Paperback Þ Quicunque Vult PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Quicunque Vult PDF/EPUB Ú

Quicunque Vult ➺ Quicunque Vult Free ➰ Author Keira Michelle Telford – uicunue vult A forward girl ready to oblige every man that shall ask herGrose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue 1811A feisty Irish prostitute with a murky past finds herself stuck in London’s East uicunue vult A forward girl ready to oblige every man that shall ask herGrose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue A feisty Irish prostitute with a murky past finds herself stuck in London’s East End in the year of the RipperReeling from a series of bad choices and even worse luck Mary Jane needs to uit her immoral life She’s approaching thirty years of age which means her best days are coming to an end and she’s running out of time to better herselfEver cognizant of the narrowing window of opportunity before her the openly sapphic and increasingly reluctant harlot sets her mind to escape from Whitechapel her wishy washy plans spurred on all the when she meets Eva an inexperienced young flower girl who falls keenly into her embrace and her bedDetermined to shield the poorly educated and impecunious sixteen year old against the corrupting influence of men and the desperate misery of poverty that drives so many naive slum girls to the streets Mary Jane will do whatever it takes to preserve Eva’s innocence and to keep the wolf from baying at their door Even if it kills her.

  • Paperback
  • 724 pages
  • Quicunque Vult
  • Keira Michelle Telford
  • 14 September 2016
  • 9780992011581

About the Author: Keira Michelle Telford

Keira Michelle Telford is an award winning author with a love for the gruesome the macabre and the downright filthy She writes dystopian science fiction contemporary and historical erotic lesbian romance and other lesbian fiction often with a focus on age gap relationships.

10 thoughts on “Quicunque Vult

  1. Netty Netty says:

    My god I'm totally spoilt what am I to read now this author has no books for me to readThis story was Fan bloody tasticwas mega mega crude but in a delicious way I'm sure it's not for everyone's taste but it was definitely mine everything down to the way they talked was greatI did want to give Eva a slap up the head sometimes but Mary Jane I felt so so sorry for she took so much crap I was expecting the worst for herI was definitely anxiousThe love between them was enormousNever read anything uite so graphic before but it's given me a taste that I fear I'll never find again I'll be waiting though

  2. Michele Michele says:

    Another great Telford novel albeit a very long one Still it never once dragged It was a difficult read at times solely due to how realistic Telford described the time period She so meticulously researched this period and topicJack the Ripper You literally feel like you are living in the slums of London in the late 1800's And that is not a good feeling It's dark destitute dirty and violentoh so violentYou are rooting for the MC Mary Jane from page one until the very end She has gone through so many terrible things in her short life to datesexual assault rape physical abuse still bornetc yet she is a fighter through and through and NEVER complains Eva her GF on the other hand complains non stop but she's 16 and that is ones main job duty at that ageThe sexual scenes are so numerous I cannot even make a guess as to how many And they are not all erotic In fact many of them are MF and difficult to read due to the brutal description from Telford But these scenes are necessary and true to the life of the women who were poor single or widowed during this age Most of them had little to zero options other than prostitution As with all of Telford's books there is zero sugarcoating She tells it like it is even when it's the brutal violent truthHighly recommended 5 stars

  3. Musa Musa says:

    This is obviously a very well researched story in terms of the historic background livelihood living conditions of the East End Slump in the 1800s London and Mary Jane Kelly herself who is supposedly the last victim of Jack the Ripper Not knowing much about the Ripper's victims I went googling on Mary Jane and I am utterly amazed at the author's ability to intertwine Mary Jane's fictional story with historical recordsThe story opens with Mary Jane taking a client at one of the East End back allys immediately you're being drawn into the life of a prostitute in a slummy part of London in the 1800s Upon retreating back to her uarters Mary Jane met Eva her neighbour who was barely at sixteen and was almost succumbing into an unfortunate abusive life by the hands of her mother's latest lover Mary Jane stepped in offered shelter and protection and there's now their relationship gradually started At first I thought the relationship between Mary Jane and Eva was uite one sided and of lust than love But as the story unfolds Eva really grew up from being the innocent chic into a solid partner who was there for Mary Jane through thick and thin I felt utterly touched by their love and absolute devotion for one another and not to mention their chemistry sex scenes are absolutely hot There is a fair bit of graphic MF sex depicted in the story as well not all of them are pretty I would say though they are probably a rather realistic account of the abusive life living and selling your body on the streets of East End The author has written in her final note I wanted to give life to a woman who is only remembered for her death I think this book did a superb job in just doing so Mary Jane's character is intriguing complex and multi dimensional I'd rather like to think she survived as well I'm looking forward to the seuel coming in 2016PS This is uite a lengthy book counting over 700 pages you may want to properly spend a weekend just reading through the book

