way written in blank verse I had never read a novel with this format before and after some initial resistance to it I came to enjoy the way the words flowed on the page as Billie Jo 14 voiced her thoughts about herself her family and her place in a world wracked with misery Her search for ways to endure it then combat it was at the heart of this sad but ultimately inspirational story This book is a work of fiction but the author based it on a conglomeration of stories from real life that she had taken from newspaper accounts of the Dust Bowl between the years 1920 1935 It was almost too much for me to read all those harrowing details of hardship compressed into one story of a young girl coming of age during that time But same as with other historical fiction books I finished it and stood as a witness in honor of those who had suffered and felt gratitude at never having gone through what those people did during that time Fields of Flashing Light I heard the wind rise and stumbled from my bed down the stairsinto the yardThe night sky kept flashinglightning danced down on its spindly legs I sensed it before I knew it was coming I heard itsmelled ittasted it Dust While Ma and Daddy sleptthe dust cametearing up fields where the winter wheatset for harvest in Junestood helpless I watched the plantssurviving after so much drought and so much windI watched them fryorflattenor blow awaylike bits of cast off rags It wasn't until the dust turned toward the houseliked a fired locomotiveand I fledbarefoot and breathless back insideit wasn't until the dusthissed against the windowsuntil it ratcheted the roofthat Daddy wokeThis YA novel won the prestigious Newberry Award and was a book my older daughter read in middle school I'm glad I've finally caught up with her when reading it too It taught me in simple terms how the Dust Bowl came into being It taught me what humans can endure when tested beyond all endurance in both body and spirit It taught me what music and a bowl of apples can represent in a life leaking hope It taught me that people are stronger together than apart It also taught me the rewards of reading something outside my comfort zone thanks to my book club Here's a link for anyone wanting to read a brief interview with the author which includes her inspiration for this novel and why she wrote it in the style she did

  9. kwesi 章英狮 kwesi 章英狮 says:

    I never enjoyed my history subject when I was young I always have the worst teacher and the worst field trips in my entire life Contradict to that I enjoyed reading historical fiction and children's books Although I don't have any idea about dust bowl or the great depression or whatever happened that time I told you I never learned something from my world history teacher But after reading this book last year I was amazed that Karen Hesse wrote something emotional for children to love and to learn by reading not in prose but in versesImagine a depressing book for children I like this kind of books not because it was so emotional or too gore because I can feel emotions of the characters and the events that happened on the book Maybe the verses really put something special and added spices for the book to be like and won the Newberry Medal The book was also called as verse novel a type of narrative poetry in which a novel length narrative is told through the medium of poetry rather than prose Either simple or complex stanzaic verse forms may be used but there will usually be a large cast multiple voices dialogue narration description and action in a novelistic manner This type of writing is also used in some of the famous novels like Iliad Maybe some find it annoying or find it too elegant it depends on the reader itself The novel happened in 1934 to 1935 where Oklahoma is in a state of depression because of the great drought and dust storm happened Hesse said that in the late 90s issues like this was not entirely been covered by the media and only limited resources were shared via newspapers and journals It must be depressing in their own time and place with limited food and water destroyed shelter dieing relatives and dust pneumonia As a kidg how can you help yourself and your family to survive in the dust?Billy Jo started writing in the year 1934 describing her physical characteristic and her love to music She wanted green fields and flowers that blooms and smelled like the morning but a very tragic happened a great drought soon came and started a dust storm that killed the plants the animals her friends family and even her dreams She was a simple kid with a big dream wanted to play piano vigorously non stop and had a crush like normal kids Those dreams dry up when her dad accidentally stored a bucket of kerosene and her mother boiled and splashed with the kerosene that burned her mother her fetus brother and her delicate hands Losing not only her dream of having a happy family but also her mother's dream for her to go outside Oklahoma to study and play piano She managed to move on and try to be like any other girls Can she survive from the loneliness and depression that manifested all the people that time or she will be another corpse for people to mourn with?But that time not all people mourn for their safety but they also enjoyed what little they have from the food they shared to the people who sheltered them Playing pianos and small dance gathering were the only happiness they have While reading the book I was like reading in proses Hesse didn't used rhyming words and the book is specially crafted for childrenthe way i see it hard times aren't only about money or drought or dust hard times are about losing spirit and hope and what happens when dreams dry up Because of major agricultural farming soil were becoming unfertile and people were not prepared to face the long drought causing dust stormRating Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse 5 Sweets and blessings for the survivors I really enjoyed reading this book and it was so amazing that Hesse wrote this in uniue way Writing it by verses to play with the characters emotion Not bad and recommended for those people who like to read Steinbeck booksChallenges Book #68 for 2011 Goodreads Filipinos 2nd uarter Book 1 YA Book from Kwesi's Shelf

  10. Teresa Teresa says:

    I read this book historical fiction told in prose poetry yesterday Then this morning I saw in the newspaper that the Oklahoma Panhandle where the book is set is experiencing a drought worse than during the Dust Bowl the time period of this novelI think if I had been able to read this as a child it would've made an even bigger impression on me It would've stayed in my memory and I probably would've gone on to read Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath when I got older I still need to do that While the accident this family experiences is horrific I think the image that will stay with me is the narrator and her father caught in a dust storm as they are driving to a funeral The amount of dust and how it gets into everything is staggering to think about This is the kind of thing fiction can sometimes do better than history placing you in a world you know nothing about and causing you to feel and see what is happening around you almost as if you were there

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Out of the Dust❰Epub❯ ❤ Out of the Dust Author Karen Hesse – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk When Billie Jo is just fourteen she must endure heart wrenching ordeals that no child should have to face The uiet strength she displays while dealing with unspeakable loss is as surprising as it is i When Billie Jo is just fourteen she must endure heart wrenching ordeals that no child should have to face The uiet strength she displays while dealing with unspeakable loss is as surprising as it is inspiringWritten in free verse this award winning story is set in the heart of the Great Out of PDF \ Depression It chronicles Oklahoma's staggering dust storms and the environmental and emotional turmoil they leave in their path An unforgettable tribute to hope and inner strength.

About the Author: Karen Hesse

Karen Hesse is an American author of children's literature and literature for young adults often with historical settings Her novel Out of the Dust was the winner of the Newbery Medal and the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction In Hesse was a recipient of the MacArthur FellowshipFor information Out of PDF \ please see.