Hardcover Þ Get Smart Kindle Ú

Hardcover Þ Get Smart Kindle Ú

Get Smart ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Get Smart By Brian Tracy ✰ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk An accessible guide on training the brain to work effortlessly in your favor—from the international bestselling author of the productivity classic Eat That Frog   In business and in life you must b An accessible guide on training the brain to work effortlessly in your favor—from the international bestselling author of the productivity classic Eat That Frog   In business and in life you must be smart to get ahead  As things shift and change uickly you need to tap into your brain—learn how to think smartly—in order to make sure that you maximize your opportunities   In Get Smart internationally acclaimed business guru speaker author and productivity expert Brian Tracy has laid the groundwork on how to easily reconfigure your negative thinking patterns and habits and reprogram your brain to achieve its maximum potential In this invaluable book readers will encounter   ·         The latest brain research on how to think in order to get results ·         Practical easy to understand advice and immediately actionable steps and exercises ·         How to train the brain to think correctly and help to create a brilliant future ·         Tapping in to the power of positive thinking ·         How to harness the true potential of the human mind ·         And so much   Whether your goal is making sales coming up with better business plans or simply finding ways to make extra money or have residual income this book will serve as your personal express elevator going straight to the top.

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Get Smart
  • Brian Tracy
  • 16 February 2015
  • 9780399183782

About the Author: Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizationsHe has consulted for than companies and addressed than people in talks and seminars throughout the US Canada and other countries worldwide As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader he addresses than pe.

10 thoughts on “Get Smart

  1. Marc-Antoine Marc-Antoine says:

    Nothing groundbreaking or even original here I suggest you keep your hard earned money and skip this one

  2. Jenny Baker Jenny Baker says:

    Don’t let the size of this book fool you It may be short but it’s packed full of helpful information It’s short because there’s no fluff at least not in my opinion I took many pages of notes from this book because there were things that I didn’t want to forgetSome of the advice in this book I’ve heard hundreds of times or but it’s worth hearing again Most of us are very familiar with goal setting methods Brian Tracy gives you step by step instructions — writing down goals prioritizing and executing them We may have heard this advice hundreds of times but I don’t think many people actually follow it There’s a great section with a systematic problem solving method and one on the “Seven Rs of Superior Thinking” rethinking reevaluating reorganizing restructuring reengineering reinventing regaining controlNot all of the advice was standard There are exercises in this book many uestions to ask yourself steps to take and gold nuggets that get you to think about things a little differentlyI loved the chapter on negative emotions fear of all kinds envy and resentment jealousy inferiority hate suspicion hostility and distrust We’re so used to feeling these emotions that they become a part of everyday living and we think that it’s OK We don’t have to feel this way It’s impossible to experience a negative emotion without blaming others for something that they have done or not done of which you disapprove The minute you stop blaming your negative emotions cease completely”Taking personal responsibility is hard for most people We blame others for a large majority of the things that happen in our lives and only occasionally blame ourselves We’ve all been wrong in life in some way but we haven’t truly learned to forgive and this includes forgiving ourselves If we stop complaining learn to forgive and let it go we would feel so much happier and be in a healthier frame of mind which would help us accomplish of our goals The key to self esteem self confidence self reliance and self respect is for you to accept 100% responsibility for everything you are and all that you will become in life The instant you accept complete responsibility with no excuses you become calm clear and positive” Rich people have different habits and a different way of thinking than poor people I love the distinctions Brian Tracy makes in this book Rich people make a commitment to continue learning and developing new skills They set clear goals They get out of their comfort zone They eat healthy and exercise daily They let go of their fears especially a fear of failure They don’t use learned helplessness the “I can’t” attitude They watch less than an hour of television a day They use their time wisely and this includes not spending time with people whose lives are going nowhere This is what he says about how poor people think “They fail to understand the direct relationship between what you put in and what you get out They are always seeking to get something for nothing or for as little as possible They want success without achievement riches without labor money without effort and fame without talent”He reminds us that poor people gamble and buy lottery tickets Get Smart How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest Paid People in Every Field is a motivating book that reminds you that if you change your habits and your thinking you can change your life in remarkable ways Read it I highly recommend it

  3. Ria F Ria F says:

    Meh Figure out your goals focus on how to get there implement the habits that allow you to achieve them Change one habit at a time copy habits of people who have achieved the goals you want wishing is not working successful people work 60 hoursweek 6 days a week nope not for me Invest early compound interest is the greatest power Prioritize Ditch what isn't working Get rid of the negative influences Same thing we've all read before strangely we don't all act on it I would however recommend it to young people just starting out The reason we've read it before is it is true maybe a younger person would be ambitious enough to act on it It is well written

  4. Cindy Rollins Cindy Rollins says:

    35I am an unashamed fan of self help books Well sorta I sometimes feel ashamed This book is almost a perfect self help book which means it has no new information and is not literature but it is short and helpful I am not a fan of Napolean Hill type books and this does deteriorate into that at times but even so I felt like there were enough reminders for things I do care about to justify ignoring the 'grow rich' stuff Habits You really can't read too many books about habits

  5. Frieda Frieda says:

    While I had hoped to discover new information that would help me as I am re designing my life this book offered only superficial information found in countless blog posts articles and books Think before you act know yourself decide what your future is going to be like and then take the first steps in the present to get there I put the book down after two chapters

  6. Vanessa Princessa Vanessa Princessa says:

    I read this book thanks to BlinkistThe key message in this bookThere are good and bad ways to use your brain You can have a distracted and unfocused mind that only wants to learn about things that reinforce your negative preconceptions or you can have a sharp and creative mind The latter sees the positive things in life and finds success by being inuisitive adaptable and innovativeActionable adviceSee the chance in every challengeTake a moment to think about your biggest problem Now instead of thinking of it as a problem try to think of it as a gift – an opportunity to learn something about yourself Maybe it’ll provide insight into your behavior and provide a chance for you to change the future and be successful Remember the words of Henry Ford “Failure and hardships are chances to start all over again and to make it better”

  7. Mallory Mallory says:

    I received this book from Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review I finished Get Smart in an afternoon but came out with a clearer understanding of myself and the psychology of my habits and motivation Some of the advice felt like a take on Freakonomics especially the psychology behind wealth status and motivation It felt like Marie Kondo was organizing and de cluttering my brain I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the psychology behind success and maximizing their productivity

  8. Runwright Runwright says:

    Get Smart isn't just theoretical intelligence it's about thinking better and applying those improved thoughts to have a better life in general There is a lot of focus on harnessing that better brain power to do better in business because after all financial success by honest means is often a good indicator of whether you're accomplishing your goals Comparatively small book but chock full of great tips I made lots of notes while reading I read the entire book in an afternoon so I'll be revisiting it as a reference as I implement the strategies Mr Tracy suggested

  9. Yevgen Antymyrov Yevgen Antymyrov says:

    Congratulations you've just wasted 4 hours of your time Seriously if this book really helped someone at some point how had they lived before with all the complex everyday tasks like getting up in the morning reading whole books etc? Also every second line in this book gets an accompanying citation of some famous person because then it sounds assuring of course As Abraham Lincoln once said 'One can't just write a book without at least a hundred uotes' or something like thatAvoid

  10. Amy Amy says:

    Regurgitated self help pearls taken from other thinkersauthors with few insights of the author himself

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