Summer at Tiffanys PDF Õ Summer at Kindle -

Summer at Tiffanys PDF Õ Summer at Kindle -

Summer at Tiffanys [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Summer at Tiffanys ✈ Karen Swan – Summer at Tiffany's by Karen Swan is the captivating and romantic seuel to Christmas at Tiffany's perfect for fans of Santa Montefiore and Veronica Henry A wedding to plan A wedding to stop What could Summer at Tiffany's by Karen Swan is the captivating and romantic seuel to Christmas at Tiffany's perfect for fans of Santa Montefiore and Veronica Henry A wedding to plan A wedding to stop What could go wrong Cassie loves Henry Henry loves Cassie With a Summer at Kindle - Tiffany ring on her finger all that Cassie has left to do is plan the wedding It should be so simple but when Henry pushes for a date Cassie pulls backHenry's wild young cousin Gem has no such hesitations and is racing to the aisle at a sprint determined to marry in the Cornish church where her parents were wed But the family is set against it and Cassie resolves to stop the wedding from going ahead When Henry lands an expedition sailing the Pacific for the summer Cassie decamps to Cornwall hoping to find the peace of mind she needs to move forwards But in the dunes and coves of the northern Cornish coast she soon discovers the past isn't finished with her yet.

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  1. Dawn Dawn says:

    When I heard Karen Swan had written a seuel to Christmas at Tiffany's I just had to read it I needed to know what happened to Cassie did she really get her happy ever after after divorcing ex husband Gil? So when I was asked to be part of the blog tour by Katie at Panmacmillan I jumped at the chanceWith Christmas at Tiffany's Karen Swan had created characters that were solid and well rounded surrounding Cassie with a friendship circle that bounced off each other each with different characteristics that fully complimented each other The beauty about reading a seuel is that we have already been introduced to the main players and in such a way that they seem like old friends making the transition into a new novel easy There is always the worry that a second book isn't going to be uite as good as the first especially when the first was such a big success but for me this was eually as good I loved itThe love and respect that Cassie and Henry the main characters in this book share literally oozes out of the pages yet somehow Cassie is holding back her disastrous first marriage is having a damaging effect on her relationship she just cannot seem to take that final step into a full commitment and it's this that is to the detriment of her relationship with HenryCassie comes across as a confident person in control and resilient She has built a strong wall of protection around herself with her friends relationship and job which allows her to feel this way But everything is shook to the core and Cassie literally crumbles whenever talk turns to making that final commitment and tying the knot nobody can understand her hesitation least of all Henry and his patience is running out fastThe opposite is the case for Henry's twenty one year old wayward cousin Gem She has arrived back in the UK from a couple of years travelling with a tanned blonde surfer dude hellbent on tying the knot asap Her whole energy and outlook to life lights up the room and it's this that seems to zap the energy from Cassie she feels dull and insignificant in comparisonI loved the exploration of relationships in this book Cassie has doubts about her own relationship founded on her past mistakes and it's this experience she feels ualifies her to advice Gem not wanting her to jump headlong into a long term commitment when she can spot all is not as perfect as Gem thinks Not surprisingly a clash ensues but egged on and encourage by Suzy Henry's sister and Cassie's best friend she continues to try to make her see sense even though by doing so she is putting her own relationship on the lineIt's when Henry sets off on one of his expeditions leaving Cassie with an ultimatum Karen Swan takes us to a summer in Cornwall where Cassie is trying to do what is right for everyone whilst blotting out any decisions of her own It's here that love and friendship show through time and time again and faced with the possibility of never seeing Henry again Cassie is forced to confront her own demonsLove and friendship are the basis for a good relationship but Karen leads us through many twists and turns ups and downs to demonstrate that trust is the biggest factor needed in any relationship either platonic or romantic It's this realisation that comes at a point when Cassie thinks it's too late I literally had my heart in my mouth as I turned the pagesThis was a chunky book that I literally devoured the pages practically turned themselves and all too soon I neared the end wanting to know whether everyone got their happy ever afters yet at the same time not wanting to turn the pages for fear they didn'tThis is a perfect summer read that should be seen poolside all around the world if you haven't got a copy yet I urge you to head to now you won't be disappointed and although this is a seuel it can be read eually well as a stand alone book

