Random Acts of Deceit Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries #2

Random Acts of Deceit Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries #2

  • Kindle Edition
  • 312 pages
  • Random Acts of Deceit Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries #2
  • Christy Barritt
  • English
  • 23 January 2015

10 thoughts on “Random Acts of Deceit Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries #2

  1. Holly Holly says:

    Can never go wrong with Christy Barritt

  2. Kelly Bridgewater Kelly Bridgewater says:

    Random Acts of Deceit is the second book in the Holly Anna Paladin’s series The first book is entitled Random Acts of Murder I enjoyed following Holly around in the first book It wasn’t the first time fans of Holly met her; she actually made an appearance in one of Barritt’s other book Mucky Streak Barritt does a good job at creating action that grips the hard core mystery fans with realistic characters and a formulaic who done it mysteryThe writing is spot on The dialogue hustles the action along while deepening the story with the prose showing the internal struggles and thoughts of Holly All of Christy Barritt’s books besides the Love Inspired Suspense books are written in the first person point of view so I develop uite a relationship with each character as the series progress The dialogue and prose make me feel like I’m listening to a close friend who is spilling their deepest darkest secretsOne problem I did have was that all of Barritt’s first person characters are starting to sound like the same person Yes they have different personalities and are solving different crimes but for some reason in this book Holly didn’t sound any different than Gabby St Clair from her Sueaky Clean Mysteries Not that this affecting my enjoyment of the book I really liked the mysteryThe pace of the novel is just right for a cozy mystery There is incident after incident all threatening Holly and giving her no choice but no comply with the Shadow Man as Holly nicknamed the man who is ruining her lifeI really enjoy returning to familiar characters like Holly and Chase That is what is so great about Barritt’s writing besides her ability to create a new page turning mystery with every book I really like following the same characters around and watch their lives change and grow In Random Acts of Deceit Holly has moved in with her mother and has a good relationship with Chase Holly is strong loves her family and is willing to follow her heart even when others tell her not to On the other hand Chase her boyfriend is a good detective who wears his heart on his sleeve for Holly He isn’t afraid to get to the bottom of a case or his relationship with Holly I think Barritt’s greatest character strength is creating heroes I truly enjoyThe conflict stems from threats from Shadow Man and how he affects Holly’s life He sneaks into her mother’s house on a number of different occasions demanding Holly to do things that cause her to struggle internally To be relevant for today Barritt includes the riots that have happened in the news to occur in the small town where Holly lives and works While the external conflict affects her outwardly the romantic tension the Shadow Man makes her create between her and Chase rips her apart Holly really likes Chase but in order to save everyone in her family including Chase she must do what the Shadow Man reuestedThis is an original and unpredictable cozy mystery that I couldn’t wait to turn the pages to find out who the bad guy was There is no uestionable content so anyone could read Barritt’s books Fans of Barritt’s other books will really enjoy returning to familiar characters in a familiar setting I couldn’t figure out who the bad guy was She threw me for a loopAlways thrilling Christy Barritt does it again with Random Acts of Deceit The mystery is thrown in with incident after incident for Holly’s life I enjoy returning to recognizable characters in a well known setting I can’t wait to read the next book in this series or any book that Christy Barritt writes

  3. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Don't miss Holly Anna's latest adventureOK it totally happened again Random Acts Of Deceit is now my favorite Christy Barritt book It happens every time each one I read is my new favorite I very uickly fell into Holly Anna Paladin's world of danger and intrigue So uickly that I read it in a single afternoon and then I sat there and wished I had another one to dive into right away The dramatic cover pulls the reader in and Christy Barritt's excellent suspense keeps them glued all the way to the last page I spent uite a bit of time waffling back and forth about who was terrorizing Holly Anna and why But in the end Random Acts Of Deceit delivered some real surprises If you love romantic suspense I would heartily recommend Random Acts Of Deceit or any Christy Barritt book you just can't go wrong I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review All opinions are my own

  4. Julia Lance Julia Lance says:

    I loved Holly Anna in the first book and after reading the second one I love her even She is totally someone I would want to be friends with I loved this book It was full of action and excitement Holly Anna seems to find herself in trouble like Gabby from the Sueaky Clean Series It got me thinking maybe there will be a lot books in this series and I like that idea Holly is forced to make some really tough decisions and has to face them alone It shows her true strength and her love for Chase After all she went through in the first book it was tough to see her go thru so much again but she was strong and persevered and I was glad she got a happy ending As always Christy's books are amazing NOTE I was gifted this book by the Author in exchange for a honest review

