Paperback Þ Condominium ePUB Ú

Paperback Þ Condominium ePUB Ú

Condominium ➸ Condominium Free ➮ Author Daniel Falatko – Charles and Sarah are a typical New York creative class couple he's in finance she works at a hipster small press yet both are indie rock East Village veterans who aren't above snorting a little heroi Charles and Sarah are a typical New York creative class couple he's in finance she works at a hipster small press yet both are indie rock East Village veterans who aren't above snorting a little heroin on the weekends But when they decide to take the logical next step and buy a condo in one of the glass and steel skyscrapers now dotting the waterfront of Williamsburg their lives start to fall apart almost the moment after they sign their mortgage; and this is to say nothing of their creepy neighbors their possibly haunted apartment job crises in both their industries and former friends still in Manhattan who are determined to pull them back into the debauchery A touching ode to the a holes ruining Brooklyn this literary debut of the Millennial John Updike is a funny yet wistful dramedy about young urban life during the Great Recession and you do not need to be a New Yorker yourself to enjoy his smart insights about city living and growing olderalthough that certainly doesn't hurt Download a free copy or order the paperback edition at cclapcentercomcondo.

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Condominium
  • Daniel Falatko
  • English
  • 10 August 2016
  • 9781939987365

About the Author: Daniel Falatko

Travails of Small Minds Ardent Press.

10 thoughts on “Condominium

  1. Lori Lori says:

    Sure it's the good ol' money can't buy happiness rag but ain't it the truth? A NYC hipster couple throw down their life savings on a brand spanking new million dollar condo with a killer view The purchase immediately puts their relationship and their sanity to the test Over the course of one week we watch as Sarah and Charles begin to slowly unravel Why is the creepy next door neighbor watching their every move? What is the purpose of the non functioning column in their living room? Why haven't they seen the same doorman twice since they've moved in? And why does Sarah wander the apartment at night suppressing the urge to scream? Full review to come

  2. Benoit Lelièvre Benoit Lelièvre says:

    I've enjoyed this novel a lot I've put myself trough a regimen of paranoid condo novels prior to buying my own last year and unfortunately for Falatko I've read JG Ballard's iconic HIGH RISE which stands tall in the shadow of CONDOMINIUM but I have to admit this was great nonetheless There is part Ballard ian paranoia part Bret Easton Ellis' erasure of the self yet Falatko has a faith in humanity the two others don't and it keeps trying to peek through the bureaucratic darkness of competitive real estateCONDOMINIUM operates within a busy and competitive field itself but while it might not shine the brightest I'm sure going to remember it for a long time There was a satirical edge to Daniel Falatko's novel but it sure did ring true

  3. Jason Pettus Jason Pettus says:

    DISCLOSURE I am the owner of the publishing company that published this bookThe CCLaP train is rolling along at full force these days and I'm happy to announce our upcoming book for this October Brooklynite Dan Falatko's literary debut Condominium This will be right up the alley of John Updike fans who have always wanted to see his types of stories updated for the Millennial generation essentially a tale about a creative class couple in Manhattan who decide to buy a condo in one of the new glass and steel skyscrapers that dot the waterfront of Williamsburg and how their lives start falling apart almost the second after they sign the lease It's a blackly funny portrait of young urban life during the Great Recession and I'm very proud to be giving a home to not only Dan's first ever full length novel but also his second the slacker adventure tale One Thin Dime coming from CCLaP in October 2016As always with CCLaP we're offering the ebook version of Condominium COMPLETELY FOR FREE TO ANY GOODREADS MEMBER WHO WANTS ONE in exchange for your promise to post a few thoughts about it here good or bad; to express an interest simply drop me a line at ilikejasongmailcom or just send me a message through Goodreads itself Word of mouth is the number one way we generate new customers so I hope you'll have a chance to take advantage of this offer soon The book comes out to the general public this October 12th but the advance reading copy is available as we speak I look forward to seeing what you think of this funny dark book

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Hipster's coming of age story a young downtown vibe couple has to come to grips with the inevitable transition awaiting them when they purchase a chic desirable condo with a view Moving on up? Yep they want that luxury crap but at the same time are not particularly ready to sacrifice the sniff snort and puff party factor that has been a part of their lives up tothe condo where rules and the obligatory respectability clause hamper their too cool for school freestyle existence The novel is about 90% observance of said lifestyle and about 10 % plot which leads me to think of it as an atmospheric refection on what happens when we cross to the other side than anything else but it was kind of entertaining for the most part with all the slacking at work and hanging with pals in ironic tones as hipsters do I did wonder why the hell they ever wanted to move up at all yes the view of course but then who can blame them for wanting to have that luxury cake and puke it all out too as all successful rock stars and top models have done before them

  5. Karin Karin says:

    I received an ARC for a review of this book and I'm pleased to say I absolutely loved it It's a super dark comedy with a messed up duo at its center It's the first week in Charles and Sarah's new home and it's driving them even crazier than they already are Their neighbor is totally creepy their friends are trainwrecks and they can barely hold it together It's NYC at it's most crass I look forward for from this author and will def be looking into books from this press too

  6. This fish likes to read This fish likes to read says:

    I couldn't finish this I reached about 16% of the book and i wasn't gripped by it It was too descriptive for my taste and I lose patience with that sort of writing After enduring 16% i was like get to the point Sadly for now its shelved on DNF That is not to say it couldn't be a good read not just for me