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    The story is set two years after Christmas at Tiffanys It's nice already knowing the characters so the scene doesn't have to be set for long Archie has a heartache and I really hate the nurse who won't let Cassie in I would have defended her against that nurse The only defence to Henry is he seems to be falling apart Suzy is not getting an excuse I find her annoying this time throughout Throwing in a cousin called Gem the story goes back to marriage will they or won't they Cassie marriage doesn't have to be a death sentence and Henry you can be happily unmarried and love someone deeply She has just came out a ten year marriage that ended in disaster but I also get Henry isn't Gil it's very hot and cold Cassie does seem walked all over in many parts of this book honestly when she does snap it's great to read The side story about Kelly in this book is so sad and it's lovely how it's mentioned again near the end up Henry thinking it's CassieI did not like the ulimation but i love the lists he always writes for Cassie and I'd say every time someone mentioned Gil marrying again I'm better off without him In Cornwall Luke is back and it seems like he's changed but no he hasn't Even of he had I'd never forgive him for those pictures He however is one of the best parts to the book seeing Cassie in a wedding dress buying her gifts and having her on his arms at the Coldplay concert The Coldplay concert was brilliant Suzy was very annoying but she was right that Luke wanted Cassie By this point Gem has been put into the background a little when a Typhoon has hit the seas were Henry is travelling none of them receive an email saying he's okay because of Luke It's all happening at once now Absence made the heart grow fonder but she did sort of marry him to complete the list I will miss those lists I would give the end of the book 4 stars but I would have spread the events out across the whole book

  3. Jo Ring Jo Ring says:

    Good Just about remembered the first book Easy reading

  4. Vicki Vicki says:

    really liked this book I probably should have given it four stars instead of three I just had been in a reading slump at the time so I felt it wasnt as good as Christmas at Tiffany’sThis book definitely didn’t disappoint This is my second Karen Swan book however I think I might have to start adding of her books to my listIt was just such a good story So much drama but drama that is like real life Nothing seems way out there it is all so realistic The characters are so likeableI found myself annoyed with Cassie many times throughout the book I kinda wanted to just tell her YOU”RE BEING SO STUPID But she finally came to her sensesI felt like the ending was rushed a tiny bit though It definitely left room for there to be a third one in this series I found myself wanting to know of what happened in the end I can’t say what uestions I have because then it would spoil the book

  5. Bernadette Robinson Bernadette Robinson says:

    On paper I should have enjoyed this one than I did Having read and enjoyed The Paris Secret by her previously I gave that a solid 4 stars or 810 However this one didn't uite hit the mark for me Cassie loves Henry and Henry loves Cassie This should have been a good romantic read and a uick read at that It took me some time to get through it putting it to one side uite regularly as it wasn't just gripping me I can't really put my finger on what the problem was and the reason why I didn't enjoy it as much as I should Possibly my reading mojo wasn't always there I did find the second half of the book an easier read and certain aspects of it did keep me engaged wanting to know what happened as a result of events that occurredIf you fancy proving me wrong and giving this a better score than 3 stars or 610 then grab yourself a copy of it and settle down with something cold and wet to drink as the temperatures rise outside

  6. Jenna Jenna says:

    well definitely not nearly as good as Christmas At Tiffany's which means it was a very disappointing read Besides the last 50 pages I thought the characters just sounded like crotchety middle aged woman who I wanted to slap Seriously none of the characters were at all relatable Cassie turned into an even larger push over and Suzi turned into a bully I realized in the first novel you don't get to delve into Suzi which is probably what made it so enjoyable because her character is insufferabledid I mention I skimmed the last 50 pages just to get it finished??

  7. Agi Agi says:

    Karen Swan belongs to my auto buy authors Since I've discovered her book I make sure to read all of her new releases and so when I heard that Summer at Tiffany's is out in July it was like Christmas coming earlier this time I know it is a seuel to Christmas at Tiffany's which I sadly haven't read yet although I started it hoping to be able to read it before Summer unfortunately mission is not completed didn't have enough time but Summer at Tiffany's can be absolutely read as a stand alone novel There is enough information about the past and flashbacks that make us feel comfortable and give us retrospection and explain events or why the characters feel or act the way they areKaren Swan has thrown me right to the heart of the story I truly felt as if I knew the characters and they were all incredibly well written and developed They were not flawless they made mistakes and they also made me feel desperate from time to time but this is what I call a true character Cassie was great and I'd like to have her by my side as a friend I think even though there were moments that she really behaved as if she didn't know what it is that she wants in life that she wasn't capable of making up her mind of taking the easiest decision and as much as Henry annoyed me in a moment in a moment she was old enough to cut herself off her past and look forward to the futureHenry yes I had some issues with our handsome explorer Henry Well to be honest I didn't feel any connection between him and me I couldn't warm to him I'd like him to be developed to be a little deeper I felt as if he was absent from the book as if we were reading about someone who has never entered the scenes He was irritating with his ever changing moods with putting a gun to Cassie's head and leaving for an adventure after giving her ultimatum I can understand of course that he wanted to spend his whole life with Cassie and I understand his desperation annoyance misunderstanding but on the other hand he also should at least try to understand Cassie to put himself in her shoes Also he was all the time either offended or mistrustful in the story and if I were Cassie I think I'd consider the relationship twiceOn the other hand I also felt desperate with Cassie and I think I would also run out of patience if I were Henry I mean she was married before I get it and she was badly betrayed but life goes on yes or no? And it is not like she wasn't sure of stepping into a full commitment with Henry because there was also the matter of Luke right?But other than that I truly felt for the characters and I found myself rooting for them and wanting that everything went OK for them There was really incredible depth and warmth to them all and they felt like real people well they were in fact living their own lives in this book they were just popping out of the pages and all they did and said rang a bell and felt very realistic They are so well portrayed and they are so easy to relate to as all the mistakes they make and all the decisions they should make but they're not sure about them make them realistic in my eyes One of the highlights of the book was for sure the strong friendship going between them you could see they all have a shared past that they know each other's deepest secrets and that they accept each other no matter what even if they don't agree with their decisionsThere is really a lot happening Karen truly bombs us with a variety of settings and events and you uickly find yourself deeply interested in the characters' lives and you also find yourself rooting for them no matter how much they annoy you And there is really a great range of characters because next to Cassie and Henry we have their best friends and family and not only those that are known from the first book but Karen introduces us to some new faces among whose Gem is the most significant to the story She couldn't be different to Cassie where Cassie is soft and withdraw Gem is open and tough minded Also their views on marriage couldn't be different and those differences really add a lot to the whole storyThis story is full of twists and turns I'd say and I never thought I'm going to say this a little too many as the book focuses on everything and it was really hard for me to see what's the main point of the story I guess it was if Cassie and Henry stay together but among the thousand other threads subplots and happenings it is really very easy to lose track of the events But of course even with all the subplots it makes an incredibly enjoyable read showing ups and downs of relationships of friendships and putting trust in the spotlight Those details make the book a large one but it also means that every single page of it bring something new and exciting The story keeps going with a really good pace and as it progresses the tension and drama is all the time and palpable What I also liked is the fact that the book is full of surprises and you can't be sure how the action is going to develop and how it is going to end the author really keeps us in suspense till the end of the story Karen Swan's writing is just lovely and I could read her books all year round Her descriptions are incredibly vivid no matter is she describes the settings or feelings or people and she has this talent to bring all her characters to lifeIt is truly great summer read and as I've read it during this incredible heatwave this year the only thing I was missing was a glass of cooled fizz This is a brilliant captivating and hooking story and I'm sure that you're going to like it as much as I did or even Highly recommendedCopy received from publisher in exchange for a review