  5. Pam Pam says:

    5starsI love Barritt's character Holly and really enjoyed the second book in that series Holly is a Retro girl who loves simple things and 50's dresses She cares deeply for people Trouble always seems to find Holly Anna and she tries solving things on her own by trying to be one step ahead of the Shadow Man which doesn't seem to be working How does she keep from breaking up and hurting Chase per the Shadow Man's orders but keep him safe from the threat on his life? This book was gift from the author in return for a honest review The comments are my own Excellent fun read and hard to put down

  6. Russ Dick Russ Dick says:

    Another fine and very very clean book by Christy Barritt proving once again that foul language and random sexploits are not necessary make a good read This is the second book that features Holly Anna Paladin a friend of Gabby St Clair of Sueaky Clean series fame who finds herself solving crime This book is very readable and is interesting from beginning to end Characters are believable and possibly a bit odd but it all comes together rather well It is a good easily read mystery probably most enjoyed by readers that can identify with Holly as a principled and under adventurous person that would enjoy a little adventure

  7. Kitty Kitty says:

    Random Acts of Deceit 3 Stars🌠🌠🌠In my personal opinion I feel like this author was as confused while writing this book as she made her readers feel in reading it This author is usual spot on in telling a story but this book was all over the place

  8. Carol Lee Carol Lee says:

    Another great book by Christy Barritt I enjoy getting to see the next book in a series and finding out what Holly has been up to was great Holly has decided to start living again and this included having and keeping a boyfriend in the form of Chase She is working for her brother and all seems to be going wellThen she gets a message to break up of bad things will happen She tries to resist but when she finds out the sender of the message is not playing games she soon finds herself following the directions I have to say that I did not see the ending coming that went with the book It was definitely unexpected and a real twist This is what I like about Christy's books is that you need to expect the unexpectedI received this book free to review from the author

  9. Kay Defreese Kay Defreese says:

    The books in this series are getting better I enjoyed this one better than the first in the series The book starts out with a stranger in Holly's bedroom making demand of her She has to break up with her boyfriend and then accept a date with a stranger Tell anyone about what she is told and expect something bad to happen This book kept me in suspense the whole time I didn't know who to suspect and found out who the villain was when Holly found out I love the supporting characters I loved all of her family but my favorite was her best friend Jaime Jaime was a hoot I hope I see her character in all of the books I plan on reading all that are available

  10. Beverly Brader Beverly Brader says:

    I loved this book The main character Holly Anna Paladin is confronted with challenging scenarios throughout this story It starts off with her enjoying a date with Chase and then goes right into a stranger in her bedroom threatening her to break up with Chase or else Chase would die Throughout the whole book Holly Anna finds herself being confronted with one bad situation after another I love the fast pace of the book and all the excitement along the way It is a must read in my opinion

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Random Acts of Deceit Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries #2❴PDF❵ ✅ Random Acts of Deceit Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries #2 Author Christy Barritt – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk “Break up with Chase Dexter or I’ll kill him” Holly Anna Paladin never expected such a gut wrenching ultimatum But the man threatening her makes it clear he’s dead serious With home invasions “Break up with Chase Dexter or I’ll of Deceit ePUB ☆ kill him” Holly Anna Paladin never expected such a gut wrenching ultimatum But the man threatening her makes it clear he’s dead serious With home invasions hidden cameras and bomb threats Holly must make some serious choices Whatever Holly decides the conseuences will either break her heart or break her soul She tries to match wits with the masked man but he’s always a step ahead of her The she fights the deeper Random Acts PDF \ she’s drawn into the perilous situation Dealing with the ultimatum her sister’s wedding problems and riots that have broken out in the city Holly’s nearly at her breaking point She must discover the identity of this mystery man before someone she loves dies But the deceit is threatening to pull her under six feet under Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries Random Acts of Murder Random Acts of Deceit Random Acts of Malice Random Acts of Scrooge Random Acts of Greed Random Acts Acts of Deceit Kindle ´ of Fraud coming soon Clean and wholesome mysteries with a side of faith romance and humor FictionChristianMystery.

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