  7. Gwen Gwen says:

    I was provided with an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review SPOILERS CONTAINED IN REVIEW There was a line in the book that I absolutely loved – something to the effect that it doesn’t matter whether you live in a million dollar high end condo or a trailer park on Monday morning you still have to go to work This line turned out to be so appropriate because although the title of the book makes one think that the majority of the story is about the condo a large part of the story is about the two main characters’ work lives The story focuses on a New York City couple Charles and Sarah who recently moved into a newly built small 660 suare feet condo on the 16th floor at a price tag of nearly 1 million The author does a good job I’m not sure whether it was intentional or just my opinion of making Sarah an unlikable character Sarah has not contributed a penny towards the purchase of this condo; Charles has made the down payment and Sarah’s job doesn’t even cover any costs towards the maintenance or mortgage payments yet many times throughout the book her character brags about the views and the high end kitchen to her friends and co workers As the reader I am gritting my teeth thinking “yeah isn’t it nice you didn’t put a penny towards it but are doing all the bragging about it” After they settle in Charles and Sarah start to feel the pressure of owing expensive property and Charles especially starts feeling the pressure of having such debt They also have a creepy neighbor that watches their every move and gives them grief about making noise sleeping on their balcony and smoking marijuana in their condo As the book progresses the couple become disillusioned and disappointed about their new condo and themselves I think it fair to say that they had an unrealistic view on what living in the condo would be like Charles seemed shocked that the condo was getting dusty and dirty and when the coffee maker made a mess over the granite countertops and hardwood floors he almost had a complete melt down After a blow out housewarming party at their condo the place gets a bit trashed and the next day Charles and Sarah come to their senses and realize that it is just a roof over their heads – just because it is expensive and high end doesn’t mean that life’s problems will just go awayI have rated this book 375 stars out of five I think the author has a nice writing style but the story and to some extent the characters are too simplistic to rate it higher

  8. Tristan Tristan says:

    It was so good and so so close to being genuinely great but it just lacked a little something in my opinion I think Falatko did a fairly good job of capturing a moment and vibe but there is little driving force throughout the book So much of it reminded me of what brett easton ellis did capturing LA's and to some extent America's snake eating its trash fire tail cultural wasteland but he never really does better than ellis did and I think he does worse He may not have been intentionally or unintentionally channeling that vibe but in my opinion it did resemble that style somewhat If you aren't going to try and do it better or at least as good why try at all? I haven't read any other Falatko and this debut was certainly good maybe he has improved his formula for later books I was left wanting

  9. Hobart Hobart says:

    ★ ★ 12 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Okay we have Charles a worker bee in finance in some NYC firm on the verge of a drug problem well maybe past the verge and Sarah a worker bee in a small press on the verge of actually working Charles is making pretty good money so they decide to buy a condo They've been together for a few years now and seem to be getting along okay this seems like a good next step Sarah has dreams of a ring in the near future and leaving workforce not too long after that maybe even before her employer realizes that she doesn't do muchThe book follows them in the week following them moving on up Somehow they seem to think that changing their address is going to change their lives I mean really they're obsessed with this place They can't stop talking or thinking about itI guess I should mention Charles' druggie friends his co worker that he's madly in lust with the people at Sarah's work and her friends that she almost keeps in touch with butwell that's enough of them really The most intriguing character is their creepy neighbor Raymond He's always around he knows way too much about them is possibly a peeping Tom is a little too militant at cleaning the smoking area and claims to be a day trader hard to tell how he fits all of that in but it's explained eventually He seems to have a thing for Sarah which is pretty inexplicable The only one who seems less likely to be into Sarah is Charles And you'd think that'd be an issue but neither of them seems to think of that muchCharles seems to have a healthy case of acrophobia yet insisted on getting an apartment with a balcony and a great view He can barely stand to be out there and spends a lot of time working on overcoming it He has a phobic attack on the balcony early on Probably the best part of the book It was enough to make you feel the same and yet funny as you know what he's doing to himself I'd have reacted the very same way worse actually no way would I have loved into that placeAt the same time I spent a lot of time wishing he'd fall off the balcony and stop the mess Day by day things get worse as they unpack get high miss work fight and try to organize a housewarming party Because how else do you get to show off your flooring your high ceilings and your view?The writing was good enough the characters seemed pretty real I just couldn't understand why Falatko spent his time and ability on eitherDisclaimer I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for this post which probably didn't work out the way he'd prefer

  10. Alysyn Reinhardt Alysyn Reinhardt says:

    Click here for my full reviewFalatko’s Condominium takes place within the time span of just one week with sections separated by day Charles Sarah have just moved in their new condo it serves as a symbol of their semi fucked up lives The one thing they have in common is that they feel like the condo owns them instead of the other way around In Bret Easton Ellis form it’s a novel about materialism existentialism consumerism every other ism but simultaneously about absolutely nothing But unlike Bret Easton Ellis it didn’t really have those stand out sentences of epiphany There was no “people are afraid to merge” type of sentence that really hits it home hard However there were incredible moments of clarity Several scenes that were so uniue but also seemed almost like non fictionThe timing is tricky because each action is described so minutely that the reader can get pretty bored But it serves as an overall theme that time space are relative Time Space two subjects Falatko was right to consistently evoke Burroughs in gives the work a claustrophobic feel I had a few gripes with the writing style But overall it surpassed my expectations

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