  8. Melissa (Corrupted BY Smut) Melissa (Corrupted BY Smut) says:

    great finish to the Christmas at Tiffany' s series I'm going to miss these characters they made me laugh and cry and felt like my own group of friends I'm sad it's over but it's just another amazing book to add to my Karen Swan obsession

  9. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    Summer at Tiffany's is my first Karen Swan book I did want to read Christmas at Tiffany's beforehand to get the backstory of our main characters but this book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone Some of my fellow bloggers speak very highly of Karen's books so I went into Summer at Tiffany's with high expectationsCassie and Henry are due to get married and with a Tiffany ring on her finger all that's left is for Cassie to plan her dream wedding But it's actually Henry who is pushing for a date with Cassie appearing uite reticent and not wanting to plan the wedding at all not sure if she ever wants to get married Somebody who does want to get married is Henry's young cousin Gem and it's down to Cassie to head to Cornwall to prevent that wedding from going ahead while Henry goes off on a sailing expedition things between him and Cassie being than a little strained when he leaves Cassie's arrival in Cornwall isn't without its problems or drama and she is soon forced to make some life changing decisionsSummer at Tiffany's is a hefty read but Karen Swan really does keep the story going on every single page I was never bored because of the really strong characterisation and as the story progresses drama that Karen fills the story with I very uickly saw the characters as real people and found myself becoming caught up in their lives as everything began to unfold I think what I liked the most was how 'real' the story felt rather than the predictable 'let's fall in love get married and live happily ever after' we actually see Cassie and her relationship with Henry as anything but perfect Life after the engagement soon bringing them both crashing down to Earth them having to contend with the stresses and strains of everyday life I can't relate to Cassie personally myself but I think she's a character that some people will really be able to relate to and understand especially those who might have found themselves in a similar situationIt's hard to talk about the story or the characters too much but I liked how we had Gem eager to get married and Cassie not so eager and having to somehow make Gem understand that rushing into things might not always be the best decision you could make And Cassie is speaking from experience after all At the same time though I think Cassie discovers so much about herself through being with Gem and being in Cornwall with such a varied mixture of characters especially the return of a very familiar face from her past Say no The friendships between the characters was a particular highlight of the book Despite all that was going on I loved the settings in this book Karen has created such wonderful settings for the story to take place almost transporting you there yourself For parts of the book I can't talk all that much about Karen has done some great research and she mentions something in the book which I have since read about online and Henry's expeditions allow for some uite dramatic events to take place All in all I very much enjoyed Summer at Tiffany's and especially liked that it could have ended in a number of ways I hope it won't be too long before I am reading another of Karen's books

  10. Ari Zapata Ari Zapata says:

    5 stars is not nearly enough When my book buddy and I went on a uest to read all chick lit christmas stories last Dec we had no clue we'd stumble upon on of our favorite books Christmas at Tiffany's THEN we find out there is a second book Summer at Tiffany's which was just perfection I was reminded how much i LOVED the characters and the storyline Long book but worth every page Karen is there a 3? ;

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