  4. Bugs Bugs says:

    A TRUE MASTERPIECE A TOUR DE FORCE IN LITERATUREFirst and foremost the title “uicunue Vult” One word BRILLIANT Caught me attention thereThen there’s thisMary Jane KellyYes THAT Mary Jane Believed to be Jack The Ripper’s final victim who suffered the most ghastly butchery and mutilation in 1888A lesbian love story involving Mary Jane Kelly?SOLDKeira Michelle Telford gives Dickens and Sarah Waters a run for their own money with this piece of classic gem that is “uicunue Vult” It’s beyond lesbian fiction lesfic It’s pure literary fiction The amount of research the level of detail the amount of knowledge in history that Telford injected in this book is truly a rich piece of work that deserves to be appreciated and revered A truly remarkable work of literatureThat said “uicunue Vult” is definitely NOT for the faint of heartMy full commentary here In Bug's Own Words

  5. Julie Julie says:

    I have an exam tomorrow which I didn't even open today because I simply couldn't keep neither my hands nor my mind off the book Oh God A huge thank you to Netty for recommending it to meI knew it would be great it's not the first book by Telford that I'm reading and I truly love the way she writes And I appreciate the author's research on Mary Jane's life and the Jack the Ripper case I savored each word of this rather long bookIt was often too dark and cruel for my tastes and I was constantly scared that something bad may happen to Eva and that it would break Mary Jane's heart even Speaking of Mary JaneI might've developed a crush on that kind hearted woman I was again constantly preoccupied for her and at times even had to stop reading It's hard to properly describe how much I enjoyed the book each detail of everyday life during Victorian era each dialogue every small detail of people's clothing I was also fascinated by the variety of procedures that Mary Jane had to follow before and after visiting her clients and how many times they are mentioned in the book The book is extremely erotic but it's also often repugnant So please keep that in mind After some time I'm definitely going to reread the book calmly this time not fearing for Mary Jane's life12112019 Third timereading and still loving it a lot

  6. Danni Mladenovic Danni Mladenovic says:

    It would've been 5 stars had it not been all those bodily fluids practically on every single page I really liked the story especially Mary Jane as a character

  7. Regina Regina says:

    What a tomb of a book 500 pages But if you're a fan of Keira Michelle Telford's writing and style which is definitely not for everyone since her books are typically super dark gritty explicit though still with a HEA thankfully this one is another of her winnerFor a detailed review check out Musa's review which I agree with completelyI just want to add that this book is only available via So if you're not in the US it's pretty hard to buy this book since does not allow non US purchases for kindle books I had to figuratively jump hoops in order to buy this book urgh Hopefully the author will make her books accessible to people who are non kindle owners moving forwardOther than that great read looking forward to the seuel and also the third book of her Prison World trilogy

  8. Jean Tiposah Jean Tiposah says:


  9. Diana Diana says:

    Erotic lesbian thriller that had me gasping If you’re ueasy at all about bodily fluids or male violence it’s not for you Some of it was hard to take But I made the decision to buy it So that’s on me Set in Victorian London at a time of huge social ineuity during the reign of terror of Jack the Ripper and I suspect well researched this is a long but gripping tale of trying to live in an unforgiving world of deprivation miasmic air no sanitation and scarce access to waterThe tension was intense the author kept turning the screw then easing off turningthen easing My poor heartI loved the language The structure befitting the times and the use of words contemporary to the times served to embed me deeper with each chapter I am now an A admirer of this author’s work and will be reading out her whole body of work with gusto

  10. A Alison A Alison says:

    this one took me a while had to put down then come back to it

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